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God’s Angels: His Ministering Spirits is clearly the work of a mature, highly educated and experienced author. Dr. Abraham Kuyper (1837-1920) produced the book toward the end of his life, after he had given strong leadership in church matters, founded a university and also a Christian political party, and served as Prime Minister of the Netherlands. His extensive writing in the areas of theology and the Christian life-view prepared him finally to focus on the subject of angels. It was a privilege and a challenge for me to make this highly significant book available to the English speaking people. The book pursues all sorts of facets in the life of angels. From when they were created to what their task really entails. The falling into sin of a large number of angels is important for the human race. Why is there a Satan? Do people have a guardian angel? Will the angels be there when we die? Many questions are answered. This book will make the readers think and become enriched with greater Biblical and practical knowledge.

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Rev. R. Stienstra 119734000022781809 2015-07-02 19:46:53.769010 Religion, Christian Theology, Angelology & Demonology/Bibles, The Message, Study/Religion, Biblical Commentary

High school senior Taylor Pope is infatuated with Mia Peltz, an all-American girl and aspiring model that grew up in his home town of Chestnut Hill. Humiliated and betrayed by the events that unfolded at a school dance, Taylor gets behind the wheel of his sports car and, in a driving frenzy, crashes at high speed in an accident that should have ended his life.

Taylor survives the crash without so much as a scratch, however, having regained consciousness, he now finds himself in another dimension. A world very different from his own, and governed by people known as Zhaarians. He has unintentionally crossed into a world that does not wish its existence to be known, and while Taylor’s needs are met, the decision awaits on whether to return him back to his home. While stranded in this strange dimension, he meets a young Zhaarian called Una, who carries a striking resemblance to Mia. Despite romance between them being forbidden, their attraction for one another is instant and they soon fall in love.

However, Taylor’s troubles have only just started, and while his own life hangs in the balance, he must discover a way of stopping those whose means are to destroy Earth, and ultimately end all existence in the first dimension.

Dual is an unconventional love story that simply knows no bounds, where the concept of true love, and the struggle to keep it, is very much real.

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Justin L. Cescolini 119734000020940463 2015-07-02 19:43:32.077410 Fiction, Fantasy/Fiction, Romance, Fantasy/Fiction, Science Fiction, Adventure
The Reluctant Psychic: A Spiritual Journey in Sedona

Inspired by the first-hand experiences of author Michelle Hammer, the fictionalized story of Anna compels readers from all walks of life to cultivate their own unique spiritual capacities.

Anna’s profound journey begins after a car accident while out on a solitary road trip. As Anna’s healing progresses, her innate curiosity and burgeoning psychic abilities are nurtured by her new group of friends. On a journey to Sedona, they meditate at a variety of energy vortexes while piecing together small but significant clues that hint at a destiny which transcends linear perceptions of space and time. By doing so, the group becomes a conduit for a powerful message from the spirit world. It is a message that not only speaks to each individual, but to the whole of humanity, warning all who are willing to listen that unless there is a collective shift in consciousness, humanity will be lost on a runaway path to destruction.

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Michelle Hammer 119734000017925347 2015-07-02 19:40:44.690020 Body, Mind & Spirit/Body, Mind & Spirit, Reincarnation/Body, Mind & Spirit, Inspiration & Personal Growth
On the Luff of a Sail : Poems on the Way

This is a collection of poems about the spiritual path based on the meditation tradition of Judaism.

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Tzvi Yehuda Levinson 119734000017385172 2015-07-02 19:36:49.710990 Poetry/Poetry, Subjects & Themes, Inspirational & Religious/Poetry, Canadian
A Force of Nature

Part ghost story, part treasure hunt, part romance, A Force of Nature is all entertainment!!

Do you believe in Fate? Would you recognize it if it was happening to you? Then you'll want to meet Toronto PR guru Claire Chandler. She grew up convinced greatness awaited her. Why else had she survived a series of bizarre childhood tragedies? Yet she doesn't see what's coming when she journeys north on a long weekend in August to Bay Harbour, a post-card pretty tourist town on the edge of Canada's popular Georgian Bay vacationlands. She thinks she's there to reconnect with a former mentor. But Chandler's chilling affinity for the “unnatural and unexplained”, a macabre “gift” that once made her a freak of nature to classmates, will make her a force of Nature. Shadowed by a ghostly white wolf and haunted by the victims of a long-dead killer, she'll discover a startling new ending to a fifty year-old mystery. She'll also discover romance with Tom Katz, an affable, treasure-hunting bush pilot with a reputation for living up to his name. They're an unlikely pair and Chandler thinks it's just a summer fling. Instead, a series of white-knuckle adventures will bring them to a time, a place and a choice that will forever link their lives.

