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    The Ontario Municipal Board

    From Impact to Subsistence 1971-2016 by

    The Ontario Municipal Board attracted power to it from the time it was formed in 1906 as a railway overseer and thereafter until 1932 when it became the regulatory tribunal for municipal financing and urban and regional planning applications. By ...

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    The Unknown Target of Life Experiences

    Two boats and the unseen waves of life, past and present and beyond the motionless waters yet to wave by

    David Thomson had a challenging childhood. His father abandoned his wife and seven children, leaving them to struggle with the bleak future that the desperation of poverty often brings. Determined to succeed, Thompson pursued a career with the ...

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    Canadian Estate Planning Made Easy


    This straightforward book uses easy to understand language to educate the general public about estate planning. Often members of the public think that their estate needs are met simply by creating a will and holding assets jointly. What they do not ...

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    03 Minute Traffic Ticket Trial

    How Not To Be Stressed Over a Traffic Ticket by

    This very practical book, entitled 03 Minute Traffic Ticket Trial, provides useful information to readers about how they can fight traffic tickets of various kinds within the common law legal system. A wide variety of car-related offenses are ...

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    The Avalanche and the Executor

    The final rest of a friend and the avalanche of events by

    Anticipated or not, death comes to all and treasures of the estate must be distributed. Sami and Buddy are two outdoor enthusiasts. This is the step by step process they take as they prepare one to be the Executor after the death of the ...

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    Rude Awakening

    The Government's Secret War Against Canada's Veterans by

    Following a military career of over thirty years, which includes deployments to Bosnia and Afghanistan, Colonel Pat Stogran becomes Canada’s first Veterans Ombudsman. The new Office of the Veterans Ombudsman is intended to be a symbol of Canada’s ...

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    Swarm Before Me

    The Tragic Case of Becker v Pettkus by

    On November 5, 1986, Rosa Becker, the estranged common law partner of a successful beekeeper in Eastern Ontario, shot herself in the head and died. That fatal shot reverberated throughout the Canadian legal system when her suicide note revealed she ...

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    A Memoir by

    After the brutal murder of my brother, the Canadian justice system worked very diligently to ensure that the three people who I believe murdered him got off absolutely scot-free, never to be held responsible for their actions or spend one day in ...

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    If the War on Drugs is Over ...Now What ?

    Security Without Easy Answers by

    It’s Time to Declare War on the War on Crime In 2011, the Global Commission on Drug Policy deemed the War on Drugs a failure. Initiated under Richard Nixon in 1971, the War on Drugs’ emphasis on harsh law enforcement and strong-arm police tactics ...

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    Jobs in the Canadian Legal Marketplace

    A Resource for Students and Professionals by

    Is a job in the legal profession right for you? What qualifications do you need to be attractive to employers? How do you find a job that fits your interests? Jobs in the Canadian Legal Marketplace guides you through all of these steps and more. It ...