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The author studied the cost-effective modern solution for placing electric distribution lines and telecommunications lines underground in urban areas in the USA. The methodology of the study which included examining the cost and schedule analyses as function of pipe diameter and overburden depth. The study focused on the cases when trenching cannot be done. Cost-benefit analysis was performed, particularly in urban areas. The author discussed the cost and benefits of undergrounding both types of lines, but focused on electric lines in Maryland and Virginia states.

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Dr. Ragaei Sadek, PhD, CE 119734000017244043 2014-11-27 17:22:54.331240 Technology & Engineering, Civil, Soil & Rock/Technology & Engineering, Power Resources, Electrical/Technology & Engineering, Telecommunications
The Goddess' Gift: Becoming Divine Book 1

While on a seemingly normal, relaxed train journey to see her friend Megs, Karen McMillan meets the handsome yet enigmatic Alex McEwan in the most bizarre circumstances. Despite his arrogance and self-confident approach to women, he is charming and wealthy, and try as she might to evade his powers of seduction, Karen is powerless to refuse him. Charmed by the mystery that surrounds him, Karen is attracted to him, and soon finds herself drawn into a world that she could have never have believed to exist. Now under his seductive spell, Karen is led into the realm of ‘The Mansion’, a complex completely devoted to the Goddess Aphrodite. With an inexplicable scarlet rose on the palm of her hand, and now ultimately bound by love, Karen soon discovers that the goddess is real, that evil is personified, and that nudity and sexual carnality go far beyond her otherwise stringent views. For the beautiful, shy, and reserved Karen McMillan, the intervention of the Goddess Aphrodite has ensured that her orderly and predictable life is about to be transformed into something far beyond her wildest dreams.

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C. A. Sinclair 119734000015834481 2014-11-26 18:40:20.447360 Fiction, Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology/Fiction, Erotica/Fiction, Romance, Adult
Nola Rain

Nola Rain’s life is soon to be forever changed. She loses her husband in a tragic mining accident and is left alone and pregnant with their son. Just as she is dealing with the loss of Milo, her husband, she is slapped with further devastation and life altering news. In this tale of love, romance, and adventure, Nola Rain goes from rags to riches and must survive and adapt to the world of privilege that her husband left behind — and she knew nothing about it! As Nola is learning and discovering all about the secrets her husband left in his past, someone is trying to catch up with Nola’s present, and possibly her future. If she isn’t careful, this sinister character may try to take away all that Nola has recently acquired. And this someone will stop at nothing to get it.

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Lynda C. Yeates 119734000016995951 2014-11-26 18:37:37.899810 Fiction, Mystery & Detective/Fiction, Romance, Suspense/Fiction
Finding Me in Him: One Woman's Journey to Discovering Her Identity in Christ

Finding Me in Him is a powerful, compelling, and deeply personal collection of reflections on scripture, family, and the purpose that comes with discovering your God-worth. It is brimming with potent lessons and an insatiable passion for a life in Christ that is as infectious as it is inspiring.

After being diagnosed with cancer, Nichole Forbes began to realize how precious life is and felt compelled to share the lessons she has learned along the way. This book combines carefully selected passages from the Bible with personal anecdotes and observations brought together seamlessly by an author who happily describes herself as a work in progress, because “God isn’t finished with me yet!”

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Nichole Forbes 119734000015351499 2014-11-26 18:29:17.677340 Religion, Christian Life, Inspirational/Religion, Biblical Meditations/Religion, Christian Life, Spiritual Growth
Before The Dawn

Before the Dawn is an epic adventure about James, a shy teenage misfit who one day is pulled from his world, where he’s ignored, bullied and forgotten, into another world where he’s needed, celebrated and respected.

Set in Terrain, a fantasy world similar to Earth but populated with mythical creatures and human-like Terrainians, Before the Dawn is part fantasy-adventure and part coming-of-age story – with great descriptive elements, original characters and a well-developed narrative – that follows James as he attains magical powers and combats the horrible menace of the Overseers. Along the way he meets wonderful new friends and quickly grows up to be a Master in his own right.

The first novel in a trilogy, Before the Dawn is an original young adult fiction novel that will be thoroughly enjoyed by anyone who loves the fantasy or science fiction genre.

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J.L. McNaughton 119734000014755295 2014-11-26 18:24:43.117350 Juvenile Fiction, Fantasy & Magic/Fiction, Fantasy, Epic/Juvenile Fiction, Science Fiction
A Year of Intentional Parenting: 52 weekly vignettes gleaned from our work guiding parents in finding their right way to parent

What do you do on those days when you love – but don't like – your kids?

