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A whimsical take on an old-fashioned assembly-line factory, where children take a make-believe piñata factory tour. Meet Mr. P., the owner, and all of his creative and interesting workers, who build piñatas. Learn about each step that goes into making a piñata.

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David Martinez 119734000024998424 2015-11-25 21:30:25.771740 Juvenile Fiction, Toys, Dolls, Puppets/Juvenile Fiction/Juvenile Fiction, Stories In Verse
Herbie Has a Fall: An Owlet Story

Something is missing in Owl's life. She wants owlets to love and soon three very different owlets are hatched. She teaches them all she knows but can't stop her mischievious son getting into big trouble.

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Vanessa Morrell 119734000022286330 2015-11-25 21:23:26.371050 Juvenile Fiction, Animals, Birds/Juvenile Fiction, Nursery Rhymes/Humor, Topic, Animals
This Won't Hurt a Bit!: Painless remedies for English ailments

If you dread writing essays, then This Won’t Hurt a Bit is for you! Lindsay Lewis provides a step by step guide to communicating well in writing. Using humour and hands-on exercises, This Won’t Hurt a Bit is a practical writing tool for high school, college, university and ESL students, and others who want to write clear, well-structured and effectively argued essays, reports, reviews and papers. Her before and after examples eliminate guesswork and provide students with immediate relief from red ink by clarifying teachers’ comments. You will learn to:

- avoid illogical sentences

- spot ‘blah’ words and turn them into ‘bling’

- build strong sentences

- write a descriptive paragraph (without getting a headache)

- clear the clutter of verbs and filler words

and many highly useful tips and tricks to make your writing shine.

This Won’t Hurt a Bit is based on interviews with current and past students, teachers and professors on key issues for writing strong content. These painless panaceas provide a shot in the arm, enabling students to attain an A.

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Lindsay C Lewis 119734000022404611 2015-11-25 21:20:01.135970 Juvenile Nonfiction, Language Arts, Composition & Creative Writing/Education, Teaching Methods & Materials, Arts & Humanities/Study Aids, Sat
Backstory: A Life of Diplomacy, Politics and Government

A candid account of life as a fly on the wall in the corridors of power, Backstory recounts stories from a different perspective. Working in the background to ensure that the principal players achieved their goals, Backstory is a fascinating account of encounters, experiences and a lifetime of public service.

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A.R. Willems 119734000025370029 2015-11-25 21:16:18.267140 Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs/Biography & Autobiography/Biography & Autobiography, Political
A Sense of Place: An Almanac of Festivals in the Mohawk Valley

The Mohawk Valley of central New York State is celebrated in this original compilation. Ranging from the region’s precolonial indigenous settlements and its modern-day multiethnic communities and festivals, to the area’s distinct seasonal changes, this almanac provides a month-by-month survey of the Mohawk Valley’s climate, culture and diverse traditions, placed within the context of historical roots and offering perspectives on possible future trends.

Complete with photographs, maps, statistics, and a comprehensive set of appendices for easy-to-access information including links for further reference, A Sense of Place offers the perfect guidebook to this region of Central New York for history buffs, arts enthusiasts, festival-goers, gardening hobbyists, and lovers of the great outdoors. For more information on the festivals and natural world in central New York, go to the Mohawk Valley Almanac,

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Roger Chambers 119734000008322606 2015-11-24 19:44:00.170700 Reference, Almanacs/Travel, United States, Northeast, Middle Atlantic (Nj, Ny, Pa)/History, United States, State & Local, Middle Atlantic (Dc, De, Md, Nj, Ny, Pa)
Piper's Pond

With high school looming at the end of the newly beginning summer vacation, thirteen-year-old Skyler Wolfe is already starting to stress. So when she notices a piece of shining purple foil flickering in an air vent in her bedroom, the last thing she expects is to be plucked from her stressful, if commonplace, everyday life and invited on an adventure that she will never forget. With a brightly polished entry ticket to a mysterious destination, and an excited mother who seems to know far more than she is letting on, Skyler can only imagine what wonders await her at Piper's Pond.

