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With deeply vivid storytelling that delves into the symbiotic Hindu-Muslim relationship shared across the Indian sub-continent prior to the ending of the British Raj, Tales from Birehra is a unique and truly compelling narrative.

Birehra is a fictional microcosm of the country and times-a tiny village, shared peacefully by people of different faiths, and shaped by four hundred years of life lived close to the land and guided by the rhythms of the seasons. Could it really all be washed away by the looming tide of an evolving political climate, so far removed from their simple yet time-honoured existence? Could such a thing even be possible, when Birehra’s roots run so deep, anchoring it to the land and the heart of a people?

With vivid scenery, and characters who seem to breathe with colourful life, Rafi Mustafa draws his readers into the culture he describes, making them treasure its simple joys and dread its looming devastation.

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Rafi Mustafa 119734000035765131 2017-01-23 17:37:53.591200 Fiction, Historical/Fiction, Cultural Heritage/Social Science, Customs & Traditions

Six teens investigate these lights, which they dub ‘Shades’. With the guidance of a wise Purple Shade, the Aureaders learn about the Shades and experience enhanced abilities.

Fara sees fairies. Mike shape–shifts. Ben can transport himself anywhere on the planet. Barbara can access any knowledge or information in the world. Kat is able to manifest anything she wants — and Joyce can defy gravity.

The group soon falls prey to a gang of vicious bullies. The bullies’ cruel actions toward the Aureaders quickly intensify into a horrific tragedy, which will require the teens to uncover the Shades’ ultimate secret to put the pieces back together.

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K. M. Shykitka 119734000030250893 2017-01-19 20:23:51.583920 Young Adult Fiction, Paranormal, Occult & Supernatural/Young Adult Fiction, Coming of Age
Big & Fabulous: The Life and Times of Brenda Cankles

Imperfect, impervious and improving, Brenda Cankles is an unlikely heroine. Unfazed by the enduring censure of society, she is determined to realize the fabulous life that she has always believed is her destiny.

Brenda’s story—written in the unflinching first person—is utterly unvarnished. Here, find a fantastically real person, sometimes struggling to fit in, but mostly giving the rest of the world the mother-lovin’ bird. From her clunky childhood through her stumbling yet optimistic adolescence to her full-figured and unapologetic emergence into adulthood, Brenda is a special brand of warrior. She is big, bold and beautiful. While the quirky cast of characters who surround her is eternally insistent that Brenda live her life in the background and fit into society’s mold, she will have none of it.

Dip into the outspoken world of Brenda Cankles and get lost in the adventure of a big and fabulous gal who takes no prisoners, makes no excuses and has never had any doubt about how truly special she is.

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Randi M. Sherman 119734000038044564 2017-01-19 19:39:22.952790 Fiction, Humorous/Fiction, Contemporary Women/Fiction
Global Discontent: The Mosaic of Cultural Diversity

There are more similarities between the 7 billion people worldwide than there are differences, and global harmony, instead of widespread conflict, is possible. The “global mosaic” of our lives: lifestyle, culture, nationality, race, religion, gender, gender identity, ability, sexual orientation, socioeconomic level, and belief system are all tiles that can fit together to form a colorful and harmonious cultural mosaic.

In Global Discontent: The Mosaic of Cultural Diversity, Dr. Pedram provides us with a user-friendly philosophical, historical, and sociological guide to many of the issues facing the world today, and to possible resolutions toward an ideal world.

This work is an expression of Dr. Pedram’s dream: that in the twenty-first century humanity in every corner of the globe will put conflict, war, hostility, and global discord behind them and, in their place, work to create a cooperative and peaceful global community, with global governance for the common good.

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Manouchehr Pedram, Ph.D 119734000034282169 2017-01-19 17:49:45.242950 Philosophy/Social Science, Sociology/Philosophy, Social
Dawn Over the Moon: The Invention of the Flying Car

When Tamara and her kids Sami and Sama move to Canada, they don’t just find a new home – they find the future! In their adopted city of Eden, anything is possible, including flying cars. Soon the three are off on a round-the-world adventure in Audrey the Flying Car, accompanied by their telescope, Galileo, who helps bring some amazing sights into focus. Follow along as Tamara, Sami, and Sama’s stories and songs take you around the

globe and back again in this celebration of freedom and dreams come true!

