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“Faraj” is a Farsi word meaning an opening, a blessing, a space of possibility.

Ābtin journeys for a whole year, across deserts and mountains to the sea. The young Zoroastrian hopes to come to terms with his harsh father and his own ambivalence about the art of carpet weaving. He dreams of Mitrā, a Muslim girl who waits for him back home, gathering medicinal plants in the barren lands, struggling with her family’s pressure to marry and a stranger’s accusations of sorcery. Once reunited, Ābtin and Mitrā realize that both of their religions will forbid their marriage. Gossip is rampant and persecution of Zoroastrians is on the rise.

Faraj: A Space of Possibility is set amidst the mud-brick houses, wind towers, and tiled mosques of 17th century Yazd—a crossroads on the Silk Road. We follow Ābtin and Mitrā as they work to reconcile their communities, often at risk to themselves. Together they experience mysticism, danger, and the ups and downs of young love. Gaining confidence in their callings as carpet weaver and healer, Ābtin and Mitrā search for a way to be together.

They yearn for a space of possibility – faraj.

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Kira Van Deusen 119734000029710481 2016-05-27 22:13:56.705730 Fiction, Romance, Historical, Medieval/History, Middle East, Iran/Religion, Comparative Religion
Dream this song: Helping your child with nighttime fears

“Dream this song” is an inspirational children’s book to help parents deal with their children’s nighttime fears. This is her first children’s book, inspired by a song her son wrote and sang this for his daughter, when she would wake up afraid. It’s about a little girl, who seems fearless in so many other activities and yet has a secret. Children can identify with this little girl and parents can find this book helpful to calm and work through their child’s fears. The song “In my arms tonight” is a song about a parents love for their child and how they watch over them. There is an analogy of Gods love for us and how He watches over us in the book, and a devotional in the back just for parents and based on my own experiences.

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Laurie Breitkreuz 119734000031429641 2016-05-27 22:11:43.374360 Juvenile Fiction, Religious, Christian, Bedtime & Dreams/Juvenile Nonfiction, Religious, Christian, Family & Relationships/Juvenile Nonfiction, Social Issues, Emotions & Feelings
Succession Planning That Works: The Critical Path of Leadership Development

Many attempts to establish a succession plan fail. Why? They run up against insurmountable implementation challenges, or weak executive commitment and follow-through.

Succession Planning That Works: The Critical Path of Leadership Development is a step-by-step guide to help HR professionals and senior leaders develop a succession plan that delivers a measurable return on investment.

Based on in-depth interviews with senior executives from nearly 50 organizations, Succession Planning That Works reveals not only the most important components of effective succession planning, but also the most effective order in which to put them into practice.

Packed with real-world examples, Succession Planning That Works shows how real companies have attempted to tackle succession planning issues and examines both their victories and their failures to highlight the most common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Topics include:

• 13 reasons to begin succession planning now

• How to calculate the ROI of promoting from within

• 21 Succession Planning Critical Path activities

• How to gain or strengthen executive buy-in for succession planning

• How to measure your success

Also included are 20 downloadable templates and tools to help make succession planning easier to comprehend and implement.

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Michael Timms 119734000029928143 2016-05-27 19:17:38.081520 Business & Economics, Human Resources & Personnel Management/Business & Economics, Strategic Planning/Business & Economics, Infrastructure
You're Amazing! (Starring You)

Excuse me, dear friend, could I borrow your ear?

I have a great story I think you should hear!

This story is special. This story is true!

This story is big. And it’s all about YOU!

Have you ever wondered how your AMAZING body works, and how you’re able to do so many INCREDIBLE things? How does your heart pump blood? How do your lungs breathe for you?

Meet Louie the Lumin! He’s here to show you just how AMAZING you really are. He will dazzle you in this playful journey through your human body, and along the way, he’ll introduce you to a few hard-working characters that you just might recognize!

So join Louie and his friends on this EXCITING journey, and learn just what makes you stand out from all the other species on this incredible earth!

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Mark Pichora 119734000023530235 2016-05-25 22:56:46.073100 Juvenile Nonfiction, Science & Nature, Anatomy & Physiology/Poetry/Science, Life Sciences, Human Anatomy & Physiology
Deep Down Inside: A heart-warming journey of hope and happiness

Deep Down Inside is the story of a young girl’s journey to cope with saying good-bye to an old friend. By way of an unexpected visitor, 7 year old Rebecca searches her feelings, deep down inside to discover how a new friend can lead her down the glorious path of healing and hope. By finding her inner-strength, Rebecca discovers courage within herself and all of the happiness and love that is still around her, even though her old friend is now gone.