As educators, parenting coaches and parents themselves, authors Julie Freedman-Smith and Gail Bell deeply understand the day to day challenges of parenting. In 2002 they founded Parenting Power in Calgary to provide empathetic, non-judgemental support and practical skills to other parents facing similar struggles. In A Year of Intentional Parenting, Julie and Gail give busy parents one practical tip per week for improving communication with their kids, smoothing out persistent conflicts and acting intentionally. Full of straightforward, sometimes poignant, and often humourous advice, this collection will prove invaluable for parents who want to work through the trials of modern parenting with loving kindness and fun.

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Julie Freedman-Smith 119734000015481317 2014-11-26 18:20:36.505520 Family & Relationships, Parenting, Child Rearing/Self-Help/Family & Relationships, Family Relationships
A Will to Blossom: Blossomed and a Blessing

Rufus Lee, a terrific young black man who was raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, by some brilliant foster parents, was hired one day by an entrepreneur Caucasian couple as their grounds keeper, and in a short time he’d become more to his employer than just their employee. Then after Rufus established his own family and strived hard to give them everything, something happened, and he couldn’t live up to the promises he’d made to them. And miracles were somewhat difficult for his beautiful strong, inspiring, and Christian wife after coming into play.

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Gayle Eutsey Dean 119734000016720231 2014-11-25 18:09:08.887960 Family & Relationships, Love & Romance/Fiction, Romance/Fiction, African American
Pushing the Reset Button: The busy professional's guide to a healthy lifestyle you will love

With lots of helpful tips for stress management, diet, exercise, and detoxification, Pushing the Reset Button: The busy professional's guide to a healthy lifestyle you will love, is a practical guide to better living.

Linda Easthouse spells out all the dos and don'ts of this modern society for you in simple, easy-to-understand terms, sharing with you her extensive knowledge of everything from toxins that are lurking in our cupboards and medicine cabinets, which we should replace with healthier choices, to delicious foods we have been brainwashed into rejecting that are actually good for us! She lays out a plan to de-stress your day and put you back in control of your life.

The plan was originally designed for professional women, stressed by the demands of work and family. These women were looking for healthy alternatives without using drugs or medications. Follow the plan and in just 31 days anyone can be Pushing the Reset Button and begin living the life of his or her dreams.

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Linda Orr Easthouse 119734000016551474 2014-11-25 18:06:53.056040 Health & Fitness/Health & Fitness, Healthy Living/Health & Fitness, Women's Health
Poseidon's Gambit

The assembled crew from Napoleon’s Gold is called to an encore performance. While the fragile Peace of Amiens still holds, it is become clear that the French and Dutch in the East Indies are using the great Dutch base at Batavia to supply and encourage pirates and privateers to molest and sink British shipping in the North Java Sea and Straits of Singapore.

Once again Sir Phillip Hollis is entreated to embark his private warships on a covert mission to accomplish what the Government fears to do using the Royal Navy, lest Napoleon exploit it as a cause to resume the war.

Phillip, engaged in preparations for his wedding, is at first less than enthused, yet the lure of an epic adventure, along with the prospect of financial advantage, is hard to resist.

Accosted from the start by assassins, vandals, French frigates and pirates on the high seas, not to mention the Burmese navy, and most pressing of all, a determined young wife, Phillip is beset on all sides in trying to satisfy both military, political, financial, and domestic agendas. Adventure, humour, and romance mingle to the sound of naval cannon and whispered intrigue.

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Keith Braun 119734000015831694 2014-11-25 18:03:59.828810 Fiction, Historical/Fiction, Sea Stories/Fiction, Action & Adventure
Crying A Dead Man's Tears

Angelina Griffin and her partner Jeep Nelson own a search and rescue operation with a solid reputation and a successful past. When Angie gets the call from her long-time friend, Natalie, that her daughter is missing, Angie throws her search gear into their vehicle, gathers her canine search companions, Mo and Jerri, and heads for the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Two women have been attacked at Mt. Rushmore National Monument, a malevolent force has arrived and the small town of Keystone is threatened with unrest like they’ve never seen.

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Patti K. Rudge 119734000005122305 2014-11-25 18:00:51.816530 Fiction, Suspense/Fiction, Romance, Suspense/Fiction, Action & Adventure
DNA of Mathematics

For Dr. Basti, the explanation is straightforward though not simple:

“Just as cells have dna, so mathematics has DNA in its structure.”

After years of research, he decided that his work had to contain a strong philosophical justification in order to stand the test of time. Part memoir and part manifesto, DNA of Mathematics introduces Mehran Basti’s readers to both the research he has dedicated his career to and his personal background and beliefs which significantly impact his scientific work.

