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UNITED NATIONS DETECTIVE WILLIAM HORNER and his partner, Dr. Arthur Bradbury, are sent on a mission to an Antarctic research base with only the most mysterious of briefs: “SEEDS.” Also travelling to meet the bizarre cast of cabin-fevered superscientists is billionaire agriculturalist Jim Mountcrest, a man with single-minded determination, unlimited resources, and questionable morals and motivations. Horner, Bradbury, and Mountcrest arrive at a base paralyzed by the possibilities presented by an incredible scientific discovery, one that has the potential to be an untold benefit or an untold danger to humanity. And then people start dying. And the seeds disappear. Horner and Bradbury are stuck with the impossible task of finding the seeds and the killer – or killers – before they disappear forever, in a place where even the janitors keep deadly secrets, and everything, even the earth itself, seems to want them dead. Seeds is a mysterious, tense, and claustrophobic thriller set in one of the world’s most intriguing and dangerous locations. It’s the third book in the exciting William Horner Conflicts series.

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Allan V. Cotter 119734000035706473 2016-10-24 20:53:07.701560 Fiction, Science Fiction, Adventure/Fiction, Action & Adventure/Fiction, Mystery & Detective

Don’t play with matches! Don’t be a bully! Don’t steal! Mind your manners!

I recall when I was about twelve years old and my little sister and I were told to go to bed. Of course, we were never tired at bedtime, so it was highly entertaining to conjure up stories out of my head to either scare her so bad that she couldn’t go to sleep, or make her laugh until she cried. She loved those bedtime stories, so I wrote this book of short stories to give to my grandchildren. Stories that would not only make them laugh, but could possibly be used as a tool to teach them right from wrong and how to stay out of trouble.

At a very young age, children tend to be extremely trusting and vulnerable and unfortunately the world is not the safe place they think it is. “Look before you leap,” my father always said. I imagine that particular saying is still used today. Hopefully the stories in this book will encourage youngsters to think about what they do before they do it.

Welcome to Sticksville.

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Jacqueline Scheer 119734000029563281 2016-10-24 20:44:56.802150 Juvenile Fiction, Fairy Tales & Folklore/Juvenile Fiction, Legends, Myths, Fables/Juvenile Fiction, School & Education
Ultimate Health: Finding It

Western health related industries employ more people, consume more money, and have more dependent adherents than any other activity involving the entire population. Since the early 1900s, life expectancy at birth has increased from about 50 years to the low 80s. However, not all interventions have been effective, and many have caused harm. Trendy dogmas commonly drive health practices. We are bombarded with fearful risks of epidemics, encouraged to undergo screening for risks of cancer or heart disease, or advised to take treatment to prevent illnesses. Institutions and caregivers prescribe interventions which may not be the most appropriate or effective, and some are harmful. Do health and wholeness primarily depend on the health industry? The author and his patients’ stories suggest that living well and dying well requires reflection and personal choices. To make informed choices we need better access to more reliable information and we need truly interactive relationships with care-givers.

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Clarence A Guenter 119734000034347293 2016-10-24 20:13:16.714610 Health & Fitness, Health Care Issues/Medical, Health Care Delivery/Medical, Physician & Patient
Whispers and Shadows

WHISPERS AND SHADOWS is the story of Ahlam, a Moroccan girl, who finds herself living an identity crisis in a culture that privileges boys over girls. Amid the chaos, Ahlam tries to navigate her ways in her turbulent surroundings, with all the injustice that is crippling her senses and making her starve for love and continuous validation from her parents and family. Throughout her tender life, Ahlam has fought hard to remain visible and worthy. From childhood to adult life, Ahlam struggles to fulfil her dreams by working hard to create her little paradise. When Ahlam meets her soulmate, things go from bad to worse. But despite it all, Ahlam is adamant to change her world, along with her destiny, to make a life for herself, no matter the cost. Will her love for a man, an infidel to her parents, conquer the impossible and lead her to new beginnings? WHISPERS AND SHADOWS is a story full of murmurs from a broken past that is hard to bury and impossible to forget.

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Najat Sinclair-Benrbia 119734000032094412 2016-10-21 23:00:08.238630 Fiction, Biographical/Fiction, Coming Of Age/Fiction, Contemporary Women
Side Effects: A Nurse's Journey Through Secondary Traumatic Stress

Side Effects is a memoir of a nurse’s journey through Secondary Traumatic Stress (STS) toward a renewed sense of physical, mental and spiritual well being. It provides an insider perspective on how STS can accumulate over time affecting both professional and personal aspects of a person’s life. Similar in many ways to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), STS can leave sufferers emotionally withdrawn, depressed, angry and feeling hopeless. This loss of quality of life not only affects the individual, but their families and friends as well.