A debut novel by a practised writer, A Force of Nature puts a “crisp, intelligent and engaging” spin on the mystery genre.

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Dan McEwen 119734000015658185 2015-07-02 19:28:48.731460 Fiction, Action & Adventure/Fiction, Contemporary Women/Fiction, Occult & Supernatural
Santa's Special Elves + Candi Cane

Santa's Special Elves:

Read how Santa and his elves find children with special needs to help with the Christmas rush. I love this story! I hope you do too. It’s a happy delightful read.

Candi Cane:

Candi is a pink candy cane. She feels sad because she is different. Read how Candi came to realize that being different is not sad or bad.

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Dolores Deckert O'Connell 119734000013176105 2015-07-02 19:02:28.856560 Juvenile Fiction/Juvenile Fiction, Social Issues, Special Needs/Juvenile Fiction, Holidays & Celebrations, Christmas & Advent
Battlegrounds: America's War in Education and Finance: A View from the Front Lines

The reason why I have written this book is due to the fact that America’s economic classes (lower, middle and upper), as well as America’s most important institution education, focuses and revolves around the economic philosophy of capitalism. The economic social structure and educational structure in America was created due to the growth of industrialization in this country. The book focuses heavily on economics and its role in the American educational system. There are probably a few people who are wondering why a teacher in America would write a book that talks about America’s economic system due to the fact that I am not a college professor or a teacher of economics. It is my hope that everyone enjoys the reading. I also hope that my thoughts that I have written are taken seriously.

<b>5 Stars – A must read for anyone who cares about our children’s future.</b>

Mr. Harris has brought the current state of our crumbling education system to the forefront and I whole heartedly applaud his efforts. <i>Battle Grounds</i> is a gripping piece that tells the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about our education system and government. What I love about this book is that author and educator Todney Harris also offers solutions about how to repair our system and save our children’s futures.

<b><i>Allyson M. Deese,</i></b>

author of <i>Discovering The Joy Within</i>

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Todney Harris 119734000003421540 2015-06-29 20:35:07.330880 Education, Finance/Education, Educational Policy & Reform/Education, History
The Keyhole: The Adventures of Toots the Cat

What happens when Amanda finds a locked room in the barn and looks through the keyhole? And what happens when she sees a cat in the room? And what happens when she discovers that the room is full of her grandfather's memories about a cat named Toots?

Amanda can actually see a picture of each memory when she looks through the keyhole. It's like looking at the TV, but there is no sound. Amanda asks her grandfather to explain each event. The keyhole opens up a treasure trove of adventure stories about a young Canadian boy and a cat, growing up during the depression years of the 30's.

The stories are narrated in a series of conversations between Amanda and her grandfather. McCavour blends a series of life learning experiences and an accurate description of cat behavior into an exciting adventure for readers and cat lovers of all ages.

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Thomas McCavour 119734000016357179 2015-06-29 20:16:57.803650 Fiction, Fantasy/Fiction, Fantasy, Short Stories/Juvenile Fiction, Animals, Cats
Out of the Shadows, the Life of a CSE Canadian Intelligence Officer

Canadian, US, and Soviet/Russian spy operations that began in the Arctic in the 1930s continue to this day.

In this first-hand account as an intelligence officer with the Communications Security Establishment at the Canadian Department of National Defense, author Ronald Lawruk describes the Cold War years with an insider’s perspective. The nature of his work required him to be highly secretive—he could not share a whiff of it to anyone, even his wife. Even so, there are plenty of laughs amid tense tales of real-life war games in the frozen Arctic and briefings from high level government officials. From Ottawa to Washington to Moscow, Out of the Shadows: The Life of a CSE Canadian Intelligence Officer will change the way you think about Canadian intelligence and heighten your awareness of current Arctic sovereignty issues.

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Ron Lawruk 119734000013800621 2015-06-29 20:07:07.166640 Biography & Autobiography/Biography & Autobiography, Historical/Biography & Autobiography, Political
Ignite Your Beacon: Uncover Truth, Live With Intention, and Contribute Your Gifts to the World

Ignite Your Beacon is about uncovering truth, living with intention, and contributing your gifts to the world. It is "Tony Robbins meets Rich Mullins." It is a combination of a self-help and others-help book, an empowerment tool seeking to help individuals uncover potentially long-neglected tools and skills that were contained since birth, and encourage them to employ these skills in new and powerful ways.

