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In this new heart-pounding murder mystery, Annie Morrison and Jake Simpson find themselves in a web of deceit and danger.

Annie is asked to go to Kingman, Arizona to identify the bodies of her parents who were on their annual vacation to Las Vegas. Annie's world is turned upside down and knowing she has no siblings she accepts help from her boss, Jake Simpson.

Shortly after arriving in Kingman they're faced with an unknown danger that seems to be lurking around every corner. Annie and Jake know that if they survive, their lives will never be the same after traveling down the dark road of evil.

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L.A. Jones 119734000012813368 2015-03-04 22:47:35.607210 Drama, Canadian
The Schizophrenic Society: Lost in a make-believe world while we destroy the real one

Why does humanity seem unable to step off its unsustainable path, even with so many direct symptoms - from climate change to ecological destruction and peak resources - becoming more and more apparent?

Striving to answer this question, The Schizophrenic Society marshals many different insights from such areas as history, sociology, politics, philosophy, psychology, economics, and anthropology. The resulting story is an important one that exposes both human and societal shortcomings when grappling with the fundamental issue that we’re faced with: the continued growth in humanity’s claims upon Earth’s finite resources.

In plain language, the author takes us on a journey, back to the dawn of agriculture and complex societies, and demonstrates how, over time, humanity has built up a set of delusional beliefs about its ability to control the natural world – of which it is an integral part. He explains how the recent exploitation of fossil fuels has provided a last hurrah for human civilization and its delusional beliefs, and then goes on to challenge the faulty logic of the new religion of Economics, which derides anyone who questions the possibility of infinite growth on a finite planet.

Boyd then takes us into the future, where he shows us what life will look like if humanity maintains its current path, succumbing to modern media’s continuous push for consumption. He warns us that change will not be easy; that the rich and powerful benefit in the short term from the status quo, and that to expect them to readily adopt changes that will reduce their wealth and power for the good of the whole, is naïve.

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Roger Boyd 119734000014584134 2015-03-04 17:51:09.368670 Business & Economics, Environmental Economics/Political Science, Public Policy, Environmental Policy/Nature, Environmental Conservation & Protection
From My Window

Brendan absolutely loves wild animals and can't wait for the big day he has planned with his dad at the zoo. His vivid imagination takes him into a dream where the animals become so much more than what meets the eye. Join Brendan on his dream journey where he finds all sorts of funny and loving animals in the most unusual settings. Not only does he fall in love with them, but so will you.

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Cayetano Castro 119734000015638130 2015-03-04 17:42:26.698950 Juvenile Fiction, Bedtime & Dreams/Juvenile Fiction, Animals, Lions, Tigers, Leopards, Etc./Juvenile Fiction, Animals, Zoos
Carla the Clumsy Bat: Bats in the Schoolhouse Attic

Carla is a beautiful Yuma Bat who lives in the attic of a one hundred year-old schoolhouse. Carla uses echolocation to navigate safely and hunt for food. She is a graceful and skilled Yuma. Then, one mysterious night, Carla becomes clumsy! What happened to Carla’s radar system? And can it be fixed? Follow Carla through a series of mishaps that unfortunately lead to her capture. Will Carla escape? And will she, once again, be the beautiful, graceful Yuma Bat she was?

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Darlene Hartford 119734000015274019 2015-03-03 18:20:33.495370 Juvenile Fiction, Animals, Nocturnal/Juvenile Fiction, Nature & The Natural World/Juvenile Fiction, School & Education

After a long day of play, Alice is ready for a bath. Bath time quickly turns into more playtime as Alice invents an imaginary world filled with bubbles. The bubbles turn into all sorts of wonderful things: a beautiful dress, a castle, musicians, animals, and friends—everything she needs for a party. Soon the bubbles take over everything, and Alice finds herself sitting once again in the bathtub.

This magical story will delight young children—and maybe even get them to enjoy their own bath time.