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M. K. Wood 119734000026990402 2015-11-24 19:40:38.682050 Juvenile Fiction, Fantasy & Magic/Juvenile Fiction, Action & Adventure/Juvenile Fiction
Angus McD and his Adventure at Sea: The Voyage Of The Ship Hector 1773

In 1773, the Ship Hector sailed from Loch Broom Scotland, with 189 passengers aboard. The immigrants were headed for a new life in a new land, in Pictou, Nova Scotia.

Angus McD was one of those on board, a boy full of energy, curiosity and imagination. He was sailing with his mam, his da, his granda and his baby brother. It was a long and difficult journey across the sea, but Angus McD was looking forward to an adventure!

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Donna Belanger 119734000022700407 2015-11-24 17:32:27.567060 Juvenile Fiction, Action & Adventure/Juvenile Fiction, Historical, Other
The Ugly Toad

The Ugly Toad is a powerful little book that illustrates that the impact of words, as being true or false, is based on your own ability to determine what you believe. It is beautifully illustrated and written for readers of all ages to fully comprehend that what you believe about yourself is of the utmost importance.

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Jenny Mernickle 119734000025127532 2015-11-24 17:28:19.399250 Education, Decision-Making & Problem Solving/Education, Elementary/Family & Relationships, Life Stages
One Cup at a Time: Finding Coffee, Love, and Happiness

Is there anything that can match the pure pleasure of sitting at a café watching life go by? Assuming you have a cup of coffee in hand, that is! Coffee, that lovely elixir of life, has provided stimulation, solace, and socialization around the world for centuries.

Part coffee-lover’s diary, part travelogue, always engaging, informative and insightful, One Cup at a Time is the tale of a woman’s quest for love and happiness...and coffee.

When work brought Debra-Lynn Bellefeuille to London, England, travel delivered new cultural adventures and life supplied plenty of ups and downs. Coffee became her therapy and a way of discovering herself: a sort of kick-starting, uplifting antidote to regrets. She has scouted out the best coffee shops, met fellow coffee aficionados, researched myth, fact, and fiction, participated in ancient coffee rituals, tasted the most expensive coffee in the world, and travelled to Marrakesh and beyond in search of the best coffee experiences, always sharing her love of coffee with others. She found her greatest pleasure in sitting at a coffee shop, savouring the taste and observing others—watching life go by, one cup at a time.

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Debra-Lynn Bellefeuille 119734000022585091 2015-11-24 17:26:11.744100 Cooking, Beverages, Coffee & Tea/Travel, Restaurants/Body, Mind & Spirit, Inspiration & Personal Growth
Too Much Heaven: Volume 3: The DeLaine Reynolds Journey

DeLaine finds herself at home after the Christmas break with a whole new outlook. It’s the first time she can remember coming home without everything seeming so bleak. Her stepbrother Geoffrey and stepmother Clarice are nice to her, which is a surprise, but DeLaine doesn’t trust them. The main reason she is happy to come home is to see Kevin Strong and love him from afar. If Geoffrey weren’t so crazy jealous of her and Kevin being together, DeLaine thinks her world might be as close to perfect as possible. Perfection would be a real relationship with the most beautiful boy in the world. He provides strength and stability but mostly a feeling of love and protectiveness that DeLaine craves. The problem is that he is the “King” of Milam Junior High and she’s only a lowly peasant, albeit not on the lowest rung in the social hierarchy. She is happy this January because she has a new best friend who shouldn’t really care about her but because of the tornado, DeLaine has been tossed into the stratosphere of the beautiful Bailey Rains. She and Bailey find themselves getting closer as they walk home from Samson High School every day and Bailey takes a genuine interest in helping DeLaine find her voice and realize her beauty. Find out what new adventures wait for DeLaine in the last half of 7th grade. See what new things she finds out about friendship, love, sex, loss and grace.

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SaDonna Rogers 119734000015671503 2015-11-24 17:23:13.446560 Fiction, Coming Of Age/Family & Relationships, Abuse/Fiction, Coming Of Age
Once Apun A Time: A Rich, Historical and Sometimes Earthy Collection of Puns

Many puns are fleeting and transitory, devised and stated in a flash for a situation or immediate condition (see Word Plays, Puns Intended on the Internet). These kinds of puns can rarely be retold effectively, as the event that triggered them in the first place does not reappear exactly as before.

