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    Rizvi's CAPM Exam Prep Guide


    Truth #1: This book will make you conquer the CAPM® certification exam. Truth #2: Rizvi’s CAPM® Exam Prep Guide is a no-nonsense detailed approach to retain knowledge you gain, and pass the CAPM® exam on the first try. Truth #3: This book will ...

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    This Won't Hurt a Bit!

    Painless remedies for English ailments by

    If you dread writing essays, then This Won’t Hurt a Bit is for you! Lindsay Lewis provides a step by step guide to communicating well in writing. Using humour and hands-on exercises, This Won’t Hurt a Bit is a practical writing tool for high school, ...

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    Building Better Public Services

    A Guide for Practitioners by

    for decades, public service organizations have been under constant and growing pressure from citizens and stakeholders to provide more integrated, effective and accountable programs and services. Governments are beginning to acknowledge that they ...

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    Keys to Success at School and Beyond

    7 Tips for Study Skills: Oxford Graduate Reveals the Secrets of Success by


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    ESL - Learners Workbooks 1 & 2

    For Students of English as a Second Language by

    ESL-Learners Workbooks 1&2 are built around a concentration of practical grammar exercises designed to reinforce each lesson and to facilitate progress in learning. At the Beginner Level: Book 1, the student is introduced to the basic elements of ...