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In the Fall of 2011 my son Sam and I were mentally influenced by extraterrestrials while in our home in Arizona. We were mentally toyed with and also terrorized. These mental attacks occurred without warning and were instantaneous upon their arrival. The experience was almost entirely telepathic but also included visual imagery the ET’s wanted us to see. Since we felt they were deceptive we couldn’t and didn’t trust anything they said or anything they showed us mentally.

Because our ordeal was telepathic I can’t speak for Sam’s experience but as his father my job was to protect him while fending off the aliens who were focused on me.

There was more than one type of alien in our home. One alien group wanted me dead.

Their relentless, highly focused mental torture left me knowing I would die at any minute. This continued for days.

These aliens were nothing like the other extraterrestrials we encountered. If I were to speculate I’d say those deadly aliens could make almost anyone commit suicide and perhaps they have.

This book concerns itself with many other worldly habits and pastimes of extraterrestrials but I would advise the reader to pay special attention to their abilities regarding mental influence or mind control over us.

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Jim Bowden 119734000004921090 2014-08-28 19:55:44.672020 Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs/Biography & Autobiography, Adventurers & Explorers/Biography & Autobiography
Kicking But...: No Excuses; No Regrets! But... Kicking Your Way to Happiness and Success!

Kicking But... is one of, if not the most empowering and hopefully, life changing books you will ever read. This book is not for the weak of heart or the go along to get along. If you are ready to explode the excuses, to take command and royally Kick But... This book is for You!!

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Bev Kilmer 119734000010427183 2014-08-27 22:53:40.108560 Self-Help/Self-Help, Personal Growth/Self-Help, Motivational & Inspirational
The Barn: Memoir of a Family during the Nazi Occupation of Holland in 1940-1945

In May of 1940, Holland was invaded and occupied by the German army. Life was never easy during the Nazi regime. Travel was strictly controlled and a curfew was imposed on the towns. Arbitrary arrest was a constant threat for the people, as was forced labour. All attempts by the Nazis and their collaborators in the Dutch Nazi Party to ‘pacify,’ or ‘nazify’, the people were failures, thanks largely to Dutch social cohesion, and an active underground press.

The Mollens, a family of nine, lived in Arnhem, where the father owned a garage and was employed by the authorities to service their vehicles. The Mollens had to cooperate, perforce, but swore never to collaborate with the occupying forces. Survival hinged on a battle of wits with the Germans–and our family usually came out on top. Their most harrowing experience was witnessing the brutal arrest of their Jewish neighbours. All changed after the failure of the battle of Arnhem in September 1944. The entire civilian population of the city and surrounding towns were driven out of their homes at a few hours’ notice, and left to find shelter on their own, taking only what they could carry. After three days of walking, the Mollen family found a farmer who allowed them to stay in his empty barn; this was their new ‘home’ for the last eight months of the war.

The Barn narrates the ordeals of the Mollen family during the invasion and occupation of the Netherlands. Mere survival during this time became increasingly difficult, notably during the winter of 1944-1945, which became known as the “Hunger Winter.” As food and fuel became more and more scarce, the Mollen family survived on turnips, beets and acorns. They had kept their secret radio, which was hooked up to a Gestapo power line. It afforded them vital information from the BBC about the military situation, which enabled them to taunt the Germans, albeit at risk to their lives. Living through this ordeal called for great ingenuity and humour. We follow the two youngest Mollens who carried out a daring plan to ‘liberate’ some of their country’s stolen coal from a moving train at night; and how the youngest Mollen girl had to have an abscessed tooth extracted without freezing. Written from interviews with members of the Mollen family, the author brings both personal and historical events to the reader in part memoir and part narrative styles. The scenes of their liberation and of the post-liberation events are of an interest equal to their wartime survival, as is their eventual return home to an empty shell of a house.