Has your child or a child you know lost a loved one or cherished pet? If so, then this inspirational story may be the starting point needed to begin the process of healing and self-discovery.

As a support for young children, inspiration for classroom discussion or stimulation for bedtime conversation, this story is sure to provide all of this and so much more. Children not only need the support of others during difficult times, but they also need time to explore, question, process and react to the feelings and situations that they are experiencing, which is exactly what Rebecca encountered in this story.

This heart-warming story of love, loss, healing and happiness is sure to be cherished by all who read it and allow its message to penetrate the soul and heal the heart (deep down inside).

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Daniella Grsic 119734000027031330 2016-05-25 22:50:22.954560 Fiction/Fiction, Coming Of Age/Fiction, Short Stories (Single Author)
Friday Memories: The Life and Times of June Friday MacInnis

Born in 1931, at a time of ongoing change for Indigenous people all over the continent, this Ojibway Elder from Bear Island, in northeastern Ontario, started writing her memories so that her grandchildren and their descendants would know about her life and that of her family.

These engaging stories provide snapshots of a world in which hunting and fishing were still sustaining the Ojibway people. They are also a testimony to the hard work, resourcefulness and devotion of her parents and relatives who were able to create a good quality of life for themselves and community members.

Now in her 80s, June tells her stories with humour and a candid, no nonsense approach to storytelling. She has lived through tragedy and overcome serious illness, but they have not diminished her enthusiasm for life, her dedication to community or her great curiosity. These stories are a reflection of the resilience and caring that were passed on to her, and they carry her deep love for her family.

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June Friday MacInnis 119734000027875927 2016-05-25 22:43:02.644270 History, Social History/Biography & Autobiography, Cultural Heritage/Young Adult Nonfiction, Cultural Heritage
Nowhere is Safe

There’s a cold and calculated murderer at large in Boulder, Colorado. Having killed ten people already, the police are no closer in discovering who is behind these grizzly murders, only that the body count is adding up at an alarming rate. With a plea to the public to remain in their homes they continue their search for the killer, whose motives for murder are baffling, yet equally disturbing.

When Adem sets off to meet up with his cousin over the Christmas holidays, he hears the warning over the radio and then fear sets in. Given the killer’s apparent location, he is aware of the peril that exists. However, a dramatic twist of fate takes him wayward on his journey and, after his car skids off the road, he finds himself on foot in the middle of nowhere, fighting for his own survival amidst a threatening blizzard.

Just as all hope seems lost, he stumbles across an old mansion and pleads with the servant to help him in his time of need. But, the mansion holds a dark and sinister secret, and the owner, charming yet mysterious. As Adem ensures his safety from the hellish weather and the anonymity of the killer at large, will he discover where the true danger lies? Are the ghost sightings threatening or a warning for him to leave? The forbidden hallway, strange sightings throughout the building and an unknown entity who enters the mansion late at night, create a chilling atmosphere to this spine-tingling tale.

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Zain Baig 119734000023379173 2016-05-25 22:40:05.775780 Fiction, Horror/Fiction, Occult & Supernatural/Fiction, Psychological
The Many Faces of the Canadian Rockies



This book allows different views, and perspectives, on the same subjects. From one day to the next. As a Tour Director, I have been most fortunate to visit the Canadian Rockies many times in a year. Year after year. Different lighting; different seasons; different weather…all enhance the experience. Some may only have a short time in the Rockies, or a quick visit.

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Frank A. Szy 119734000013823751 2016-05-24 23:48:19.002440 Photography/Photography, Subjects & Themes/Photography, Subjects & Themes, Landscapes
Mathematics Education Across Time and Place: Over Two Millennia from Athens to Zimbabwe

What is mathematics, and what aspects of it should be taught in schools? How and to whom should it be taught, and how should its understanding be assessed? These questions continue to drive curriculum development, school organization, teaching methods, and research agendas. No one today doubts that mathematics should be taught in our schools, but this was not always so. Mathematics Education Across Time and Place aims to help mathematics teachers, teacher educators, and anyone else interested in mathematics education appreciate the path this discipline has taken through the ages. To understand the historical and social context for schools and the place of mathematics within them, we meet a variety of mathematics educators from different times and places. Though fictional, their lives and social circumstances are based on historical documents and professional sources. They range from ancient Greece to modern Zimbabwe; from Persia to British Columbia; from Islamic Baghdad to revolutionary Paris; from Elizabethan England to twentieth-century New York; and from the rural one-room schools of North America to the modern comprehensive secondary school. By sharing the teachers’ lives, we come to understand how they developed their love for teaching mathematics, and how their work fit into the larger social context of their time.

