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What secrets lurk inside the house of mystery? And what is its connection to the Louis Riel Rebellion of 1885? The gigantic historical house sits forlornly on the Saskatchewan prairie, its windows boarded and heavy locks securing the doors daring anyone to try to enter. But two twelve-year-olds are about to take the risk. James and Sierra are determined to find a way in!

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Faye Rempel 119734000012584671 2015-01-28 20:07:40.478330 Juvenile Fiction, People & Places, Canada/Juvenile Fiction, School & Education/Juvenile Fiction, Historical, Canada, Post-Confederation (1867 To Present)
Katie and Mr. Pickles: A Child's Friendship with a Real Mouse

Meet Katie Culver, a lonely five-year-old girl who strikes up a friendship with a tiny real mouse. When she discovers the mouse likes sweet pickles, she names him “Mr. Pickles”. He arrives every night in the kitchen where Katie is waiting for him with a slice of a sweet pickle. Thus their friendship begins.

Katie wants her beady-eyed new friend close to her all day and night so her parents buy her a hamster cage to keep him in. She is very happy carrying him around in the cage, but Mr. Pickles is very sad and Katie must figure out why. In this true story, you will learn a life lesson about friendship, just as Katie did.

This book has brief chapters, not only making a perfect setting for “Read-Aloud Story Time” to encourage younger kids to read, but also is an easy read for boys and girls who are already reading on their own.

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Dorothy A. Smith 119734000016840316 2015-01-28 20:04:34.151180 Juvenile Fiction/Juvenile Fiction, Animals, Mice, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Etc./Juvenile Fiction, Short Stories
One Cornishman's Children

This is the story of just two children out of the thousands of them descended from the Cornish mining men who worked around the world, beginning in the 19th century.

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Joyce Burkitt Fetterley 119734000013229632 2015-01-28 20:01:31.856200 Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs/Biography & Autobiography/Biography & Autobiography, Women
The Perfect Life!: A Life of Complete Joy and Happiness as A True Disciple of Jesus Christ

After suffering four burst aneurisms in 2002 and being hit by an SUV in 2005, Keith Listoe was forced to find a new way of living. He embraced his faith wholeheartedly, even giving away his worldly possessions to help the poor. This is a story of positive thinking, selfless giving, and changing oneself in pursuit of a better world.

Part autobiography and part treatise for a better world, The Perfect Life offers stories to inspire any reader into making positive changes that will affect themselves and those around them. It details the author’s own experiences in rejecting sin and struggling to live by the Gospel. Through his spiritual and physical journey, he provides inspired reflection on how we can work together to eliminate poverty, greed, and immorality.

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Keith Listoe 119734000016028005 2015-01-28 19:57:26.556000 Religion, Christian Life/Religion, Christian Life, Inspirational/Religion, Christian Life, Spiritual Growth
Going Forward

Growing up in the sixties, Willie and his friends learn the many good and bad lessons of life. Living in a small town they discover life’s tragedies and triumphs in the everyday antics of innocent youth. In the end they find themselves going forward to adulthood with a new understanding of right and wrong in life’s many pleasures and hardships.

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Phillip W. Bradley 119734000006264509 2015-01-27 21:36:22.035910 Fiction, Coming Of Age/Fiction, Family Life/Fiction

Interior design firm owner Rebecca Armstrong thrives on her work. It helps her set aside her feelings about the tragic loss of her adoptive parents a decade earlier and a manipulative lover who deserted her in her time of need. When Rebecca lands a dream contract for her firm, her past will challenge her new business relationship and her growing friendship with an older couple who are clients.

Blake Hunter, a successful self-made businessman has a past too. Owner of a famous hotel chain, his childhood haunts him. A personal commitment has followed him into adulthood, causing enormous pain and grief. When he contracts Rebecca’s firm to design the interior of his new luxury hotel, he finds the walls around his heart challenged by her forthright openness.

Set in beautiful St. John's, Newfoundland, the lives of these four individuals increasingly intertwine, causing upheaval, new awareness and changed relationships.