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Tomadir Khalfalla 119734000015111220 2017-01-19 17:45:30.239090 Juvenile Fiction, Action & Adventure/Juvenile Fiction, People & Places, Canada/Juvenile Fiction, Social Issues, Emigration & Immigration
Heal and Ignite: 55 Raw, Plant-Based, Whole-Food Recipes to Heal Your Body and Ignite Your Spirit

Heal your body and ignite your spirit with this inspiring collection of delicious vegan recipes from raw-food chef and educator Danielle Arsenault. With tips on the benefits of going organic, detoxing and nourishing the body to promote wellness, this is far more than just a cookbook—it’s both a catalyst and a tool for a healthy new lifestyle. Heal and Ignite offers valuable advice and tricks to guarantee a vibrant culinary experience while placing mindfulness on every table and ensuring food-resource sustainability. These mouth-watering salads, soups, snacks, desserts and thirst quenchers will maximize the nutrients the body absorbs from raw ingredients without compromising the thrill of savouring tantalizing flavors. With something to suit every taste and simple-to-follow instructions, there’s never been a better time to try raw, plant-based foods!

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Danielle Arsenault 119734000036610603 2017-01-19 17:41:30.858810 Cooking, Methods, Raw Food/Cooking, Vegetarian & Vegan/Cooking
Chasing a Butterfly: A journey in poems of love and loss to acceptance

Through the close-up lens of his heart, Herb Bryce takes us on a journey into the hazy world of the Alzheimer’s afflicted. He paints a loving and tender picture with words of his life and love, gently unravelling the pages from the spool of his soul. ~ Candice James, Poet Laureate Emerita, New Westminster, BC

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H. W. Bryce 119734000015361954 2017-01-19 17:22:59.543050 Poetry/Poetry, Subjects & Themes, Death, Grief, Loss/Poetry, Subjects & Themes, Family
Mouths Full Of Dawn

Mouths full of dawn is the first series of poetry from the author's Colors of the Millennium Collection. It is a collection of prose written in response to the social injustice and stigmatization of those who are marginalized and misplaced in society. This book explores many universal themes. Many of which include race, migration, family, mental illness, heartbreak, coming of age & self-love.

Mouths full of dawn serves as a guide on how to overcome unfavorable environments and situations through optimism and grace, whilst giving back hope to humanity.


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Angel Adu-Gyamfi 119734000037284005 2017-01-19 17:19:12.047330 Poetry, Canadian/Poetry/Social Science, Women's Studies
My Name is Agnes

At first glance, Agnes seems pretty normal. She loves running her café/bookstore, ‘Steamers and Dreamers’, where she’s adored by all her staff. She doesn’t have much family, but her Uncle Robin is always there when she needs him. She’s even got a nice little flirtation going on with a cute customer named Stuart. When evening rolls around, Agnes likes to go out for a drink or two with her friends. Okay, maybe more than one or two. What are you, her conscience?

But Agnes isn’t that normal at all. In the first place, she’s a witch, and in the second, she’s thousands of years old…and in the third, well, you know her Uncle Robin? He’s a shape-shifting bat. And Agnes has troubles. She had them back in Greek antiquity when her best friend married a prince that Agnes never really trusted. She’s got them today too. Remember that cute guy Stuart? Well he’s asked her to help him investigate a murder that she… umm…committed. In duelling story lines, set in ancient times and modern, Agnes grapples with problems so epic they could frazzle a witch to the point it could blow a witch’s mind or at least blow things up with her eyes. But don’t think that means Agnes won’t have time to fall in love…twice.

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Kelly Brookbank 119734000029108284 2017-01-19 17:15:31.732760 Fiction/Fiction, Romance, Paranormal/Fiction, Romance
The Widow Maker

Austin and Jan had a very busy life. Between running a ranch and raising three young children, there wasn't much time for anything else.

The one time that they did go to a rodeo, they met A.J.. He had been stay with friends of theirs, and wanting a job on a ranch, but still do some bull riding.

It was very different for A.J.. It didn't take long for him to become one of the family, and children loved spending time with him. It was the opposite of how he grew up. When A.J. overheard Austin's comment, he left without an explanation.

While he was gone, Austin and Jan finally got some good news, about the son they had been looking for, but the bad news was, what A.J. was about to do.

A.J. had gone south, into the USA, and there he worked on a ranch and also signed up to ride the rankest bulls on the rodeo circuit. His biggest prize would be when he rode "The Widow Maker." A.J. had saved his money and after riding the final bull, he planned to propose to the girl he loved, but thing didn't go as he hoped.

