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Ever been on a truly horrible first date, where you find yourself with someone totally unsuited to you and all you want to do is get up and run? Maybe your date dresses like a 1970s disco dancer, or licks your dinnerware. Talia’s been there, over and over.

This is the hilarious and often cringe-worthy retelling of Talia Leigh’s experiences with online dating. She speaks candidly of her misadventures with a black-out drunk, performing life-saving first aid on a dog, and her all too often encounters with marshmallows. Interspersed with advice and lessons learned, Talia earnestly navigates her way through the world of online dating, suggesting that modern romance is not always what it’s cracked up to be.

But it can definitely make a great story.

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Talia Leigh 119734000029490591 2016-08-26 21:41:31.304120 Biography & Autobiography, Women/Humor, Topic, Adult/Family & Relationships, Love & Romance
Bullets, Bombs, and Bayonets

Bullets, Bombs, and Bayonets draws attention to a significant part of Canadian military history, a period in which almost an entire generation of young men never returned from the battlefields of Europe. In 2017 Canada commemorates the 100th year of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. The triumphant conquering of Vimy by the Canadian Corps in April 1917, was considered a defining moment in Canada’s rise to nationhood. Equally significant but much less publicized was the Canadian victory at Passchendaele in the fall of 1917. It was there that more than 4,000 Canadian soldiers died, and almost 12,000 wounded. The Battle of Passchendaele will be forever remembered as a colossal slaughter in the mud of Flanders fields. Bullets, Bombs, and Bayonets acknowledges those members of the 43rd Battalion who fought and died in the Ypres Salient, in the name of freedom.

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Edward N. Ross 119734000014650056 2016-08-26 17:52:22.060490 History, Military, World War I/History, Military, Canada/History, Military
Grab The Wheel & Go!: Planning Your Journey Through Life

In Grab the Wheel and Go Herb Singer, who launched Discount Car & Truck Rentals and built it into the country’s largest independent car and truck rental operation, shares his life story, business smarts, and wisdom.

Herb’s innovative business ideas, such as offering pick-up and drop-off service for rental customers and creating his own “university” for Discount employees, helped build a one-shop operation into a celebrated and award-winning corporation with 300+ locations.

With humour and inspiration, Herb narrates his life story that carried him from Siberia to Rio, Brooklyn and eventually to Canada. During the journey he and the reader encounter challenges and rewards, picking up practical experience along the way. Herb explains that success in life doesn’t depend on where you begin or what you start with — it’s where you get and who you become that counts. Or, as Herb puts it: What you’ve got is what you’ve got. What you do with it is who you are.

Grab the Wheel and Go is more than a must-read for anyone considering launching a business, working their way through the corporate world, or looking for a guide to making critical decisions in life. It is a down-to-earth engaging tale told by a man who has achieved so much … and whose greatest joy is in sharing his experiences and love of life with others.

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Herb Singer 119734000025064141 2016-08-26 17:40:19.514650 Biography & Autobiography, Business/Business & Economics/Business & Economics, Personal Success
The Story of Max Copper Million

Introducing Max Copper Million. The cute and very clever poodle who has a special surprise for his best friend Jannie!

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Janet Charlebois 119734000032825854 2016-08-25 22:29:35.474600 Juvenile Fiction, Animals, Dogs/Juvenile Fiction, Animals, Pets/Juvenile Fiction, Readers, Beginner
How Mindfulness Meditation Works: A Modern Buddhist View

The front cover is the visualization for a meditation designed to recall the Bodhiccitta of infancy. Some Buddhists believe infants are born enlightened. Imagine there suddenly appears a glowing ember in your heart that glows stronger as you breath in and turns into a fountain of love that flows throughout your body as you breath out. Meditate for 30 Minutes. Allow the meditation to close gently.

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Ronald Cowen 119734000029176745 2016-08-25 22:22:05.226780 Philosophy, Buddhist/Religion, Buddhism, Theravada/Self-Help, Meditations
The Checker Board Book Six: Yellow Band

In the late 1880’s, Dave Smith finds work at a freight line in a remote mining town as he pursues the reason why renegade Cheyenne chief, Yellow Band, is stealing assay rock samples; and why vindictive Sheriff Gus Tern turns the entire town against him.