But some puns are enduring! These can be memorized and told over and over in different social contexts and events, each time with the same overall effects - enjoyed by the teller, and enjoyed by the appreciative audience, albeit with some groaning. Some of the enduring puns are tongue twisters, so tellers are advised to practice telling them in private so as not to miss any key words that might lessen the effects of the punch lines. Other puns are timing precise, so a miscue, or mistiming destroys the intended effect.

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Robin Leech 119734000021547019 2015-11-24 17:13:27.032610 Humor/Humor, Form, Jokes & Riddles/Humor, Topic, Adult
Maladies of the Mind

Zoé didn’t set out to hurt anyone. It just happened.

When she replaces Cheska Murphy, the deceased Office Administrator at St. Cecilia’s church, she finds herself drawn into the eccentric lives of the mentally-damaged characters that she befriends. She’s quickly sidetracked into the past life of a very troubled Cheska. Suspicions lead to clues, and clues land Zoé straight into the shoes of the dead woman.

Cheska died under mysterious circumstances, and Zoé becomes fixated on investigating the death of a woman who seems never to have known love. She forges a special bond with the blind priest, Father Grace, but when he won’t talk about Cheska, she embarks on an obsessive quest for the truth.

Zoé probes deeper into the seedy underbelly of the parish. Too late to turn back, she engages in reckless pursuits, and in the process, betrays and hurts people along the way.

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Betty Boudreau Vaughan 119734000019052171 2015-11-23 18:52:46.275140 Fiction, Mystery & Detective, Amateur Sleuth/Fiction, Medical/Fiction, Psychological
Nancy Hillis: The Vamp of Savannah: As told to Mary Anne Street

Filled with intrigue and juicy stories, The Vamp of Savannah tells the story of one of Savannah's most colorful characters, Ms. Nancy Hillis. Now with ALS, Miss Hillis is telling the real story of Mandy Nichols, her character in the best selling book, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. From her partnership with the piano playing, loving scoundrel Joe Odom in Sweet Georgia Browns, the hot jazz club in Savannah, Georgia; to her escapades with Minerva, the Voodoo Priestess; to her reign as a national beauty queen; and her heartbreaking dealings with the molestation of her son; Nancy tells it all--the good and not so good. You will laugh, cry and be amazed to read the story of this remarkable woman whose motto is "never, never, never give up."

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Nancy Lee Hillis 119734000028035117 2015-11-23 18:45:59.623290 Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs/Biography & Autobiography, Women/Self-Help, Substance Abuse & Addictions
The Psychology of Success

How do people who have nothing manage to achieve success in life? What kind of mindset does it take to get ahead in life? What makes some people do well in life where others fail or just get by?

This book examines traits successful people share among themselves that have been instrumental in their success, characteristics without which they would not be where they are today. Not only does the book explore common factors of success in people who have achieved success, it articulates, in a very straightforward manner, how a person can cultivate those factors in himself or herself to become successful.

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Alexander Dhand 119734000024043021 2015-11-20 20:17:04.782050 Self-Help/Self-Help, Personal Growth/Self-Help, Personal Growth, Success
A Beginner’s Guide to GRAVITY: A Science Piction Book

There’s a force lurking out there with extraordinary powers. It’s as fast as any falling object, powerful enough to move a planet, and able to stop you from leaping tall buildings in a single bound! Not to worry, keep your fears at bay! It’s just plain old gravity at play! Find out more about this awesome force with your very own Beginner’s Guide to Gravity!

Welcome to “Science Piction” — where science meets art for learning fun. Science Piction helps young readers recognize and understand the science that shapes everyday life.

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C.D. Paoletti 119734000021363311 2015-11-20 20:14:13.686570 Juvenile Nonfiction/Juvenile Nonfiction, Science & Nature/Juvenile Nonfiction, Science & Nature, Physics
Bublar the Polar Bear

Bublar the Polar Bear takes his first shaky steps from his den onto the frigid arctic tundra, a rough and unforgiving land. With his mother as his guide, Bublar travels long and dangerous distances learning about the land and how to survive. While the journey is a difficult one at times, the obstacles and experiences he encounters along the way shape the type of bear Bublar will grow up to be.

Bublar the Polar Bear is the endearing story of an inquisitive young bear growing up in a harsh environment. It’s a story of exploration, love, and respect as he struggles against hunger, the hard land, and the most dangerous thing of all… man.

