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    The Art of Becoming An Artist


    Being an artist can be the most enchanting life imaginable – and the most tormenting. Finding your way to your own creative universe is an extraordinary and infinitely surprising journey. Still, every artist falters at some point. Call it what you ...

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    StartArtz Freehand Medicreational Colouring Book


    I have named this book, StartArtz Freehand Medicreational Colouring Book. The title has many meanings to me, and I want to share them with you! StartArtz is essentially combining the words “Star” and “Art”. “Star” is to represent the bright talents ...

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    Serenity Adult Colouring


    The adult coloring-book trend reaches its pinnacle with Serenity, a truly remarkable coloring book filled with a stunning collection of illustrations calling out to be transformed with color. Page after page, Serenity spills over with outline ...

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    Collage Quest

    Ancient Roots of Paper Co-Creations by

    Come voyage through lost roots of the multi-dimensional artistry of collage. This seemingly simple method leads you on an adventure of self discovery, developing your innate abilities for shapes-shifting using paper, scissors and glue. Author and ...

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    An Argentine Tango

    A Narrative Description of the Dance by

    The intent of this book is for the reader to share, to whatever degree possible, the experience of dancing an Argentine tango. The narrative describes a couple’s movements while dancing as well as many of the emotions, thoughts, and insights of the ...