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Thomas O'Shea 119734000030726412 2016-05-24 23:39:51.607490 Education, Teaching Methods & Materials, Mathematics/Mathematics, History & Philosophy/Education, History
The Songs of C-Journey

The Songs of C-journey is the heartwarming, touching and courageous story of people afflicted with one of the most dreaded diseases of the century—cancer.

The word “cancer” implies heaviness; it entails suffering in the lives of many people. Hence, the author uses the word “C-journey” instead. The reading of this manuscript is much lighter to carry as each story is written in simple narrative and song.

This book is a simple and plain story about the feelings, retold through songs, which show as one walks through life in the path of the C-journey.

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Rachel Pano 119734000022813261 2016-05-19 18:07:21.953920 Health & Fitness, Diseases, Cancer/Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs/Self-Help, Death, Grief, Bereavement
Linguistic Archaeology

Edo Nyland shares with us his research on the evolution of European and other languages and his conclusions offer fresh perspectives to challenge traditional views entertained by the linguistic establishment.

Nyland’s research was inspired by a CBC presentation by historian Edward Furlong who suggested that Odysseus may not at all have been travelling in the Mediterranean but rather in Scotland and Ireland where the climate and topography fit far better the descriptions in the Odyssey. Nyland set off on an odyssey of his own, visiting the proposed locations and while he found much to support Furlong’s thesis he felt more evidence was needed to confirm it.

He began by examining place names mentioned in the Odyssey and he began to wonder if they might be telling a story. But from what language were they derived? Greek, Latin and Gaelic dictionaries were no help. He discovered a clue in the work of geneticist Luigi Cavalli-Sforza who had suggested that there might have been early migrations of the peoples living along the Atlantic coast, from Morocco to Scotland and Ireland, even Arctic Norway. Of these only the Basques still spoke their original Neolithic language, and in choosing a Basque dictionary to translate coastal place names Nyland found that they did indeed yield remarkably fitting descriptions.

In visiting Bronze Age ruins Nyland came on the Ogam inscriptions carved into standing stones of Ireland. These had not been deciphered but Nyland began to suspect they might encode elements of the Basque language. Cracking the code became his mission and in this volume he describes how he did it.

After applying his method successfully to such languages as Spanish or German, Sanskrit or Sumerian, Nyland concludes that Basque isthe core language from which so many more were derived.

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Edo Nyland 119734000007716758 2016-05-17 17:22:53.286470 Language Arts & Disciplines, Linguistics, Etymology/Language Arts & Disciplines, Linguistics, Historical & Comparative/Foreign Language Study, Ancient Languages
A Will To Survive

Fred Henderson is a bush pilot flying three passengers from Kenora, Ontario, to a fishing lodge on Trout Lake—they are George White, an Anishinaabe fishing guide who works at the lodge; Ruth Denver, the grown daughter of the lodge owners; and Michael Cleveland, an academic from Toronto meeting friends already staying at the lodge. When Henderson’s Cessna 206 is forced to perform an emergency crash landing on an unnamed pothole lake miles from the filed flight plan, the prospect of rescue seems remote, and the four must decide how they will face the many challenges Northern Ontario has in store for them.

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John Jackson 119734000027815583 2016-05-17 17:19:22.188870 Fiction/Fiction, Action & Adventure
Baby Steps

When retiree John Rollo woke up from spinal surgery on June 21, 2013, he’d had calcium build-up removed and titanium rods inserted to stabilize his 6 foot 5 inch frame. The following morning he had a heart attack. On June 22, he was transferred to Toronto General Hospital for triple bypass surgery. Only then did the true nightmare begin. Intubated and in a drug-induced coma, blood being chemically controlled to support the vital organs, his feet were deprived of blood and they died. The family was told he’d have to undergo amputation. On July 22, he was transferred back to Toronto Western Hospital for treatment and rehab of his spinal surgery. By October, he was a bilateral below-the-knee amputee.

Baby Steps tells the story of a man who beat all the medical odds to live and walk again. It’s full of optimism, warmth, great love, and humour. It’s also an honest exposé of a rehabilitation system that manages patients, attempting to care for people, in an environment with virtually no mental health support in the form of clinical psychologists to assist people to cope with such life-altering circumstances.