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Jack Dixon 119734000013590104 2014-08-27 22:44:02.822420 History, Europe, Western/History, Military, World War Ii/Biography & Autobiography
Secret Bloodlines

This richly layered novel is about secrets, conflicts, discovery, friendship, nostalgia, history and culture woven around family and complex legal issues involving business acquisitions, insider trading, tax evasion and fraudulent transactions. Come and experience Montréal in the 1960s as law students George Roberts of Montréal, Jacques Simard from Québec and Costas Pappas of Athens, Greece, become close friends while studying at McGill University. Dubbed the Holy Trinity, they revel in the joys of life and celebrate their cultural differences. Their decades-long friendship continues after Costas returns to his native Greece upon graduation. When George discovers in his fifties that he was adopted, the Holy Trinity comes together to work on this bombshell revelation.

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Tass Grivakes 119734000015834372 2014-08-27 22:34:15.702480 Family & Relationships, Adoption & Fostering/Fiction, Legal/History, Europe, Greece
Lights Templar: Book II

A year and a half has passed since their last adventure and all members of the Lights Templar are on different paths. Suddenly the world starts to change as a new way of life is being offered to everyone that is and was, but who is truly behind all this and what are the true consequences to his offer?

The Lights Templar join up again to face an enemy they can’t directly fight and realise that they are in a race against time in order to try and save what is left.

The Lights Templar is a medieval fictional story that takes place in the land where magic exists. The story’s target audience is youth adults to adults.

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Michel Dupont Jr. 119734000015811645 2014-08-27 22:29:31.152300 Fiction, Dystopian/Fiction, Fantasy, Epic
In the Footsteps of a Chota Sahib

So just who was he?

He was “Buddy” or “Uncle Buddy” to his family, because as children his baby sister could not say “brother”; she called him her “budder.”

He was “Rodney” to the Cockney recruit who, on hearing his speech (without a provincial accent) declared, “Hark at him, bleeding Rodney!”

He was “a bastard—but a fair bastard” as called by the soldiers he led. He never asked of them anything he would or could not do himself.

He demonstrated his leadership.

He was a “real gentleman” as named by Jack, the Londoner he met in Dorset who became a close friend, allowing him wonderful holidays with him and his wife, Sonia, in the the villa in Tuscany, Italy.

He was “the Rose Guy” so deemed by the visitor to the garden of the Fragrant Rose Company on Vancouver Island.

He was “the Major”—his rank on retirement from the parachute regiment.

He was “Major Wonderful” as a loving husband who made

his wife extremely happy.

He was “Major Disaster” as he got into yet another crazy adventure from which he always seemed to survive.

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Pamela Fidler 119734000013349450 2014-08-27 22:25:34.790300 Biography & Autobiography/Biography & Autobiography, Cultural Heritage/Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs
Blood Lines: The Gauntlet Runner Book IV

It is late autumn 1756, Jacob Murray and a band of rangers are locked in desperate pursuit of a Delaware raiding party that overran and massacred the garrison at Fort Stevens. Among the women and children taken prisoner is Jacob’s wife, Maggie. Driven by guilt and anger, Jacob sets a furious pace that leads his men into dangerous unknown territory.

Meanwhile the fate of the prisoners is made all the more tenuous when raiding party scouts report the death of Chief Tewea at Kittanning, and Maggie will soon be forced to reconsider everything she has ever thought about the ‘savages’ that have inflicted such havoc on her life.

In a world at war where blood debts are constantly paid and incurred, decisions made can change the course of lives forever. For Maggie, Jacob and their son James, the pull of their blood will draw them into a winter none of them could foresee.

The fourth book in the award-winning Gauntlet Runner series, Blood Lines once again transports readers to colonial America during the French and Indian War and offers a clear unsentimental glimpse into the history of the period through the eyes of its characters.

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S. Thomas Bailey 119734000012616135 2014-08-27 22:21:36.296550 History, United States, Colonial Period (1600-1775)/Fiction, War & Military/Fiction, Action & Adventure
Fish Don't Climb Trees: A Whole New Look at Dyslexia: Understanding and Overcoming the Challenges - Enjoying the Gift

Everyone is learning able, some individuals just don’t learn the way they are taught. If you have just discovered you or your child might be dyslexic, or so-called learning disabled, I offer five Rs:

REALISE what you are dealing with, what your choices are, and how to enjoy your full potential.

Observe the ROAD TESTING of my chosen method.

