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    A Playful Life

    Think, Move, & Eat Your Way To More Fun by

    Our society has never had as many food choices as we do now, and yet we are suffering from food based illnesses in numbers never seen. We are stressed, and exhausted, living on fast forward but never quite accomplishing all we want. Do you feel ...

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    Curse of Colon Cancer Prevention by

    This book is dedicated to patients living with or dying from colon cancer despite negative complete colonoscopy; also, what to advise your relatives and friends to avert this cancer completely or almost completely. The subsequent chapters touch on ...

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    Eat Right, Swim Faster

    Nutrition for Maximum Performance by

    Eat Right, Swim Faster is the ultimate nutrition resource for competitive swimmers of all ages. It is a smartly written book of highly practical and very accessible information for swimmers interested in what food can do for them in their pursuit of ...

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    The Yoga of Divorce

    A Mindful Route to Resolving Disputes by

    “So far lawyers are the only ones getting any money.” “There’s no middle ground. We only talk through lawyers.” “I open my mouth and we end up screaming at each other.” Sound familiar? What if there was a way to divorce with a minimum of hostility, ...

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    Running On Empty

    How my Wife and I Overcame Infertility by

    A frank, compelling memoir detailing one couple’s arduous route to trying to get pregnant and their navigation of the options available to them. Running On Empty is also a study in playing the cards you are dealt without succumbing to self-pity or ...

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    Messages From the Other Side of the Universe

    Lessons From Desolation Point by

    Who will benefit from this? Anyone that has experienced desolation or knows of someone that has. This workbook was written during a healing time while in the beautiful space of Australia and New Zealand though the Creator of All, GOD, sometimes ...

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    Exercise Your Newborns to 4-Year Olds

    The Neumann-Neurode Method by

    The Neumann-Neurode Method The idea of this book is to give mothers the opportunity to supervise and participate in their children’s growth and muscular development. By following this program and giving the right assistance at specific stages of ...

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    Lighting Up a Hidden World

    CFS and ME by

    The onset can be fast and shocking or slow and insidious. It can happen to anyone at any age. A flu, a vaccination, or an infection can be the innocent beginnings to the potentially life-long and disabling illness called myalgic encephalomyelitis ...

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    Spirituality and Holistic Healing


    You are in search of wholeness. You have a body, mind and spiritual life. Your spirit cannot soar if your feet are heavy. Your mind is confused when your blood is stagnant. You need to care properly for your temple. You are responsible for ...

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    Health 4 Life

    User Manual. by

    WHAT IF you could REGAIN CONTROL of your Health? Create an extraordinary quality of life? Your car, your appliances, your electronics… they all came with a USER MANUAL, but YOU didn’t. Unlike any other book on health and wellness, Health 4 Life is ...