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    No Ordinary Stalking

    a look at organized stalking and electronic harassment by

    Organized stalking is carried out by an enthusiastic and structured group that has cruel intentions: stalk, harass, injure, financially ruin, and mentally crumple human prey until incapacitation occurs. What sets this crime apart is that innocents ...

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    The Catching Of A Killer

    La job de "Ti-Luc Landry" by

    On September 1, 1997, Ronald Lougheed’s body was discovered in a wooded area in Windsor, Ontario. He had been shot in the head with a single .22 caliber bullet. Initially, the police had few leads, but things started to come together when a local ...

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    The Black Magic Gang

    Jack the Ripper Case Reopened – Book #1 of the Saga by

    Between April of 1888 and February of 1891, eleven ghastly murders took place in London's East End. They were recorded in the Metropolitan Police docket as: “The Whitechapel Murders.” Ten of the victims were known prostitutes. The other, was the ...

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    When Things Seem Odd

    Polly and the Internal Guardian by

    As you will discover by reading this book, the term “stranger danger” is not only misleading to children, it actually does more harm than good. By the constant reminder that a child encounters by media, adults and television programs about never ...

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    A Memoir by

    After the brutal murder of my brother, the Canadian justice system worked very diligently to ensure that the three people who I believe murdered him got off absolutely scot-free, never to be held responsible for their actions or spend one day in ...

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    Murder City

    The Untold Story of Canada's Serial Killer Capital, 1959-1984 by

    Like the mythic cities of Gotham or Gomorrah, London, Ontario was for many years an unrivalled breeding ground of depravity and villainy, the difference being that its monsters were all too real. In its coming to inherit the unwanted distinction ...

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    A Viable Suspect

    The Story of multiple murders and how a police force's reach proved too short for Canada's most notorious cold case. by

    For more than 30 years, retired Ontario Provincial Police Sergeant Barry Ruhl has believed that a criminal with whom he had a violent encounter early in his career might be responsible for a string of unsolved murders of young women in Ontario, ...

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    Jack The Ripper

    A Killer Slips Not by

    During the Autumn of 1888, the lonely old streets of Whitechapel had just then become left barren after the recent murder of Mary Ann Nichols, another downtrodden prostitute found to have been left mutilated with her throat slashed in Bucks Row. And ...

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    Trust and Betrayal

    Tales of Cold War Espionage by

    It is 1957, West Berlin. US Army Captain Eric Vieler is assigned to oversee the identification, vetting, development and deployment of every-day German citizens --- as spies. While the Berlin Wall is not yet a reality, the Cold War tensions between ...

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    Monsters Of Medicine

    The Lives Of Five Serial Killer Physicians: Is There A Common Thread? by

    Medical training gave them the skills . . . Unfortunately evidence suggests that the medical profession is responsible for more serial killers then all other professions combined. Why is this so? Monsters of medicine chronicles the lives of five ...