RESONATE with dyslexic challenges and talents, because I’m only telling you what you know already on some level.

Recognise the REALITY, what you need to hold onto and what you can let go of.

Find RELIEF that neither you, nor your child is disabled, and that our education system will be changing, not them.

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Sue Blyth Hall 119734000009286590 2014-08-27 22:18:16.766520 Self-Help/Family & Relationships, Child Development/Family & Relationships, Education
Elgin House, Lake Joseph: Past and Present

Elgin House, Lake Joseph Past and Present is a history of an important and successful summer resort in the Muskoka Region of Ontario from 1885 to the present. It details the efforts of four generations of the Love family to create a world class summer resort from modest beginnings.The resort was unique in that it catered to the many well to do Canadians and Americans with strong religious beliefs including several of North America's founding families. The book revolves around a series of Love family stories and is set in the context of developments in Canadian history throughout the twentieth century.

The book contains 58 images of the resort through it's history including a number by the Muskoka photography legend Frank Mickelthwaite. It concludes with a description of the present day use of this property in the form of the luxurious Lake Joseph Club, a Thomas McBroom designed championship golf course, villas and lake front dining facility.

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Ray Love 119734000014754403 2014-08-27 22:13:02.937220 History, Canada, Post-Confederation (1867 To Present)/Travel, Resorts & Spas/Travel, Canada, Ontario (On)
None of the Above: How the Unaffiliated are Redefining Religion and Keeping Faith

The notion of redefining religion’s role in our lives is not an academic exercise. It is an urgent modern imperative. This book confronts all religious dogma. It challenges the idea and practice of the need for a middle man between man and God. It invites the reader to consider the modern rise of the “Nones”--the religiously unaffiliated--and to join this magnificent silent social tsunami. It explores with vivid and compelling narrative the story of the Nones showing the who, when, where and how of this revolt against religious corruption and its preoccupation with power, money and politics.

Born in the East, Lebanon, living in the West, Canada, Elie M. Nasrallah, offers the reader emotion-ridden stories as he draws from personal experience of the “Lebanese War,” to highlight the role of organized religion in the Middle East and around the world. The content and style are both provocative and captivating making the theme timely and timeless. Are you fed up with orthodoxy and willing to free yourself from the shackles of conformity, outdated practices and stale tales of the tribe? If so, then this book is for you.

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Elie Mikhael Nasrallah 119734000014786601 2014-08-27 22:08:04.849750 Social Science, Sociology of Religion/Religion, Comparative Religion
Charles Spurgeon Rowles, 1st Canadian Rifles: Letters from the Great War

Charles Spurgeon Rowles came from England to Canada and by 1914 was a successful farmer in Saskatchewan. Charlie joined the 1st Canadian Mounted Rifles in 1914. He had a special relationship to his niece, Christina. He wrote more than a hundred letters to her and to other relatives, spanning the time from his Saskatchewan farm to his death in Belgium in June of 1916. Charlie moves from Kindersley to Rosetown, Saskatoon, Brandon, and Sewell Camp. The letters detail Charlie’s life as a soldier, and incidentally show the struggle of the Canadian army to train far more men than they had ever imagined. Charlie’s horse, Bess, joins him in Brandon and later in Folkestone. England. She becomes known as she bucks, bites, and kicks when she is handled by any but Charlie. Charlie writes to and visits relatives in Sakatchewan, Manitoba and England. In September 1915 Charlie is finally sent to the front. His descriptions of France and Belgium are often whimsical, telling, for example, how to make a dugout comfortable. While there is some description of life in the trenches, there is a good deal more about the Belgian countryside and people. He talks about the flowers and the birds, the farms and their livestock, and the families that offer him a meal. He considers himself lucky when shells explode nearby. His last letter is a few days before he is killed in the Battle of Mount Sorrel.

