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In the past twenty years, the American fabric has dramatically changed. The transformation has affected family life, self-esteem, politics, business, pleasures and dreams. This book examines fifty-one of those missing values—appropriately painted on original milk cartons and accompanied with corroborating essays.

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John Nieman 119734000016433799 2014-10-29 23:19:11.103390 Social Science, Essays/Social Science, Popular Culture/Art, Conceptual
Marianne: A Woman Ahead Of Her Time

About Marianne: A woman ahead of her time

The character of Marianne was inspired by the writings of Mary Wollstonecraft and Marie Olympe de Gouges whose visions resonate with the aspirations of women today.

Marianne was born in 1794 to an unmarried woman. Her mother was the chef in the house of one of the great banking families of France. Marianne had the good fortune to be invited to share lessons with Jean, the scion of the banking family who was an only child. She proved to be an apt pupil who developed considerable skill in English. This opened doors for her when Jean joined the family business and needed her talents to deal with English bankers. Her entry into the male dominated world of banking was not welcomed but in time, she proved her worth and she developed valuable skills in finance.

Marianne branched out and became a successful business woman which brought challenges in her personal life. She was truly a woman ahead of her time and her story mirrors challenges faced by women today.

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Richard Wink 119734000015654095 2014-10-29 23:14:40.153930 Fiction, Romance, Historical/Fiction, Historical/History, Europe, France
Mommy, Please Don't Listen To Them: A little girl's story about her fight for life

Little Trina had health challenges from the start and over the course of her 27 short years their source seemed to mystify professionals from all branches of medicine. In Mommy, Please Don’t Listen to Them we are taken on a roller coaster ride that traverses the emotional ups and downs that shaped the lives of little Trina and her devoted family. Through Trina the author learned that when she listened to her own intuition about her daughter’s needs that is where she found the real answers.

Trina defied all statistics for health and longevity with regard to an extremely rare chromosomal syndrome that she was born with (3p minus syndrome). In fact, tests often showed that her systems functioned at higher than average levels. Even so, infections, nutritional deficiencies, and Trina’s inability to communicate pain led to ongoing setbacks and ensuing medical testing. Various pharmaceuticals were tried, but they often brought nightmarish side effects along with them. Alternative therapies were explored extensively with some successes.

In Mommy, Please Don’t Listen to Them readers will discover new levels of parental devotion and human struggle. It is at times touching, at times infuriating. It is the story of a mother who dedicates her every breath to giving her daughter what she needs to reach her full potential. No matter what the doctors say.

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Denise F. Loewen 119734000015556432 2014-10-29 23:07:08.530100 Family & Relationships, Children With Special Needs/Health & Fitness, Children's Health/Health & Fitness, Diseases, Genetic
A Viable Suspect: The Story of multiple murders and how a police force's reach proved too short for Canada's most notorious cold case.

For more than 30 years, retired Ontario Provincial Police Sergeant Barry Ruhl has believed that a criminal with whom he had a violent encounter early in his career might be responsible for a string of unsolved murders of young women in Ontario, including the 1959 death of 12-year-old Lynne Harper. The only suspect ever investigated in that sensational case was 14-year-old Steven Truscott, who was convicted and sentenced to hang before being cleared almost 50 years later. But in the 1980s, Ruhl had approached his superiors with a theory about an alternative suspect in the Harper murder and other similar cases. A Viable Suspect tells the story of how Ruhl arrived at his conclusions, his frustrated attempts to prompt the OPP to thoroughly investigate Talbot and the tragic irony of how, just when it seemed police were finally taking Ruhl’s theory seriously, the suspect slipped out of reach, permanently.

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Barry Ruhl 119734000014412624 2014-10-29 23:00:22.385360 True Crime, Murder, Serial Killers/True Crime/Biography & Autobiography, Law Enforcement
Hoover-The Hummer that Couldn't Hover

Hoover the hummingbird was born different. He could not hover. Read how Mother and Father hummingbird found a special way to help Hoover hover like the other hummers. This special help makes Hoover’s dreams come true.

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Dolores Deckert O'Connell 119734000012723199 2014-10-28 20:31:03.467630 Juvenile Fiction/Juvenile Fiction, Animals, Birds/Juvenile Fiction, Nature & The Natural World
The Brothers Three

We all know that bumble bees die after they sting once, but this story is fiction (make believe). In fiction, anything can happen with the stroke of a pen or pencil.

Find out what happens when two bumble bee brothers like to sting people for fun.

Read how one bee helps his bee brother to see that hurting others is not funny or fun.

