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A story of Daisy, a loveable guinea pig, and her second adventure into the outside world. When her family decides to take a cruise, Daisy is in for unexpected adventures!

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Elliott I Greenspan 119734000017294611 2016-02-05 20:14:42.938120 Juvenile Fiction/Juvenile Fiction, Animals, Pets
Prepare the Way for Him: Removing the obstacles in ourselves and in the Church

What are some of the obstacles to the Lord’s fuller presence in ourselves and in the Church?

How might I be compromising His presence?

Are there behaviour patterns in our church that inhibit His work?

Through a series of questions and reflections, Prepare the Way for Him takes a short but sweeping look at some basic human and spiritual issues.

Written in a concise, engaging style, the booklet is designed to stimulate personal reflection and corporate discussion on how we can better honour Him and grow the Church.

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Katherine de Vos 119734000028760913 2016-02-05 20:10:41.389740 Religion, Christian Ministry/Religion, Philosophy/Religion, Christianity
Taking into Account the Extraordinary

Extraordinary science, according to Thomas Kuhn, is about the unexpected in science. While it eventually generates a new paradigm, it often starts out with an unexplained fact. The problem for the scientific community is how to deal with unexpected facts in a truly scientific manner. Sometimes we have to wait for a genius to come along and fix the problem. This book is about an extraordinary fact established by Stephen Phillips about a correlation between known facts about the elements of the periodic table and the clairvoyant observations made by Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater who claimed to be able to “see” atoms. You are not asked to believe this seemingly bizarre fact. No. Instead, you are asked consider how the scientific community should deal with it. Obviously, the correlation should be examined to see if it is reasonable. You can do that by reading Phillips’ book. But what if the correlation turns out to be “reasonable?” What then? Do we take a “what-if-it-is-true” approach and look for more evidence that it is valid or invalid? Do we look at the paradigm suggested by Phillips? You decide and post your answer on my blog, if you wish.

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Ronald D. Cowen 119734000027042093 2016-02-05 20:03:14.612130 Science/Science, Philosophy & Social Aspects/Science, Physics, Atomic & Molecular
Mount A Teaches

Mount Allison University has consistently been ranked among the leading undergraduate universities in Canada over the last two decades. How does a small-town university with a population of just 2,500 students achieve such outstanding successes year after year? According to Dr. Louise Wasylkiw and Dr. Jennifer L. Tomes, it is the exceptional quality of teaching that makes ‘Mount A’ truly stand out from the crowd.

In this volume, Wasylkiw and Tomes have assembled essays from across disciplines that examine the diversity of pedagogical methods and philosophies that instructors currently employ to give Mount A students a modern, critical, and conscientious education experience. Arranged around the themes of course conceptualization, targeted teaching techniques, and going beyond performance assessments to measure students’ outcomes, the contributors’ essays range widely in scope. Their collective theme, however, is the depth and breadth of the high quality of teaching offered at Mount A.

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Louise Wasylkiw 119734000019878701 2016-02-05 19:59:28.443050 Education, Higher/Education, Teaching Methods & Materials/Education, Essays
Serving With Pride in the Public Eye: A Story About Striving for Success in Local Government

This book is about the difficulty of serving in local government. It’s about finding meaning in public service and developing a deep sense of pride in making a difference to the well being of our communities. I wrote this book to provide hope and guidance to my colleagues in administration and their political partners as they work through difficult times and climb over tremendous obstacles.

It is a true story that shows what can be achieved when we are prepared to lead, when we instill a sense of urgency in the workplace culture, when we act to become part of the solution and not part of the problem, when we encourage people to have fun in the workplace, when we show people we truly care about them as human beings, when we reach out to solve contentious issues without the traditional adversarial techniques, when we become accessible as managers to clients, staff and City Councillors and when we tirelessly seek to communicate from the top to the bottom and across the silos through to the clients and back again to Council. It provides important insights on how to manage the complex and often strained relationship between administration and elected officials. It shows what can be achieved when we work as a team regardless of our administrative or political roles towards shared goals.

