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Do you find it strange that some airplanes leave lines in the sky while others don't? Ever heard the word "chemtrails"? Well, something is happening up there in the sky. This book details the history of weather modification, the dangers it has to our environment, and also includes health related issues and offers advice about living with geoengineering. An introduction to the many covert operations not related to climate control that will be possible should the public accept planes spraying the sky are included. Read on and find out what you can do to help The Fight Against Geoengineering.

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Andrew Calbery 119734000036457209 2017-07-26 17:45:51.083010 Science, Global Warming & Climate Change/Technology & Engineering, Social Aspects/Science, Philosophy & Social Aspects
The Making of a Phenomenal Woman: The Ultimate Belief to Move Ahead: Chess or Checkers

The Making of A Phenomenal Woman is a joyfully written self-help book with wonderful anecdotes and exercises. Women hoping to increase their effectiveness in leadership roles and in their personal lives will find much to motivate and inspire them. It covers the many aspects of a woman's life but with a twist to how characters in some of the stories use strategies from the chessboard to evaluate their next moves as if playing a game of chess or checkers.

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Marsha James 119734000038048675 2017-07-26 17:45:03.662980 Self-Help/Self-Help, Motivational & Inspirational/Self-Help, Personal Growth
Chewing Gum Cindy

Chewing Gum Cindy is a delightful and amusing story about the great lengths that an adorable little girl will go to in order to obtain a treat which her mother has forbidden. Alluring chewing gum, which her mother believes will give her bad teeth!! The antics which follow are hilarious.

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Melanie Sallis and Danny Sallis 119734000036517190 2017-07-26 15:56:01.212350 Juvenile Fiction/Juvenile Fiction, Girls & Women/Juvenile Fiction, Cooking & Food
So Why Is The Sky Blue?

When substitute teacher Shaneen Wynelle is suddenly offered a full-time teaching position for the balance of the school year, she can't help but wonder. However, upon meeting her class of 'incorrigibles' she quickly realizes that she has been thrown to the wolves in the form of a gaggle of unruly and mutinous students. Instead of the three R's as she knows them: reading, writing and arithmetic, Ms. Wynelle is faced with rebellious, rowdy and rambunctious teenagers. As Ms. Wynelle struggles to calm the chaos in her classroom, she gradually discovers her students are actively curious and want to know more about life than what they find in the pages of their textbooks. Her challenge is to meet the school board teaching objectives while giving her challenging charges outlets for their curiosity about everything from religion, spirituality, sexuality, bullying and money matters to Canadian Indigenous history and the hereafter. After two tumultuous terms with her class, Ms. Wynelle realizes the three R's have morphed once more to represent remarkable, refreshing and realistic.

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Norah Ess 119734000031815385 2017-07-26 15:54:37.278600 Young Adult Fiction, Social Themes, Religion & Faith/Young Adult Fiction, School & Education/Young Adult Fiction, Social Themes, Prejudice & Racism
Messages of HOPE from “US” (United Souls of Heaven and Earth): Decade of Light

Do you feel yourself and the world changing at lightning speed?

Messages of HOPE from “US” (United Souls of Heaven and Earth) is an empowering and transformative collection of messages from a group of non-physical spiritual teachers. The unique energy transmission through their words reaches you at your cellular level, enabling you to access the “knowing” that has always been there, the intuitive, conscious answers for your personal well-being, and for the uplifting of our world into a higher vibrational energy.

In this book you will discover:

• How to access higher vibrational thoughts and energy.

• What it feels like to live in higher consciousness.

• The power you have access to that transforms chaotic energy into harmonic energy.

• The knowing that you are Divine, a Magnificent Light Being here on Earth – that is the greatest power of all!

This book will enable you to rise above the fear, as it shows you the way!

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through Judith Onley 119734000018195139 2017-07-25 16:18:40.763710 Body, Mind & Spirit/Body, Mind & Spirit, Angels & Spirit Guides/Body, Mind & Spirit, Channeling
The Armory

Justin Patterson is receiving blow after blow in the fight of his life against a powerful and pugnacious system at the top of federal politics. His tenacious resolve to weaken the hegemonic political entity comes from a serious and bloody incident, which reoccurs on a regular basis in society and effects the lives of countless people in the United States of America as a result. Nothing is done to solve the problems of deceit, corruption and lobbying out of fear of repercussions against innocent citizens. Justin is convinced the system, he dubs "The Armory" is the primary source of transgression and controversy. It uses its model of coercion and manipulation to remain at the top of power. He uses all available strength and courage to bring it down but suffers constant waves of threats, intimidation and retaliation from a system, which has no intention of letting go of its power for anyone and anything.

