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There seems to be so many doctrines out there. This is my story and my journey to how I came to the real truth amidst so many doctrines that are out here in this world. There are so many doctrines but there is only one Holy Spirit.

I believe to have the answer to why there are so many doctrines out there in the Christian world. I will share with you my story of how I got involved in the Christian faith and my understanding of the various doctrines which are out there in the Christian world today.

I do invite every person who has the desire to find out what the real truth is, to join me on my journey and hear my story along with my understanding of the real truth in various doctrines in the Christian faith. I do ask you that you let Christ be the judge of what I believe and Christ alone. I do dare you to come for the ride of your life. I am sure that you will not regret your decision to join us for this adventure.

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Lorne W.P Vanderwoude 119734000032402009 2016-06-24 18:06:49.478880 Religion, Biblical Biography/Religion, Biblical Criticism & Interpretation/Religion, Christian Life, Death, Grief, Bereavement
Clio's Bastards: Or, the Wrecking of History and the Perversion of Our Historical Consciousness

Clio’s Bastards uses an examination of the discipline of history in Canadian universities as the point of entry for a much larger exploration of the intellectual, spiritual, and moral crisis confronting Western civilization today. Over the past four decades, academic history was slowly perverted as historians adopted new sociological approaches to the study of the past. Historians altered the content, purpose, and goals of the discipline as they sought not Truth but Justice as part of a larger ideological program of radical social change. And today, the pervasive sociological way of seeing, understanding, and explaining our world has become the “new common sense” right across the Western world, both inside and outside the academy. Sociological thought, however, is neither “new” nor “advanced” nor is it “progressive” as its adherents claim: it is simply recrudescent Sophistry and Cynicism, destructive philosophies which ruined and fouled ancient Athens, the source and inspiration for Western civilization.

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Curtis R. McManus 119734000028600326 2016-06-24 17:58:22.219180 History/History, Study & Teaching/Social Science, Sociology
The Takeover

Beth Montgomery, having fallen in love with her boss, Bob Barker, must soon betray him. Her friend, Jane Sewell, accidentally comes across unscheduled shipments. Curious, she finds out what is in the crates and has to make a difficult decision. Under police orders, Beth remains with Bob, but struggles with the morals of what she is caught up in. Both Jane and Beth realize they have no choice but to turn their good friend in to the authorities. Between jail time, intrigue and romantic struggles, Beth, Bob, and Jane must learn the truth or lose themselves in the process.

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Faye Ruth Roy 119734000031434573 2016-06-24 17:50:32.761560 Fiction, Romance/Fiction, Romance, Suspense/Fiction, Mystery & Detective
From a Distance

Kate Taylor is lost. What she once believed crumbled around her, affecting not only herself but her beloved daughters, causing heartbreaking damage and estrangement.

Nick Mercer is tormented. How can he repair his son's latest disappointment and prevent further damage. Unbeknownst to Nick, a stranger will inadvertently change the course of not only his life, but also his son's.

A cottage on the lake will bring lost souls together, healing what they least expected. The courage to accept the unchangeable and the courage to change the changeable.

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Susan LeGrow 119734000030727533 2016-06-24 17:42:31.658380 Fiction, Romance, Contemporary/Fiction, Contemporary Women/Family & Relationships, Friendship

The way I see the world and experience it is with an almost childlike astonishment; I’m still amazed at the way things fall when I let go of them, or the way water turns into ice and wondering when is exactly the split second when that happens.

In other words, I never made the linguistic transition The way I see the world and experience it is with an from “I wonder” meaning I am amazed .... to “I wonder” meaning I question.

Only poetry can represent the ecstasy I feel in life and love.

this I believe

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Graham Forst 119734000031117417 2016-06-24 17:28:14.479910 Poetry, Canadian/Poetry, Subjects & Themes/Poetry
Rescued by the Light: A True Story

I was born and raised in Chile South America. Having the Pacific Ocean on one side and the famous Andes Mountains on the other, my life was adventurous. However, though the beauty of nature surrounded me, constant turmoil and sadness traumatized much of my young life.

In 1973 September 11, Santiago where we lived was taken over by a coup d’état. The military threat in the streets was dangerous; families were being executed, people were disappearing at alarming rates, including women and children.

In 1976, we migrated to Canada as refugees. Upon landing in Canada, I had high hopes and dreams that as a family we had been given a second chance to start a new life. We soon began attending church, and I loved it. Nevertheless, within a short time, I became the victim of a child predator. At the same time, at school and at home I was constantly been beaten and bullied.

Within two years from arriving into Canada, at the tender age of 14 years old, with hardly a word of English and frighten to death I found myself living in the cold streets of Edmonton, behind buildings, bus stops, train stations.