It’s about striving for success, not as a goal, but as a journey that never ends.

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Randy Diehl 119734000025471377 2016-02-05 19:53:30.796200 Political Science, Public Affairs & Administration/Political Science, Political Process, Leadership/Political Science, Government, Local
You Belong To Me

You Belong to Me, is the story of a little girl who questions the love of her parents, and goes on a journey to find out the “real reason” why they love her.

She is convinced it is because of her accomplishments and sets out to be the best at everything she does. In doing so, she literally exhausts herself trying to be good enough. Her father sees her striving hard for approval and worth, and reassures his daughter that they love her simply because she belongs to them.

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Cheryl Ettinger-Neal 119734000024402742 2016-02-04 22:13:20.002720 Juvenile Nonfiction, Family, Parents/Juvenile Nonfiction, Family/Family & Relationships, Parenting
Life is an Empty Dream

A young girl growing up in a small country town in England becomes attracted to an older popular man, and before she realised it she was too involved to break free. When she finally sees it was not the relationship that was good for her, she can see no way out without hurting the family she loved and marries the man. She left him after having two children, her life takes many twists and turns and she emigrates to Canada. She hopes that any young girl reading her story will realise that you have to be strong and not be afraid to tell someone when things are not right in a relationship. It took a long time, but the children came to Canada and re-united with their mother.

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Joy Hamill 119734000023674373 2016-02-04 22:02:23.311830 Biography & Autobiography/Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs/Family & Relationships
Passion Driven Profession

Many people spend more time planning their vacations than they do planning a career, but we only spend two weeks on holidays and a lifetime working. Sadly, statistics show that eighty percent of people in the workplace are unsatisfied with what they do for a living. Finding a fulfilling career is one of the most challenging decisions that you can make. Whether you’re a student who’s still unclear on career goals or someone who’s already in the workplace and unhappy where you are, Passion-Driven Profession offers an outline for your path to success. You’ll learn to clarify your goals, identify the natural strengths and abilities that will make you employable, and determine occupations that offer potential for personal fulfillment. With its insightful perspectives and much practical, hands-on advice about how to focus on and move toward employment goals, Passion Driven Profession offers an opportunity to invest in yourself and begin the career of your dreams. The secret to success is closer than you think!

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Denise Conway 119734000012477059 2016-02-04 21:59:47.640100 Business & Economics, Careers, Job Hunting/Business & Economics, Careers/Business & Economics, Motivational
Mr. Squeaks and Pugsy

Mr. Squeaks and Pugsy is a story about a quiet squirrel "Mr. Squeaks", who has kept to himself, and enjoys his seclusion. His world is turned upside down when he is befriended by a little alien he has named "Pugsy". The two have a hard time getting used to each other, until they one day figure a way to overcome each others differences.

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Danny Gillies 119734000026365382 2016-02-04 00:00:44.070820 Juvenile Fiction/Juvenile Fiction, Animals, Squirrels/Juvenile Fiction, Animals
Umbrella May

Umbrella May, is a glimpse of April's imagination. April loves the beauty of nature. As she talks to her Mother about her feelings, her Mother can see and understands.

When reading this small tale, you can use your imagination to see and think of all the beautiful things around us, that could be a "name".

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Margaret Anne Barrance 119734000024934401 2016-02-03 23:52:20.218880 Juvenile Fiction, Family, Parents/Juvenile Fiction, Imagination & Play/Juvenile Fiction, Girls & Women
Uncomplicated Tuscan Cooking: Cucina Semplice Toscana

An innate love of all things culinary, a multicultural upbringing, and immersion training in both Firenze and Venezia, Italy has breathed life into this collection of simple yet exquisite recipes that anyone can master and enjoy. With a focus on the freshest ingredients, and by using time-honored, straightforward techniques, you will be transported to the Tuscan region in Italy through its tantalizing aromas and flavors. From appetizers and salads to main dishes and desserts, the authors invite you into their kitchen and share the stories and inspiration behind the recipes. Read and discover for yourself the power of eating well to live the good life—the classic Italian way!

