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    Confessions of a Lover

    For Better or Worse by

    Life imposes many challenges upon us, some with happy endings, and others with unhappy ones. Confessions of a Lover plumbs the depths of those challenges and shows—time and time again—the importance of steadfastness in the face of adversity. This ...

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    Deliver Us From Evil

    The Remarkable True Story of a Child’s Abuse, Spiritual Deception, Deliverance and Ultimate Redemption. by

    Safety, Acceptance, Belonging. These words come to mind when we hear about families. Having a mother, father, and twelve siblings living in a strong Christian faith should mean plenty of love, laughter and companionship. But what if, inexplicably, ...

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    An Unexpected Finish Line Leaves a Unique Legacy

    One Person's Short Journey Impacts the Journey of Many by

    “Engineering, at it’s core, seeks to leverage a deeper understanding of God’s physical creation for some useful purpose”. Penned by Dr. Kenneth Johnson, those words reflect the unwavering commitment of a Renaissance man whose life was committed to ...

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    23 Years, 23 Minutes, 13 Angels

    An Ordinary Life Enlightened by Visions with Heaven-Sent Messages by

    We all dream, but what if your dreams were different? What if your dreams were full of clarity and messages, and you immediately knew their meaning in your life? What if some of those dreams were premonitions to prepare you for a terrible event to ...

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    An Angel Of Comfort


    I gasped for air and slowly sank underwater… At five years old, a near-death experience brought Michael into the presence of an angel, and he was saved by divine intervention. In the aftermath, the young boy was blessed with the gift of prophetic ...

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    I Confess

    How a Very Religious Catholic Boy Learned Dirty Words Sex and Celibacy Avoided Suicide Embraced Death Found Love God & Himself Not Necessarily in That Order by

    Throughout his remarkable life, Richard Sipe has followed one simple yet demanding dictum: Tell the truth. He has done so as a priest, a mental health clinician, and a writer exploring the trials of celibacy and the tragedy of child sexual abuse. ...

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    A Time to be Born

    Memoir of a Canadian Mennonite by

    Having a title that suggests that I was born to do something for three generations of Russlaender Mennonites is a bit crass, and yet that is what three testimonial contributors suggest, though unknown to one another. “Peter Penner's rich and varied ...

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    Rescued by the Light

    A True Story by

    I was born and raised in Chile South America. Having the Pacific Ocean on one side and the famous Andes Mountains on the other, my life was adventurous. However, though the beauty of nature surrounded me, constant turmoil and sadness traumatized ...

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    Mama Can You Hear Me?

    The William Waters Story by

    This book tells the story of a young man who struggles to find his way in a world that doesn’t seem to want him. He isn't smart enough or handsome enough. His skin is the wrong shade and his shaking nervousness is never understood. From his first ...

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    Simple Life Fretz

    A Kitchen Table Memoir of the first Mennonite Sociologist by

    His daughter has captured the engaging life story of J. Winfield Fretz, the first Mennonite sociologist, told in his personable voice from childhood days on a Pennsylvania farm through years as a student, professor, researcher, author, and founding ...