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Risel Buhler 119734000039173449 2017-01-19 17:08:42.241750 Fiction/Fiction, Romance/Fiction, Christian, Romance
Team Stryker Volume 001

Team Stryker Volume 001 collects the first five issues of the ground breaking webcomic, Team Stryker. Started as a webcomic in 2012, Team Stryker focuses on the adventures of four overly American soldiers Eagleheart, Deadeye, Casanova and V-Scope. In each issue Team Stryker faces off against deadly foes such a velociraptor in a lab coat or the dreaded hipster assassins known as The Hip Squad. Pages are added weekly to which is currently on its ninth issue.

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Andrew Grieve 119734000036223194 2017-01-19 16:57:08.155770 Comics & Graphic Novels, Superheroes/Comics & Graphic Novels, Crime & Mystery/Comics & Graphic Novels
Out of the Dark: Night paintings of Alfred Muma

OUT OF THE DARK captures the colourful interplay and beauty of the night-time colours seen in Alfred Muma’s paintings. Since Alfred’s first night painting experience on Rock Lake, Algonquin Park as a teen, he has found inspiration and delight in the lights, colours and forms of the world he sees by night.

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Alfred Muma 119734000005934216 2017-01-16 23:19:05.613540 Art, Canadian/Art, Subjects & Themes, Landscapes/Art, Individual Artists
Waiting For Chester

As an autobiography, “Waiting for Chester” relates the youthful adventures of the youngest member of an immigrant family. Arriving in Canada, from Europe in the early fifties and settling in an impoverished region of Hamilton Ontario, the author’s Family set forth to evolve a suitably comfortable lifestyle. The fateful coincidence of events that transpired through family, friends and fascinating acquaintances sends an innocently ignorant seven year old through an overwhelming journey toward maturity. This sometimes amusing cultivation toward adolescence proved ever more stimulating by his exposure to those magical high school years during the emergence of the Rock and Roll era. “Waiting for Chester” will remind us all of the chasteness of our youth and the morally wholesome side of our life.

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J. Kasper 119734000027161213 2017-01-12 17:20:03.331360 Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs/Biography & Autobiography/Biography & Autobiography, Cultural Heritage
Amanda's Choice

Amanda seems to have it all, beauty, brains, confidence and high goals. When a handsome rich Senator's son sweeps her off her feet and asks her to marry him she is at first reluctant but his charm and love for her wins her over. Their lives are very different but despite some misgivings by her family they plan their wedding and life together. Little did she know that she would end up being caught between two worlds of intrigue and become a pawn! Set in South East Florida during the 'Bay of Pigs' invasion and 'The Cuban Missile Crisis' the reader will get caught up in the intrigue and left wondering at the end who is right and who is wrong and did Amanda make the right choice?

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Rose Flowers 119734000001133318 2017-01-12 17:07:03.956420 Fiction, Historical/Fiction, Romance, Historical/Fiction, Romance, Suspense
The Little Boy From Jamaica: A Canadian History Story

To the young child holding this book in your hand.

Do you believe someone just like you could become a history maker? I believe you can. Read this story and discover how Devon, a little boy from Jamaica, became a Canadian history maker. You will see that anything is possible and that dreams can come true.

For Parents, Teachers and Everyone who cares for a Child

There’s nothing like the inspiration to be drawn from a story of someone overcoming challenges and achieving the impossible, especially when that story involves a child. And no example sings so loudly as this one, about a little black boy growing up in rural Jamaica without electricity or indoor plumbing who would go on to become Canada’s first-ever black Chief of Police.

In Devon Clunis’s inspiring tale, we find a shining illustration of how hope can lift a person above their conditions to the very height of their dreams. In the simple, welcoming language that ushers along this moving narrative, we learn about the simplicity of the life that marked Devon’s early years. When he was a little boy, Devon had no lights or power or running water in his house. Today, that same boy — now a man — holds an impressively prominent position in Canada’s law enforcement community and history.

Through Devon’s story, readers will learn that hard work, help from others, and a powerful belief in yourself, are all essential elements in achieving truly spectacular things. The potential for greatness resides in all of us, just as they did little Devon. If we can each capitalize on this immense gift to the best of our abilities, think how far we can go toward making our world a better place.

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Devon Clunis 119734000037359003 2017-01-12 17:04:33.736280 Juvenile Nonfiction, Social Issues, Emigration & Immigration/Juvenile Nonfiction, Social Issues, New Experience/Juvenile Nonfiction, Biography & Autobiography
Anya Unbound

While enjoying her new-found independence from the Polish orphanage in which she grew up, seventeen-year-old Anya is unwittingly sucked into the illicit world of sex trafficking when an acquaintance promises to help her get to America. Instead of arriving in New York to begin the new life she’s dreamed of, Anya is sold to men on the very ship she thought would take her to freedom.

