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    Sacred Secret

    Take Eat: This is My Body... by

    IN POWER―THE TABLE WAS SET IN PASSION―THE UNPRECEDENTED SACRIFICIAL VICTIM BECAME THE MEAL POWERFULLY PASSIONATE & PASSIONATELY POWERFUL Sacred Secret is a humble attempt to show the great power and hidden treasures of a meal of incredible ...

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    Free At Last

    Angels and Demons at war for your soul by

    ANGELS AND DEMONS AT “War” for your Soul People aren’t your problem! The answer to your problem is found in Ephesians 6:12: “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness of ...

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    Pieces of Heaven


    A child, a teenager, an adult, and their journey of inspiration in a world that has created a new one. A world of unforgettable feelings, o world of unbearable wonder. Pieces of Heaven is an oasis of silence in which the author (myself) was called ...

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    From Empty to Full


    ARE YOU TIRED OF BEING EMPTY? Do you want to be free from this condition, once and for all? From Empty to Full is a powerful testimony of how life shifted out of emptiness, brokenness, sickness, and sadness and into fullness! As you look inside the ...

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    Back To Eden

    A Biblical Perspective on Wealth and Poverty by

    Part scriptural analysis, part compassionate musing, and part academic study, Back to Eden brings together academic research, Christian theology, and universal human emotions to examine how our financial status affects our way of life and our ...

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    Life's Ultimate Questions

    Exploring the Stories that Shape Our Everyday by

    This book is presented as “core-curriculum” for young adults and new believers alike, who wish to not only survive but thrive as Christians in our challenging, secular, atheistic culture. This five-fold foundation can help us stand as well as ...

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    The Greatest Gift

    Finding 100 blessings from the Fort McMurray Wild Fire by

    Joy Ellen Lalonde is a Life Coach, Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach and Personal Training Specialist. On her personal quest to enlightenment and a deeper meaning in life, she is put to the test while being evacuated from her home for over a ...

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    Our Journey to Destiny


    Heartfelt advice, wisdom that comes only from experience, and staunch faith saturate the pages of Our Journey to Destiny, showing how it is possible to battle challenges to your faith and come out the other side stronger and more sure in your ...

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    Dancing My Way Through Hell!


    Her mother sternly said, “Gene! Stop that tap dancing right now! You’re going to dance your way to hell!” The first half of her life surely felt that way – three sexual assaults, two abusive husbands, three children for whom she was the sole ...

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    Why Not Have It All

    A Spiritual Guide to Balance and Fulfillment by

    In "Why Not Have It All", we are shown how best to navigate the turbulent waters of modern life. As a woman, this can be both complex and demanding, for there has been a sea change in societal mores which has, in many instances, left us in newly ...