One of the surprising finds is none other than Andee Piper who now teaches at a local School for Girls. Five years earlier, Dave encounters the teenage irrepressible tom-boy, finds she is now all grown up, and regards Dave in an entire different manner, renewing her efforts toward captivating him.

Floyd Wilkins also has notions of exclusive intentions on Andee which soon creates a clash. Maxwell Perkins, a successful mine owner and operator, also sees Andee’s unique personality as fascinating. This creates a three way conflict is one which Dave would sooner evade than confront.

A near fatal Indian holdup while Dave is driving the freight run points toward his being set up to take the blame for the incident. Instead he tracks the bunch, and after a shootout recovers the wagon. He captures the prize, renegade Chief Yellow Band who does not remain captive long.

In a later attack, Dave stands off the horde long enough to survive. Dave pursues the fleeing attackers into the mountains on a rigorous track. Joined by Floyd Wilkins, who grimly rescues Dave from his own folly, the two man hunt becomes a trial of wits against wily Yellow Band.

Unable to identify who has been paying off Yellow Band, Dave investigates the gold mines owners and slowly begins to unravel the devious plot to high-grade a mine. Now immersed in identifying the devious scheming behind a killer’s organization, Dave doggedly pursues leads that eventually strike pay-dirt.

The climax requires all of Dave’s grit, honesty, and resolute determination to stay alive.

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Nedler Palaz 119734000008611255 2016-08-25 22:08:40.584220 Fiction, Westerns/Fiction, Action & Adventure/Fiction, Native American & Aboriginal
Fundamentals of Role-based Youth Soccer

Do you coach youth soccer? Who is the most important coach your charges will have over their career? You are! Yes, some coach who is more “qualified” than you can later teach them all about the defensive aspect of the game. Players with a modicum of intelligence, good athleticism, a strong desire to win and precious little in technical and tactical expertise can easily become useful defensively. But what about offensive skills? These must be learned young or they will never be learned, therefore you must be the one to teach them. Are you a neophyte to soccer? This book will teach you all technical and tactical aspects necessary to develop skilful players. Will they be intelligent and creative? Your job is to lay the groundwork to promote creativity and, if you have players who are open-minded, they will enjoy their freedom and profit from it to be as creative and as impactful as they can possibly be. The end result will be a team that plays an intelligent and esthetically pleasing game and one that does not require cheating and gamesmanship in order to win.

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James Cork 119734000032226049 2016-08-25 21:39:09.370640 Sports & Recreation, Coaching, Soccer/Sports & Recreation, Soccer
Soaring : more than 200 entertaining little poems

A collection of 200 entertaining little poems.

With eclectic topics, many are descriptions of people the author met in retirement homes he has lived in.

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Herbert I. Lerner 119734000016102787 2016-08-25 21:26:05.502420 Poetry, American/Poetry
Razama-Snaz!: The Listener's Guide To Nazareth

Razama-Snaz! The Listeners' Guide To Nazareth presents an in depth look at every song, every album by this legendary Scottish hard rock institution.

We also dig into TV appearances, radio broadcasts and even bootleg recordings to further explore the bands prolific history.

Extra insight is provided by some of the worlds most dedicated fans who share first hand accounts of some of their favourite in-concert moments.

So welcome to the long and winding road that is the voluminous output of Scotland's finest hard rock heroes, Nazareth.

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Robert Lawson 119734000028693939 2016-08-25 16:31:14.326550 Music, Genres & Styles, Rock/Music, Genres & Styles, Heavy Metal/Music, Discography & Buyer's Guides
How Dog Got His Key: from the Dog Has A Key series

The ‘Dog Has A Key’ series of books for early childhood to early reader stem from a little boy’s questions and observations of the world. Sometimes these questions are hard for even an adult, and so Dog uses his Magic Key to have secret adventures and find the answers.

‘How Dog Got His Key’ deals with cancer, loss and the grieving process. It’s the story of how Dog was given his Magic Key to help a little boy cope with the death of his father. It deals with difficult subjects and the grief stages that Joe and his mom go through as they learn to treasure memories and smile again.

This is a very special book for us, and aims to provide comfort and hope to children and adults alike. Ultimately this is a story that celebrates Love.