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Kevin Tennert 119734000032531129 2017-07-25 15:52:41.196960 Fiction/Fiction, Psychological/Fiction, Political
A Gentle Bridge: Using mindful movement as a gentle bridge between our physical and spiritual selves

In A Gentle Bridge Ms. Carman discusses using mindful movement to create a gentle bridge between our physical and spiritual selves. While sharing her experience learning and teaching the Pilates Method, she also discusses her insights into the similarities between the Pilates approach to movement and spiritual themes she found in the Conversations with God books by Neale Donald Walsch. Throughout the text Ms. Carman offers opportunities to practice specific physical techniques that promote better posture. She also offers suggestions that help the reader become more aware of their own unconscious thoughts and methods to gain practical control over the more negative thoughts, replacing them with more positive ones. Finally, Ms. Carman encourages the reader to combine the improved thought with the improved posture, creating the “mind/body/spirit” connection in a very practical way.

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Kathleen Carman 119734000042128157 2017-07-25 15:50:50.372450 Body, Mind & Spirit/Body, Mind & Spirit, Mindfulness & Meditation/Body, Mind & Spirit, Healing
The Travels of Santa's Button

Santa’s button is very frightened. It needs to get back home because it has a very important and special job to do. The Travels of Santa’s Button is a story about helping hands both young and old and the magic of Christmas.

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Carol Merton 119734000041958077 2017-07-25 15:46:02.870980 Juvenile Fiction, Holidays & Celebrations, Christmas & Advent/Juvenile Fiction, Holidays & Celebrations/Juvenile Fiction
Merchants Exchange: Ignatius Cockshutt, 1812 - 1901 Canadian Entrepreneur

The MERCHANTS EXCHANGE is a lively history, primarily about Ignatius Cockshutt, his entrepreneurial skills, and his contributions to the development of the City of Brantford, Canada, from 1832 to 1962. Following a brief ancestral history of the Cockshutt family in England, it then tells of their emigration to York (Toronto) and the family store there in 1828. The story then tells how young Ignatius builds an empire, becomes wealthy, and is instrumental in building Brantford into a world class manufacturing city. Ignatius’s nine children follow his example and continue his good work, making fine contributions to the industrial and political growth of Canada. The MERCHANTS EXCHANGE is built from private family records including six wonderful Letterbooks, which are exact copies of personal and business correspondence, written by Ignatius Cockshutt between 1832 and 1898, making the story not only factual, but also a gold-mine of genuine historical information. You will enjoy every line of this wonderful chronicle about an early Canadian entrepreneur, and his contributions to Canada.

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Wm. H. Cockshutt 119734000036991447 2017-07-24 17:50:00.869690 History, Social History/History, Canada/Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs
The Adventures of Sweet Tooth the Sugar Troll: Falling Doesn't Hurt Until You Stop

Sweet Tooth can usually be seen with a glass jar of candies clutched between his hands as he goes about whatever business he has with other Trolls in the forested, swampy lowland along the Leaf River just before it passes Petal, Mississippi.

He's a Sugar Troll, the first of several dozen Troll Tribes to settle here to escape the Civil War's destruction. The Sugar Trolls lived along the Appomattox River in Virginia for decades. They quickly learned that the land they settled in Mississippi shares an important characteristic with the land they left in Virginia - mosquitoes. Three seasons a year the air is thick with mosquitoes.

Trolls barter, they have no money.

Trolls who know how to make flyswatters swap them for vegetables or fruit, or sewing patches on shirts. As Sweet Tooth's Great Grandfather, Tooth Ache, told him one day shortly after moving to Mississippi:

"Our muscles know how to make flyswatters. Our minds know how many flyswatters we must make if we want to make more flyswatters. Our stomachs tell us how many flyswatters we must make and sell if we want to eat. If we can make them in Virginia, we can make them in Mississippi."