Rollo’s passionate belief is that this deficit needs to be addressed in order for patients to survive, without succumbing to depression and instead able to move forward with optimism and hope. He offers many valuable tips and strategies for coping with the physical and emotional challenges of life as an amputee, and reminds us that love, faith and hope are key ingredients for surviving and thriving.

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John Rollo 119734000028935125 2016-05-16 20:09:54.405790 Biography & Autobiography, Medical/Health & Fitness, Diseases, Heart/Psychology, Psychotherapy, Counseling
A Community of Old Bones

A COMMUNITY OF OLD BONES is a delightful and thought-provoking collection of poems that will leave readers reflecting about the nature of aging - both its negative and positive aspects. The contemplative content of P. R. Hernon's poems is complimented by the beautiful, lyrical fashion in which it is delivered. Hernon fills her poems with careful, descriptive word choices that evoke strong images for the reader and engender emotional responses. An additional strength of this collection is the poet's playful use of humour in many of the poems.

- Elizabeth Seigel (Editor, FriesenPress)

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P. R. Hernon 119734000028269961 2016-05-16 18:53:09.980530 Poetry, Canadian/Poetry/Poetry, Subjects & Themes, Places
I Confess: How a Very Religious Catholic Boy Learned Dirty Words Sex and Celibacy Avoided Suicide Embraced Death Found Love God & Himself Not Necessarily in That Order

Throughout his remarkable life, Richard Sipe has followed one simple yet demanding dictum: Tell the truth. He has done so as a priest, a mental health clinician, and a writer exploring the trials of celibacy and the tragedy of child sexual abuse. Today, Sipe is best known for his work with clergy who molest children. His research guided the Boston Globe Spotlight Team in its Pulitzer Prize-winning investigation of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. And he is an oracular presence in “Spotlight,” the hit movie about the Globe’s groundbreaking work. But in “I Confess” Sipe takes an unexpected turn, yielding to an inner muse to find a separate truth that is at once deeply personal and profoundly universal. In poems of love, loss, grief and renewal, Sipe assesses his life and his struggle with Catholicism. With an open heart and a keen intellect, he reveals the isolation and loneliness that come with priestly celibacy and a life of contemplation. He explores the cost of rebellion, and the joy of love and personal awakening. And he confronts the religious teachings of his youth, taking readers on a searing quest for identity – through bondage, struggle, liberation, and finally to the hard-earned peace that can only come with knowledge of the self.

—Michael Rezendes, Boston Globe

I Confess is…“A worthy example of applied self-reflection, that desire to find the words for complicated internal contentions and transformations, with some startling imagery that lingers long after the book is closed …”

—Judith Vida-Spence, M.D.

American Journal of Psychoanalysis, Section Editor: On the Arts

Anyone reading Richard Sipe’s I Confess will be delighted, informed, and uplifted by his reflections and his poetry. From priesthood to layman, to husband, to father, his thoughts deepen one’s appreciation for the complexities of life, for the need and role of personal therapy, for the range of sexual feelings that help humanize us, including, finally, his reflections on our final moments. I recommend Sipe’s life journal. He is honest to his experiences… some of his imagery is haunting.

—Gerald J. Gargiulo, PhD

Psychoanalyst, poet, author of Broken Fathers/Broken Sons and Quantum Psychoanalysis.

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A.W.Richard Sipe 119734000029102359 2016-05-13 17:50:20.304490 Poetry, Subjects & Themes, Inspirational & Religious/Poetry/Biography & Autobiography, Religious
Drowning Above Water

Based on true-life events, Parris reflects on her struggle with Nature vs. Nurture and the childhood memories of her dysfunctional family. Turning the clock back two generations, Parris’s story begins with her grandparents and the events that led up to her family’s extreme narcissistic and destructive conduct.

Drowning Above Water is a riveting story of one woman’s observation of her own family. Discover how Parris finds the strength of will to pursue a different life for herself, and follow her compelling journey as she shares her tales of insight and manages to break the cycle that would determine the woman she would eventually become.