The book talks about dissembling fear one brick at a time, employing the deep drives that have composed the threads of your spirit from your youth, approaching life with courage on a daily basis, and experiencing the synergistic existence that is a natural by-product of helping others to do all of the above, as well.

Most non-fiction books cover ground in relation to a handful of topics, but they may not show how these topics are connected, let alone why they matter to the reader, and what to do about it. Ignite Your Beacon is a book aimed at solving this problem. It is a book that not only informs, but equips the reader to render themselves 180 degrees within the most valuable and actionable arenas of life.

This book is a great read for anyone that is interested in motivational non-fiction and is a fan of Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Rich Mullins, Dale Partridge, Zig Ziglar, Dale Carnegie, Dale Partridge, Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, Malcolm Gladwell and Nick Vujicic.

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Brad Johnson 119734000012715040 2015-06-29 20:04:03.245660 Self-Help, Motivational & Inspirational/Self-Help, Personal Growth/Self-Help
Jobs in the Canadian Legal Marketplace: A Resource for Students and Professionals

Is a job in the legal profession right for you? What qualifications do you need to be attractive to employers? How do you find a job that fits your interests?

Jobs in the Canadian Legal Marketplace guides you through all of these steps and more. It includes detailed information on:

A legal education and what is needed to enter the field

Types of legal jobs and duties, and where to find them

How to create a professional portfolio and job application

Interviewing and landing your dream job

Current trends in the Canadian legal marketplace

This book is essential for law students, paralegals, and practicing lawyers navigating the Canadian legal profession. From researching the field to negotiating a salary, this practical guide provides step-by-step advice on all aspects of finding work in the Canadian legal system.

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Kamaal Zaidi 119734000006027155 2015-06-26 20:54:47.424880 Law, Practical Guides/Business & Economics, Careers, Job Hunting/Business & Economics, Careers, Resumes
Breaking My Silence : Surviving and healing myself after years of secrecy, shame, and abuse

In this memoir, Maya Hope Kitwana exposes her truth; showing from the inside out what was required for her to survive her childhood nightmares. These nightmares no longer torment Maya Hope Kitwana. Her story provides a lighthouse for others who have suffered abuse. A way out to discover love. A strong word of caution—the material shared isn't for everyone. Maya's story is not just a recap of unflinching secrets. This is a graphic, yet fearless look at a woman’s journey through rape, incest, and abandonment—and her movement toward hope, healing, intimacy, and love. Maya charts a course that is painful and powerful.

This work is about secrets and rage.

It is about honesty and revenge.




Over thirty years of silence is too long.

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Maya Hope Kitwana 119734000020788197 2015-06-26 20:51:47.685890 Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs/Self-Help, Abuse/Family & Relationships, Abuse, Child Abuse
Back To Hope

Seventeen year-old Larry Kinsella knows nothing of life beyond the city of Vancouver and when he first meets Benita Pigeon, a member of the Carrier Nation, he is drawn to her by their differences. Their brief, often tumultuous, relationship is brought to a calamitous end by an unwanted pregnancy and by Larry’s response to it. Consumed by anger and bitterness, Benita flees to her ancestral home where she struggles to adjust to a traditional way of life, while Larry, driven by guilt and remorse, enters the seminary and becomes a Catholic priest.

But the past lays claim to both of them and when they meet again it is under circumstances where they must struggle to redeem themselves and to find their true identity.

Set in the middle of the last century against a backdrop of northern British Columbia and the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, “Back To Hope” is a story that often touches on violence, conflict, poverty, and despair. But it is also a meditation on family and belonging, on faith, and above all, on hope.

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Deirdre Santesso 119734000019517595 2015-06-26 20:49:54.994340 Fiction, Cultural Heritage/History, Canada/Fiction, Contemporary Women
The Secret of Half Moon Bay

Charlie McCabe and his best friend Lonnie Horowitz had often talked about scuba diving.

Now with enough money in their accounts to cover more than expenses, the decision was made. After graduating from their course, the two young men meet an American couple that are just as enthusiastic about diving as they are. Meeting up at the parking lot for access to the beaches at Half Moon Bay and the south end of Wreck Bay, they soon find that someone has a grudge. Why, they don’t know, but after the second incident happens, they decide to find out.

After they start diving in the bay, they are amazed at their discovery of parts of a sailboat mast. Investigating further they find old boards buried a couple of feet under the mud, on the bottom of the bay. Using the time between tides, they dig at the mud, until they find a hatchway. The excitement grows as they prepare to dive as a group, and discover what may be found inside the old wrecked hull.