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Susan LeGrow 119734000017891104 2015-01-27 21:31:22.916650 Fiction, Romance, Contemporary/Fiction, Contemporary Women/Family & Relationships, Adoption & Fostering
The Math Olympian




As a small-town girl in Nova Scotia bullied for liking numbers more than boys, and lacking the encouragement of her unsupportive single mother who frowns at her daughter’s unrealistic ambition, Bethany's road to the International Math Olympiad has been marked by numerous challenges.

Through persistence, perseverance, and the support of innovative mentors who inspire her with a love of learning, Bethany confronts these challenges and develops the creativity and confidence to reach her potential.

In training to become a world-champion "mathlete", Bethany discovers the heart of mathematics – a subject that’s not about memorizing formulas, but rather about problem-solving and detecting patterns to uncover truth, as well as learning how to apply the deep and unexpected connections of mathematics to every aspect of her life, including athletics, spirituality, and environmental sustainability.

As Bethany reflects on her long journey and envisions her exciting future, she realizes that she has shattered the misguided stereotype that only boys can excel in math, and discovers a sense of purpose that through mathematics, she can and she will make an extraordinary contribution to society.

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Richard Hoshino 119734000016976420 2015-01-27 21:27:10.259830 Education, Teaching Methods & Materials, Mathematics/Mathematics/Juvenile Fiction
How to Make your Credit Score Soar

Your credit score dictates the rates and terms you pay on mortgages, auto loans, insurance, and services. It can even affect whether you get a job. A low credit score can cause setbacks to your financial life, so today’s the day to take control of that three-digit number and your financial future.

How to Make Your Credit Score Soar gives you the tools and information you need to get your free credit report, remove errors on your report, and increase your credit score. Learn how to recover fast from a Short Sale, Bankruptcy, Judgments and Collections. If you’re new to credit, this book will show you how and where to establish credit lines and then manage that credit so your credit score goes nowhere but up. If you have established credit but are struggling to manage it, How to Make Your Credit Score Soar will show you how to repair your credit, effectively dispute items on your credit report, and better handle your credit going forward.

Life is better with good credit; it opens doors to more opportunities. Take control of your credit destiny today. Take the necessary steps to make your credit score soar.

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Julie Marie McDonough 119734000015847631 2015-01-27 21:24:34.829630 Business & Economics, Personal Finance, Money Management/Business & Economics, Consumer Behavior/Business & Economics, Personal Finance

In every school, there is always one exceptional individual who stands out from the rest of the crowd.

Seventeen-year-old Anton knows this all too well. Creative, sensitive, and musically-gifted, he possesses an intangible quality that draws both the admiration of young girls and the ire of teenage boys. Teased since grade school for his slightly-pointed ears, and tormented in high school because of the long, brown hair he’s grown to cover them, he finds solace in a world of fantasy where his unconventional nature is not only welcomed, but desired. While at summer camp, the other boys pull a cruel prank that drives him into the woods, terrified and injured, and he stumbles into a deep hole where he falls into an altered state of consciousness; or does he? When he awakens, he finds himself in a most unusual, delightful place, surrounded by five charming, female, fairy-like creatures. “This is Vreeland,” explains Titi, a most captivating winged beauty. As the seed of love sprouts and grows between Titi and Anton, it is eventually discovered that he is, in fact, the son of the Great Architect, whom the Vrees revere. As the prophesied Chosen One, Anton is therefore destined to rescue the Queen of Peace from her captor—the malignant Drakon, Lord of the Weets. But how will this be accomplished? What hidden strength must be realized within Anton to see this mission fulfilled? And will he ever return to the realm from whence he came?

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Gabriel Strump 119734000012878047 2015-01-27 21:12:49.028290 Fiction/Fiction, Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology
Katie's Two Wars

Katie's Two Wars is a story about the Second World War as seen through the eyes of a child and the effect that war and all the subsequent wars has on her in her adult life when she struggles to come to terms with the Christian beliefs in a loving God who created the human race.