Secondary Traumatic Stress is a potential outcome for anyone witnessing and/or treating the trauma or suffering of others. Professionals such as nurses, doctors, first responders (police, firefighters, emergency medical technicians and paramedics) as well as lawyers, child welfare workers, correctional officers and informal caregivers are all at risk. But STS does not need to be a life sentence. Overcoming traumatic stress is possible and can even be transformational as this heartwarming and sometimes humorous story about hope and healing suggests.

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D.B. Wright 119734000031239309 2016-10-21 22:55:44.885250 Biography & Autobiography, Medical/Medical, Nursing, Reference/Self-Help, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Moments That Blink Back: Tips and Triggers for Joyful Purpose

When we listen, life is speaking constantly, profoundly, and intelligently in its every detail. Becoming aware, feeling beyond the coffee cup, tree or the morning light develops a new set of lens, transforming routine habit into joy-filled meaning. These moment’s wink at us, beckon us to open our hearts – dare us to respond in kind. And when we do, we discover a moment full of love, a feast of insight and a new consciousness for the neighbour and the pansy.

What are the “how to’s” for living well with joyful purpose? What sparks our spirituality? And what will bring us home before the sun goes down? This collection of writings is about taking the dare and winking back.

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Augusta 119734000028193153 2016-10-21 22:31:45.474040 Self-Help, Motivational & Inspirational/Religion, Spirituality/Philosophy, Religious
Joseph, Husband of the Immaculate Mary

In today’s universal crisis of marriage and family, this profound Josephological book contains sixteen well researched chapters. Four of these chapters deal with the Covenant of Love between Joseph of Nazareth and the Blessed Virgin Mary. The book has also five chapters on the supernatural fatherhood of Joseph, the Righteous Man and Savior of the life of the Savior of the World. Joseph, after the Heavenly Father, is the Best Exemplar to all heads of family and teaches them how to be the faithful husbands, defenders, protectors and providing fathers of their families. This book’s concluding chapter, “The New Song of the Immaculate Conception,” is exceptionally unique, challenging and inspirational. Another unique feature of the present work is the Annotated Bibliography. This section gives the readers an insightful paragraph about each of the book’s thirty-five entries that had inspired the author to write this and also previous two books of his St Joseph Trilogy. All three books were brought to light by FriesenPress!

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J. Ivan Prcela 119734000030870580 2016-10-21 22:08:23.047550 Religion, Christianity, Catholic/Religion, Christian Education, Adult/Religion, Essays
America Tattwamasi

America Tattwamasi is a unique mix of religion, politics and spirituality, expressed in poems trying to fathom the depth of philosophy, surrounding our life and the universe. Most importantly, it has offered a wonderful vision of looking at America, the only superpower on earth, by perusing its national character from the perspective of the Upanishadic doctrine, based on the ‘Universality of Spirit’. Truly speaking, America Tattwamasi is a revolutionary outburst of a Hindu heart (since the author has identified himself as a Hindu in one of his poems) that dares identify America with fundamental principles and ideals of the Upanishads and the Bhagavadgita. Not least, it goes to the extent of describing this country as the only de facto Hindu State on earth. Perhaps much to the consternation of the entire world, it further segues into the proposition that America be formally declared a Hindu State. Meantime, by incorporating a poem entitled ‘Kalopanishad’, the author seems to have dared make a bold attempt at redefining and reinventing major religions of the world, virtually in keeping with changed realities of the 21st century. Specially, the mordant criticism this book has reserved for the anomalies and distortions that have plagued major religions, is unusually dauntless and intrepid. Trenchant discomfort expressed about some of the policies of incumbent administration — that the author believes have sapped America’s confidence — has added to the piquancy of the book. Replete with exquisite flavor of patriotism and philosophy, America Tattwamasi is indeed an echo of Emerson and Whitman combined.

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Ramesh Sharma 119734000036149901 2016-10-21 21:33:59.855110 Poetry/Poetry, Inspiration & Religious/Poetry, American
The Pale Murphys

A New Beginning The Sterling family’s re-location from the big city promised a renewed foundation. An inspired photographer, his bestselling author bride, and their three young children have moved into the old Murphy house. It would seem, however, that the energy that existed from the conflicted and ill-fated Murphy family, may still exist and possess the house, as well as, its grand property. A New Challenge With the sudden illness of their eldest child, Richard, The Sterling’s struggle to cope with their son’s attitude while they begin to endure strange occurrences throughout the entire household. Tragically, Richard’s condition worsens and eventually leads to a horrific discovery in the basement of the house which leaves the fifteen year old unresponsive and suddenly lost to the tangled family. A New Direction While their son fights for his life in a comatose state, the Sterling clan face financial difficulties. The activity in their home and around their property increases and now, they demand some answers. Extensive research leads the patriarch of the family, Donald, to believe that the series of unfortunate events are the responsibility of only one. A New Concern As the family unravels, the Sterling’s request professional assistance to quell the demons that clearly exist in the house. An evil that seems to have taken up residence within another. But is it too late? It would appear as if the “freak show” has succeeded in ripping the hopeful family apart, once and for all. From the author of 232 Birch, a real paranormal depiction, Steven Blackwell brings you the emotional and horrific account of the Sterling family and the many adversaries that they face by the hands of The Pale Murphys.