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Veronica Hall 119734000017124992 2015-03-03 18:17:06.603980 Juvenile Fiction, Girls & Women/Juvenile Fiction, Health & Daily Living, Daily Activities/Juvenile Fiction, Imagination & Play
First We Were Soldiers: The Long March To Perth

Between 1816 and 1819, more than 1,200 discharged British soldiers, from over 80 regiments of infantry, cavalry and artillery, the Royal Navy and miscellaneous support units were compensated for services to the Crown with settlement tickets for ‘waste land’ at the Perth (Ontario) Military Settlement. By 1822, when the Army passed administration of the scheme into civilian hands, these early settlers had been joined by hundreds more. They kept coming into the 1830s: veterans of the American Revolutionary War, the French Revolutionary War, the Napoleonic Wars, the 1798 Irish Rebellion, the American War of 1812-1814 and service in India and Burma.

In First We Were Soldiers Ron W. Shaw introduces us to a cross section of Perth’s Soldier-Settlers -- corrupt officers and illiterate Privates, heroes and deserters, wives rescuing wounded husbands from the battlefield, and children born on storm tossed troop ships or in POW camps. In the mix were English, Scots and Irish, as well as Swiss, French, Dutch, Polish, Sicilian and American.

Shaw portrays the lives of the men and their families, as they marched with the armies of Wellington and Prevost across the Iberian Peninsula and through the North American backwoods before finding themselves swinging an axe in the elm forests and cedar swamps north of the Rideau River.

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Ron W. Shaw 119734000017577652 2015-03-02 21:31:09.871200 History, Canada, Pre-Confederation (To 1867)/History, Military/History, Military, Canada
How Not To Screw Up Your Life

Self-proclaimed “screw-up”, Jorgia Dianis (aka Jorgie) is a recent college graduate who is ‘boyfriend-challenged’ – she hasn’t had one for over a year, she has a crazy family – to say the very least, and she has a lengthy resume full of mess-ups, mishaps and #@%#-ups.

After being unemployed for months, she decides to take a job as a manager of a flower shop. To her surprise, her life starts to go in a new direction. She becomes good friends with Jeff and Dave, two guys who work at the flower shop who make her do something that she hasn’t done in a very long time … laugh. And by forces that she can’t resist, she finds herself falling helplessly in love with a young resident doctor, Joshua, who is as sweet as the scent of a Hungarian lilac.

Just when her life seems to be taking a turn for the better, it all comes crashing down after Jorgie comes face to face with her ex-boyfriend, and at her weakest moment contemplates doing the one mistake that could never be made right. Will Jorgie make the right decision or will this be the biggest screw-up of her life?

Readers will enjoy following Jorgie on her hilarious and unpredictable journey as a twenty-something year old woman, with no sense of direction but trying to find her way home … and getting lost every step of the way!

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Sofia Pialis 119734000012080453 2015-03-02 21:29:15.942230 Fiction, Coming Of Age/Fiction, Contemporary Women/Fiction, Family Life
Doubly Blessed: The Life of an Adopted Child

There was a time when having a child out of wedlock was socially unacceptable. Many young mothers had to go away during their pregnancy to avoid moral condemnation. My birth mother was one of these. For every one of these young women, however, there was another woman desperate to start a family with her husband, yet unable to conceive. My adopted mother was one of these. I was the very lucky baby who was given the opportunity to know and love both of these courageous mothers and their spouses.

This book is an attempt to describe just how fortunate I am to have had two sets of parents in my life and a total of three siblings. It is one thing to grow up in a family and be nurtured and loved by them, but to have had two such experiences is beyond wonderful. It is nothing short of a miracle.

I know there are adoptees like myself who have found a birth parent and experienced quite a different outcome than I have. To these people, I offer my hope that your adoptive parents have given you the love and the support that you needed in order to become all that you could be. The plain and simple fact is that some people should never have children. To those adoptees contemplating searching for their birth mother or father, I would encourage you to open that potentially fearful door; just be prepared emotionally for what may come of the attempt to find your roots. You might be rejected because it would create too many problems at this point in your birth parent’s life. On the other hand, you might be received with open arms and love what you find, as I did. You might also be welcomed and not like what you find. At least, however, you would know where you began. Whether or not our birth parents are people with whom we can connect emotionally, they still gave us life.