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Barbara Azore 119734000014503487 2015-01-26 21:45:01.878270 Fiction, War & Military/History, Europe, Great Britain/Family & Relationships
Sovereign, Soldier, Sinner, Saint

A young prince, a mad king, a dying dragon, and a bandit lord. All hurling towards a fateful conclusion. It is here that we join Perceval, the crown prince of Arcadia, as he is given responsibilities no one would cherish and he is not sure he can fulfill. Together we enter the magical land of Arcadia and are swept along in a stream of events be they combat with ogres and marsh hags, a journey through the ocean’s depths, or enemy forces landing their longships. However, it’s not all war and impending chaos as Perceval is sent to Littlefair, where he lives and trains and where he prepares his forces, and himself, for war. It is in Littlefair, while training under the local lord, where he discovers something that no one can prevent, and no armour can guard against; some call it love. What will happen to Perceval, and those he loves, in this looming war?

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Mark A. Turbett 119734000004711724 2015-01-26 21:41:48.177870 Fiction, Christian, Fantasy/Fiction, Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology/Fiction, Romance, Fantasy
Free Flight:

This is a whimsical story for children aged 6 – 10 (but also a parable for their parents) about a young gannet, hatched on the south coast of Newfoundland and fearful of taking its first flight.

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William Pryse-Phillips 119734000007804414 2015-01-23 18:32:55.428120 Juvenile Fiction, Animals, Birds/Juvenile Fiction, Family/Juvenile Fiction, Social Issues, New Experience
Rio: The Story of the Marvelous City

Rio de Janeiro’s is a lush, complex history that spans five centuries, and Marvelous City is the first full length retelling of that history written in English. From the beach life of the Ipanema and Copacabana to the struggles of the Rio’s infamous favelas, this is a story of contrast and contradiction. We are offered a glimpse into Rio’s high society and rich culture and are shown the endemic violence, corruption, and social disparity with which it struggles to this day. With its populist politics and its unique blend of European, African and Amerindian influences, Rio de Janeiro has grown, over the centuries, into a place all its own, one that is greater than the sum of its parts, distinctively Brazilian, and whose symbol is the Rio Carnaval, the greatest show on earth. The beating cultural heart of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro is poised to host the 2016 Olympic Games. Author Orde Morton invites you to look beyond the postcard perfection of its natural beauty and discover this one of a kind city in all its many-sided wonder.

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Orde Morton 119734000009357333 2015-01-22 00:52:00.143270 History, Latin America, South America/Travel, South America, Brazil

Three years after losing both her parents, Kairyna’s life has little meaning, other than the comfort of her own books that allow her to escape from reality. Having been living with her Aunt Helen, the time has come for them to move on; with jobs scarce and money short, their only salvage is to move in with the enigmatic old lady Madame Sporra, who recently advertised for someone to take care of her home.

The mansion itself has an eerie appearance, reminding Kairyna of a creepy house from one of her story books. With lots of hallways and secret passages, Kairyna explores the old woman’s house until she fortuitously comes across a library filled with books. One book in particular will take Kairyna to another world, to a realm that she could have barely considered existed, yet one that will allow her to escape from the banality of her own reality.

Now that she had entered the story, she meets others who are trapped, held against their will amidst a savage domain that is unspeakably wicked. As they join forces to break free of a hostile world, they must defeat the creatures that lurk in the shadows. Sinister beings that show no remorse and crave only for death.

For Kairyna to return to her own reality she must find the end of the book, for anything other will result in her demise. Yet, something else lurks within, something so savage and evil that is waiting to devour her soul.

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Chantelle J.Z. Storm 119734000015751965 2015-01-20 22:49:14.676860 Fiction, Fantasy/Juvenile Fiction, Fantasy & Magic/Juvenile Fiction, Monsters
God and Evolution: Creativity In Action

Atheism, this book argues, is unbelievable. The universe’s wonders couldn’t have come about by chance. Natural selection alone doesn’t produce evolution. Therefore since evolution resembles the creative process, especially in using trial-and-error, God’s creative activity is responsible and human creators reveal much about him. However that process is goal directed, so evolution must be as well. But the goal a Picasso or Darwin pursues is vague. They don’t know exactly where they’re going and make mistakes and so therefore must God. Thus Abra rejects the perfect God assumed by many religions and Intelligent Design. Why bring back God? To restore meaning and purpose to existence and faith’s many benefits. To better explain how the universe, scientific laws and life itself came about, and living things’ attractive but useless properties. Other discussions clarify both creativity and the creative God. Is there one kind of creativity or many? A sex difference? Are creators neurotic?