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Dolores Deckert O'Connell 119734000012723187 2014-10-28 20:29:05.463170 Juvenile Fiction/Juvenile Fiction, Animals, Insects, Spiders, Etc./Juvenile Fiction, Nature & The Natural World
The One Rule For Boys: How Empathy And Emotional Understanding Will Improve Just About Everything For Your Son

Raising boys can be challenging at times.

Okay, most of the time. But it doesn’t have to be. The One Rule for Boys takes a practical approach to teaching boys the importance of regulating their own emotions and understanding the emotions of others. Yes, it’s a skill any boy can learn, and it will improve just about every area of his life. Rather than settling for the destructive and emotionally crippling boys-will-be-boys attitude, which leaves many of society’s boys aggressive, angry, and emotionally unprepared, Dr. Max Wachtel explains how teaching empathy skills to your boys prepares them for the complexities of modern life: school, friendships, bullying, careers, and relationships. Leadership, assertiveness, and treating women with respect―empathy improves all of these. It may even keep your boys from running over a horse on the side of the road (more on that in Chapter 3).

Far from turning boys into overly emotional pushovers, Dr. Max compiles information from countless studies demonstrating how emotional understanding actually helps boys improve their decision-making and assertiveness skills. By providing a step-by-step teaching guide, dozens of quick tips, and plenty of sample statements you can say to your boys when you are at a loss for words, Dr. Max has created a simple, practical, well-researched, and often very amusing book designed to help parents and educators teach empathy to their boys. His goal is to help parents guide their sons to reach their full potential in life and be part of a generation that changes the world for the better.

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Dr. Max Wachtel 119734000014948904 2014-10-28 20:27:04.422530 Family & Relationships, Parenting, Child Rearing/Family & Relationships, Child Development/Psychology, Developmental, Child
Blind Vengeance

A dismal, moody sky over the beach at Normandy bears witness to the blood-soaked sands on the infamous day of June 6, 1944. Clouds of malevolence, in the form of a sadistic band of SS Waffen soldiers, darken the property of the Villa of the Four Winds just a few days later, led by a Lieutenant Oberheuser. Set on the quiet outskirts of the tiny village of Oradour-sur-Glane, the villa of Madame Suzanne Dumont is invaded—as is the body of her teenage daughter, and ultimately, her own. Forced to witness the violent gang-rape of his mother and sister, the countenance of the soldiers’ conflicted leader is forever burned onto the traumatized psyche of Suzanne’s nine-year-old son, Michel.

But the fires of suffering do not end with the sick sexual satisfaction of the soldiers. Intoxicated with a frantic desire to obliterate, the soldiers corral the villagers. Executing the men by gunfire and incinerating the women and children who are locked in the church, Michel, along with his friends, Marcel and Hélène, narrowly escape the consuming flames by hiding in a crypt found beneath the church.

Sixteen years later, engaged to Hélène and thriving as an investigative reporter, Michel Dumont is given a controversial assignment: Why are higher-profile refugees—those who had previously fled the Soviet-dominated countries of eastern Europe—now begging the Allies to let them go back east? Michel, accompanied and assisted by Hélène, travel to Germany to find answers, fanning the ever-burning embers of vengeance into flame as Michel simultaneously seeks Oberheuser.

Attracting the menacing attention of the Soviets and Neo-Nazis, the KGB kidnap Hélène and draw Michel into a maelstrom of danger and intrigue. Will Michel kill or be killed? Will he save Hélène? Will he be consumed by the fires of vengeance that rage within him?

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Jean-Pierre Plouffe 119734000013256391 2014-10-28 20:22:55.543740 Fiction/Fiction, Action & Adventure/Fiction, War & Military
The Caloris Rim Project

The Caloris Rim Project opens ancient doors—the kind best left alone—that lead to distant and untouched vestiges of the Tower of Babel. Major Frank Rawdon’s entire life is committed to defending his country and Earth, but something has invaded his very soul and that changes everything. Frank has become a pawn in a power struggle full of riddles, alien prophecy and forbidden ambition. For the first time in his life he doesn’t know who to protect and who to battle.

The year is 2250 A.D., and Frank stands on the brink of an interstellar war. What he discovers changes our galaxy’s history, and future, forever. Major Rawdon is a soldier of uncommon skill and ability, fighting a battle inside himself that may destroy everything—including the woman he loves.

The Caloris Rim Project—a secret that exposes the unstoppable future of the past.