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Steven Blackwell 119734000027923782 2016-10-21 21:21:30.375380 Fiction, Ghost/Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal/Fiction
An Individual's Innocence: The Silent Screams

From a tough life, Charles tells the story of abuse and bad choices to Tammy, his counsellor. Returning back to see Tammy three years later after being diagnosed with Schizophrenia, Charles has changed his attitude towards her and his life. With all the extremes that his life has been, Charles survives with only emotional scars. Look through the eye's of someone who lives undiagnosed with Schizophrenia.

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James G. Yeo 119734000030020283 2016-10-21 21:16:45.835040 Fiction, Psychological/Fiction, Medical/Fiction, Religious
In Pieces in the Plaza

What chance is there really that sent on its way, a book of poems will have a sizable audience? Poets, poets like Rick Hilber, should and do want the quest for such an audience. Their quest is for the book length collection of poems written for the person who will read it in one sitting, or finish it soon thereafter, maybe even because they felt compelled to do so. There is indeed a great prospect of this for you the reader of poetry in this collection. The first audience for a poem or a collection of poems is the poet himself or herself. This is definitely true of this poet who is passionate about making the poetry collection hold together and have a life of its own. “I can not promise you a book you can not put down or feel compelled to finish even; but I can shoot the moon and want that very thing for my poetry.” This collection will not disappoint, and it promises to be a resource for you the reader for its reflection, meditation, and contemplation of what is required to stay in the moment and to live life deliberately and with appreciation for life itself.

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Richard J. (Rick) Hilber 119734000028762818 2016-10-21 21:10:14.369540 Poetry/Poetry, American/Poetry, Subjects & Themes
The Baby Who Started a Revolution

The story of a strange land, where smiling and laughter are outlawed. The only music permitted is "The Blues." Soon everyone in the kingdom is miserable. Then, one day the queen has a new baby daughter, who starts a series of events which bring about dramatic changes. This is a story about the power of attitude. A glossary of terms is included to help the reader explain words with which the audience may not be familiar.

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Phil Renzoni 119734000034398222 2016-10-21 21:05:48.415850 Juvenile Fiction, Action & Adventure/Juvenile Fiction, Fairy Tales & Folklore/Juvenile Fiction, Social Issues
Behind These Doors Chanting Hare Krishna

This is the author’s third volume of collected poetry and falls under the category of religious verse, yet many poems talk about the fate of women in society and what happens when innocent girls fall by the wayside. The last narrative poem, entitled “The Monks of Saint Mark’s Street”, is actually inspired by Keats’ fragment by the name of “St. Mark’s Eve”, which he did not finish before his death. She wrote these poems with strong misgivings about the ethical state of societies today, superficial media culture and materialism, pornography, and female sexual harassment. Other poems are meant to praise God and Creation, and a number of them are about friendship.

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Alice Miaolian Baskous 119734000013369773 2016-10-21 14:42:53.534110 Poetry/Poetry, American/Poetry, Subjects & Themes, Women Authors
Portrait of a Public Servant: Autobiographical Sketches and Reflections

This book is the personal memoir of G.A. (Gerry) Thompson. It traces his early life and outlines his career in civil engineering, urban planning and public administration, through various and progressively more responsible positions with the Ontario Government and the Regional Municipality of Waterloo, where as Chief Administrative Officer, he was awarded the Ontario Lt. Governor’s Medal of Distinction for Excellence in Public Administration. The book also describes assignments in Kenya and the Middle East. Gerry’s substantial ongoing involvement in Academia and a record of making things happen, culminated in his appointment as an Associate Vice President of the University of Waterloo. Gerry has been sought out as a speaker, commentator and board member. Gerry’s extensive community involvement, together with life and career experiences, have prompted reflections on Canada, faith and life’s lessons.

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G.A. (Gerry) Thompson 119734000025160214 2016-10-20 22:51:48.361060 Biography & Autobiography/Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs/Biography & Autobiography, Reference
Keep Santa Monica Clean: A Westside Noir

New to LA and fresh off his first spec sale, a screenwriter sits alone at Cabana, a bar in Santa Monica, California. Through a cloud of cigarette smoke, he spies a girl. Their eyes meet and they connect instantly.

If the screenwriter’s story were to end on this moment, it would have a happy ending.

