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After a sudden, silent, but brilliantly dazzling meteor shower one night, nothing seems very much different…except for an odd little fungus that appears on computer consultant Stanley’s deck next morning. But then his cat Livingston begins acting strangely and has what seems to be a fatal seizure. This is the prelude to a suspenseful and romantically enlightening journey of discovery into the Oregon wilderness for Stanley and the feisty but alluring veterinarian Penelope. It might also mark the beginning of a whole new epoch of human/animal/alien relations. That’s the gist of A Second Coming, the first in this witty little collection of science fiction and magical reality that takes the reader on a comic trek around the galaxy and back again. From extra-terrestrial bureaucratic disputes, to a magical cure for foot-in-mouth gaffes, to an up-to-the minute twist on the revenge of the machines, A Second Coming and Other Stories will keep readers amused and musing about both the past and the future with every page turn.

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E. A. Moore 119734000019816875 2015-04-24 17:13:57.399310 Fiction, Science Fiction, Adventure/Fiction, Science Fiction, Short Stories/Fiction, Short Stories (Single Author)
Leftover Foods: With Optional and Substitutable Ingredients

We’ve all opened the fridge door and wondered what to do with leftovers that aren’t enough for a meal or need to get processed before they go past their ‘best before’ date. And, for busy workers, students, parents, and retired people getting healthy and nutritious food on the table or into our lunch bags is a priority. Leftover Foods is all about our ‘foodstyle’ – the way we eat, what we eat and how our foodstyle reflects our commitment to socially responsible eating. Eating responsibly means conserving food and avoiding a fast food, throw away mentality that has economic, social and health costs. For people who want to eat healthy food and reduce food waste, Leftover Foods will give you recipes, ideas and tips to help you make the most of your food budget while respecting your medical, dietary and religious preferences.

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Vanesa Velacse Melendres 119734000017633641 2015-04-24 17:11:14.055330 Cooking/Cooking, Health & Healing, Gluten-Free/Cooking, Health & Healing, Low Budget
Southern Hoofprints

One-part lively oral history, one-part meticulously researched encyclopaedia, and one-part wild ride, Southern Hoofprints colorfully conveys the story of horse racing in Southern Alberta. And in so doing, it also becomes a fascinating history of the region itself, from the late 1880s through to the present day. From racing’s rough, Wild West beginnings to the vast grandstands of modern times, this regional history of the Sport of Kings has been deeply researched and is delivered in a unique and engaging fashion. With wry humour and occasional pulse-throbbing drama, the reader is treated to an intimate perspective on family traditions of husband and wife owners, the dynasties of multi-generational riders, the spectators, and even the horses themselves. The chronicle of the rise of women riders from the trivialized ‘powder puff’ races to becoming power players on the track, and that of the First Nations people from the early days through to today, make this a completely inclusive history. It tells a distinctly Canadian story and its focus on the Southern Alberta region allows it to paint the picture in vivid detail. With its historical data enriched and enlivened through the human dimension of the oral histories, Southern Hoofprints entertainingly recounts horse-racing’s triumphs, tragedies, and continual reinvention.

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Garry Allison 119734000015761362 2015-04-24 17:06:00.591050 Sports & Recreation, Horse Racing/Sports & Recreation, Equestrian/Sports & Recreation, Rodeos
The Stone of Fire: Secrets

Four diamonds—the Stone of Fire, the Stone of Water, the Stone of Air, and the Stone of Earth—have all been stolen. Their absence could lead to the mass destruction of Iliana’s dimension and the mortal world. Can Iliana alter the dangerous path of the world’s most certain future?

Fifteen-year-old Iliana’s to-do list did not include being sucked into another dimension called Airafia with a guy named Stephon. When she’s asked to go on a mission with him to save the four diamonds, she isn’t sure what to do. Does she want fire to dance across her fingertips? And what is this heated tension she feels between her and her rescuer, Jayden? It seems like everyone in Airafia has a secret, and even though she isn’t sure that she wants to, Iliana is about to discover everything. She and Stephon are the chosen ones to save one of the most powerful items in Airafia—The Stone of Fire. Will they succeed?