The Big Word associated with this story is: GRIEF

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Debbie Green 119734000031675530 2016-08-25 16:15:21.884840 Juvenile Fiction, Animals, Dogs/Juvenile Fiction
Through the Mind's Eye: A Journey of Self-Discovery

Depression, self-loathing, unemployment, and destroyed relationships: the effects of drug and alcohol addiction run so much deeper than the morning-after hangover. However, awareness alone will not save the struggling addict, as J.P. Willson reveals in his fearless examination of substance dependency; recovery means doing the mental and emotional work to look inside oneself and discover a way to live as a sober, fulfilled individual in an often challenging world.

Through the Mind’s Eye: A Journey of Self-Discovery is a thought-provoking and honest examination of the emotional, psychological, and physical ways someone must enact their own healing. As a recovering alcoholic, Willson courageously shares his own story of addiction, as well the ups and downs he experienced along the road to recovery. Packed with astonishing insights about our culture’s relationship to alcohol, as well as the lies we tell ourselves in order to keep using, this book will change the way you view addiction. Willson has no qualms about telling the reader how difficult recovery is—and how there is no quick cure-all—but his compassionate, candid reflections help foster the knowledge and will to change.

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J.P. Willson 119734000032718771 2016-08-25 15:59:34.444820 Self-Help, Substance Abuse & Addictions, Alcoholism/Self-Help, Substance Abuse & Addictions/Self-Help, Motivational & Inspirational
No One Owns A Tree

One sunny summer morning Ryder heads to his tree house as he starts to climb the ladder he heard loud scratching sounds what could it be? Who or what is in his tree house come down he shouted this is my tree!! All of a sudden things grew quiet then there was a explosion of hooting and laughter Ryder thought to himself how would he ever get his treehouse back from what ever strange thing had moved in.

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Arlene Evelyn Melanson 119734000029607559 2016-08-25 15:46:12.133470 Juvenile Fiction, Social Issues, Friendship/Juvenile Fiction, Animals
A Long Ways from Home

A weekend visit to picturesque Newfoundland by a large crew of outlaw bikers leaves behind another mess for Sgt. Windflower to clean up. This time he’s facing violence, murder, mystery and intrigue. This adventure has Windflower questioning everything he thought he knew. There are troubles on the home front, cutbacks in the policing budget, old friends leaving and new ones not quite here yet. Windflower is seeking to find answers in territory that is both dangerous and unfamiliar.

This instalment in the Sgt. Windflower Mystery series has our hero dashing all over the beautiful little island of Newfoundland. Along the way he never wavers in his pursuit of justice. But he stills tries to find a way to enjoy the natural beauty that lays all around him, and to bring out the best from everybody he meets.

A Long Ways from Home is about more than just homicides or the dirty dealings of outlaw bikers. It is also about helping people and communities face up to and overcome new and very difficult challenges. Windflower relies on his friends and allies, including some four-legged ones, to help him and them find the answers. He also discovers that we are never really alone, even when we are a long ways from home.

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Mike Martin 119734000033871183 2016-08-25 15:21:02.465100 Fiction, Mystery & Detective/Fiction, Mystery & Detective, Police Procedural/Fiction
The Fairy Queen: The Fairy Princess Chronicles - Book 5

The Abandoned Kingdom

Lord Akir was tired of fighting senseless wars for a bloodthirsty, greedy king. He dreamed of starting a kingdom where his men could live in peace and benefit from their loyalty and hard work. This dream seemed unlikely until Lord Akir was approached by a wizard claiming to have had a vision of an abandoned kingdom far to the unexplored north. Lord Akir was a practical man who thought that all wizards were charlatans, but there was something different about this wizard.

Deciding to take a chance, Lord Akir sails north with several ships and discovers a lush kingdom which is indeed abandoned as the wizard predicted. Now the wizard suggests that they sail farther north where he maintains lies the Fairy Kingdom, claiming the legendary fairies would help Lord Akir establish his new kingdom. Lord Akir is no fool. He knows that the wizard has his own reasons for wishing to visit the Fairy Kingdom and as soon as their interests no longer aligned, there would be trouble.

