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Dear Uncle Oscar…

I’m going to put a note on the back of our book to explain to readers what our correspondence inside is all about. It goes like this...

A hundred years ago a German shell fell on Pte. Oscar French on Vimy Ridge and ended his life. A century later author Orland French replies to Oscar’s real letters home to his mother and tells him, in his own sardonic style, how the world turned out after the horrific War to End All Wars.

Letters to Vimy is an excellent and highly entertaining personal guide to the birth and growth of Canadian nationalism out of that victory at Vimy. Sources abounded for this project, including a memorable conversation with a group of elderly German tourists on the steps of the Vimy Monument.

Your nephew in history,

Orland French

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Orland French 119734000034145163 2017-02-17 22:00:21.865280 History, Military, Canada/History, Military, World War I/Biography & Autobiography, Military

Two thousand years in the future, Earth is dying. The atmosphere has been depleted and the oceans carried away by solar winds. The planet’s magnetic field has all but disappeared and humanity has moved to underground cities made from the remains of their former homes. Despite incredible technological advances, the world’s best minds have been unable to find either the cause of the devastation or a cure, humanity was on the edge of extinction.

When a mysterious ship arrives carrying a time traveler from the distant past, hopes are dashed when they find the pilot dead. However, they see an opportunity to save the planet by combining the creativity, intelligence, and technology of two vastly different eras. Collaborating across the ocean of time, they discover a daring solution that could save humanity and all of Earth’s creatures—or destroy them forever.

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Thomas Conner 119734000039258236 2017-02-17 16:42:11.085840 Fiction, Science Fiction, Time Travel/Fiction, Science Fiction, Apocalyptic & Post-Apocalyptic/Fiction, Science Fiction
One Day at a Time: My journey through leukemia and a stem cell transplant

Marge was initially surprised when diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. However, her continued healthy wellbeing allowed Marge to put the news behind her and carry on with her everyday life. But then, five years later, her illness suddenly took a turn for the worse. A much sooner than expected stem cell transplant was scheduled in the fall, taking her more than 200 miles away from home. Fortunately, her post-transplant recovery went amazingly well and she was home before Christmas! I guess she was one of those few fortunate patients that sailed through it!

Or was she?

Three months later, the dreaded Graft Versus Host Disease, (GVHD), attacked her body with a vengeance! Air ambulance flew her back to Vancouver for a roller coaster of continuous life-threatening hardships. Was all the medication that was wreaking havoc on her body worth keeping her alive? Would she ever get out of the hospital and return home to a life worth living? Find out and be inspired, as Marge tells her heartwarming story; sharing her battles openly and honestly as she fights to overcome GVHD.

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Marge Johnson 119734000035135456 2017-02-17 16:39:48.766360 Biography & Autobiography, Medical/Biography & Autobiography/Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs
A Fine Line

A Fine Lineis the culmination of sixty years thinking about life, how strange words that we use everyday can be and then writing poetry about that.

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Carole A Lee 119734000015051008 2017-02-17 16:37:58.782460 Humor, Puns & Word Play/Poetry, Subjects & Themes, Inspirational & Religious/Poetry, Subjects & Themes
Sports Talk: How It Has Penetrated Our Everyday Language

It’s game on in uncovering the many sports-inspired terms, expressions, sayings and images that populate our everyday language! That’s the challenge that this book takes on, using a playbook for each sport.

It kicks off with an opening run through the game of football, then it’s out of the gate with wire-to-wire coverage of horse racing.

After going for the fences and covering all the bases in the sport of baseball, the ball is kept rolling, despite many a sticky wicket, through the long-running game of cricket.

A blow-by-blow account of the sweet science of boxing is followed by play-by-play accounts of 35 more sports that have been added to the roster.

At the finish line, the top three sports, are scored on their relative contributions to everyday language, and declared win, place and show.

The discussion is enlivened by lots of sports humour and anecdotes along with quotations from sports personalities some of which may sound quite familiar, much like déjà vu all over again.