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Dr. Mehran Basti 119734000013159061 2014-11-25 17:52:51.332470 Religion, Religion & Science/Religion, Religion, Politics & State/Science, Mathematical Physics
Governing Toronto: Bringing back the city that worked

In stark contrast to the dysfunctional megacity of today, The Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto was a city that worked. Some refer to this period from 1954 to 1998 as Toronto’s “Golden Age”.

This book traces the growth and governance of the city from its creation in 1834 through its successful Metro years to why and how the decision was made to establish the present megacity while at the same time either accidentally or deliberately turning the Ontario government into both a provincial government and a regional government, as well, for a significantly enlarged Greater Toronto Area.

Then it urges the provincial government to initiate a long over-due review of the governance of the city aimed at returning it to a city that works either by way of a de-amalgamation, as successfully achieved in Montreal, or at the very least by a decentralization of local responsibilities.

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Alan Redway 119734000016023233 2014-11-25 00:56:00.567760 History, Canada, Post-Confederation (1867 To Present)/History, Canada, Pre-Confederation (To 1867)/Political Science, Government, Legislative Branch
Self-Esteem as a Factor in Sex

While evolutionary theory would have us believe that sex is a biological drive to continue the gene pool, I suggest our drive for sex is to meet our need for esteem. Good sex flows from a healthy self-esteem. As an expression of self-esteem sex is necessary so we can feel valued, worthy, and desirable making sex an esteem enhancer. A healthy self-esteem is developed by looking at and exploring issues that make up our personality. This book presents a holistic integration of emotional desire, intimacy, and intellectual stimulation that entails developing respect, courtesy, listening, and seeing our self. If we cannot acknowledge self, how can we acknowledge the other? This book may appeal to those who are clamoring for something on a deep emotional level, estimation.

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Scott Lobato 119734000013338575 2014-11-25 00:52:31.921870 Self-Help, Personal Growth, Self-Esteem/Health & Fitness, Sexuality/Social Science, Gender Studies
Climate Change : Messages of Hope

“Love all, serve all, help ever, hurt never”

are the well-known words imparted by the spiritual leader and guru Satya Sai Baba. Though his physical body passed away in 2011, his spirit lives on; through the text contained within Climate Change, Messages of Hope, the author furthers Baba’s message—one that humankind dearly needs to hear in such uncertain times:

We are connected to all, and all is connected to us.

In these days of upheaval, one only has to lift their eyes for a moment to see the signs of turmoil and change: waters are rising, fault-lines are shifting, and species are disappearing. What is occurring without is occurring within; we as individuals are also changing—and we can evolve for the better in the areas of compassion, mindfulness, and healing. Indeed, if we take care to attune ourselves, we can connect with the vibrations of the very earth on which we stand, and promote healing for ourselves and others as we work through our own karmic balance together.

Through 108 selections of text that were spiritually imparted to the author by the guru Satya Sai Baba during daily meditation sessions, the reader will be compelled to deeply explore the benefits of compassion for self and others and the need for the spiritual evolution of Earth’s inhabitants. Within these pages, one has the precious and honourable opportunity to consider the future of life on this planet and beyond.

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Laura Wiens 119734000015096091 2014-11-25 00:49:36.809090 Religion/Religion, Inspirational/Religion, Spirituality
Down Side Up

This writing describes a life journey: it is a quest for meaning behind the motives and actions of others.

It is told through the eyes and voice of Katherine; she seeks understanding of people close to her. Misunderstandings produce anger, hatred, apathy, and a lack of compassion.

She relies on addictive behaviours to change the way she feels.

Katherine wishes to rid herself of this negativity which creates bondage and which has the potential to destroy her, injure others, or even drive her to commit a murder.

After many years, she gains insight into her fellow, human beings. She understands. She sees more clearly but not without the aid of others. She discovered she couldn’t accomplish serenity and acceptance on her own.

Kate’s story introduces the reader to the persons on her team that guided her to a stage in her life where she is able to find contentment, peace, and love.

LOVE becomes her state of being. She learns to accept and love herself as well as her fellows.

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Molly Kay Moss 119734000014717108 2014-11-25 00:47:05.083650 Fiction/Fiction, Contemporary Women/Fiction, Family Life
Structured to Fail: Implosion of the global economy

Structured to Fail is a fact-based novel that examines the Eurodollar, Hedge Funds, and subprime financial disasters that led to the evaporation of $23 trillion in global wealth between 2006 and 2014, far exceeding the losses of the Great Depression. The subprime fiasco alone tanked the U.S. housing market, stock market and ultimately the global economy. Many believe that these dramatic events resulted from a banking conspiracy. In fact, it was a conspiracy of ignorance, stupidity, greed, and hubris at the highest levels of banks and governments.