The first book in the Secrets series is a ride through dimensions where intense battles that secure the well-being of the mortal world rage on. Unbeknownst to some, they are all too real for others like Iliana.

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Rebecca Ramnauth 119734000016976780 2015-04-24 16:56:42.429520 Juvenile Fiction, Fantasy & Magic/Juvenile Fiction, Action & Adventure
Metamorphosis of Memories: Paraguay and Beyond

Gustavio Wholgemuth grew up in the landlocked country of Paraguay. After traveling the world and settling down in Canada, he accepts that his life is what it is, a roller coaster ride of re-cycled emotions that will only end when mortality finally arrives. One day his daughter Julia requests that he should keep his promise and write down all the stories he used to tell her.

Metamorphosis of Memories is filled with experiences that originate from innocence, life and death, love and pain, and the continuous struggles that a child of Mennonite missionaries deals with - accepting his community’s well intended, yet often misguided religious convictions. In these stories Gustavio informs us how he was liberated from prejudice and the condemnation of others by the fortunate encounter with science, and the even more fortunate marriage to his soul-mate Dulcinea.

When we recall a life memory, we do not remember the original event but the context in which we last recalled it, which in turn changes the accuracy of any story. Reminiscing about our past is the metamorphosis of our history into colorful stories, stories that we all carry etched on wings.

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Berni G. Plett 119734000017012247 2015-04-23 17:12:48.149170 Fiction, Short Stories (Single Author)/Fiction, Biographical/Literary Collections, Caribbean & Latin American
Let it Go: How Matilda Finds Her Happiness

Matilda is usually a very happy little girl, but for some reason, she has sad thoughts that make her feel sad, and she can’t seem to find her happiness. Sammie and Charlie are Matilda’s best friends, and together the three of them set out on an exciting journey to help Matilda find her happiness. Along the way, they meet some funny and interesting characters that help Matilda be happy again.

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Mimi Thomas 119734000016808673 2015-04-22 18:05:15.757530 Juvenile Fiction, Social Issues, Self-Esteem & Self-Reliance/Juvenile Fiction, Social Issues, Depression & Mental Illness/Juvenile Fiction
Blessings, Promises and Memories

These are a few of my favorite poems. They are made up of spiritual images and feelings, some memories of furry friends and blessings from many different things. Promises of an eternal life are apparent. My poems come across as stories and in reality, that’s what they are. Some tell of experiences that I have had and some are about walking closer with our Lord. People that have touched me in different ways, have inspired poems about them. Some in the form of a thank you. My wish is that everyone who reads this book, finds enjoyment in it. Some will find peace and others may find humor. Hopefully, all will find that they like the book.

Thank You,

Karen Stanton

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Karen Stanton 119734000015686582 2015-04-22 18:00:13.834030 Poetry/Poetry, Subjects & Themes, Inspirational & Religious/Poetry, Subjects & Themes, Women Authors
Suddenly, a Criminal: Sixteen Years in Siberia

"Those among us who survived," says Melanija, "did so because we were unbelievably full of the determination and will to live, and faith in our ultimate liberation, as well as because all the disasters arose unexpectedly."

From her own and some of her fellow victims' notes and diaries written while the experiences were raw, she portrays an authentic panorama of what ethnic cleansing looked like on the ground during her involuntary Siberian exile (1941-1956). First on an animal collecting station near Tyukhtet when her son Alnis is only nine, and later in the village itself, she and the other women endure homelessness, borderline starvation, extreme cold, humiliation, insult, ill treatment and brutality, and all the while without any knowledge about their husbands' fate, the men having been separated from the women and children already at the first train station where their ordeal began. Add to that, black mud into which one sinks up to the knees, and in Melanija's case, a death's door operation.

Miraculously, some survived, and a few, like Alnis, even ultimately regained a respected position in society.

Indomitable, iron lady Melanija recorded uncounted biographies of those who did not—members of her extended family, neighbours, friends and acquaintances. She filled one hundred and ten large albums in her calligraphic handwriting, supplemented by photographs, and hand drawn maps and pictures.