Held captive in a shipping container with other girls, and destined for the sex trade, Anya jumps at the chance to escape. With the help of her friend Kazia, Anya escapes and dives into the Teslin River amid a hail of bullets, emerging into the forest and an uncertain future.

When Sean sees a figure in the woods on Pike Lake Road, he’s not sure whether it’s friend or foe. After all, the Yukon is a notorious hiding place for criminals trying to evade the law. But he certainly isn’t expecting the dishevelled, traumatized young woman who brandishes a stick at him from the edge of the trees.

Sean and his girlfriend, Reina, begin the slow process of coaxing Anya out of her shell. By God’s grace, Sean and Reina believe she will heal and come to know the life God intends for her to live.

But survivor’s guilt lays heavy on Anya, and they are not yet safe from the sex traffickers, who feverishly continue the search for their escaped cargo. Will courage, perseverance, and the power of prayer be enough to set Anya truly free?

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Dan Carruthers 119734000017516038 2017-01-11 17:23:21.496680 Fiction, Christian, Suspense/Fiction, Thrillers, Suspense/Fiction, Holidays
Understanding Surfaces

An intriguing appreciation of surfaces all around us and what they make possible in our world is presented here. Basic mathematical concepts present the role of surface and volume in everyday life through an abundance of examples of application ranging across technology, the natural world and the functioning of the human body.

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Lorne Lulashnyk 119734000016510290 2017-01-11 17:19:43.611730 Science/Science, Applied Sciences/Science, Physics
The Far Side of a Dead Beat Dad

As a former member of the United States Army Special Forces, David Bryson lived by the motto “De oppresso liber,” a Latin phrase that means “to free from oppression” or “to liberate the oppressed.” Little did he realize that, years later, he would be fighting to liberate not others but himself from an unjust governmental system.

Slapped with a bill for over $23,000 in allegedly unpaid child support— a charge based solely on his ex-wife’s testimony—Bryson refused to pay. As a result, his passport was taken away, his wages garnished, his vehicle seized and sold at auction, and his multiple attempts to refute his ex-wife’s charges denied. Years later, he refuses to surrrender, which means he is still unable to leave the country, own property, or earn a living.

Fed up with the systematic fraud and perjury he claims he has encountered throughout the justice system in El Dorado County, California, which has jurisdiction over his case, Bryson has finally decided to take matters into his own hands. In this book, he has published his side of the story, candidly and uneditied, including accompanying legal documentation. By doing so, he hopes not only to hold the County of El Dorado accountable for withholding justice in his case but also to prevent other alleged “deadbeat dads” like him from being presumed guilty before they have a chance to prove their innocence.

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David Bryson 119734000026204017 2017-01-11 17:14:09.190110 Biography & Autobiography, Military/Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs/History, Military, Special Forces
Prairie Grass and Other Leaves: Short Stories from the Midwest Plains

Midwest prairie grass has many leaves and many moods, and each of the sixteen short stories of this collection graphically conveys the challenge, pathos, and beauty evoked by that dramatic setting. “Prairie Voices” speaks through the voices of early pioneers, while “Songs of Experience” adapts Blake’s poems to contemporary gender relationships. “What is Unspoken” transforms the prairies into a surreal and terrifying world, where yet humor might just — just might —surface. “Places of the Heart” discovers those secret places in which the spirit may find home, not in a barren landscape, but one teeming with life, growth, and revelation. A richly varied series in its detailed setting and imagery, deeply satisfying in its in-depth depiction of characters and fast-moving narrative.

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Laurel Means 119734000025913710 2017-01-11 16:23:13.924040 Fiction, Short Stories (Single Author)/Fiction, Cultural Heritage/Fiction, Historical
Running On Empty: How my Wife and I Overcame Infertility

A frank, compelling memoir detailing one couple’s arduous route to trying to get pregnant and their navigation of the options available to them. Running On Empty is also a study in playing the cards you are dealt without succumbing to self-pity or despair and examining, in a mindful way, an aspect of life that many folks take for granted—procreation.

Informative and insightful with its intent, this is the sharing of first-hand experiences that helped develop an acute sense for human motivation, reaction, and determination—something that will help readers navigate, or at least better predict, the rough emotional waters ahead of them.

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L. Nathaniel 119734000036048279 2017-01-11 16:15:57.562790 Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs/Health & Fitness, Infertility/Family & Relationships