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Thomas W. Dawson 119734000005154556 2015-06-26 20:47:19.782930 Fiction/Fiction, Christian, Suspense/Juvenile Fiction, Mysteries & Detective Stories
Shtetl on the Grand

These stories describe aspects of Jewish life in Brantford from the 1940's; they are centred on fictional characters and events. Although 'small town', or shtetl communities like Brantford have faded away, the memory of them continues to fascinate and inspire some of those fortunate enough to have lived in them.

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Gerald Tulchinsky 119734000012784827 2015-06-26 20:44:47.416990 Fiction, Cultural Heritage/Fiction, Historical/Fiction, Jewish
Les Aventure De Mâs’kég Mike

Sur le troisième des cinq jours passés en soins intensifs à l’hôpital de Yellowknife, Michael Ouellette ces réveillé avec peu ou pas de mémoire de ce qui était arrivé qui a même choqué sa femme qui était assis juste à côté de lui. Grâce aux efforts efficaces de l’équipe Medevac, il a été transporté 198 miles du site isolé de la mine au nord de Yellowknife, Territoires du Nord-Ouest. Les 28 prochains jours avec les professionnels de santé d’équipe qualifiée, était juste le début de son tour des montagnes Russes que travaillé dans la réorientation de tout à fait différent de ce qu’il est utilisé pour que la vie lui limes et des citrons mains, il se penche sur le nouveau sens d’aventures dans sa vie avec humour et perspicacité juste reconnaissante d’être en vie. La mort lui avait arraché mais il a réussi à se glisser à travers ses doigts comme grain de sable. Sa deuxième chance à la vie prouve que le Grand Esprit est plus puissant que la mort. Une lésion cérébrale acquise pose une touche à ce nouveau départ a ce que Ouellette vous tire dans son monde.

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Michael Ouellette 119734000019508648 2015-06-26 20:41:15.209370 Biography & Autobiography/Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs/Biography & Autobiography, Adventurers & Explorers
The RAM Club and the Ratha Yatra Rubies

Meet the RAM Club... ten-year-old Radha, her best friend Angel, and her little sister Madhavi. They visit Vancouver for the Ratha Yatra festival, and find adventure as well!

Can the RAM Club solve the mystery of the Ratha Yatra Rubies?

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Vrinda devi dasi 119734000014156659 2015-06-26 20:39:04.277660 Juvenile Fiction, Mysteries & Detective Stories/Juvenile Fiction, Holidays & Celebrations, Other, Religious/Juvenile Fiction, Girls & Women
Refuel: Strengthen Your Soul, Energize Your Mission

Are you running on empty? God does not want you to live that way and he has made every provision for you to be replenished physically, emotionally, relationally and spiritually! REFUEL helps you to identify and protect yourself against draining influences in your life and discover the means that God has provided for the restoring of your soul. Get your tank filled so that you will be more fulfilled and effective in your life mission. Don’t go another day on empty.

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Rob Parkman 119734000011314394 2015-06-26 20:36:51.855460 Religion, Christian Ministry, Counseling & Recovery/Religion, Christian Life, Personal Growth/Religion, Christian Life, Social Issues
As The Fog Clears

Kate Sullivan is a young innocent woman thrown headlong into a terrifying war who, with the sudden loss of her family, strives to overcome its tragic consequences. Set against the backdrop of the historic War of 1812 between the United States and Upper Canada, As the Fog Clears tells of Kate’s friendship with Laura Secord, her brief acquaintance with General Isaac Brock, her respect for native leader Tecumseh and her tumultuous romance with American Nick Brannigan. During the telling, Nick and Kate’s love will be tested to the very limits as she wades precariously through tragedy and confusion, seeking the courage to go on even as Nick is accused of murder by a psychotic captain obsessed with Miss Sullivan’s beauty and charm. History, drama, romance, arson, murder … and more!

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Jacquie Roberson 119734000017024095 2015-06-25 19:02:51.404380 Fiction, Historical/Fiction, Romance, Regency/Fiction, War & Military
Speaking Finch: Collected Poems

These are works of nature that wind us through the year on a river of changing seasons, and around every turn, the reader sees the art of the beaver, hears the descending song of the canyon wren, and is surprised by personal dragons. Here is poetry that embraces drunken Frenchmen and childhood longings; some remain in the ether, some are realized. From death, basketball, and the long arm of fantasy from someone who has forgotten his meds, straightforward descriptions of zoological specimens morph into something fresh. These poems are the adventures of a varied life where the therapist is a guitar, mountain lions and street folk respected comrades, and a canoe the better office.

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Roger Hartwell 119734000016338430 2015-06-24 17:04:52.648860 Family & Relationships, Life Stages/Poetry, American/Poetry