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    The Listener's Guide To Nazareth by

    Razama-Snaz! The Listeners' Guide To Nazareth presents an in depth look at every song, every album by this legendary Scottish hard rock institution. We also dig into TV appearances, radio broadcasts and even bootleg recordings to further explore ...

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    Palaces of Memory

    American Composer Diane Thome on her Life and Music by

    Palaces of Memory is the story of a pioneer in the music world – the first woman to graduate from Princeton University with a PhD in Music and the first woman to compose computer-synthesized music. Much has been written about Dr. Thome, now ...

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    Noise from the North End

    The Amazing Story of The Ugly Ducklings by

    It was the 1960’s. The British Invasion was under way as The Who, Beatles and Rolling Stones dominated the top of the charts. In Canada, Toronto’s trending Yorkville district was attracting Canadian acts to its many coffee houses and nightclubs. In ...

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    Gospel Music: An African American Art Form


    This book is designed for the general reader of gospel music, as well as those who incorporate gospel into their lesson plans on the academic level. “Gospel Music: An African American Art Form” provides music information on the heritage of gospel ...

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    On Second Thought

    A Collection - Faith Hope Charity by

    Experience is the essence of life. Cotton fields, angels, rivers and trees, deserted Orphans; the author finds them all in the human heart. Our omnipresent God, liberty, freedom and love expressed by the never-ending ways of a child. A collection ...

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    Behind The Curtains

    with "The VOLCANOS” “Storm Warning” And The Grammy Award Winning “TRAMMPS” “Disco Inferno” by

    Do you remember when certain songs connected you to that special someone and related to a certain time and location as if the recording artist knew what you were going through? Those were the days of doo-wop, better known as the good old days. The ...

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    When I Was A Child... A Lyric For Life

    Journal For A Songwriter by

    Born into All Hallows. Wishing on a star of more than Just because. So why you tell me All my saints, they don’t exist But your Jesus does? When I was a child, life was full of wonder and magic held fast by a child’s imagination and not by what ...