Years later, I had a near death experience, I collapsed and awoke in complete darkness. I saw Satan...his hands like black claws digging, tearing at my soul, ready to take me to HELL! I knew Satan had rights to me as I had fully rejected God, and ignorantly allowed a witch doctor to put a curse on me. I panicked...I screamed...I yelled...

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Andrea Edwards 119734000027401067 2016-06-24 17:19:13.024610 Religion, Devotional/Biography & Autobiography, Religious/Religion, Christian Life, Spiritual Growth
A Bold New Foundation for Christianity: Near-Death and God-Story Experiences Show God Working in Our Lives


Mr. Bond, as a scientist outside the religious establishment, and not subject to its conforming pressures, dares to address today’s several internet collections of supernatural experiences. His startling conclusion is that a transcendent God has been working in our world!

However, he begins the book by addressing traditional Christians’ unfounded beliefs in many literal Bible understandings declared as timeless truths, as derived from oral histories, allegorical writing styles, and beliefs in the Old Testament God. The liberal church is observed as working to constructively de-mythologize many such traditional beliefs, but only responding with various new understandings and beliefs in the God Jesus called his metaphorical father.

Two modern internet sites are shown as revealing a transcendent God making supernatural mind interventions in deathbed visions, near-death experiences, and God-originated personal directives. By analyzing the many reported directive experiences, Mr. Bond believes such God-initiated mind interventions are also found in several important New Testament stories. Thus, long regarded as mythological like many others, these stories instead establish God was actually intervening in the life of Jesus, and later many of his apostles, in what can be called the beginning of Christianity. The author’s understandings thus provide a distinctive new foundation for the Christian religion, that displace the few specific mythological beliefs now forming the foundation of traditional Christianity.

The author thus leads to belief in a supernatural God, a Jesus even more firmly understood as inspired directly by God, and a God still working with mind interventions in individual lives and deaths. This Christianity thus is conceived with a distinctive new God-centered foundation, derived from analysis of real world experiences that should inspire modern minds in supporting Christianity.


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Charles R. Bond 119734000026429463 2016-06-24 17:06:24.092570 Religion, Christianity/Religion, Christian Church, Growth/Religion, Biblical Criticism & Interpretation, Old Testament
Cold Cognition

In the uncomfortably near future, the world has become a place filled with even more violence and corruption than ever before. There appears to be little hope for the future of the self-destructive humans and their dying planet. That is, until the Cold Surgery is invented - also known as The Cure for the biggest flaw of the human race... emotion. A world without emotion is a world without fear, anger, war, sexism, racism and prejudice. It is a world of equality, intelligence and peace.

The Old World is coming to an end as the Cold Cognition Movement rapidly spreads, creating a population of purely logical beings. The citizens of the Earth must now choose whether to join or to fight against the New World, and find themselves struggling with which is the right choice. Although most people long for the peaceful and equal world that the Movement promises, they must give up their emotions and free will to have this peace. After all, people are not peaceful by nature, they must be created. But is peace really worth ridding the entire world of compassion, joy, and love? Followers of the Cold Cognition Movement believe it is, and they are determined to create a stronger, smarter, more peaceful race of humans, by exterminating the very thing that makes us human, and revealing how far people are willing to go to achieve world peace.

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K.a 119734000032805064 2016-06-23 21:51:14.318750 Fiction, Science Fiction, Apocalyptic & Post-Apocalyptic/Fiction, Science Fiction, Adventure/Fiction, Dystopian
C.M.C. The Unseen: If you truly want to see as if you were blind take one look at the unseen

In a world full of madness I had no choice so I adapted. I simply fell into the darkness but now in here I'm accepted. I was once confined to a black state of mind and tied to the demons which now I embrace. My mind is so dark it can't be corrupted. A heart so cold it can't be broken. I am one with the abyss where I was once lost. I couldn't find home so I made one. I was nearly destroyed yet I grew stronger instead. If you don't quite fit in with the general society maybe you should give this book a chance. If you've never been given much of a chance or if you often feel alone or scared maybe give it a shot. If you simply want to see the world in a new light, or lack there of then it's on these pages you should look. This is the unseen side of me and my unique perspective on the world you thought you knew.

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Marcus C. 119734000030267736 2016-06-20 15:59:09.476700 Poetry, Subjects & Themes, Death, Grief, Loss/Self-Help, Personal Growth, Self-Esteem/Psychology, Psychopathology, Depression
Letters from Lea

When twenty-eight year old Lea Mahy is hospitalized miles away from home in October 1932, she maintains a connection with her family by writing letters to her husband and mother. What transpires is a heart-wrenching account of a young wife and mother yearning to be with her family once again.

Set in rural Manitoba during the depression, this story will steer you through the emotions that Lea felt all those years ago. At times you will laugh, and at other times you may shed a tear. Throughout the story, you will be captivated, wondering what poignant detail will be revealed next.

