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A child, a teenager, an adult, and their journey of inspiration in a world that has created a new one. A world of unforgettable feelings, o world of unbearable wonder.

Pieces of Heaven is an oasis of silence in which the author (myself) was called to hear, to see, and to understand the simplicity of complexity. A manifestation of something greater than anything, in a soul that never rest. The story is a real discovery of what we can have without being asked, but welling to receive.

This is the life of an ordinary man whose spiritual experiences gave the answer to a question that the child never knew it, the adolescent never put it, and the adult never doubt it. But the answer he received guided his entire life, because God never left him alone.

And yes, this is me, Gabriel L. Beer, a family man, with education, with a job, with a dream, whose life is filled with happiness and blessed by the light that I touched. And for that I will be grateful forever.

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Gabriel L. Beer 119734000029259583 2017-05-23 20:54:19.768090 Religion, Spirituality/Religion, Faith/Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs
Sacred Secret: Take Eat: This is My Body...




Sacred Secret is a humble attempt to show the great power and hidden treasures of a meal of incredible potency while also revealing the never-ending passion contained in a meal prepared and set on a banqueting table of love.

This book will dissipate feeble conceptions of the blood by revelations of vivid manifestations and powerful effects contained in the sacred meal.

Do you know what you’ve been served?

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Wendy Varga 119734000039785289 2017-05-23 17:11:31.913170 Religion, Christian Life, Inspirational/Religion, Christian Rituals & Practice, Sacraments/Self-Help, Spiritual
Chandkoor's Journey

During a trip to India, retiree Annie and her friend Leila hire Amarnath as their driver in Rajasthan. Having fallen in love with India's colours, aromas, sights, sounds, and people, the friends return for another vacation. This time, Annie's and Amarnath's lives become linked in unexpected ways. Annie travels to India many more times and acquaints herself with the unknown, exotic culture in the circle of Amarnath's family and clan. She chances upon the most unusual adventures - unusual for a western, middle-class woman. The novel is, in equal measure, a testimony to love and a fascinating evocation of Indian culture, seen through Annie's eyes. It brilliantly captures love's triumph over inevitable culture clashes, embedded in narratives about Rajasthan's architecture, legends, art, festivals, and ordinary family life.

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Uta Sojat 119734000043847067 2017-05-23 16:59:59.542340 Fiction, Romance, Multicultural & Interracial/Travel, Asia, India/Social Science, Customs & Traditions
Industrial Ultrasonic Inspection: Levels 1 and 2

Ultrasonic testing (UT) has been an accepted practice of inspection in industrial environments for decades. This book, Industrial Ultrasonic Inspection, is designed to meet and exceed ISO 9712 training requirements for Level 1 and Level 2 certification. The material presented in this book will provide readers with all the basic knowledge of the theory behind elastic wave propagation and its uses with the use of easy to read text and clear pictorial descriptions. Discussed UT concepts include:

General engineering, materials, and components theory

Theory of sound waves and their propagation

The general uses of ultrasonic waves

Methods of ultrasonic wave generation

Different ultrasonic inspection techniques

Ultrasonic flaw detectors, scanning systems, and probes

Calibration fundamentals

General scanning techniques

Flaw sizing techniques

Basic analysis for ultrasonic, phased array ultrasonic, and time of flight diffraction inspection techniques

Codes and standards

Principles of technical documentation and reporting

It is my intention that this book is used for general training purposes. It is the ideal classroom textbook.

-Ryan Chaplin

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Ryan Chaplin 119734000035661226 2017-05-23 16:58:13.694640 Technology & Engineering, Acoustics & Sound/Technology & Engineering/Technology & Engineering, Quality Control
Bloodwyn Rose

As a blossoming young woman, Chloe dreaded the day Madame Isabella would take her out of the kitchen and put her to work in the bawdy house. Beautiful and headstrong, Chloe, orphaned as a child, worked as a scullery maid for as long as she could remember. Raised by Madame, she hoped she would remain in her position indefinitely.

Garret Bloodwyn, a bounty hunter by trade and vampire nobleman by birth, had little interest in anything other than collecting his next reward. When his father, Lord Bloodwyn, summons him to participate in the annual visit to the village of their namesake, Garret grudgingly accepts.

When Chloe finds herself offered to the young vampire lord, she can't think of a worse circumstance. Yet, that fateful night changes the lives of not only the two young lovers but of everyone around them. As their passions run deep, along with tempers, their worlds are turned upside down. A whirlwind of desire, blood thirst, and testing the boundaries of the vampire/human relationships, the two face more challenges than any couple should. Will their bond be strong enough to bear all that falls before them or will the strain tear them apart?