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Colin McNairn 119734000035353069 2017-02-17 16:33:18.283750 Language Arts & Disciplines, Linguistics, Etymology/Sports & Recreation/Sports & Recreation, Reference
Will Old Rusty Ever Get To Go To The Classic Car Show?

Many children’s books convey a certain message. WILL OLD RUSTY EVER GET TO GO TO THE CLASSIC CAR SHOW? is one of them. It is the story of an old ‘56 Sea Foam green Buick convertible who wants to go to the Classic Car Show. But she is an old rusted mess. Her owner Big Mike, a teenage boy named Bob, and Bob’s fond memory of his grandpa help to make Old Rusty’s dream come true. The message is “Hard work can make your dreams come true.” P.S. Oh, by the way, do you know that some fictional stories turn out to

be true? In a small town, south west of Chicago, there is a real Bob who runs the Annual Classic Car Show. He has a restored ‘56 Sea Foam green Buick convertible. Awesome! This book is dedicated to grandparents everywhere and to the special bond that they share with their grandchildren. Of course, it is also dedicated to Bob Starzyk, his wife Bonnie, and all the Classic Car Show volunteers. “Hard work made your dreams come true.” Old Rusty and I sincerely thank Charlotte Moore for her gracious assistance in making dreams come true.

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Jean Gnap 119734000031943449 2017-02-16 16:57:53.256460 Juvenile Fiction, Transportation, Cars & Trucks/Juvenile Fiction, Social Issues, Values & Virtues/Juvenile Fiction, Social Issues, Friendship
Little Turtle Gets Lost

Many children’s books personify animals to convey a certain message. LITTLE TURTLE GETS LOST is one of them. It is the story of a small turtle who lives in a lake but does not appreciate his home. Without any plan in mind, he leaves searching for some place quieter. But of course he finds out that “Home is the best place and perhaps the safest.” P.S. Oh, by the way, do you know that some fictional stories turn out to be true? In a small town, south west of Chicago, the Mayor Eugene Simpson had a vision to convert an old dump site into a beautiful nature area housing a manmade lake. Thanks to his vision the lake is now home to many native plants and animals. Little Turtle and I sincerely thank Charlotte Moore for her gracious assistance in helping Little Turtle return home.

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Jean Gnap 119734000031943455 2017-02-16 16:56:20.552570 Juvenile Fiction, Animals, Turtles/Juvenile Fiction, Nature & The Natural World/Juvenile Fiction, Social Issues, Values & Virtues
Out of the Depths

When Evangelist Edward Charles Murrell asked a young man if he were saved, the man said he was thinking about it, but two questions were bothering him: Where did the dinosaurs come from, and where did Cain get his wife? Over the next 30 years, Murrell searched for answers to those questions and more.

In Out of the Depths, Murrell looks at the Bible and more obscure works, such as The Second Book of Enoch and Life of Adam and Eve, to answer questions about the heavens and the three worlds God created: The world of giants, which God the Father made for his son Satanail, who fell from grace The world of Adam, whom God created to be the door for Jesus to come through to redeem the world The world of Noah — our world — which God promised not to destroy by flood again

Murrell offers some surprising answers. He shares how giants came into being, explains how the dinosaurs died, identifies Jesus as the archangel Michael, and explains God’s power to change women into sons of God.

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Edward Charles Murrell 119734000021299653 2017-02-16 16:13:07.147580 Religion, Biblical Commentary, Old Testament/Religion, Biblical Studies, Old Testament/Religion, Christian Theology, Angelology & Demonology
The Guide to Becoming a Professional Artist

Having sold millions of dollars of fine art in a career spanning over 30 years, veteran art consultant Harry Israel lays out in simple, easy to follow steps, a basic plan to become a professional artist.

From the novice who is just starting out, to the experienced artist that wants to take his career up to the next level; you will find this to be an indispensable guide.