Alas, shit happens as it is wont to do and four years later, a storm is brewing over Hollywood. Cyber-attacks are decimating the studio system, exposing the secrets of everyone within it.

The screenwriter—now a disaffected entertainment news blogger—unwinds with a whiskey in Cabana after a day spent investigating the hacks.

That is, until Grace Chase—the girl from four years prior, now the star of television’s Vampire Queen—requests his help when she’s blackmailed with incriminating photos.

He’s reluctant to oblige. But Grace needs him and he’s powerless to deny her, embarking on an odyssey across Los Angeles that will have him questioning everything about the girl he once knew and the industry that’s defined his life.

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Pasha Adam 119734000030539031 2016-10-19 14:29:51.066140 Fiction, Noir/Fiction, Mystery & Detective, Hard-Boiled/Fiction, Crime
American Asshole

"Working to live or living to work? How about neither?

As an office worker wallowing in a mediocre middle class existence, I’m

giving you the opportunity to give me the opportunity of a better one.

If you’re asking how this is possible and wondering how you can help, ask

and wonder no longer. I come bearing answers. My goal is to crowdfund

one million dollars. And all I ask of you is a donation of two dollars or more. Donate to me today so I can live the life you wish you were living tomorrow. My name is River Conway and I approve this message.

— River Conway, “Save an A$$hole”

River Conway grew up believing a lie, the lie that you can be anything you want to be as long as you put your mind to it. After losing his twenties to an office cubicle in the middle of nowhere, River reaches breaking point and launches a self-aware crowdfunding campaign asking for one million dollars, embarking on a journey that has him ricocheting between the sublime and the ridiculous.

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Pasha Adam 119734000030057883 2016-10-19 14:28:09.313820 Fiction/Fiction, Literary/Fiction, Satire
Miracle In The Bay

It may seem impossible, but Alexandra Love Berry will have you belly

laughing your way through her true story of severe abuse, neglect, incest, multiple suicide attempts, and alcohol-infused relationship disasters.

She describes causes and effects of her post-traumatic stress disorder and how they culminated in her own reaffirming, gunshot-induced miracle. Love Berry offers you a bumpy ride that takes you from the bleakness of self-loathing to the splendor of spiritual triumph and true love. Get on board--you'll be glad you did.

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Alexandra Love Berry 119734000028951547 2016-10-17 17:16:00.566350 Self-Help, Abuse/Self-Help, Motivational & Inspirational/Family & Relationships, Abuse, Child Abuse
Madness, Addiction & Love

“Sometimes a grave is not for bodies. It can be for the soul. The tomb of our fate. That forbidding fateful soul contract. For most of my life I have had weighty concerns & fears of living in madness, addiction & love. I either had too much or not enough of all three. I’d hear, ‘I love you’, then be beaten within a second for my next breath. I was on pins and needles constantly. Survival became a daily prayer. By 13, I was on booze, by 36, I was on my knees begging to a higher power to help me end it all. The day is Oct 7th, 1991. I have no idea how that prayer is going to be answered. I am about to find out what real madness is, learn about addiction and find love through letting go and finally in death. You are about to take a wild journey with me. Hang on, you will laugh out loud, hold your breath, allow tears to flow. You will come to know that no matter what life throws at us, we are all whole, holy.”

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Lilly White 119734000032769241 2016-10-17 17:07:41.969630 Family & Relationships, Family Relationships/Self-Help, Motivational & Inspirational/Self-Help, Personal Growth
As I Remember it

Viola grew up strong willed, challenging herself to succeed while enjoying a good sense of humour, a love of children, an eye for beauty and nature. She received her education in Manitoba Schools, University of Manitoba, in Laval Quebec, and after retirement she proceeded to study Fine Arts in Texas and Arizona. Encouraged by her husband Joseph Dufresne and family, they were very proud of her achievements. Her finest moments of her career were the 34 years teaching children. "As I Remember It" is a five year recount (1934-39) through the eyes of a child as to how a family survived the Dirty Thirties.

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Viola Dufresne 119734000030476978 2016-10-17 16:47:08.746810 Biography & Autobiography/History, Canada/History
Secrets of the Span: Lions Gate Renewed

Lilia D'Acres, Lieutenant Governor Award's winner for 'Lions Gate' has written the second story of the bridge, highlighting the dishonouring of First Nations in the building process. The Lions Gate bridge refurbishment remains a world feat in Engineering. The brain child of Buckland and Taylor it extended bridge life and innovated bridge design.

A story of intelligence and imagination it honours the First Nations and the first class engineers.

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Lilia D'Acres 119734000025622759 2016-10-17 16:37:24.260380 Technology & Engineering, Civil, Bridges/Technology & Engineering/Architecture, Buildings, Landmarks & Monuments