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    The Boys of '63


    The silence of the peaceful night is broken. Change is on it's way for Bobby and his friends of Wattinger, North Dakota. It is the summer of 1963 in a typical prairie town where the coming of age for teens presents the same challenges is in any ...

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    The Kingdom Of The Medallion

    The Chronicles of Bartholomew by

    Long ago in what is now Scotland, the Kingdom of Afala existed in harmony with all living things. The magical land of unicorns, gallant knights, and incredible beasts was protected by an immortal being named Bartholomew and a powerful medallion held ...

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    Out Of The Ice

    Birth of a Shaman by

    Out Of The Ice—the Birth of a Shaman follows three teenage Inuit girls—Puna, Sye, and Rae—as they embark on a journey from darkness to light. Three girls, who, under separate circumstances are in their darkest hour, and must rebuild their sense of ...

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    Santa's Sad'n'Sorry Sleigh Story


    Santa's Sad N' Sorry Sleigh Story is a Christmas story demonstrating modern technology trashing traditional transportation!

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    Jeffrey Takes a Walk in December


    Out the window, what could he see? Not much. Clouds and gloom. No reason to leave his room. Then, “Why not go for a walk?” he thought. Then, “Maybe not.” Then, “Then again, why not?” Follow Jeffrey, a small stuffed toy with a tiny drum, as he ...

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    Mr. P’s Fabulous Piñata Factory


    A whimsical take on an old-fashioned assembly-line factory, where children take a make-believe piñata factory tour. Meet Mr. P., the owner, and all of his creative and interesting workers, who build piñatas. Learn about each step that goes into ...

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    Herbie Has a Fall

    An Owlet Story by

    Something is missing in Owl's life. She wants owlets to love and soon three very different owlets are hatched. She teaches them all she knows but can't stop her mischievious son getting into big trouble.

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    Piper's Pond


    With high school looming at the end of the newly beginning summer vacation, thirteen-year-old Skyler Wolfe is already starting to stress. So when she notices a piece of shining purple foil flickering in an air vent in her bedroom, the last thing she ...

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    Angus McD and his Adventure at Sea

    The Voyage Of The Ship Hector 1773 by

    In 1773, the Ship Hector sailed from Loch Broom Scotland, with 189 passengers aboard. The immigrants were headed for a new life in a new land, in Pictou, Nova Scotia. Angus McD was one of those on board, a boy full of energy, curiosity and ...

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    Tommy and Tammy The Firefighting Children

    "To The Rescue" by

    This story is about the twins, Tommy and Tammy, that get the chance to help their small town. Because of a shut down of the town's sawmill, many people leave to find work elsewhere, enabling the twins to start their career as the world's only fire ...