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Meghan Jenkins 119734000009120145 2017-05-23 16:55:39.598310 Fiction, Fantasy/Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal/Fiction, Romance, Fantasy
Man on the Run II: How to Get Rich

Life gives you the choice of love or money, rarely both. George Anderson, a farm boy from Illinois, wants it all. He seeks the other to secure both. His path to success includes the CIA, Columbian drug lords, and run-ins with some of the world’s most powerful and secretive people.

His drive to become rich is rooted in betrayal. How much is enough? Does money alone make a person rich? Does love have a role?

How to Get Rich is a fast-paced thriller over a deep and complex ocean of human desires.

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Baron Alexander Deschauer 119734000043515837 2017-05-23 16:50:11.495370 Fiction, Sagas/Fiction, Thrillers, Political/Fiction, Espionage
From Empty to Full


Do you want to be free from this condition, once and for all?

From Empty to Full is a powerful testimony of how life shifted out of emptiness, brokenness, sickness, and sadness and into fullness! As you look inside the windows of this story, take a glimpse into the goodness of God as you are shown exactly how He removes empty places and replaces them with His fullness. Everyone can enter into ALL the fullness of God through the development of an intimate prayer life. By acknowledging and practicing His Word and using the life-giving help that He provides from these sources, that will help you to be full and stay full. Taking these steps seriously will stimulate your faith and unleash the power of the Holy Spirit to illuminate God’s love, mercy, compassion, and grace in your life. God’s desire is for you to receive healing and deliverance that will cause the empty corners in your heart, past, and life to fade away and be filled. Purpose to walk through the road of life’s battles and realize that there is freedom and FULLNESS in Jesus! God’s victory and best for every area of life is available; physically, emotionally, or spiritually. There is a way for ALL to be FULL and it will cause you to veer out of darkness and into light. This new found fullness of God will run off sin, depression, sickness, defeat and the many hindrances that have been holding you back from a life of happiness and fulfillment. It is time to give God your emptiness and let Him fill and launch you to the next level.

Are you ready to let God heal your emptiness and pour into you with His FULL healing grace?

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Jo Anna Mike Simmons 119734000024673427 2017-05-23 16:35:28.782530 Religion/Religion, Biblical Commentary/Religion, Christianity
Life's Ultimate Questions: Exploring the Stories that Shape Our Everyday

This book is presented as “core-curriculum” for young adults and new believers alike, who wish to not only survive but thrive as Christians in our challenging, secular, atheistic culture. This five-fold foundation can help us stand as well as advance against today’s increasingly strong cultural headwinds.

A ̶ Empowering spirituality in keeping with Christianity’s rich 2000 year history.

B ̶ Exposé of today’s atheistic, materialistic culture.

C ̶ Basic religious literacy (including atheism as a belief system).

D ̶ A lay person’s strategies for validating foundational assumptions.

E ̶ A dynamic encounter with the Bible’s Mother-Story.

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Jake Wiens 119734000031376085 2017-05-19 22:34:47.711650 Religion, Christian Education/Religion, Comparative Religion/Philosophy, Religious
Six Steps to Better Thinking: How to Disagree and Get Along

In a world of post truth politics, alternative facts, and fake news, there really are better and worse ways to think about things and that disagreement need not lead to incivility, hatred, or violence.

The title of the book implies that some ideas are better than others. But what makes them better? Luckily, much of the hard work has already been done. Philosophers, mathematicians, logicians, scientists, writers, and many others have developed the Critical Thinking skills that allow all of us to make such valued distinctions. I have taken these skills, and distilled them into six steps.

After learning these Six Steps, you will more effectively communicate what it is you believe and why it is you believe it so that people will have an easier time understanding you. You will be empowered with the ability to better understand what people are saying and to know why it is they are saying it. Your thinking will become better as well because what emerges from your ability to understand and use these skills is an element of diplomacy and fairness when having discussions about important issues. And this leads directly to more civilized disagreement.

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Christopher DiCarlo 119734000028152175 2017-05-19 14:33:51.542690 Self-Help/Self-Help, Communication & Social Skills/Self-Help, Self-Management
Abundant Grace: Book 5 of The Grace Sextet

As WWII comes to an end, Grace Lampley returns to her beloved farmhouse in the south of France, only to learn that her work as an undercover agent has led to the physical devastation of her home and the surrounding countryside, leaving her life and future in shambles: mistrusted as a suspected collaborator, disliked and resented as a manipulative and greedy femme fatale, and targeted as a former OSS operative. Struggling to rebuild and find a place for herself in this new reality―with a former lover (an escaped POW) at her side, Grace has to somehow learn to navigate the Cold War turmoil that permeates every aspect of her new life.

