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    The Three Keys To Understanding Wine by

    Wine is a muse for poets and ordinary folks alike, a great seducer and lifelong friend to many. It’s integral to some of the finest cultures on earth. But as simple and lovely as wine may be, the wine world can be intimidating. Many so-called ...

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    Ritchie's: The Inside Story

    Insights of a Toronto Auctioneer, 1968-1995 by

    This insider’s guide tells how David F. Ritchie founded and developed Ritchie’s, achieving national and international recognition for skill, reliability, and service as auctioneers and appraisers. Ritchie reminisces about the firm’s struggles and ...

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    The Princess Doll's Scrapbook

    Her Families' Emigration/Immigration Story by

    “...imparts evanescent visions of oceans crossed and lands traversed from the late 1800s and grounds the reader to the present time. Beginning in Norway and culminating in Canada, a lovingly crafted outline of the author’s rich family ...

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    Mail from the French Shore of Newfoundland

    Établissements Français en Terre Neuve by

    An illustrated, postal history of the French Treaty Shore of Newfoundland, 1737 to 1906.