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Luis Somoza 119734000015539443 2016-02-03 23:30:44.811160 Cooking, Regional & Ethnic, Italian/Cooking, Regional & Ethnic, Mediterranean/Health & Fitness, Diet & Nutrition
The Boy From Meadow Lake

In this book the author traces his life and that of his family from his parents arrival in 1917 in Meadow Lake, Sask., ranching and farming, his childhood and education, and then his progression through many jobs and careers spanning nearly five decades. He also recounts in detail his three marriages and his three children and their very important roles in making his life worthwhile. His wife of 37 years, Phyllis, was the quiet force that kept the family calm and maintained high standards for morals and manners, learning and loving. His story mixes events from his life and work experiences, many happy, some sad, but mostly interesting and often funny.

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J. Elmer Benoit 119734000025635295 2016-02-03 23:27:52.372490 Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs/Family & Relationships/History, Canada
How to Dance with the Universe: Optimism with Open Eyes

Does fear of failure hold you back? Do you feel helpless in the face of setbacks and obstacles? Would you like to have the courage and optimism to follow your dreams, and the fortitude to accept that some dreams are not meant to be achieved? To ‘dance with the Universe’ is to understand your part in the harmony of existence. It is to understand the power you wield as a conscious and adaptable member of the universal chorus. Let Goran Spasa be your partner and he will lead you in this dance to a more satisfying, dynamic future.

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Goran Spasa 119734000023715219 2016-02-03 23:24:53.049650 Self-Help, Personal Growth/Philosophy, Mind & Body/Self-Help, Motivational & Inspirational
Your Hands Are All Squishy, Grandma!: Within the grasp of two generations, a lifetime of learning and love.

Illustrated with pictures of young and old hands, Granma shares her life experiences with little Joey and explains how her hands got all “squishy” from living, learning, and loving. “Squishy Hands” is a testimony to the beauty of aging and the special bond between grandparents and grandchildren. Share it with your grandchild—it can start the conversation you’ve always wanted to have with him or her.

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Barbara Mosier Smythe 119734000023076862 2016-02-02 23:59:33.119240 Juvenile Fiction/Juvenile Fiction, Family/Juvenile Fiction, Family, Multigenerational
Both Sides of the Bed: Memoirs of a Retired Nurse

Both Sides of the Bed is the story of Annette Boyd Bryant, a career nurse who survived two battles with breast cancer and also fell victim to a stroke. This memoir is an account of her life and experiences, going from saving lives to considering taking her own, from health care professional to patient, and back. It’s an insight into the world of health care from both perspectives. It’s the story of her adjusting to her new normal. It’s the story of her triumph and her will. Both Sides of the Bed is the inspiring story of a woman who fought tooth and nail to keep her own life, so she could use it to help others keep theirs.

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Annette B. Bryant 119734000016342523 2016-02-02 23:57:07.554700 Biography & Autobiography, Medical/Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs/Medical, Nursing

In an attempt to fulfill an important mission to save an entire civilization, three planetary federation spaceships take off from the Algol Solar System.

Due to a failure in the solar reactors, one of the spaceships is forced down and directed toward the Planet Earth, descending in the land of the Mayas and concurring with the historical time of the Spanish conquest.

The extraterrestrial visitors have the opportunity to share time with the Mayans and discover that the solution to the problem that afflicts their civilization is in the knowledge of the Mayans themselves.

