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Merrett's Gift cover

Merrett's Gift


When six “criminally gifted” teens are caught misapplying their talents, each is given an offer they can’t refuse: to train at a secret school and put their skills to work for their country, or face the most severe consequences for their crimes. The kids arrive at the Brockmann School of Excellence full of resentment and suspicion, and their first impressions of the place only confirm their fears. Then they meet Mr. Merrett—the teacher who changes everything. Suddenly life is a lot more ...

Bloodwyn Rose cover

Bloodwyn Rose


As a blossoming young woman, Chloe dreaded the day Madame Isabella would take her out of the kitchen and put her to work in the bawdy house. Beautiful and headstrong, Chloe, orphaned as a child, worked as a scullery maid for as long as she could remember. Raised by Madame, she hoped she would remain in her position indefinitely. Garret Bloodwyn, a bounty hunter by trade and vampire nobleman by birth, had little interest in anything other than collecting his next reward. When his father, Lord ...

He Giveth More Grace cover

He Giveth More Grace

a memoir by

As a child , born into a rather dysfunctional family and pretty much rejected by my father, I dreamed of marrying Prince Charming and living "happily ever after". Prince Charming came along in the form of my High School teacher and offered to take me away. I thought my dream had come true. However, things are not always as they appear on the outside. Through many twists and turns you will see that "difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations".

Reflections on Science, Religion and Society: A Medical Perspective cover

Reflections on Science, Religion and Society: A Medical Perspective


Throughout his long and distinguished career in medicine and neuroscience, Dr. Joseph B. Martin has had the honor of delivering speeches to graduating students, professional societies, and academic conferences. As both a lifelong Anabaptist and prominent member of the scientific community, his talks often focus on how to balance the spiritual and logical sides of our being to become healthier and more productive members of society. Collected here are several of Dr. Martin’s speeches from over ...

To Climb a Mountain cover

To Climb a Mountain

Growing Up in the Canadian West: Adventure Amid Turmoil and History by

In the 1900s, the dream of owning their own land draws thousands of immigrants to the Canadian West. One of them is Billy King, an adventurous youngster who emigrates from England with his family to a rough-and-tumble Saskatchewan town and then over the Rocky Mountains to a very different way of life in Victoria, BC, where he must learn the ways of the sea. With the onset of war in Europe, his life in Canada is uprooted, but not enough to discourage him from realizing his dream of becoming a ...

"I'm Not Dead Yet"

Living Every Moment by

This book is for everyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one, in the hopes that they have also experienced the joy and peace in living every moment at the end of life. The stories include happy moments in hospice that matter to those who are on their final journey in life. People who come to hospice not to “die” but to “live until they die” do just that and enjoy special final moments with family and friends. The heartwarming stories will encourage and inspire people to be the ...

Dis-eased cover



The purpose of this book is to help you acknowledge that when you persist in an environment without adapting to change, you will become obsolete. If you persist in an incompatible environment, you will eventually convince yourself your personality is a disease. Through the evidence of my own experience and my artwork, I attempt to define these underpinnings that represent the silent engine behind human ego. When difficult times like depression mercilessly shuffle experience, that blur of ...

The Average José cover

The Average José

An Immigration Story by

Canada is a nation built by immigrants, and this is the story of one such man. In the 1950s, José Pires bid farewell to his wife of five days, leaving the island of São Miguel in the Azores and coming to Canada in hopes of building a life for his future family. Working across Canada on the Canadian Pacific Railway and Canadian National Railway, José embodied an ideal that is hard to find in today’s generation: the idea that your life should not be measured by what you achieve for yourself, but ...

Mom Days Dad Days (And Dolphin Day is Every Day!) cover

Mom Days Dad Days (And Dolphin Day is Every Day!)


For young children whose parents no longer live together, sharing time between Mom and Dad can be stressful at times. Ella knows all about Mom Days and Dad days. In this beautifully illustrated and engaging picture book, Ella provides a child’s perspective on having two homes and adjusting to the differences with each one. While her parents cannot always make things the same for her, they find ways to work together to make the changes feel easier. Both parents and children will enjoy Ella and ...

In the Way of Jesus cover

In the Way of Jesus


A revolutionary love movement is circling the globe. Broken lives are being transformed and the love of Jesus is being gossiped into the most remote regions of the planet. However, in the West, the church is in decline. The brand image is broken. Christianity is not seen as radical or revolutionary and some of those who claim to be “Christian,” seem to bear little resemblance to the life and teachings of Jesus. Through national and international engagement in Christian ministry, Paul Kroeker ...