Her determination has been tested before, and she has persevered, time and time again... but at what point do the reserves run dry? At what point is it simply too much to take?

Abundant Grace is the fifth installment of The Grace Sextet.

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Weldon B. Durham 119734000038270195 2017-05-19 14:32:03.116310 Fiction/Fiction, Contemporary Women/Fiction, Action & Adventure
Freedom All The Way Up: God and the Meaning of Life in a Scientific Age

Freedom All The Way Up proposes four intertwined elements that make up the meaning of life—self-worth, purpose, identity, and hope. Materialism (atheism) claim the universe has no meaning, so there is no larger purposeful story into which we can place ourselves—we are left on our own to construct meaning for our lives. Barrigar argues, though, that the universe possess God’s meaning and purpose—to provide the space and conditions by which to bring about the existence of agape-capable beings in agape-loving relationships with God and with others. In effect, the universe is a great ‘freedom system’ designed by God with freedom built in ‘all the way up’, from the Big Bang to the emergence of big brains and free will. Barrigar describes the emergence of this system through his novel agape/probability account of God’s design for the universe, which integrates such disciplines as quantum physics, statistical mechanics, probability theory, evolutionary psychology, neuroscience, and game theory. This system sets up the conditions for a fundamental choice between autonomous freedom, which focuses principally on self, and agapic freedom, which focuses principally on God and on others. Materialism chooses autonomous freedom, but thereby introduces nihilism into each of the elements of meaning. In turns out that nihilism is a much greater problem for Materialism than suffering is for Theism. In contrast, agapic freedom infuses self-worth, purpose, identity, and hope with God’s agape-love, dispelling Materialism’s inherent nihilism. Freedom All The Way Up provides a dramatic new proposal for God and the meaning of life in our scientific and humanist age.

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Christian J. Barrigar 119734000030151103 2017-05-19 14:29:43.220370 Philosophy/Science, Philosophy & Social Aspects/Philosophy, Religious
The Power of 10: The Great Tsunami

What happens when a great earthquake and tsunami hits the northwest coast of Canada and the United States? Hundreds of thousands of people will lose their lives during this terrible event. Will the lives of a young seismologist and a social worker survive?

The Power of 10 follows the lives of Mark Dixon, as he attempts to warn the residents about the catastrophe that could occur in the immediate future and Ruth Mintz as she deals with the complicated social lives of a prostitute, an unscrupulous investment dealer, a homeless alcoholic, a doctor and a young student. The story intertwines the lives of Mark and Ruth with all of these people before, during and after the earthquake and tsunami.

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Thomas McCavour 119734000040820157 2017-05-19 14:25:13.015840 Fiction, Action & Adventure/Fiction, Romance, Action & Adventure/Fiction
The Wine Writer: Bold Highlights Ambrosial Undercurrents

Murlowe takes us to the hidden Andonnay Valley in search of an exquisite Prndl, stopping here and there along the way…

Eventually, he became known as mono-oenologic and, one by one, his friends drifted away and didn’t see much of him.

Bubbles! It needed bubbles!

If you make a poor wine investment, decanting is a way to shrink your loss. Know what wine goes well with breakfast? Here’s a tip: there are many.

Researchers have discovered that two glasses of wine make you 25 % more attractive.

…The bubbles go up your nose provoking laughter, a tonic of

no small importance.

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John Murlowe 119734000004734127 2017-05-16 17:48:59.619490 Fiction, Satire/Humor, Form, Essays/Cooking, Beverages, Wine & Spirits
Make Your Mark in Pastels: Get hooked on painting with pure pigment

Make Your Mark in Pastels


Karin Richter

Karin Richter's passion for teaching others is evident in this easy-to-follow instructional book which presents a fresh, unintimidating way to learn the medium of PASTELS. Karin's approach is all about the basics in simple language and examples giving aspiring artists the feeling that they, too, can do it. Her aim is to get artists excited about Pastels while teaching them everything they need to know about the medium. For the more advanced painter, this book will serve to reinforce all the important aspects of painting with instruction that will ensure success. "Painting in Pastels takes you back to the kind of drawing and mark-making you did as a child", Karin says, "it is primal and so much fun!".

