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    Forbidden to Love

    Pure Hearts Crushed under the Law of Celibacy by

    Forbidden to Love is a true story of a woman who, after barely escaping from a violent relationship with the father of her twins, is newly married with a man who helped her make that escape but – he is dying of AIDS. She ends up with her little ...

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    Simply... Life

    Back where you belong by

    Does it appear that the religion you’ve been sold has made promises that it hasn’t delivered on? Do you find yourself asking, “Is this all there is?” Do you feel like at this point, your life has been marked with wasted or untapped potential? ...

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    Love Rehab


    In LOVE Rehab, S. Miriam Clifford pioneers a revolutionary approach to love, sex and God, drawing from Ancient Wisdom. Using her experiences coaching individuals and couples, the author breaks down sexual taboos openly, discusses the meanings of ...

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    A Softer Voice

    Sharing Faith, Family and Friends by

    Through poetry and devotional thoughts, A Softer Voice teaches lessons cultivated from the walk of a devout student of Christ. Step into this classroom for a brief study of the one true world view: God is God and everything we see, hear, touch and ...