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Sid Rowles 119734000007255283 2014-08-27 18:53:47.761780 History, Military, World War I/History, Military, Veterans/History, Canada
The Brotherhood of the Red Nile: America Rebuilds


From the president’s airplane window, he sees oil refineries lie as white-hot glowing rubble in what was the Texas City of Texas City. Cracking towers lie toppled on pipelines above the ground now carrying radiation contaminated energy toward all parts of the United States. The fires are being fed by row after row of massive storage tanks. One of the tanks explodes, sending the massive roof thousands of feet into the air and then the one next to it explodes because of the heat from the one that just exploded. As the president watches, the next one blows like another domino falling. As the pilot veers to escape the heat from the blast, a third explosion sends a shock wave, hitting the plane.

General Maxwell will save the plane from the bomb aftermath. But as he brings the president back to Washington, the millrems gauge reading threatens disaster that they all may…

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Dan Perkins 119734000011480617 2014-08-27 18:49:45.678330 Fiction/Fiction, Thrillers/Business & Economics
Love Rehab

In LOVE Rehab, S. Miriam Clifford pioneers a revolutionary approach to love, sex and God, drawing from Ancient Wisdom. Using her experiences coaching individuals and couples, the author breaks down sexual taboos openly, discusses the meanings of love and life in relationships. LOVE Rehab is a detoxification from superficiality in our society, and the many distorted illusions that have paralyzed and prevented singles as well as couples from moving forward. By loving yourself first, loving your life from the inside out is a journey of True Self Discovery that will connect anyone with the right partner for life. In LOVE Rehab the author gives readers an inside view of spiritual truth and awakenings, even casual sex that rarely comes with long-term expectations. What you will discover is both disturbing and enlightening. Throughout LOVE Rehab, the author is humorous, unsparingly honest, uncensored, unplugged and unafraid to empower any individual to healthy self-confidence, sensuality, sensibility and sexuality—blueprint of perfect Divine Design. It is an invitation to celebrate each step along the journey, instead of waiting until you have arrived at your desired destination to live a life of love. With her unique and straightforward approach LOVE Rehab is to present both worlds—physical and spiritual realities—and show how they co-exist and then collide into a symphony of Divine Love and intimacy. Love, Sex, God belongs in the body as well as the mind.

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S.Miriam Clifford 119734000008646494 2014-08-26 21:28:44.031390 Religion, Christian Life, Relationships/Religion, Christian Life, Love & Marriage/Religion, Christian Life, Social Issues
The Mystery of the Clock

'The Mystery of the Clock' is an adventure in relationships, familial relationships between precocious young twin girls and their great grandfather, a retired naval officer and a history buff with a keen interest in time. A re-uniting takes place prompted by the travesty of human trafficking. Time-travel to the past provides a science fantasy element made possible by a mysterious relationship between a mantle clock and a Renaissance mirror. Travel along with the Comstock clan as they re-live events of the past and enjoy the present and the future including teenage rite of passage.

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R. Patrick James 119734000014741067 2014-08-26 15:00:00.801480 Fiction, Coming Of Age/Fiction, Fantasy/Juvenile Fiction, Fantasy & Magic
Natural Selection

Nate Stevens is a fairly normal guy…at least on the outside. He lives for his job, working as a medic, caring for patients on board his ambulance. Nate has one good friend, Donny, a cop. He also has a few demons which have haunted him since he was a kid.

Hold on tight for a scary ass ride through the gritty streets of Toronto. This one hot call changes the lives of two long time friends, forever. What happens in the aftermath would rock even the most secure of friendships but Nate and Donny’s bond survives. In fact, things seem pretty sweet…that is until one of Toronto’s most notorious crime figures, the Mutt, locks on to Stevens and orders a kill. While one friend searches frantically to catch the rats inside Toronto Police Services, the other is being hunted in the wilds of Algonquin Park. Do the strongest always survive? Or will Darwin’s postulate of Natural Selection hold true?

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Elizabeth MacDougall 119734000014948862 2014-08-26 14:54:46.018360 Fiction, Mystery & Detective/Fiction, Crime
Own It: Your Success, Your Future, Your Life

Women today are bombarded with exhortations to “lean in” and break through glass ceilings—but we are only encouraged to do so as long as we don’t forget our “primary” duties, such as running a household or providing caregiving for children and aging parents. While trying to meet unrelenting demands in both professional and domestic arenas, we struggle to succeed in a system that has not yet fully adapted to our needs or our perspectives, even in this modern age.