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Frank T. Adams 119734000035586108 2017-07-21 16:05:45.314420 Juvenile Fiction, Animals, Mythical/Juvenile Fiction, Readers, Beginner/Juvenile Fiction, Social Issues, Friendship
Dinky Days

Dinky, a spunky 8 lb. Jack Russell terrier, is a lucky dog who attends her owners kindergarten class every Friday. She is the perfect classroom assistant who helps the teacher, Ms. McGrath, teach her class how to read, do math, do science experiments, learn computer skills, sing, dance and learn games! These five and six year olds have fun writing and sharing stories about Dinky, complete with drawings. Written in Dinky's own voice, she tells her story of how she became known as the beloved school mascot at Mesa Union School located in Somis, California. She attended school for 8 years until Ms. McGrath retired in 2003. She will go down in history as the renowned "Teachers pet" of a very special school!

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Roz Mcgrath 119734000043503453 2017-07-21 16:04:15.670310 Juvenile Nonfiction/Juvenile Nonfiction, Animals/Juvenile Nonfiction, Animals, Dogs
The Mansion Beyond the Red Gate

The mansion beyond the red gate sits there in the mist -- almost beckoning you to come in. You've been sent the official invitation, but something strange is going on. Those who enter the mansion are never seen or heard from again. What's going on? Why don't they come back out?

In order to find out, you must choose to go through the gate yourself. You're not sure what's going to happen when you do. You're afraid.

Then an unpredictable series of events leads you to the realization that you must go in now! You can't wait any longer. Time is running out . . .

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Cheryl S. Hartmann 119734000039258192 2017-07-21 15:55:06.287220 Fiction, Christian, Classic & Allegory/Religion, Christian Life, Spiritual Growth/Fiction, Religious
Silent Heroes: End of a World

Caleb believes his role and responsibility to his family is to be the household breadwinner. Abigail, his wife for almost ten years, is a house wife and mother of two beautiful young children Sofia and Noah. Tired of her family life, she divorces Caleb and leaves the family home with both kids.

This is the beginning of an unhappier and more difficult time for the children.

What was once considered a normal life has now become a nightmare of pain and uncertainty.

Will Caleb be able, with his courage and determination, to rescue the two children he loves?

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J.P. Le Pape 119734000014655197 2017-07-21 15:50:58.687840 Young Adult Fiction, Social Themes, Physical & Emotional Abuse/Young Adult Fiction, Thrillers and Suspense/Young Adult Fiction
I Keep You in My Heart

Like so many young girls today that live in single-parent homes, Steph carries the never-ending wound of her father not being in her life. Pop, as her grandfather is called, serves as that warm ray of sunshine she gets to enjoy during her summer vacations in Dallas with her grandparents. Oh, to live the entire year as her crazy grandfather’s favorite sidekick would be heaven. The drudgery of the school year back home in Savannah with her impossibly-busy mother is, well, the worst. I Keep you in My Heart, the first of a two-book set, is a story that tells of a young girl’s dream of living near her grandfather and finding her father. Hmm? What if she could sway Pop to cook up a plan to find her father? With her powers over him… Easy-peasy. He falls for her twelve-year-old-charms every time. Her mom and grandmother are like sooo not on the list of those who can know of operation “Find Dad,” since both would totally kill her if they found out? Be entertained by the crazy antics of Steph’s grandfather. Open your heart to the story of a young girl and the guiding, supporting love she receives from her grandparents. Walk with her on her sometimes-difficult path in her first year as a teen.

Take this journey with Steph as she bears within her heart Pop’s oft repeated words, “Steph, I keep you in my heart every day.” Will his love be enough to carry her to the reality of the brighter day she dreams of?

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John Iles 119734000010029155 2017-07-21 15:49:50.578870 Juvenile Fiction/Juvenile Fiction, Family, Multigenerational/Juvenile Fiction, Girls & Women
Alfred's Special Place: Finding Sanctuary Now and Forever

Alfred’s Special Place is about a donkey who wants so badly to belong and be helpful at the farm where he lives. But because people have not taken care of Alfred, his hooves are sore. Poor Alfred cannot walk much less chase the coyotes away from the lambs on the farm. The farmer gets angry because Alfred is not doing his job. The farmer wants to sell Alfred. Alfred hides in a special place on farm where he feels safe. But winter is coming and Alfred has no hay to eat. Alfred is cold and hungry, and all alone, and very sad. But Rebecca, the farmer’s daughter, wants to help Alfred and has a secret plan. One day a woman and a man come to find Alfred. But Alfred has to learn to trust the good people who want to help him.

