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    God is Alive and Well


    A soul-touching and inspiring book, God Is Alive and Well presents a fresh and exciting view of God that will ultimately draw readers into a deeper understanding of—and relationship with—their creator. Dr. Walker asserts that to “fully understand ...

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    Revealing Your Secret

    A Way to Divine Self-Realization by

    “It began around the age of thirty, when I noticed an almost constant dissatisfaction arising within. I had at that point, a loving family, friends, home, health, an occupation, and all the requirements of living the so-called good life. Why, I ...

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    Pieces of Heaven


    A child, a teenager, an adult, and his journey of inspiration in a world that has created a new one. A world of unforgettable feelings, a world of unbearable wonder. Pieces of Heaven is an oasis of silence in which the author (myself) was called to ...

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    Transparent Dreams - An India Journey

    A Lyrical Memoir by

    Nearing midlife, Susan leaves her home, son, and family in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia, embarking on a journey to find her younger brother, gone for twelve years on a spiritual quest. Upon arrival in southern India, she is joyously reunited ...

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    Moments That Blink Back

    Tips and Triggers for Joyful Purpose by

    When we listen, life is speaking constantly, profoundly, and intelligently in its every detail. Becoming aware, feeling beyond the coffee cup, tree or the morning light develops a new set of lens, transforming routine habit into joy-filled meaning. ...

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    Remember . . .

    A Love Story by

    Eve Thomas first heard the song of his soul on June 5, 2006 – and he’s been communicating with her ever since. The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, that is. Remember… is a different kind of love story. Eve and Elvis have shared many lives together. They’re ...

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    Heaven & Hell

    A Right Relationship with Our Heavenly Father by

    This is by no means, nor could it ever be, an exhaustive or authoritative book on the subject of “Heaven & Hell” or “A Right Relationship with our Heavenly Father.” I have used credible and authoritative sources, relied heavily on various Holy ...

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    Obscure, Contradictory and Dysfunctional

    (I'm a little OCD too) by

    I couldn’t lose. No matter what I set my mind to, I sunk my teeth in, gave it an alligator death shake and emerged victorious. I got jobs I wanted, achieved goals I set for myself and assumed I had this life thing figured out. Then, in 2010, I ...

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    Restoring our World Soul

    Creating a World that Works for Every One by

    What to do to set our world right again? The author posits that it's less about getting it "right" and more about standing back long enough, to "see" together what at the core of our global noise is agitating and demanding our attention. Getting at ...

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    Listening to The Echo

    young adults talk about religion, spirituality, God, gods and their world by

    Why do so few young people attend church? Why are Jewish and Muslim millennials so disenchanted with religion? Why are young adult Catholics so angry? How can parents, grandparents, and religious leaders understand the younger generation’s ...