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The Way I Hear It cover

The Way I Hear It

A Life with Hearing Loss by

If you think hearing loss is just a condition of old age—think again. In The Way I Hear It, Gael Hannan explodes one myth after another in a witty and insightful journey into life with hearing loss at every age. Blending personal stories with practical strategies, Gael shines a light onto a world of communication challenges: a marriage proposal without hearing aids in, pillow talk and other relationships, raising a child, going to the movies, dining out, ordering at the drive-thru, in the ...

Letters to Vimy cover

Letters to Vimy


Dear Uncle Oscar… I’m going to put a note on the back of our book to explain to readers what our correspondence inside is all about. It goes like this... A hundred years ago a German shell fell on Pte. Oscar French on Vimy Ridge and ended his life. A century later author Orland French replies to Oscar’s real letters home to his mother and tells him, in his own sardonic style, how the world turned out after the horrific War to End All Wars. Letters to Vimy is an excellent and highly entertaining ...

13 Ways to Kill Your Community 2nd Edition cover

13 Ways to Kill Your Community 2nd Edition


13 Ways to Kill Your Community is lively, full of personality, conversational, breezy, succinct, and fun. One can imagine readers seeking out information on boosting their local community sighing dutifully as they seek out material and then being relieved and delighted when what they find turns out to be as entertaining as it is informative. The information provided is sometimes startling and often positively revelatory. The anecdotes and examples are delivered with wit and a little bit of a ...

Son of Six Brothers cover

Son of Six Brothers


Gert Wolfsohn, born in Windhoek now Namibia, in 1924, was the only child of wonderful parents who, I know, did not have a happy marriage but stuck it out as best they could though the ups and downs of life to give me, their son, the very best start in my life that they could. As I grew older I felt very deeply about that and my own aim in life was to be lucky enough to find a wife that I could love, respect and lean on at all times and who would love me. Although I got to know my Little girl ...

You're Amazing! (Starring You) cover

You're Amazing! (Starring You)


Excuse me, dear friend, could I borrow your ear? I have a great story I think you should hear! This story is special. This story is true! This story is big. And it’s all about YOU! Have you ever wondered how your AMAZING body works, and how you’re able to do so many INCREDIBLE things? How does your heart pump blood? How do your lungs breathe for you? Meet Louie the Lumin! He’s here to show you just how AMAZING you really are. He will dazzle you in this playful journey through your human body, ...

When Dinosaurs go Dancing cover

When Dinosaurs go Dancing


When Dinosaurs go Dancing has everything to delight three to eight year old palaeontologists-from fossils to foxtrot. Where else can you tango with triceratops, minuet with pachycephalosaurus, and then bow to apatosaurus before tap dancing across tectonic plates? Here’s the place to dance with dinosaurs while learning how to pronounce their names! You’ll dig up new facts, then pirouette to the next page to learn about exciting fossil finds throughout history. Art and Science elegantly dance ...

Bear Family Adventures cover

Bear Family Adventures


What would happen if you took a family of bears out for a number of adventures? Perhaps they would find a lost cub they could comfort, go for an exciting day's sailing with exploring and fishing. They could climb rocks and pick blackberries. Then finally they may be able to return the lost cub to his family. Of course, my family of bears produced a lovely, almost realistic story line for children to listen to or read and there is a very happy ending.

Swarm Before Me cover

Swarm Before Me

The Tragic Case of Becker v Pettkus by

On November 5, 1986, Rosa Becker, the estranged common law partner of a successful beekeeper in Eastern Ontario, shot herself in the head and died. That fatal shot reverberated throughout the Canadian legal system when her suicide note revealed she blamed the legal system for forcing her to do it. Despite finally winning a landmark 1980 Supreme Court decision awarding her an equal share in the couple’s assets, Rosa never saw a dime of the judgment. By 1986, when it appeared she would finally ...

Cloud Messenger cover

Cloud Messenger

Love and Loss in the Indian Himalayas by

As a Canadian medical student, Karen Trollope-Kumar went to India to study social and preventive medicine and met a young pediatrician named Pradeep. His dream of working in the Himalayan foothills captured her imagination, and the man captured her heart. They married in a Hindu wedding ceremony and pledged to share a life of service and spiritual growth. In this poignant, heartwarming, and gently humorous memoir, Karen recounts an eleven-year chapter of their unusual lives. She and Pradeep ...

Early Exposures cover

Early Exposures

A Photographic Memoir by

Early Exposures: A Photographic Memoir chronicles the travels of photographer Bill Pennell to five exotic parts of the world: Wales, Borneo, Mauritius, the interior of British Columbia, and the Canadian West Coast. Remembering his journey through stunning black-and-white photography as well as colourful personal accounts, Pennell covers a ten-year period in his late twenties and early thirties (1969 to1979). With a keen eye guiding his large-format view camera as well as a Leica 35mm, Pennell ...