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Cynthia A Sears 119734000033656325 2016-08-24 22:42:47.496720 Young Adult Fiction, Fantasy/Young Adult Fiction

A whirlpool of crows

Swirls above, justifying

Our murderousness

The world is a quiet place now. The streets are choked with dust and the ruins of civilization; the horizon is bleak in every direction. There are only a few survivors left. Occasionally, the silence is broken with cries of violence as the corrupted remains of humanity feed off the living. There is no longer any distinction between suffering and survival.

The end came suddenly, followed by the agony of slow deterioration that now defines the existence of Kane’s nameless narrator. Along his way he will meet other survivors with whom he will experience moments of joy, grief, cruelty, and love, all of which merge into greater discoveries about the value of life.

Through beautiful and disturbing imagery and characters who will haunt the reader with their passionate, tortured personas, Kane tells a story of the post-apocalyptic world as it has never been seen before. There is terror and slaughter, and there is stillness and peace that can transcend all pain. From its gripping introduction, Decline is a stunning contemplation of the capacities of the human spirit to endure and make meaning when surrounded by death.

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Jared Kane 119734000033725392 2016-08-23 17:10:37.091220 Fiction, Action & Adventure/Fiction, Science Fiction, Adventure/Fiction, Horror
Buyers, Liars, Sellers and Yellers

Meet agent Madison O’Malley whose client seems more interested in her long, lovely legs than in selling his house. Meet Attila who parades his body in his window nightly just to infuriate Melvin, the uptight neighbour. Meet agent Hugo Fields who is so in love with himself that it seems nothing can stop his rise to the top—except fate itself!

In this quirky collection of short stories, you’ll meet them all: Buyers, Liars, Sellers and Yellers!

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Joy Lynn Goddard 119734000017395407 2016-08-23 17:06:32.497340 Fiction/Fiction, Humorous/Fiction, Short Stories (Single Author)
The Fictional Family: The Families Meet

Our family is just like any other dysfunctional family. We moved from Baltimore to a small town in the middle of southern Florida. After we meet our new neighbors, we begin to wonder about our future. Life becomes a lot more interesting when we discover their secret.

Everything you believe about this world and the way we live is about to be questioned. Wishes, dreams, we all have them but reality…what is that?

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Totty Jenkins 119734000014356174 2016-08-23 16:51:34.912990 Fiction, Romance, Adult/Fiction/Fiction, Fantasy, Contemporary
Bittersweet-Full Circles

“My happy young dreams of being the wife of a handsome young rancher in Southern Alberta came to a shattering halt when after ten years of marriage he was forced from our home by a mysterious illness. This is the story of how I handled my loss and rose above my circumstances to raise five children and live a happy and fulfilling life.”

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Frances Riviere 119734000032775079 2016-08-23 16:41:40.875260 Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs/Biography & Autobiography, Women/Self-Help, Personal Growth
An Angel Of Comfort

I gasped for air and slowly sank underwater…

At five years old, a near-death experience brought Michael into the presence of an angel, and he was saved by divine intervention. In the aftermath, the young boy was blessed with the gift of prophetic dreams and discovered he could see real events that would take place in the near future. An Angel of Comfort tells the story of the author’s life: his challenges and setbacks, tests of strength and faith, acceptance of his gift and the development of a desire to bring comfort and succor to the sick. Through a series of divine visitations and apocalyptic visions, Michael’s journey of faith leads him to embrace a new purpose—to communicate God’s message of love, hope, mercy and repentance to mankind.

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Michael Nathaniel Best 119734000033736203 2016-08-18 18:22:04.466440 Biography & Autobiography/Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs/Biography & Autobiography, Religious
Stillness And Echoes



It is the last dip that gets all toes wet, though throats stay parched long after the shadows fade. And if by some odd chance you look down upon memory and it remembers starlit nights under your watchful eye, perhaps fate may weave a yarn for the dead to lead the faithful across a thinning division for slender reeds by the water’s edge...


Maybe... if all alone to wander... then perhaps to bones that have been piled high by vigilance... to tumble down in feigned spontaneity, to lose the task of forgetting the path... then to the calling from one’s own...


A voice... skipping across the endless void...


unbound... and eternal.

Stillness And Echoes...

the third collection of poetry written by

Richard William Kirkpatrick-Thorne.

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Richard William Kirkpatrick-Thorne 119734000030160161 2016-08-18 18:15:14.828470 Poetry, Canadian/Poetry, Ancient, Classical & Medieval/Social Science, Poverty