Based on actual letters written in the early 1930’s, this fictionalized story is filled with tales of love, loneliness and heartache.

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Terry Létienne 119734000028564397 2016-06-20 15:56:34.890290 Fiction, Historical/Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs/History, Canada
Back To Eden: A Biblical Perspective on Wealth and Poverty

Part scriptural analysis, part compassionate musing, and part academic study, Back to Eden brings together academic research, Christian theology, and universal human emotions to examine how our financial status affects our way of life and our treatment of others. Starting with a broad analysis of how certain scriptural passages can be interpreted through the lens of our human capacity for love, compassion, righteousness, and humility, author Dr. Thiessen moves with increasing specificity into a detailed, succinct, and thoroughly researched examination of how our perspective towards those less fortunate is directly related to our relationship with God, not to our financial portfolio. For those who seek to deepen their relationship with God and to better understand how His teachings encourage compassion, generosity, and open heartedness, Back to Eden not only provides the academic and scriptural foundation to accomplish this, but it also weaves each lesson through a prism of human experience, allowing these teachings to be understood and identified by any who are willing to learn. Through deep analysis and thoughtful consideration of theological literature and select scripture, Dr. Thiessen’s work weaves a story that aspires to educate, enlighten, and inspire.

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Simon Thiessen 119734000027413182 2016-06-17 14:21:58.383750 Religion, Christian Church/Religion, Education/Religion, Reference
Obedience and Beyond

Obedience has always been considered a key aspect of faith: obedience to the word and will of God. If we do not do what is asked of us, and avoid doing what is prohibited, how can we say we truly follow His teachings? How can we claim to believe in His wisdom and guidance? And yet, when one looks more deeply into His teachings, scripture makes it clear that obedience is not enough. It is simply the starting point in our journey—a journey that will lead us to God and to becoming leaders in His sight. To blindly do as we are told is a beginning, but until we step into the kingship Jesus bought for us with his sacrifice at Calvary, we have not truly earned the place God has reserved for us in His kingdom.

Christ asks us to follow Him until we learn to walk with Him—until we learn to lead with a servant's heart. But to do that, we must look beyond what is easy... or what is obvious. We must do more than obey. We must be more than servants following instructions. Instead, we need to think for ourselves, and act for ourselves, in accordance with his teachings.

In Obedience and Beyond, his first published book, Andrew Picklyk uses scriptures, parables, and personalized sermons to clearly illustrate exactly what is expected of us and how we can move beyond servitude and into the kingship God has intended for us.

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Andrew Picklyk 119734000032019434 2016-06-16 14:37:54.938780 Religion/Religion, Leadership/Religion, Biblical Commentary, New Testament
Perlacher Forest

Mike Conrad is the son of an Army, Airborne Non-Commissioned Officer who obtains his long sought after transfer to Germany, where Mike eventually comes of age. The story begins with Mike, at the age of eight and a half years, adjusting to his new living environment as well as attending public school for the first time in his life. His thoughts and observations of the differences between military and civilian life are expressed and, as Mike ages into a teenager, his involvement with his mother’s maid evolves into the most dangerous and exciting adventure of his life.

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David Poynter 119734000031737911 2016-06-16 14:36:25.624430 Fiction, Coming Of Age/Fiction, Romance, Action & Adventure/Fiction, War & Military
Nu-Ma: Touched by Heaven

Ambition, love and greed are often the raw ingredients that can benefit, define or plague a given life experience. Within the midst of these divergent and often corrosive elements, Benton finds himself desperately at odds while striving to unravel the secret plans of Quadra’s Corporate Empire and its three powerful moguls. Plans that will herald the coming of world shattering changes that will threaten the population of eleven billion on Earth, as well as the moon and Martian colonies.

In this tense sci-fi thriller, Benton and Elnora are caught in a cunning fight against all odds, for their own survival, the survival of humanity and all other species.

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D. M. Culliford 119734000018435975 2016-06-15 16:41:41.842350 Fiction, Science Fiction/Fiction, Science Fiction, Adventure/Fiction, Science Fiction, Genetic Engineering
Following the Martins: A Story of Bringing Hope In Peru, Zambia and Uganda

Hajara, not yet 10, was a house girl, working dawn to dusk in a world of drudgery and abuse when Tom and Cheryl Martin rescued her. They found Kenny in the streets, an orphan with twisted limbs who desperately needed a wheelchair — and school fees. In Following the Martins, you meet them and many more, experiencing the changes that hope can bring. It takes many forms: school fees for children, training and tools for adults, medication for the sick, university tuition for promising students. Suddenly, impossible dreams become possibilities.

Children are their primary focus but, unencumbered by organizational straitjackets, they embrace anyone in need, working in hectic bursts for six weeks a year in each of three countries.