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Glenn P. Mac Donald 119734000008546249 2014-10-28 20:21:57.337630 Fiction, Action & Adventure/Fiction, Christian, Futuristic
Born To Lose: A Life Struggling to Win

This is a coming-of-age story of the first twenty years of a young boy’s life from my first memories in a small town in north east Alabama until I was accepted into a four-year college in 1957. My family was very dysfunctional and I am an only child who didn’t bond with my mother. My father was an alcoholic drug addict who rarely spoke to me after his mother passed and he got his first shot of morphine. My mother had a psychopatic personality that dictated everything and my father didn’t argue with her. My father was a fine craftsman, a metal smith at repairing USN aircraft. I was small and not athletic but introverted. My maternal grandmother lived with us and explained to me how hard her life had been. I had bonded as a baby with our Italian neighbor and while my father had grown up in El Paso and knew enough Spanish to communicate with them, my parents were workaholics with very little social life and a narrow outlook on all foreigners. I failed at all social situations until all I wanted was to be independent. Trying to make friends, I was my own worst enemy.

I made a lot of bad decisions trying to overcome my background, trying to stop feeling like a victim.

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Jimmy Frank 119734000015111340 2014-10-28 18:45:09.480060 Biography & Autobiography/Family & Relationships, Marriage/Family & Relationships, Life Stages, Adolescence
Aerion and the Sword of Heroes

"For I have seen this sword and fought beside one of the heroes of our age.

He is a man who had the strength and courage to wield the Sword of Heroes."

Cast down to earth from the ethereal den of the Norse gods came a weapon more powerful than all the rest. Coveted by vengeance, jealousy, and mischief, it remained hidden and protected throughout the ages. Only a chosen one of true valor would one day be able to wield it.

Two boys from very different worlds are destined to be leaders. Through the sheer strength of his will, each proves to possess great skill and fiery ambition. But whereas one is propelled by honor, the other becomes fueled by a blackness of spirit. As the choices they make lead them further along opposite paths, both resolve to devote themselves to reaching their highest potential against all odds.

With his heart of gold, Aerion aspires to lend a lifetime of service to Tyr, the god of battle. He closes his eyes and asks Tyr to hear him, requesting this deity’s blessing. And then he waits . . . Several moments pass, but suddenly, he sees it—the dark image of Tyr’s sword appears clear as day, bathed in a radiant, golden glow.

Will Aerion be able to fulfill his dream of becoming a holy knight of the highest order? Can he succeed at defeating his dark rival and defending the most precious and mighty symbol of Tyr? The restoration of peace hangs delicately in the balance.

Aerion and the Sword of Heroes is a tale of the epic adventure taken by Aerion and the loyal comrades he makes along his journey: elf priestess Treena, Marseilles the wizard, Stone the shadow elf, ogre Tuck, and noble warrior Magnus.

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John A. Mortenson 119734000012729398 2014-10-28 18:41:29.428420 Juvenile Fiction, Action & Adventure/Fiction, Fantasy, Epic/Fiction, Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology
Green Elephant and Purple Monkey

Purple Monkey and Green Elephant are best friends. One day, Green Elephant tells Purple Monkey that he wants some purple pants, but he knows that if he orders the pants, they'll be too small to fit his large body. Join Purple Monkey as he explores the jungle to find Green Elephant the perfect Purple Pants.

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Rachel Zhu 119734000015714660 2014-10-27 18:33:08.994710 Juvenile Fiction, Concepts, Colors/Juvenile Fiction, Animals, Elephants/Juvenile Fiction, Clothing & Dress
Peppy the Christmas Tree

This is the story of a Christmas tree named Peppy that nobody wanted to buy from the Christmas tree farm. Peppy wonders if he’ll ever be a Christmas tree and, after many years, finally finds a family that loves him and thinks he’s the best Christmas tree ever.

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Mike Kennedy 119734000009276529 2014-10-27 17:14:13.139660 Juvenile Fiction, Holidays & Celebrations, Christmas & Advent/Juvenile Fiction, Nature & The Natural World/Juvenile Fiction, Fairy Tales & Folklore
The Pacesetter: The Complete Story

Who was responsible for the these Great American Landmarks:

The Indy 500, The Dixie Highway, The Lincoln Highway, Miami Beach and Montauk New York?

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Jerry M Fisher 119734000014766753 2014-10-27 17:11:45.329860 Biography & Autobiography, Business/History, United States, 20Th Century/History, United States, State & Local, Midwest (Ia, Il, In, Ks, Mi, Mn, Mo, Nd, Ne, Oh, Sd, Wi)
Jake & Ellie

Jake and Ellie have been in love since they first met on a flight from Boston in 1969. He was a rookie hockey player in the big leagues. She was a flight attendant. The attraction was immediate and profound, but their marriage couldn’t survive the violence of Jake’s career. Jake loved Ellie more than he had ever thought possible, but giving up hockey was as inconceivable as quitting breathing. He had to let her walk away.