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Cayetano Castro 119734000019164043 2015-11-20 20:11:18.387400 Juvenile Fiction, Animals, Bears/Juvenile Fiction, Social Issues, New Experience/Juvenile Fiction, Nature & The Natural World
Afterwords: From A Foreign Service Odyssey

Afterwords brings together the commentaries, speeches and book reviews of Gar Pardy following his retirement from the Canadian Foreign Service. The commentaries and book reviews have been published in a variety of Canadian newspapers and magazines and deal with world events from a Canadian perspective. Afghanistan, the Middle East, migration, national security, the RCMP, CSIS, Omar Khadr, Maher Arar, the courts, Canadians in dangers overseas, nuclear proliferation and the Arctic are all extensively covered. All are written by a person who was on the inside of government but was never part of the system.

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Gar Pardy 119734000017575831 2015-11-20 20:07:58.220620 Political Science, Essays/Political Science, International Relations, Diplomacy/Political Science, Political Freedom & Security
The Plea Bargain

Phil Vinci grew up in an underprivileged neighborhood of East Philadelphia, where crime and hopelessness seemed to be the controlling forces of everyday life. Fast money and the sense of belonging were the greatest temptations for a kid in those days. It seemed he was well on his way to following in the footsteps of his peers. However, something very significant occurred in his young life, which changed all that. Phil pulled away, managing to turn his life around. With great determination and conviction, he was able to get into law school. Circumstances led him to his first job as an Assistant District Attorney at the Pennsylvania State Attorney's office, where his mentor would give him every opportunity to shine. He seemed to find his calling, and the love of his life in Caroline Baxter, a pit-bull of a prosecutor. But, as fate would have it, his past catches up to him before too long. His old neighborhood friends, who had kept on that original path, come calling - pressuring him to help them out and tempting him with riches. He is torn between his old neighborhood loyalties, with the life of luxury his friends promise, and his devotion to his profession. As he tries to do the right thing, he soon discovers that everything is not always so black and white in his world. The young assistant D.A. struggles with these notions, trying desperately to balance the two; all the while falling deeper in love. All of it seems to be coming to a head and it may just cost him everything; including Baxter's love.

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Phil Messina 119734000021432679 2015-11-20 20:05:11.303150 Fiction, Legal/Fiction, Crime/Fiction
Clementine Court: A Place Where Friends Meet

Jen, in her early thirties, is facing the collapse of her marriage. Determined to start fresh, she relocates to a quaint, English seaside town. When her husband Nigel, suddenly crashes back into Jen’s life, he brings some surprising secrets. Will Jen make the right choices to set her life straight, or will she be blinded by what she wants to see? 

Georgie is a cheeky seventeen-year-old, whose life on the surface appears to be one big bag of lollipops; but she’s a master at papering over the cracks, as her indomitable spirit carries her through her less than idyllic life.

For over forty years, Betty & Max have created a home from home for guests to their well-loved B&B property. Now, it’s time to take it easy as they relocate, slipping seamlessly into their new life. Life however, has a few surprises left up its sleeve…

John, in his forties is stuck in a rut. He’s a horoscope writer by day and psychic by night. Haunted by his troubled past, he hides from life, content to spend his days with his Tammy Wynette obsessed parrot. Change, however, is around the corner. Will he take up the challenge and embrace opportunity when it knocks at his door?

Rich with characters who jump off the pages beckoning you to visit their neighbourhood and stop for a chat or a bite to eat at Barnacle Bob’s Finest Fish and Chips, where if the timing is right you’ll meet the old parrot, Bonanza Bill as he serenades the clientele.

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Chris Bakos 119734000014499685 2015-11-19 18:39:01.532180 Fiction, Romance, Contemporary/Fiction, Contemporary Women/Fiction, Romance, Adult
Practical Project Management

Practical Project Management takes the hands-on experience of some 40 years in nuclear power mega-projects and translates this into an understanding of the key factors that drive on time on budget performance in a project culture environment that delivers successful projects.

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Ken Petrunik 119734000014042486 2015-11-18 21:15:17.718030 Technology & Engineering, Engineering (General)/Technology & Engineering, Project Management/Business & Economics, Project Management