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    A Very Personal Leadership

    A Work That Begins Within the Private World of Each One of Us by

    Before leadership becomes a role or a position used to influence others, it is a personal story. It is a story about early memories, choices, mentors, journeys, challenges, and moments that shaped us. It is a story about innocence and pushing ...

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    The One Rule For Boys

    How Empathy And Emotional Understanding Will Improve Just About Everything For Your Son by

    Raising boys can be challenging at times. Okay, most of the time. But it doesn’t have to be. The One Rule for Boys takes a practical approach to teaching boys the importance of regulating their own emotions and understanding the emotions of others. ...

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    Growing Up

    Limiting Adolescence in a World Desperate for Adults by

    How do we become adults? Is it by moving out of our parents’ house? Earning an independent income? Getting married? Having children? Buying a house? Those are the benchmarks most of us use, but Growing Up suggests that maturity is more about ...