I have had relatives and good friends ask why I am writing this book. I see it as a way of honouring both sets of parents. My adopted parents died before I felt the need to find my birth mother. I pray that they are aware of how successful my search was, and of the deep bond that has developed between my birth mother and myself. I would like to think that they would not be threatened by this relationship. Though I genuinely love my birth mother, it is a different kind of relationship that we have, because she was unable to raise me. This memoir is meant to honour my adoptive parents while, at the same time, confirm my gratitude to and love for my birth mother.

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Mary-Louise Hinch 119734000012839049 2015-03-02 18:20:47.178940 Biography & Autobiography/Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs/Family & Relationships, Adoption & Fostering
Thirty Bucks

Mr. Hermit’s perfectly ordered life is thrown into disarray when two shepherds and an angel come to his door one cold winter night with a stray kitten and a desperate request. By opening his door to the neighbourhood, Mr. Hermit embarks on an adventure that will bring him unlikely friends and unexpected gifts. A story of celebration and thanksgiving, Thirty Bucks will warm your heart and inspire you to share that warmth with others.

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Donita Wiebe-Neufeld 119734000016510680 2015-02-27 18:43:21.939570 Juvenile Fiction, Holidays & Celebrations, Christmas & Advent/Juvenile Fiction, Animals, Cats/Juvenile Fiction, Religious, Christian, Holidays & Celebrations
Crazy-Penny: Dizzy World

The story...

Crazy penny, Fantasy. JASON 31, passionate gambling journalist money crashes until a know-all-coin character hacks casino machines moving attractive jackpots withdrawing the frenetic corrupted management team into a city pursuit.

Away from this crazy story, currency is slowly dying starting its smallest nomination. Each one can invoke a powerful invisible value to save the next economic recession or crash. This story embraces three brief examples such as the cashier remote donation, a gambling machine and a gas pump station’s powerful invisible penny. The goal is: To have everyone saving the world with little pieces.

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Ricky Taillefer 119734000013606032 2015-02-27 18:41:41.725290 Fiction, Science Fiction/Fiction, Action & Adventure
Trash: A True Story

Flipping through a bag of old photographs, Lynn Hellers relives her traumatic childhood growing up in the low-income row houses of Kingston, Ontario, in the 1970s and 80s. Against the backdrop of the dramatic social and political upheaval of the era, Lynn’s young life is dominated by crushing poverty and the violent explosions of her alcoholic and abusive father. When his anger wasn’t vented on their mother, he turned to Lynn and her younger siblings, who quickly learned to keep their thoughts to themselves. Amidst the burden of survival, Lynn’s coming of age is further complicated by a profound crisis of faith and heartbreaking confusion around her sexuality. Her only respite came from her caring and gentle maternal grandparents, who offered a safe haven and encouraged her to pursue her passion for visual art as well as a determination to carve out a life for herself.

Lynn’s memoir is told with frank and unapologetic realism that is at times harshly troubling, and others bizarrely comical. It is a story of compelling resilience, crushing neglect, and unshakable hope.

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Laurie Anne Hoover 119734000019167976 2015-02-27 18:39:03.372820 Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs/Family & Relationships, Abuse/Self-Help, Substance Abuse & Addictions, Alcoholism
Stories for Short Attention Spans

I AM DEEPLY, REMORSELESSLY, UNSENTIMENTAL. Passionate, provocative, perceptive, warm, romantic (more likely Romantic), sensual, all these, but not a sentimental bone in my body. I’ll take unhappy endings, misconstrued meanings, novels without punctuation or compromise over heart-warming any day. In this collection of seventeen short stories the reader is treated to a cross-section of humanity and its ongoing struggle to overcome loneliness and misunderstanding. Whether a grieving widower questioning his wife’s last words, an art thief fleeing with her guilty haul, a family doctor doubting her clinical decisions or a horse pining for his herd, the characters seek connection in the midst of their isolation. Arranged in ascending order of length so as to entice the reader to lose themselves in the story, Stories for Short Attention Spans opens the window on the essence of hope.

