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    Life in the Marble Palace

    In Praise of Folly by

    As a 24 year former member of the United States Congress, Mr. Stearns describes the lessons he learned from getting elected and re-elected, his experience as a legislator and finally the lessons he learned about our Republic. These lessons go to the ...

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    The Ontario Municipal Board

    From Impact to Subsistence 1971-2016 by

    The Ontario Municipal Board attracted power to it from the time it was formed in 1906 as a railway overseer and thereafter until 1932 when it became the regulatory tribunal for municipal financing and urban and regional planning applications. By ...

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    Following the Martins

    A Story of Bringing Hope In Peru, Zambia and Uganda by

    Hajara, not yet 10, was a house girl, working dawn to dusk in a world of drudgery and abuse when Tom and Cheryl Martin rescued her. They found Kenny in the streets, an orphan with twisted limbs who desperately needed a wheelchair — and school fees. ...

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    The Self Reliant Ethic and the Spirit of Globalism


    Have you ever speculated about what society will look like in 100 years? Will future societies be more cohesive or manifest greater conflict? What factors are essential to insure society makes the most appropriate adaptations to prosper? What are ...

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    Rude Awakening

    The Government's Secret War Against Canada's Veterans by

    Following a military career of over thirty years, which includes deployments to Bosnia and Afghanistan, Colonel Pat Stogran becomes Canada’s first Veterans Ombudsman. The new Office of the Veterans Ombudsman is intended to be a symbol of Canada’s ...

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    Serving With Pride in the Public Eye

    A Story About Striving for Success in Local Government by

    This book is about the difficulty of serving in local government. It’s about finding meaning in public service and developing a deep sense of pride in making a difference to the well being of our communities. I wrote this book to provide hope and ...

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    From A Foreign Service Odyssey by

    Afterwords brings together the commentaries, speeches and book reviews of Gar Pardy following his retirement from the Canadian Foreign Service. The commentaries and book reviews have been published in a variety of Canadian newspapers and magazines ...

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    If the War on Drugs is Over ...Now What ?

    Security Without Easy Answers by

    It’s Time to Declare War on the War on Crime In 2011, the Global Commission on Drug Policy deemed the War on Drugs a failure. Initiated under Richard Nixon in 1971, the War on Drugs’ emphasis on harsh law enforcement and strong-arm police tactics ...

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    The Interpreter

    A Social Science Perspective on the American Led War in Afghanistan by

    This book presents contemporary and historical facts about Afghanistan and the American led war in that country. The information presented here is based on field observations and analysis, supported by my decades of worldwide professional ...

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    A Personal and Political Journey by

    Dirk de Vos’s journey, which has taken him across continents, within dynamic cultures, and into direct experience within divergent ideologies, originated in the land of apartheid, South Africa, and ended in the far north of another continent. ...