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Jock Abra 119734000015965049 2015-01-20 22:41:28.784010 Religion, Religion & Science/Religion, Spirituality/Religion
Fears of the Vampire: Two sides of life

In 8100 BC Egypt, the God Amunna yanked 15-yearold Miko’s soul from his body to save him from an early death. Miko is now Jebel Barkal, a vampire living in the United States of America with his vampire family. Using his mind to slip in and out of times and dimensions of space, sometimes bringing people with him, Jebel has been waging a battle against evil since the days of the pharaohs in Egypt. Now his greatest conflict will be holding on to love and life.

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James Henderson 119734000012446125 2015-01-20 22:37:35.056290 Fiction/Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal/Fiction, Action & Adventure
My Name is Tahi

From the State of Georgia to Vancouver Island people with nothing obvious in common come together through fate or a maze of coincidence. Their lives will eventually touch each other and the life of one little pup, Tahi, who is born in the greed business of puppy mills. Tahi is given a voice because it’s his story to tell and it’s the story of average people who devote themselves to the rescue of those who cannot speak for themselves.

The challenge is the rescue...the triumph is a healthy, happy dog living in a loving new home.

Rescued Dogs:

These little dogs came into rescue to find new loving homes. No, they have not all been abused but their lives had changed and they needed some help. They have all been adopted but many will come to take their place.

When you are ready to add a new furry companion in your life, please check for rescues in your area. As the rescue motto says, "adopt… don't shop."

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Bev Davis 119734000015542086 2015-01-19 18:18:48.489150 Fiction/Fiction, Family Life
The Sands Of Time: Around The World With Wildlife, Myth, and History

The Sands of Time is a series of short stories dealing with both the wildlife of today, prehistoric and ancient cultures, and the history behind astronomy.

In this time period, Barbara Silverman writes about unusual animal species, many unfamiliar to the average person. Then traveling back into the past you, the reader, will share the lives of people from long ago. You will listen to animal mythology and see how it affected their daily lives. You will look at the skies through the eyes of these cultures from long ago, listening to their stories and visiting some of the astronomically aligned structures that have been left behind. While, in more modern times there are several stories about various astronomers that helped to shape our knowledge of the stars and planets. These astronomers lived in different times, different places, but united by their love of the stars.

The Sands of Time was written for the average reader. Well researched, well written, sometimes with a sense of humour, this book contains something for everyone, whether you are a casual reader or someone looking for in-depth reading, you will not be disappointed.

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Barbara Silverman 119734000012636796 2015-01-19 18:15:26.945480 Social Science, Folklore & Mythology/Juvenile Nonfiction, Science & Nature, Astronomy/Science, Astronomy
Apple Saucy

Cooking with Grammie sure is fun, especially when YumTum adds to the adventure by hiding the ingredients …

Help Grammie stir-stir-stir together the best apple sauce by finding the hidden apples and missing cinnamon, and singing The Apple Song while the apples are cooking. Then, dip your fingers into the warm apple sauce for the first yummy taste: Mmm-mmmmm!

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Barbara Dingle 119734000017747826 2015-01-16 19:01:43.394350 Juvenile Fiction, Cooking & Food/Juvenile Fiction, Concepts, Counting & Numbers/Juvenile Fiction, Concepts, Sounds

Bandito is a delightful rhyme verse story about a racoon who thought he could take what he wanted without asking. It was to his good fortune that he got caught as he learned a lesson about stealing and the rewards of good manners.

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Vira Blahitka 119734000017066564 2015-01-16 18:59:28.976390 Juvenile Fiction, Stories In Verse/Juvenile Fiction, Animals/Juvenile Fiction