Wesley Stanton is a man on a mission. He predicted all three financial debacles and worked tirelessly to contain them and keep the American and world economy intact. Through him, you’ll learn about the inner workings of major corporations, banks, governments, and the Federal Reserve Bank in the face of the largest financial collapses in history.

"Structured to Fail" is both a primer on financial management and a treasure trove of case studies for how investment banking should and should not be managed.

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William A. MacPhee 119734000014351956 2014-11-25 00:44:00.822120 Business & Economics, Finance/Business & Economics, Government & Business/Law, Banking
Mind, Money & Markets: A Guide for Every Investor, Trader and Business Person

After losing much of his money when the South Sea Bubble burst in 1720, English physicist and mathematician Isaac Newton stated, “I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people.” Even though Isaac Newton was a brilliant man, he did not realize that markets function in a way that is opposite to almost everything else we do. For example, if people are lining up around the block to purchase an iPad, it is a sign that it is a good product. If people are lining up around the block to buy a condominium, it is a bad sign for real estate. Markets do not always act in a rational or logical manner. Mind, Money & Markets explains why they act the way they do. It is critical for every person to understand this in order to make wise decisions ranging from buying a home to operating a business.

Expert advice is much less reliable than we expect it to be because no one can accurately predict the future on a consistent basis. Gigantic losses like the $6.2 billion trading loss at JP Morgan in 2012 show that investors are not giving momentum (following the trend) the respect it deserves. Mind, Money & Markets offers a momentum filter—specifically, a screening tool from which every individual and professional investor should benefit. The book also provides a “circuit breaker” that enables investors to limit losses in case of an unexpected event in financial markets. Using powerful and poignant analogies from their life experiences, including Dave Harder’s twelve years as a Search and Rescue volunteer, we provide readers with a simple discipline to preserve precious hard-earned capital during severe downturns and to outperform benchmarks when markets are in an uptrend.

It is easier to know what to do than to actually do it. Psychiatrist Dr. Janice Dorn specializes in helping traders and investors deal with emotions and aspects of human nature that hinder them from making astute investment decisions for stocks, bonds, real estate, currencies, or commodities. We have passed on many words of wisdom collected from market sages and great thinkers. We also highlight some major misconceptions about investing, and show the reader how to overcome them and prosper.

With a compelling mixture of fascinating stories and more than 100 colored charts and photographs, this is truly a unique work about how human beings react to markets. The book helps individual as well as professional investors to be efficient with their time and energy by teaching them to focus only on a few factors which have the most significant impact on financial markets. The personalized strategies provided in these pages will enable readers to maximize gains, minimize losses, and have more time to spend on things that matter the most in their lives.

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Dave Harder 119734000007370143 2014-11-24 16:26:17.229810 Business & Economics/Business & Economics, Investments & Securities/Psychology, Emotions
The Mighty Quinn

Quinn is a little girl with a big imagination which takes her on a new adventure everyday. But when that day is done Quinn is happy to just be herself.

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Merri M. Vacura 119734000015725809 2014-11-21 00:42:29.208810 Juvenile Fiction, Imagination & Play/Juvenile Fiction/Juvenile Fiction, Girls & Women
Slade: Innocence Lost

The authorities believed that he had killed six people.

A Mafia Don was convinced that Slade had killed three members of his family. Indeed, Slade had killed one man. And would kill two more before the end of his adventure.

It had all started for Slade, when his father, an MI5 agent, as a young man during World War II, had left him, posthumously, a long letter containing clues to the location of a lost treasure.

All Slade had wanted to do was to locate the son of his Father’s war time OSS counter part, and together, find and recover three and a half tons of gold bullion, from somewhere along the North African coast; part of the mysterious ‘Rommel’s Treasure’.

But someone, very powerful, wanted Slade out of the picture, dead if possible, and they were doing their best to accomplish that wish.

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John MT Brookbank 119734000004588179 2014-11-21 00:39:21.691500 Fiction, Action & Adventure/Fiction, Crime/Fiction, Thrillers
The Rotted Garden: Volume Two

The Deadly Decadence of Count Borovsk’s estate no longer appeals to Mademoiselle de Commercy, and her journey of self-discovery has gone horribly awry. She yearns to free herself from the estate’s temptations as she learns more of its wicked secrets. She must flee, alone if she must, as love and friendship are rarities in this horrid dungeon disguised as a country estate. But with so many amoral wretches at every corner of the Count’s house, can she ever leave this pit of damnation with her soul and sanity intact?

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Christian Vago 119734000017019005 2014-11-21 00:36:55.936620 Fiction, Erotica/Fiction, Suspense/Fiction, Romance, Gothic