In Latvia, this documentary became an instant modern classic. In September 2014 it was published in Russian.

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Melanija Vanaga 119734000019878158 2015-04-22 17:57:59.235450 Biography & Autobiography, Political/History, Europe, Russia & The Former Soviet Union/Political Science, Political Ideologies, Communism & Socialism
Still No Word From Nancy

Readers who admire John Mills’ writing will be happy that he has broken a long silence with Still No Word From Nancy. This book includes three personal essays in the manner of Mills’ well-received Thank your Mother for the Rabbits, while a fourth—which relates the experience of walking the pilgrim’s route to Santiago de Compostela—employs a different, but no less entertaining, narrative technique.

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John Mills 119734000016993380 2015-04-22 17:51:21.178890 Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs/Biography & Autobiography, Educators/Biography & Autobiography
Using the Creative Arts for Transformational Learning

“Weaving together theory, personal experience and a deep knowledge of the power of Art to transform individuals and communities, Mendel has written a comprehensive and accessible book that fills the meaning and how-to gap skirted by much of the current discourse around arts for social engagement and community arts. Read this book! Its pages will inspire and guide artists, adult educators, and activists to create meaningful arts-based opportunities for personal and social change.”

—Terri Whetstone, Artist and Executive Director, 4Cs Foundation, Nova Scotia

“Using the Creative Arts for Transformational Learning is a welcome new resource for all of us working in community-engaged arts. It expresses the difficulties and desires concerning the combination of personal and social/political creative expression with a refreshing mix of subtle thought, personal experience and hands-on advice. Tessa Mendel responds to matters at the heart of our work – boldly asking a question that often gets side-stepped: how exactly does art-making cause change? In responding to this question, she succeeds in the delicate task of offering a coherent analysis and approach that illuminates theory and assists practice without being prescriptive. I know that I will be referring to, citing and recommending this book for years to come, and I’m proud that Jumblies is able to help publish and promote it.”

—Ruth Howard, Artistic Director, Jumblies Theatre, Toronto

“Part memoir, part work-book, part-theory, part exercise-guide, this is a must-read and must-use book for any arts practitioner interested in personal and social change. As a visual arts university instructor, as an individual practicing visual artist, and as a community arts facilitator, I will be guided by the principles and deepening learning I found in this book.”

—Rose Adams, Artist and Educator, Foundation Faculty, NSCAD University

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Tessa Mendel 119734000000317887 2015-04-22 17:45:40.548720 Art, Art & Politics/Education, Teaching Methods & Materials, Arts & Humanities/Psychology, Creative Ability
Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs: The Road to Unity and Spiritual Maturity

The way we worship becomes the way we believe, which in turn becomes the way that we think, interact and feel. No wonder worship is at the heart of so many controversies in the church. Paul’s teaching on psalms, hymns and spiritual songs explores the relationship between this familiar song triad and spiritual maturity, making the bold claim that worship can lead to unity rather than conflict and division. This book links Paul’s song triad with other scriptural triads in a way that radically changes the lens through which the practice of worship is viewed. Practical strategies and study make this book an essential individual or small group resource.

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James D Janzen 119734000012761074 2015-04-22 17:42:02.432580 Religion, Christian Rituals & Practice, Worship & Liturgy/Religion, Christian Life, Spiritual Growth/Music, Religious, Christian
Bruce Walker Travel Adventures: Bruce's Great Canadian Road Trip Summer 2012

Learn about the human experience of loss of a loved one and coming to terms with the grief. A few years after losing his spouse, Bruce Walker spent the summer of 2012 touring Canada from Nova Scotia right across the country up to Dawson City and Whitehorse, Yukon. From there he traversed British Columbia, including his birthplace on Vancouver Island. With only his trusty Rav4, a foam mattress, his rooftop carrier and many memories, Bruce reconnected with places and people and even family he hadn’t seen in decades. And along the way he reconnected with himself and came to a life-altering realization: he was learning to live with the past rather than living in the past.