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Paola di Paolo 119734000042287278 2017-07-21 15:46:58.761170 Juvenile Fiction, Animals/Juvenile Fiction, Animals, Farm Animals/Juvenile Fiction, Social Issues, Physical & Emotional Abuse
The Average José: An Immigration Story

Canada is a nation built by immigrants, and this is the story of one such man. In the 1950s, José Pires bid farewell to his wife of five days, leaving the island of São Miguel in the Azores and coming to Canada in hopes of building a life for his future family.

Working across Canada on the Canadian Pacific Railway and Canadian National Railway, José embodied an ideal that is hard to find in today’s generation: the idea that your life should not be measured by what you achieve for yourself, but by what you leave to others. An honest, loyal man, José waited eighteen months to see his wife again – Maria, the love of his life, mother of his eventual children, and the woman he would, years later, tend to in chronic care.

Intelligent and compelling, The Average José deftly counterbalances Portuguese themes of saudade (a simultaneous sense of love and loss) and obrigado (thankfulness). It moves effortlessly between the sometimes dreamlike cultural landscape of the Azores in the forties and fifties and the realities of the Canadian immigrant experience.

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Ken Flynn 119734000046321353 2017-07-21 15:44:32.969090 Young Adult Nonfiction, Comics & Graphic Novels, History/Young Adult Nonfiction, Comics & Graphic Novels, Biography/Young Adult Nonfiction, Comics & Graphic Novels
Once Upon A Blue Moon

When going to bed, do you wish on the moon, or the stars in the sky?

When the blue moon hears the children of the world singing "Twinkle, twinkle little star..." the bluer he becomes.

Why is blue moon so sad? How can you, the little stars in the night sky and children everywhere help blue moon to beam brightly?

Featuring pages of activities for children to name the moon, connect the dots, and help the star to find its way to earth.

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Monique Constant 119734000036207539 2017-07-20 21:15:17.885530 Juvenile Fiction, Bedtime & Dreams/Juvenile Fiction, Activity Books/Juvenile Fiction, Readers, Beginner

The purpose of this book is to help you acknowledge that when you persist in an environment without adapting to change, you will become obsolete. If you persist in an incompatible environment, you will eventually convince yourself your personality is a disease. Through the evidence of my own experience and my artwork, I attempt to define these underpinnings that represent the silent engine behind human ego. When difficult times like depression mercilessly shuffle experience, that blur of activity is difficult to comprehend. The next time you are grappling with your inadequacy, reach for this book and you will find a comrade who empathizes with your struggle.

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John Ralph Tuccitto 119734000040763045 2017-07-19 16:52:51.695430 Psychology, Psychopathology, Bipolar Disorder/Self-Help, Mood Disorders/Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs
Beside The River

Seventeen year old Maggie Hanson and her quirky English “mum” live on the edge of poverty in a small riverside mill town during the 1930’s. Maggie is admired by men around town, especially the sly and charming Victor Robertson, her best friends brother, who shows her attention as she waits for her beau Ben Harding. Ben is away at medical school, and although he at times neglects her, she remains loyal to him, clings to romantic promises and dreams of a future as his wife.

Maggie forces her mum to let her leave school so that she can help out with other peoples laundry sewing, or cleaning ...whatever will bring in some money. She starts work for a wealthy man who lives up the hill and soon finds herself caught up in new and ever-changing emotions as she struggles to reconcile her devotion to Ben and growing attraction to her kind and handsome employer.

I have lived in the small riverside town where this novel takes place and attended both school and university in the area. I was inspired by the small town’s setting and history to write the story “Beside The River” with its entertaining fictional characters. I love writing and other then short stories, this novel is my debut, and more than anything, I hope you find it entertaining.

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Wendy Fraser 119734000030267704 2017-07-19 16:49:39.923270 Fiction, Romance, Adult/Fiction, Coming Of Age
A Surprise For Santa

Max visits Santa and discovers that Santa is missing something very important. A Surprise For Santa is a delightful story about how Max’s friends and family help him return a special surprise.

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Carol Merton 119734000038942137 2017-07-17 16:57:58.821880 Juvenile Fiction, Holidays & Celebrations, Christmas & Advent/Juvenile Fiction, Holidays & Celebrations/Juvenile Fiction