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Ann E. Loewen 119734000013009684 2015-02-26 19:04:21.893730 Fiction, Short Stories (Single Author)/Fiction/Fiction, Family Life
Battle At Huntington Creek: Warrior Trilogy Book II

Josh & Amy have escaped the attempts on their lives and the demonic forces that assaulted them in Southern Oregon - Or have they?

Their new log cabin, tucked away on a beautiful piece of creek-side property, becomes more than just a tranquil retreat from an insane world. Maybe their decision to move to the edge of the Tillamook State Forest in Northern Oregon is not such a good one.

Could the weird, strange, and downright creepy neighbors turn out to be more than they bargained for?

A Thousand miles away, several members of the now defunct Treasure Valley Evangelical church re-emerge from the ashes…

Angels, Demons and the clash (war) between good and evil once again explodes across the pages.

Leave a night light on…

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Clint Conrad 119734000014788414 2015-02-26 17:49:30.793550 Fiction, Christian/Fiction, Christian, Suspense/Fiction, Crime
Destiny Reclaimed: Book 2 of the Anandrian Series

Twenty years have passed, and Mandy has helped to raise Laura’s fraternal twins David and Diana. When Laura is suddenly pulled back to Anandria, she must find a way to unite her fractured family. Vaaron is eager to meet his adult children for the very first time - but both are missing.

Diana awakens to find herself the centre of attention in a cult-like gathering. They revere and fear her, and she finds she has to rely upon their High Priest for help.

David opens his eyes to find he’s in a forest with a creature hovering over him. Confused and disoriented, it takes an unsettling act of magic, and the persistence of the creature following him, to lead them into an unusual relationship.

Both siblings eventually discover they are in Anandria - a world they had believed to be a figment of their Aunt Mandy’s imagination - where they must face challenges with their unlikely partners as their guides.

Lucifer is delighted when he lands in Anandria and feels his powers stir. Better still, he discovers that at least one of Laura’s children has come to Anandria, too. And since he still desires the destruction of Laura’s soul, what better way to lure Laura to her death than to use one of her children?

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Kathryn Heaney 119734000014755529 2015-02-25 18:04:49.368870 Fiction, Dystopian/Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal/Fiction, Romance, Paranormal
Don't Forget to Measure

Zeek and Treasure loved to bake all sorts of snacks and sweets.

But with just a few mistakes, they had some not-so-yummy treats...

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Hannah Grace 119734000017478262 2015-02-23 22:26:01.639030 Poetry/Juvenile Fiction/Poetry, Canadian
Successful Selling is Simply Awesome

This informative handbook covers every aspect of selling, and is a great source of information for career-minded salespeople, sales recruits, as well as all those individuals who are aspiring to be in the sales profession. Many individuals feel they have a special ability to work in the sales field. Some of them may possess sufficient ability to become successful, however, many others need help to get started, and also require assistance and motivation once they have actually secured a sales position.

Each chapter covers all the different aspects of selling and this manual will surely stimulate the minds of its readers. This succinct guide can suitably be carried in a briefcase where it can be referred to on an as-needed basis. More importantly, however, is the fact that the book should be read at least once so that existing salespeople can reinforce their qualities of salesmanship and aspiring salespeople can learn all the ins and outs of this exciting and rewarding profession.

Having been in Sales and Marketing for most of his business career, Elie Richard directed several sales forces, and it was while working with salespeople that he discovered the need for a handbook on salesmanship, sales techniques, and ultimately the ability to be able to sell. He was inspired to develop a manual that the reader would be able to carry with them, and as such, has passed on a wealth of knowledge that will serve as an inspirational and informative guide to any ambitious salesperson.