Come along as Bruce explores Canada, revels in its beauty and finds his place in it as he enters the third act of his life – retirement and travel adventures. Bruce’s bucket list is a long one. And he keeps adding to it. But just maybe, you’ll find some of his destinations landing on your bucket list – like Tofino, Victoria, Nanaimo, Athabaska, Wawa, Thunder Bay, Gaspé, the 1,000 Islands…

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Bruce Walker 119734000021171703 2015-04-21 15:14:01.998150 Travel, Canada/Family & Relationships, Friendship/Biography & Autobiography, Adventurers & Explorers
No One Left Behind: How Nurse Practitioners Are Changing The Canadian Health Care System

No One Left Behind: How Nurse Practitioners Are Changing The Canadian Health Care System, is a collection of stories from NPs across Canada, sharing their most memorable experiences with patients, which clearly illustrate the critical role they play throughout the health care system.

Each story is compelling and unique in its own way; true-life accounts which will take you on an emotional journey, however, one that defines a genuine passion that exists for their work.

The role of an NP has evolved significantly over the years, and is in different stages of progress throughout the country. While there are still legislative and regulatory barriers which prevent Nurse Practitioners from performing their work to the full scope of their practice, their focus on patient care remains the very foundation of their profession. This book shares a variety of stories from NPs across all sectors of the health care system to provide detailed accounts of what they do. In their line of work, they are often reminded of our shared vulnerability as a society, and how that susceptibility connects us. NPs work with patients in all settings in their quest to achieve health—whatever that may mean to the patient.

No One Left Behind is a moving tribute to NPs who have devoted their lives to caring for others, revisiting some of the most poignant experiences of their careers.

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Claudia Mariano 119734000016352374 2015-04-21 15:11:19.399240 Medical, Family & General Practice/Medical, Nursing/Medical, Public Health
The Adventures Of A Hermit Crab Named Charlie

With a brave spirit and captivating story-telling skills, Charlie the hermit crab will keep you at the edge of your seat. You will fall in love with this egotistical character who enjoys hearing the crabs of Sandoo cheer with adoration. Little does Charlie know, his view of what’s important will change forever after his most perilous expedition leaves him shaken and stirred. Packed full of action and suspense, this story will make your children clamour for more. Each page is a beautifully painted masterpiece, created by the talented Anna Werrun.

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Erin Pulchinski 119734000017858133 2015-04-21 15:09:25.169800 Juvenile Fiction, Stories In Verse/Juvenile Fiction, Animals/Juvenile Fiction, Readers, Beginner
God's Love: The Night God Saved My Life

While living in his home town working on wind and solar projects, Derek found himself the victim of a horrific and terrifying attack. Knocked unconscious and stabbed over fifty times throughout his body...Derek managed to survive over twelve hours until help arrived. This is a true account of that traumatic night and how God’s Love saved his life.

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Derek Minty 119734000017356538 2015-04-21 15:06:42.324890 Biography & Autobiography, Religious/Religion, Faith/Religion, Inspirational
Peter's Revenge: A Novel

Peter’s Revenge is a story of love and betrayal, which focuses on an old man, Kurt, a respected but ruthless art historian, who feels compelled to justify his obsessive desire for Laura, the wife of his best friend Peter. He will do anything to be with her, even to the point of jeopardizing his friendship with Peter. But when Peter and Laura have children, the situation becomes even more unsettling, and more unscrupulous.

Kurt and Laura become lovers, partly because of the revolting hypersexuality of Peter, but also because Kurt was able to woo her with his encyclopedic knowledge of Europe’s medieval sculptures and its history, as well as his love for music, all of which speak powerfully to her artistic mind. It cannot end well. Peter’s children will take care of that.

Peter’s Revenge is a thriller with atmosphere and tension up to the final page.

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Suso Gygax 119734000016114111 2015-04-20 21:10:35.396540 Art, History, Medieval/Fiction, Thrillers, Suspense
In a Perfect World : Interpersonal Skills for Life

In a perfect world, everyone would be good tempered, listen carefully and would consider the outcome before they spoke. We don’t live in a perfect world and most of us have not received coaching on how to communicate effectively, especially when interactions are difficult or conflicted. Today’s barrage of electronic communication can complicate how we understand each other.