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Karin Richter 119734000040779151 2017-05-16 17:34:38.942120 Art, Techniques, Painting/Art, Techniques, Pastel Drawing/Art, Individual Artists, Artists' Books
The Greatest Gift: Finding 100 blessings from the Fort McMurray Wild Fire

Joy Ellen Lalonde is a Life Coach, Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach and Personal Training Specialist. On her personal quest to enlightenment and a deeper meaning in life, she is put to the test while being evacuated from her home for over a month during the ravaging wildfires that swept through Fort McMurray, Alberta. Having experienced many dark times in her life, Joy is now determined that only good lies ahead and every experience has a blessing in it. The evidence of this was overwhelming in this surreal event that will not soon be forgotten.

Lighting your path to happiness. Joy Comes From Within

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Joy Ellen Lalonde 119734000040199870 2017-05-16 17:32:25.225420 Religion, Christian Life, Inspirational/Biography & Autobiography, Women/Self-Help, Affirmations
The Bi-Directional Effects of Stress on our Immune System: Possible Explanations for Healthful and Harmful Outcomes

In recent years, we have gained increasing knowledge of the roles stress and stress hormones play in our health. It is amazing how the presentation of a stressor—whether in one event or a series of events—might involve us in appraising the environmental challenge and lead us to the “fight-or-flight” response on a physiological level.

The idea that stress has only harmful effects does not draw a full picture of its role in our health and well-being. It is scientifically proven that stress and stress hormones not only have a negative impact on our bodies, but they also have potentially beneficial properties, aimed at mobilizing our immune system for fighting immunologic confrontations.

How does this work? In The Bidirectional Effects of Stress on Our Immune System, Dr. Inna B. Mertsalova illustrates how our immune system functions under exposure to stress. Understanding these processes can help us cope with stress and stay healthy.

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Inna B. Mertsalova 119734000034434165 2017-05-16 17:26:27.864480 Psychology, Physiological Psychology/Health & Fitness, Reference/Self-Help

A delightful and charming tale of a childhood blanket "McTavish" whose "boy" has outgrown him.

McTavish deals with the loss of his now college aged boy and all the changes around him by helping others in his neighbourhood. Sneaking out the window, he finds out that he can be helpful to a lot of different people (and animals) in his neighbourhood. Find out how resilient " McTavish" turns unwelcome changes and sadness into feelings of happiness and comfort for himself and others.

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Louisa Farrell 119734000031834061 2017-05-16 17:21:18.232200 Juvenile Fiction, Toys, Dolls, Puppets/Juvenile Fiction, Social Issues, Friendship/Juvenile Fiction, Social Issues, Values & Virtues
Educating Ha.nh

Ha.nh wants to be educated; to be empowered; and as foreseen by the fortune teller, to be famous! As a girl in rural Central Vietnam her chances are slim. For four generations the web of female dreams has grown, but not become a reality...until perhaps now. With the help of an NGO, its passion for female empowerment, and dreams, it may be possible. Miss Kat is an NGO volunteer who befriends the energetic and born leader, little Ha.nh. This story is woven through my experiences, and through it I hope to show how a single pebble can make huge ripples extending from a family to the global community.

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Kathleen Hamilton 119734000040411275 2017-05-16 16:59:08.014760 Biography & Autobiography, Educators/Education, Organizations & Institutions/Education, Inclusive Education
The Silence of Nellie

What magic has brought me to this!

To fill a blank piece of paper with the words

and music of my Life.

I have always been a performer:

musicals, plays, and harp and voice programs.

My husband was a wonderful actor

from Dublin, Ireland.

I have two stepsons,

one in Dublin with three children,

my grandchildren,

my other son in Brighton, in England.

And now I am sharing with you in a different way.

We are sharing through the eyes and ears and voice

of wise and witty little Nellie, my harp.

Nellie is our storyteller.

She makes us laugh. She dries our tears.

She brings us back to Love

when we have lost our way.

Many adventures! Lots of music! Enjoy!

Love, Kitty

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Kitty Sullivan 119734000033072781 2017-05-16 16:26:59.727980 Juvenile Fiction, Performing Arts, Music/Juvenile Fiction, Social Issues, Emotions & Feelings/Juvenile Fiction, Health & Daily Living, Diseases, Illnesses & Injuries
Solid Stone: Choices

It's all burning, the sheets and their love.



Everything has fallen apart.

I let that happen.

Adam is gone.

But I'm moving on.

I've taken a new job in Chicago, and I'm starting fresh.

That is until my past walks right through my office door.



I will have her.

Every piece of that body.

Of her heart.

She's mine.

But she's gone. How do I get her back?

Violet, back in my arms. In my bed.

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E.G. Patrick 119734000044683157 2017-05-16 16:25:21.411790 Fiction, Romance/Fiction, Romance, Contemporary/Fiction, Romance, Fantasy