You will learn how to:

Develop a presentation package of your art.

Retail price your art.

Investigate the potential market for your art.

Gain entry into high-end galleries.

Develope a stable of fine art galleries to represent your art.

This guide will move you from a recreational pastime, to supporting yourself as a working artist.

This guide will help you derive a decent income, doing what you love doing best.

This guide will give you the opportunity to realize your vision, and share it with the public.

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Harry Israel 119734000010024310 2017-02-10 18:24:36.084880 Art/Art, Techniques
Season 1: A Mack McKyer Sports Story

SEASON 1 is the first of a series of stories following the exploits, growth and coming of age of a high school athlete. In Season 1 Mack discovers that he is a good enough quarterback to lead his school’s football team. In doing so he is faced by several challenges both on and off the field of play. With the help of family, coaches and new friends Mack learns that it takes more than good intentions to be successful. Before that first season is over he will wonder if success is even a worthwhile goal. Most importantly he will learn that, win or lose, it is life’s relationships that matter.

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K. Arthur 119734000024868508 2017-02-07 16:40:19.702060 Young Adult Fiction, Coming of Age/Young Adult Fiction, Social Themes, Values & Virtues/Young Adult Fiction, Sports & Recreation, Football
Son of Six Brothers

Gert Wolfsohn, born in Windhoek now Namibia, in 1924, was the only child of wonderful parents who, I know, did not have a happy marriage but stuck it out as best they could though the ups and downs of life to give me, their son, the very best start in my life that they could. As I grew older I felt very deeply about that and my own aim in life was to be lucky enough to find a wife that I could love, respect and lean on at all times and who would love me.

Although I got to know my Little girl when she was 6 years of age there was friendship but nothing more, I well remember her pushing her little blue dolls pram around her garden while we boys climbed the bordering trees ignoring her pleas to join us. Young boys just had to show off even at 9 years of age.

You will read about what happened in my later life in this, my book of my life’s memories.

I am very, very proud of my own family whose love and togetherness has held us together so wonderfully well over so many years. I was fortunate to achieve the love in marriage that my parents did not have.

My deep respect and thanks to my air force buddies who gave us all the courage to stick together through both the horrors and the few good times of WW2. WE “carried ‘each other always, with a deep companionship using the skills that our instructors had drilled into each of us.


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Gert Wolfsohn 119734000026929413 2017-02-07 16:35:09.984590 Biography & Autobiography/Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs/Biography & Autobiography, Reference
Witness: Voices and Choices

George Horak shares adventures and experiences from every stage of his life: growing up in an austere Catholic family in the former Czechoslovakia, witnessing the destruction of World War II, rebelling against the communists and escaping to South America. That’s just his first twenty years.

In his honest, engaging, narrative style, he writes about his struggle to fulfill his promise to become a priest, and his intense emotional and spiritual dilemma wrestling with the decision that will change his life forever. Through every twisting turn on his journey, George has been a witness to his faith. There is so much more to this compelling memoir: a mystic’s view of God and human experience, women and the Church, his encounter with Padre Pio and living an authentic life.

His stories evoke questions and reflection on the mystery and joy of our transitory journey.

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George Horak 119734000014890766 2017-02-07 16:30:18.973070 Religion, Christian Life, Personal Growth/Religion, Christianity, Catholic/History, Military, World War Ii
Athapaskan Matriliny and Trade in Canada and Alaska

Why did native hunters in the wilds of northern B.C, the Yukon and Alaska trace their ancestry through the mother’s side of the family? The author has given a definitive answer to this question which has long puzzled scholars and others.