Twenty years later, Jake may be suffering from a neurological disorder, possibly brought on by the many hits he took during his hockey career. His medical crisis reunites them. With a month before they will hear Jake’s definitive diagnosis, Jake and Ellie decide to embrace this second chance at happiness, trying to make up for the time they both deeply regret having lost. This is the moving story of the month they spend finding their way back to each other.

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Hazel Young 119734000011130483 2014-10-27 17:09:48.406530 Fiction, Romance/Fiction, Romance, Historical/Fiction, Medical
Her Vision Quest: A Memory Calling

This is a story of adventure, friendship, and self-discovery firmly rooted in the culture, dramatic landscape, and magic of northern Vancouver Island.

When a hike in the woods goes horribly wrong, young Shirley is forced to think on her feet and grow up quickly. While saving her father from a terrible fall, she notices an unusual cave in the distance. She soon finds that she is unable to shake the vision of it in her mind and embarks on a long journey of discovery. Aided by a mystical friend, she stumbles on more than she bargained for in the darkness of the strange cavern.

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Tim Haley 119734000015729959 2014-10-27 17:07:35.040850 Juvenile Fiction, Action & Adventure/Juvenile Fiction, Visionary & Metaphysical
Finding Home: One Man's Journey

Even though Bob was the only son and everything should have been his one day, but all he ever wanted was the love of his mother. So he moves from place to place, seeking the love and the home that he had always missed. Journey with Bob as he follows his connecting dreams of finding that home and the person who could love him, facing with him the heartaches and setbacks he encounters. Be with him when he finds out what both home and love are supposed to mean.

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Kathy Ford 119734000012592684 2014-10-27 17:04:36.361150 Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs/Fiction, Family Life/Family & Relationships, Life Stages
Rocky Mountain Locust: Opus I, Trio A Novel

An Environmental Novel

Elderly Jim Easom finds himself alone, having inexplicably survived a devastating pandemic. He sets out on an odyssey across the continent from his home in now-deserted Southern Ontario hoping to reach the Northwest Territories, to find other survivors, and to build a new home.

He adopts just two: a sheltie puppy, and a thirteen-year-old girl. They, like him, have suffered much, with more sorrow to come. Together they make their way, trying to adapt to the shattering new world reality. Their story provides the framework for a critical analysis of the man-made crisis of the biosphere.

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M. I. Lastman 119734000015123433 2014-10-27 17:00:02.520720 Fiction, Visionary & Metaphysical/Fiction, Fantasy, Contemporary/Fiction, Action & Adventure
Right sideUPside Down!


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Roméo Lemieux 119734000011041161 2014-10-24 19:31:46.285030 Fiction/Poetry/Photography
A Tent by the Creek: A Real Life Once Upon a Time Story

Not one of the four Southern California best-friends could have imagined the significance of a summer dance at Bass Lake in 1938—attended by friend, Cozzette. That dance amazingly, would be a pivotal event, changing the direction of all of their young lives.

When summer came in 1939 Cozzette was starting married life on a U.S. Forest Service ranger station not far from Yosemite. Her first home wasn’t a house at all, rather a tent next to a little creek. Ironically, that unique and rustic little tent home, would be the spot Cozzette’s three hometown friends, would each meet the man they would marry.

By summer of 1941, Jean was a newlywed and had also left their Southern California hometown; she too would be starting married life on that same ranger station, in the same tents Cozzette and Frank had shared. Jean knew, prior to moving to the ranger station, her new life would surely take some adapting to. It was a bit overwhelming considering; there was no electricity, poor phone service, and no indoor plumbing.

A special time remembered—a memoir—a charming story recounting life on a ranger station, the men and their work and life-long friendships; all the backdrop to a sweet, lighthearted love story. Delightfully throughout, there will be smiles, chuckles and the laugh-out-loud adventures, that life held. Author Jean Werly also gives an interesting first hand look at local history and life during The Depression and World War II.

Jean came to realize; sometimes the thing you feel you couldn’t possibly adapt to—ends up being the sweetest adventure of all—and indeed something worth sharing, as she has done wonderfully here. It was a magic time, like a fairytale adventure, and as a perfect ending should be, they did indeed live happily ever after.

Book 1 1939-1946

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Jean Werly 119734000005821629 2014-10-24 17:05:55.509630 Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs/Body, Mind & Spirit, Inspiration & Personal Growth/Biography & Autobiography, Adventurers & Explorers