In the eleven years since the Martins launched their organization, more than eighty North American supporters have travelled to meet the kids and families they sponsor, to share meals, tears and laughter, successes and failures. For many, the visits have been life-changing.

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Allen Sackmann 119734000029032777 2016-06-14 20:39:11.943980 Social Science, Philanthropy & Charity/Religion, Christian Life, Inspirational/Political Science, Ngos (Non-Governmental Organizations)
This is not a Test

Sixteen year old Beth was ignorantly happy. That changed over spring break of her grade eleven year. Her mother kills herself, her boyfriend of over a year becomes abusive and she finds herself falling in love with a boy she just met. Being a teenager is hard enough as it is; add a dead mom to the mix, plus a younger sister to take care of and it becomes a living hell.

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Liv Wigen Carswell 119734000031999108 2016-06-14 20:36:19.578160 Young Adult Fiction/Young Adult Fiction, Romance, Contemporary/Young Adult Fiction, Social Themes, Suicide
Kanatipillar's New Shoes

Artist and now author, Renee Barnes has created loving and lively characters who share in one adventure after another. In book one, Kanatipillar’s New Shoes, Winslow the owl and his close friend Montebello the giant mushroom are taking a morning stroll when they happen to come upon Kanatipillar, a rather disgruntled centipede.

As Kanatipillar joins in their walk to Katrinka’s house, Winslow and Montebello observe that Kanatipillar suffers some pain with his feet.

Winslow decides that what Kanatipillar needs is shoes. Kanatipillar is joyful at the prospect of protecting his sensitive feet and agrees it would be wonderful. They are quickly joined by Kopan, a spirited wood fairy, then Hodges and Hunny hedgehogs, Sally Sunflower and her son Haboo, Kokola the raccoon, Spike the turtle, and of course Katrinka Sweetblossom. However, they soon discover that this project is more challenging then expected when they observe that Kanatipillar has fourteen feet. They begin to wonder where they can find fourteen shoes and can they possibly all fit and will they be alike. Never one to let obstacles get in the way, Katrinka and her pals set out to obtain fourteen shoes for Kanatipillar. As a result, Kanatipillar learns what good friends he has and how special everyone in the Evergreen Wood really is.

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Renee Barnes 119734000029338125 2016-06-14 20:33:54.959880 Juvenile Fiction, Animals/Juvenile Fiction, Social Issues, Friendship/Juvenile Fiction, Clothing & Dress
Ellie Goes To The Zoo

It's always exciting to go to

the zoo for the first time.

Ellie goes with her mother and,

in her excitement, she gets lost.

Who will help her find her mother?

The Lion, The Hyenas or The Beaver?

or will help come from an unexpected friend?

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Heather Miller 119734000018575918 2016-06-14 14:57:10.294970 Juvenile Fiction/Juvenile Fiction, Animals, Elephants/Juvenile Fiction, Animals, Zoos
Man on the Run: Volume III Conspiracy

THE GOLDEN RULE: he who has the gold rules In a post-gold world, he who controls the currency rules.

By accident, CIA detective Warren Clog discovers a plot that makes no sense except to the parents of Jack, a young man in university. When the parents flee, Jack is drawn into a global conspiracy to save himself and his parents. At stake is nothing less than the stability of the free world.

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Baron Alexander Deschauer 119734000032385115 2016-06-10 17:34:11.433440 Fiction, Espionage/Fiction, Thrillers, Political/Fiction, Mystery & Detective, International Mystery & Crime
Reiki and Crystals: Activating the Power of Fire and Ice

Can you feel it?

Reiki, in its first century, is a global movement for consciousness and peace. Crystals and Earth energies are exploding for our use in healing and expansion. Kathy Glover Scott is one of the highest vibrational activators of Light on the planet and is given the Reiki and Crystal Frequency to share with you. Being both encoded with high vibration and practical to use, the energies and tools in this book take you and your abilities multi-dimensionally, accessing what was never before possible. You will not only be attuned to being a Crystal Whisperer, you will be in the front row in learning and being anchored in the new Reiki and Crystal Frequency.

You will gain through this book:

Attunement to the Reiki and Crystal Frequency

Expansion of your Reiki consciousness and abilities

Access to the fifth-dimensional realm of all possibility

Comprehensive information on crystals and their uses

Top Ten foundational and advanced crystals with Reiki

Innovative healing tools and specific chakra crystal spreads

Building and activating powerful healing and manifesting grids

Channeling with Reiki, Crystals, and Earth energies for self and others

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Kathy Glover Scott 119734000014722796 2016-06-10 17:14:41.249510 Body, Mind & Spirit, Healing, Energy (Chi Kung, Reiki, Polarity)/Body, Mind & Spirit, Crystals/Body, Mind & Spirit