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Wayne W Allen 119734000028563181 2017-02-07 16:21:39.389310 Social Science/Social Science, Anthropology/Social Science, Anthropology, Cultural
Denali's Fortunate Son: A Bipolar Journey

Most professionals believe a Bipolar I diagnosis precludes the stress of a litigation lawyer. Set in the "Golden Heart" of Fairbanks, Alaska, the book is one of faith, hope, adventure and perseverance against the daunting challenges of mental illness. In this book, Kenneth Lougee negotiates the conflicts between his Bipolar I diagnosis, his son's autism, and his adventures practicing law on the Last Frontier. As his disorder progresses, Lougee raises four small children, meets colorful Alaskans, travels to the backwoods of the state, wins multimillion dollar cases and grows prize winning giant cabbages. The book is shows the determination that mental illness does not define a person. This memoir is a guide to younger lawyers who may suffer depression or other mental illnesses. Not only can they anticipate a professional life, they can if willing, have successful marriages, raise responsible children and gain the respect of the community. Additionally the book gives hope to parents of autistic children that even if one parent suffers mental illness, together parents can surmount the difficulties of raising that child. Alaskans call the mountain Denali meaning "the Great One." A grateful author is indeed "Denali's Fortunate Son."

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Kenneth Lougee 119734000039874143 2017-02-07 16:11:19.084870 Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs/Biography & Autobiography, Lawyers & Judges/Medical, Mental Health
Saigon to Singers Glen: One Hundred Moments in the Life of a Mennonite Farm Boy

On a global yet intimate scale, this thoughtful memoir invites you to explore a life well lived. Get to know Jim Bowman: he grew up in a conservative Mennonite farm family in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, came of age in the war-torn streets of Saigon, and has since lived a life of adventures across the globe, from the farming communities of Indonesia to the cosmopolitan city of Nairobi, Kenya and back to Virginia.

In constellations of stories and philosophical musings, Bowman traces the transformation of his worldview. In his childhood, being faithful was mostly about following the rules of the church. His time in Vietnam as a conscientious objector and in Indonesia as an agricultural development worker expanded his perceptions of culture and ethics. Back in Virginia, the death of his son dealt a mighty challenge to the faith on which he had long relied. The raw grief and violent upheaval of his foundational beliefs led to a series of questions and new answers as he learned how to find peace again.

Throughout the journey, Bowman’s tone is humble, honest, and always open to the experiences of others. Reflect on your own understanding of life in this changing, increasingly connected twenty-first century by reading about one exemplary life.

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Jim Bowman 119734000035699136 2017-01-31 18:15:00.966520 Biography & Autobiography/Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs/Religion, Christianity, Mennonite
Contending for the Faith

The Body of Christ is now experiencing the strongest and most ferocious attack on the Word of God in its history.

* Christianity is slowly being redefined and restructured.

* The Church is becoming more worldly, more politically correct, and less and less Godly.

* Occult practices are entering the Church and being accepted as Christian doctrine.

* The Great Commission is losing its true meaning and purpose.

* It is turning into the Great Compromise.

* It is a great tragedy that most Christians are not aware of what’s taking place.

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Steve Moseychuk 119734000039790097 2017-01-31 17:58:15.777070 Religion, Christian Life, Spiritual Growth/Religion, Faith/Religion, Christian Life, Personal Growth
Write Soon and Often: The Life of a Bomber Pilot Through His Letters Home

Travelling through Europe in the summer of 1939, 17-year-old Donald Plaunt witnessed preparations for war in every country he visited. After he completed high school in 1941, Donald became part of that war when he enlisted in the RCAF and became a Lancaster pilot. After training for 20 months, he flew in operations for five weeks before his death on his 11th mission in 1943.

There are many compelling stories written by veterans about Bomber Command. What makes this pilot's story unique is that it is told in his youthful voice selected from 150 letters he wrote home. Peppered with his amusing sense of humour, his letters convey a very personal and colourful narrative ranging from tales of his Air Force training, the events of the war, the people he cared about, and the issues that bothered him. It is a story about youth and hope as we follow his journey from a carefree and somewhat entitled rookie pilot to the generous and proud captain of a Lancaster crew. It is also a story of sorrow that explores the heartbreaking impact of his death on his family when he, like so many other young men, did not return home.