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Elie Richard 119734000017660509 2015-02-23 22:22:40.971200 Business & Economics, Sales & Selling/Business & Economics, Time Management/Reference, Handbooks & Manuals
The Griffin and Other Poems

The Griffin and Other Poems is the author’s latest and fourth poetic endeavor, written to shed light on current events from a feminist’s perspective, using symbolism as well as empathy in traditional as well as modern ways. The author tries to evaluate precisely what is happening in the world scene, from crime to terrorism, and gives voice to what often goes voiceless: the misery, anxiety, and tumultuous of the human condition. For the first time, the poet has included a comic play, Since Cocks Don’t lay Eggs, in verse at the end of her compilation which is over seventy pages long, and plans to write more plays in the near future - God willing, she would like to add.

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Alice M. Baskous 119734000016383397 2015-02-23 22:18:28.356810 Literary Collections, Women/Poetry, American/Drama, Women Authors
Primus - One

A normal ordinary American citizen, Jim Lexington going about his now forced retirement is suddenly put into a position of disbelief and perplexity. Jim encounters a most unusual life form. With his new found friend, only visible to him with unbelievable abilities, Jim finds himself engaged with a childlike and innocent unusual living being and in peculiar situations. Jim then becomes the center of attention when a companion of his new friend arrives. Struggling to keep both out of the hands of the government and trying to show the world they mean no harm, Jim is then made aware of a deadly and dangerous derelict that would pass the solar system without harm until, that is, it is discovered by scientists. Not really knowing what they are dealing with and in an attempt to protect the earth, US and Russian governments, try to destroy what they think is an asteroid and end up altering the derelicts course placing the earth in lethal danger. Jim must now figure out a way to deal with the derelict that ultimately places him in grave peril.

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Joe D'Aulerio 119734000013845646 2015-02-23 22:15:21.295380 Fiction/Fiction, Fantasy, Contemporary/Fiction, Science Fiction
HerStory: Victim to Victorious

This is the soul baring story of a lost little girl that was physically, mentally, and sexually victimized both inside and outside of her home as a small child. That abuse then continued on throughout her teens and into her adult life by various different people. She had acquired her addictions of choice as a pre teen based on behaviours being taught at home, which lead to an unhealthy and unsavory lifestyle as a teen and young adult, leading her down all the right paths to self destruction. Despite all of the obstacles that she faced on her journey through life, she has found that through the healing power of love from certain special people throughout different stages of her life, she has been able to overcome the self hate and loathing that comes from multiple traumas, long enough to get her mind set on the right track, and live her life today, no longer a victim, but victorious.

I know this story well, because as you will soon find out, HerStory, is My story.

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Deborah Kinisky 119734000016728449 2015-02-20 17:38:29.527850 Family & Relationships, Abuse/Biography & Autobiography, Women/Self-Help, Abuse
It's a Minefield: A prejudiced view of the mining industry from the inside

Told from a longtime insider’s knowledgeable perspective, It’s a Minefield turns a jaundiced eye on the history, ethics, and practices of big mining, exposing deeply unsettling truths. Mining is one of the very few human activities that are indispensable for the survival of everyone on earth. But it is a very dangerous business. Thousands of people die every year in mining accidents, some of which are uniquely horrible. Environmental damage is inescapable, human exploitation rampant, and any of us who has ever driven a car, lived in a house, or used anything from a farm implement to a cell phone is unwittingly complicit in it. The stock market has a malign influence because money is its only measure of value. The exploitation of minerals is managed not for the long term benefit of the country that owns them but for the short term benefit of shareholders. In this passionate yet frequently hilarious exposé of big mining’s dark and dangerous secrets, author Robert Horn presents a powerful argument for legislative change and for a greater understanding of the human cost of producing the minerals, metals, fuels and fertilisers that we all use.

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Robert Horn 119734000015721669 2015-02-19 17:41:59.707270 Business & Economics, Business Ethics/Business & Economics, Commodities/Business & Economics, Industries