They bear witness to the heroism of the race and the atrocities of the Spanish conquest. Aware of this they decide to save at least a small part of the Mayan people

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Guillermo Bendana G. 119734000026627852 2016-02-02 23:51:47.413730 Fiction, Science Fiction/Fiction, Science Fiction, Space Opera/Fiction, Alternative History
Back to Life: One woman’s inspiring triumph over a series of terminal diagnoses

Kathy McLaughlin was a senior corporate executive when she learned she had Hodgkins Lymphoma. She survived, only to learn years later that her cancer had returned — but this time, it was accompanied by a terminal autoimmune liver disease. Neither disease was treatable because of the presence of the other. Told by her doctors “there is nothing we can do,” she refused to give up. Instead, she took charge of her own healing project, applying the leadership skills she had perfected in her corporate career to the business of self-preservation. Enduring all manner of indignities through a comedy of medical errors, she miraculously survives near-fatal chemotherapy, life-threatening surgery, liver failure and ultimately, two gruelling liver transplant operations.

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Kathy McLaughlin 119734000012264501 2016-02-02 23:48:58.344130 Biography & Autobiography, Medical/Body, Mind & Spirit, Healing/Health & Fitness, Diseases, Cancer
Honesty's Travesty

When astute Jack Malone accepts a promotion that finds him investigating his colleagues’ financial dealings, he does so with reluctance. He uncovers several situations that, while benefiting the company to the tune of millions of dollars, lose him the trust of one close friend and many others. Fortunately he meets Mary Meier, a competent and very attractive secretary, at one of the company’s divisions, and they quickly embark on a deep and passionate relationship.

As events unfold, Jack’s respect for his boss’s motives deteriorates. Agonizing over his own participation in the unpleasant outcomes of his new work, he struggles to deal with the repercussions of his professional prowess which continue to affect his valued friends and associates.

Join Jack Malone in his very personal experiences of professional life as he tours North American locations to enjoy fine food, drink and sumptuous surroundings as well as rough and tumble work sites and the unexpected comfort of homespun rural life.

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Arthur O.R. Thormann 119734000022543169 2016-01-29 20:01:08.947280 Fiction, Romance, Adult/Fiction/Fiction, Romance
Rediscovering the Immune System as an Integrated Organ

The mainstream view of the immune system is concerned with molecular and cellular details resulting in a picture of immense complexity. Many immunologists live with this complexity, hoping that a series of breakthroughs will eventually add up to a greater insight.

However, the forest is ignored for the trees and a ‘Systems Approach’ is vital for a better understanding. Peter Bretscher develops here a unique perspective on how the immune system functions as an integrated organ, by taking account of observations and concepts at the ‘level of system’ that are often half forgotten or ignored.

A colleague, on reading this book, wrote: “Those who have followed Peter’s work these past 50 years will recognize this book for what it really is — a rare achievement, a scientific masterpiece. It is a must read for all those Immunologists and Clinicians who want to find effective immunological cures for the many debilitating health issues that confront us. Peter Bretscher has produced a lucid and logical exposition of the rules governing how the adaptive immune system responds to all foreign antigens whether bacterial, viral or modifications of the self, which emerge in cancer or autoimmune conditions. This book is a testament to Louis Pasteur’s dictum that there is no applied science, just the application of basic science.”

Rediscovering the Immune System is written in a jargon-free and accessible style. This personal perspective is an ideal guide to the immune system for students, researchers and the engaged, general reader alike.

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Peter Bretscher 119734000024520837 2016-01-29 19:57:52.492460 Medical, Immunology/Science, Life Sciences, Biology, Molecular Biology/Science, History
The Amazing Adventures on Turtle Pond

Summer is an exciting time on Turtle Pond. What adventures will one family of turtles — Daddy Burtle, Mummy Myrtle, Hurtle, and Squirtle — have together? From a close encounter with a dangerous bird, a day out at the spa to a scary storm and a talent show at school, life on the pond is always busy! Young readers will enjoy these fun stories while they discuss interesting questions, learn important lessons, and discover new vocabulary.

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Margaret Wells 119734000023860759 2016-01-28 18:07:40.827050 Juvenile Fiction, Animals, Turtles/Juvenile Fiction, Readers, Beginner/Juvenile Fiction, Short Stories