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Andy Thomson 119734000034202019 2017-01-31 16:22:40.381250 Biography & Autobiography, Military/History, Military, World War Ii/History, Canada, Post-Confederation (1867 To Present)
People Above Profit

It’s not difficult to know the difference between a positive and negative work environment. It’s also not hard to identify what separates a manager from a leader. You cannot see these distinctions in the product a workplace may produce, but you can see it in the faces of those individuals behind the product. Their labour can wear on them, breaking their backs under duress, or it can hold them up like a pedestal where they are proud and energized by the space they are a part of. Understanding the differences in what defines a work environment is not an arduous task, carrying out the actions necessary to create that positive workplace is - and it can be a balancing act of genuine nurturing and outgoing gestures of leadership. People Above Profit examines the direct correlation between success and a positive work environment. In his book, Dustyn Baulkham shows how the beating heart of a company is its employees, and the stronger and more lively that heart beats the better the product of its labour. He shows us real world examples of companies that have fostered genuine care in their employees and how that can translate into a better customer experience, growing the brand as a result. Dustyn tells us of stories involving managers who treat their employees without trust or compassion and how only focusing on the bottom line alienates those integral pieces of a company and can damage the production of a better product or service. The limitless aspiration of making one’s being better is the lifeblood that distinguishes Dustyn’s vision from the crowd. Understanding that one can never achieve their “best,” he believes that people are always capable of their better being. In order to attain their better being they need inspiration from leadership and a nurturing, caring environment to create roots in and grow stronger with their colleagues around them.

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Dustyn Baulkham 119734000023639075 2017-01-30 16:38:07.204120 Business & Economics, Management/Business & Economics, Organizational Behavior/Business & Economics, Workplace Culture
A Fun Food Friends Adventure: One Bad Fry Spoils the Bunch

There is always an invitation from Fun Food Friends to walk the colourful brick road of Ice Cream Street throughout Fun Food Land. Every day is a tasty one with yummy food smells, delicious flavours and a lot of sweetness.

However, there is a bad fry who’s come to town and he’s up to no good. Larry, a spoiled and rotten fry, is a trouble maker. He always ruins happy towns. His latest town to target is Fun Food Land.

Somehow Larry has joined the rest of the Fry Friends living under French-E-Fry’s hat. French-E-Fry owns the Poutine Café and enjoys cooking for everyone in Fun Food Land. He also loves the Fry Friends and they love him.

One by one though, Larry turns the Fry Friends bad, and this is poisoning French-E-Fry’s mind. Larry is creating new recipes that he plants into French-E-Fry’s head with many Fun Food Land characters as main ingredients!

One Bad Fry Spoils the Bunch is the first story of a series called A Fun Food Friends Adventure. There are more stories cooking. Triple Split, Fro-Yo and Icy Cube have an adventure thawing next!

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Angela Joelle 119734000039039189 2017-01-30 16:31:05.859550 Juvenile Fiction, Social Issues, Friendship/Juvenile Fiction, Health & Daily Living/Juvenile Fiction, Action & Adventure
Transformation: Being one with the Lamb

Wedding Invitation

Please join The Bride in the celebration of her wedding to Jesus Christ.

Banquet to follow ceremony

The date is to be determined and to be held at the place of the Grooms choice. A notice will follow precisely before the celebration. Please RSVP the Groom as soon as possible; the Father is making arrangements for seating.

Matthew 22:2-4.

2 The Kingdom of heaven is like unto a certain king, which made a marriage for his son, 3 And sent forth his servants to call them that were bidden to the wedding: and they would not come. 4 Again, he sent forth other servants, saying, Tell them which are bidden, Behold, I have prepared my dinner; my oxen and my fatlings are killed, and all things are ready; come unto the marriage.

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Rachel 119734000039513687 2017-01-30 00:44:44.590780 Self-Help, Motivational & Inspirational/Self-Help, Spiritual/Religion, Christianity