Despite these obstacles, we can indeed control our lives and define our own success according to our passions, our talents, and our ambitions. Coming from a poor, rural childhood in Saskatchewan and rising to an executive-level career in the nation’s capital, author Clare Beckton forged her own path to empowerment and success by trial and error along the way. With a balance of pragmatism, candour, and insight, Own It speaks to women everywhere while demonstrating how to truly lay claim to life on your own terms.

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Clare Beckton 119734000015731671 2014-08-26 14:50:40.006600 Biography & Autobiography/Biography & Autobiography, Women/Self-Help, Motivational & Inspirational
Letters to His Children from an Uncommon Attorney: A Memoir

This memoir was inspired by the author’s daughter. He would tell her stories about incidents in his life: so she persuaded him to write them down. “You must write all this down, Dad, so they can be read by your grandchildren. And you must get on with it before you die.”

Some stories are brief, half a page: others are long, twelve pages. It is the sort of book to keep by the bedside and dip into, one story at a time. Some stories cover events that occurred when the author was a small boy growing up in England during the war. Some cover incidents while he and his wife were travelling, in China, Japan, France, in Canada and in other odd places: events that occurred in the neighbourhood in Caulfeild Cove, where he and his wife have lived for fifty two years. There are pieces about Haida Gwaii and some about his experiences practising law. The stories range from the funny to the harrowing.

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David Roberts 119734000012245136 2014-08-26 14:47:25.335700 Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs/Biography & Autobiography, Lawyers & Judges/Travel
1001 Doors - Book Two: Exploring consciousness, Co-creating the time to come

According to author Mark Terrell, one of the goals of life is to become whole and complete. “By understanding the entirety of the human being, light and dark, our true nature is revealed.”

“1001 DOORS BOOK TWO is a winding journey through the inner wilds of the psyche to a safe harbor, to our natural enlightened self. That self is free of the falsely conceived limitations imposed by history. That self is also free of the misguided psycho-social forces that wish to rule us, or darken our hearts and oppress our soul’s creativity.

“Another goal in life is to dream the world into being. Since the type of world we create mirrors the kind of consciousness we foster, NOW is the way we shape the time to come. The universe is alive, conscious, friendly and compassionate, and willing to conspire with us as we seek our greatest good, as individuals and as a collective.”

The theme of 1001 DOORS BOOK TWO is, “I set out to master the psychic forces that try to enslave me, and discovered a new kind of power.” The author challenges you to discover that power for yourself, and share “the vision on high” that will result.

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Mark Terrell 119734000015336255 2014-08-26 14:42:35.840600 Self-Help, Spiritual/Self-Help, Personal Growth/Self-Help, Personal Growth, Happiness
Diamond: Christian Poetry and Scripture

DIAMOND is a daily devotional that can be read anytime. The reader of this book will overcome the struggles of life by drawing closer to God through these poems and His Word. In the pages therein, the reader is encouraged to write how the poetry and scriptures relate to one’s personal life.

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Janet Powell 119734000006259072 2014-08-25 21:52:59.339610 Poetry, Inspirational & Religious/Religion, Christian Life, Prayer/Religion, Christian Life, Spiritual Growth
The Chair by the Side of the Road

Outside the village, a HUMONGOUS empty chair sat at the side of the road. The villagers tell stories of a nice little boy, Luka, the son of the grocer, who became a giant. Every year he grew twice as big as the year before and the villagers, who were only two feet tall, worried that he would destroy their village. They built a house in the woods and a big chair for him where he could sit by the road and do no damage. Luka was miserable sitting by himself but one day a big dog came along and changed everything!

This is a story of how it feels to be on the outside looking in... about the frustration that comes when you feel ‘different’... and how the love of family can give you strength.

Luka shows us that family can come in many forms... even in the shape of a humongous dog!

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Adrian Hawaleshka 119734000012224363 2014-08-25 21:50:51.935500 Juvenile Fiction/Juvenile Fiction, Animals, Dogs/Juvenile Fiction, Social Issues, Friendship