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    Doing it Right by

    Management at its best. It's common to hear of companies doing poorly, or even going out of business. Typically, you will hear that it is due to bad management. After reading this book, there will be no such thing as bad management as you will be ...

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    People Above Profit


    It’s not difficult to know the difference between a positive and negative work environment. It’s also not hard to identify what separates a manager from a leader. You cannot see these distinctions in the product a workplace may produce, but you can ...

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    Physical Asset Management

    An Organizational Challenge by

    A holistic approach to managing physical assets has become a top priority for organizations both in the public and private sectors. For years to come considerable amount of funds is being committed to invest in physical assets and asset management ...

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    The Entrepreneur's Apprentice

    Chronicles of a Bipolar Boss by

    In the highly competitive world of free enterprise, there are four realities that simply cannot be ignored. • Every day companies must compete for market share. The only way to grow your business is to take market share away from someone else. • ...

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    Get F.I.T. Go Far!

    15 Things Leaders Absolutely Must Do to Increase Organizational Performance by

    Identify Your Organization’s Powerful Purpose, Build Solid Teams, and Boost Your Bottom Line This is not a book – it is a powerful tool that will transform your company. Herky Cutler’s approachable style, keen observations, and sixth sense for ...

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    The Accidental Project Manager

    Help for Beginners by

    People often start working on projects almost by accident. The experience is so common in the industry they even have a name for it: “The Accidental Project Manager”. Author Tom Greaves has been there too and has distilled his 25 years of ...

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    You Never Know What You Don't Know

    The Unwritten Rule of Business from A to Z by

    It’s as Easy as A–B–C… Common sense isn’t automatic—it has to be learned. You Never Know What You Don’t Know is a rare primer, designed to provide proven techniques that help young professionals discover and refine the art of getting along with ...

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    The Business Paradox

    Changing your perspective on business by

    Today’s business landscape is overshadowed by the world’s giants: the Googles and Apples, the social media ventures like Facebook and Twitter. But with such increasing attention on these successes, businesses that appear ready to soar crash and burn ...

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    The Leadership Coach’s Advantage

    A Guide for Practice by

    My #1 go-to coaching reference. This is a well structured guide brimming with useful models, questions and practices. It offers readily applicable ideas and perspectives - simply. Suzanne Hill Brooks, Executive Sourcing, Alcatel-Lucent Collaboration ...

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    How to build the team you want

    ...and lead them to victory! by

    This book began as a series of articles written for small to medium sized business owners and operators who were facing serious challenges with staff turnover, productivity and growth. It takes you through a journey of experience relating the best ...