Communication is a series of choices focused on what we say, and how we say it. It also includes what we don’t say. In a Perfect World takes you on a journey through the dynamics of effective communication, highlighting interpersonal skills and how to say things in a way that maximizes your chance of having successful interactions. It is full of good examples and wonderful stories.

This book will help you:

• Assert your own views when speaking with others

• Communicate to deepen your relationships

• Confront the negative behaviour of others

• Manage your emotions and resolve conflict

• Choose the right medium to send your message

• Explore manners, apologies and letting go of bad situations

• Apply ideas to your own situations through checklists and exercises

In a Perfect World is designed to help you reflect on your interpersonal skills and key relationships and encourage you to take the time and effort with those relationships that matter. We all have the opportunity during our time on earth to create our best and most perfect life.

Want to change things?

Start today!

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Pat Hirst 119734000015729727 2015-04-16 15:43:29.069040 Language Arts & Disciplines, Communication Studies/Family & Relationships, Conflict Resolution/Self-Help, Personal Growth
The Ash and The Thorn: God on Trial? A Poetic Quest








Thus King David dares to raise The Question: if God is good and all-powerful, how come there’s so much evil? Many thinkers and writers have even put God on trial. In THE ASH AND THE THORN, his second collection of poems, Leonard H. Roller explores, through verse, the mystery of a seemingly self-contradicting Deity in a puzzling universe. Themed to the stirring, Old Testament tale of Uzza, Leonard invites the reader to consider the terrible beauty of the world.

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Leonard H. Roller 119734000016407099 2015-04-16 15:41:12.314450 Religion/Religion, Comparative Religion/Poetry

Manflower follows the life of Benny Lastfein and his journey through the seedy underbelly of Hollywood during the roaring twenties and onwards.

Benny’s life is loosely based on Abe Kronenberg, an assistant to many top honchos in Hollywood. Like Abe, Benny worked for four major studios—Paramount, MGM, RKO, and Columbia.

Benny’s path crosses many in the industry, and he rubbed shoulders with Hollywood’s elite. He had the inside scoop on many a star, producer, and director and the debauched lives they led: Mae West, Norma Shearer, Cary Grant, Joan Crawford, Greta Garbo, Howard Hughes, Jane Russell, and Rita Hayworth, to name just a few.

Along with being Man-Friday to many a Hollywood executive, Benny helped with perfume marketing campaigns specifically developed to bolster films and celebrities. Each perfume was branded according to the star; each contained pheromones meant to drive audiences wild and wanting for more. Successful films and their stars reached the apex of popularity thanks to these sensorial overloads.

In their quest to find the fountain of youth, many of Benny’s acquaintances dabbled in aphrodisiacs from their perfume business—the secret ingredients derived from the essences from various exotic animals, including the elusive Houbara Bustard. Down this path Benny also ventured, hoping to recapture the narcissistic and hedonistic glory of their heydays, disappearing into the annals of film lore.

Manflower depicts the volatile lifestyle that comes with the trappings of money, celebrity and fame. The glamour and glitz were as real as the people that lived them. Enjoy! I loved re-reading Abe Kronenberg’s notes and creating this story for you. Also, thanks to Rachel Maddow at MSNBC for posting the story of the Bustard in the first place!

Dennis Doph,

Santa Barbara,

November 2014

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Dennis Doph 119734000017648940 2015-04-16 15:37:01.841460 Fiction, Erotica, Gay/Fiction, Humorous/Biography & Autobiography, Entertainment & Performing Arts
The Gootesnooters

The Gootesnooter story is fiction but with lessons. The Gootesnooter play is an easy read, in particular as a closet drama, which is a play better understood by reading; and/or as a play, script fashion, in two parts for either two short plays or one long play. A few “bad” (pun intended) acts but no foul language, teenager friendly and good laughs for the whole family.

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Aria Quill 119734000014082509 2015-04-16 15:35:10.053710 Education, Educational Psychology/Literary Criticism, Drama/Performing Arts, Theater, Playwriting