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Parris Michaels 119734000028876025 2016-05-13 17:33:22.190940 Fiction, Biographical/Fiction, Coming Of Age/Fiction, Family Life
Confessions of a Misfit Pastor's Wife

What are you supposed to do when your two-year-old bares his butt and pees in the street in full view of the congregation exiting church on a Sunday morning---and you’re the pastor’s wife? Told with unabashed honesty and an Erma Bombeck style of humor, the Confessions of a Misfit Pastor’s Wife takes the reader behind the closed doors of the parsonage and into the private and sometimes not so private thoughts of the Lady of the Manse. Isolated, lonely, and kicking against the goads, the young pastor’s wife tries to fulfill all the expectations placed on her with some success, some failures, and some major faux pas. Add the 1950s TV June Cleaver role model for women and the dilemma becomes apparent. This is a must read for anyone interested in the role of women in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Be prepared to laugh and cry with the Misfit Pastor’s Wife.

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Barbara Mosier Smythe 119734000026627295 2016-05-13 17:21:30.463940 Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs/Biography & Autobiography/Humor
Sea of Snow

Lyricism, romance and the surreal. Sea of Snow weaves words and imagery into an inspired poetic collection where “afternoon dresses itself up in the vague aroma of tea” and “nightingales cross the silk threshold from folk to the here and now.”

Spanning 25 years of the poet’s writing life, the poems journey through notions of time and immortality, spirituality and nature, life and love. These pages hold a depth of feeling beyond their words, with memory alive in a heart’s rhythm and messages but held in a whisper.

For the poet, poetry is not structural engineering; it is a unique medium for creating beauty that transcends reality, a shared spiritual experience expanding the mind of both writer and reader.

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Arshia Tabrizi 119734000030019250 2016-05-13 17:12:36.516840 Poetry/Poetry, Subjects & Themes, Inspirational & Religious/Poetry, Subjects & Themes, Nature
The Harmony Tree: A Story of Healing and Community

In The Harmony Tree, an old grandmother oak tree is spared when loggers come through and clear-cut a forest. Grandmother Oak finds herself alone until new houses start showing up on the land, along with new trees. Grandmother Oak tries to make friends with these trees, but they are shallow and focused only on themselves. As Grandmother Oak shares her stories and how she came to have such deep roots, she finds hope and healing.

The other trees, seeing the value of Grandmother Oak’s history with the land, begin to find strength too. The inspiration for this story comes from the author’s own fifty-acre farm, where all the virgin trees were logged except for a large, white oak tree that sat at the top of a hill. Randy Woodley, says, “I was always grateful the loggers left that one 300-year-old tree for us to enjoy.” That and the tragic circumstances that caused the Woodleys to lose their land and farm just because they were Native Americans inspired Randy to write this story. Under such circumstances, Randy wondered, “How could this one tree bring about healing and friendship in the world? If we can change our minds about our current views of progress, ecology, and the relationship between settler and host peoples, then maybe that one grandmother oak tree, left uncut, offers some hope for everyone.”

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Randy S. Woodley 119734000022724016 2016-05-12 22:42:28.188710 Juvenile Fiction, Nature & The Natural World, Environment/Juvenile Fiction, People & Places, United States, Native American/Juvenile Fiction, Religious
Iconic Ideas in the History of Social Thought

The book distinguishes a number of types of social thought and traces their history from “tribal” times until present day. It shows that human beings thought systematically about their societies very early in their development, even if only informally, as they did not write treatises about them. In many ways, they formed a basis for all social thought that followed.

The book discusses the social thought of ancient civilizations and talks about how the rationalism of Greek and Roman times and the religiosity of early and later Christianity influenced its development.

The book then explains the influence of the Reformation, the change of the intellectual climate and the emergence of new approaches to the discussion about the nature of society. It talks about the theorists who argued that societies were created by social contract among people and some, like the colorful Robert Owen, advised that we should learn by doing. He tried to establish two colonies in which people would work and live together and share the products of their work among all in the colony. This was a benign socialist idea. It did not work. But soon the aggressive socialism of Karl Marx and his followers emerged.

A strong trend emerged in the meantime for the scientific study of society, employing all the methods of the natural sciences. Sociology as a professional discipline thus developed. An issue emerged whether society is just a congregation of individuals or has a reality of its own. Differences among scholars emerged with American sociologists favoring individualistic sociology and Europeans favoring the reality of society approach. But the contest was crowned by Max Weber, whom some consider to be the greatest sociologist who ever lived, and his “analytical” and “verstehende” sociology. The field of sociology has spread out widely into various specializations.

The book also studies popular social thought. It briefly describes Islamic social thought, looks at popular thought in Europe in the first half of the 20th century, and current American popular thought. It ends by discussing the future of social thought.

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Wsevolod W. Isajiw 119734000028556268 2016-05-12 22:23:57.207790 Social Science/Social Science, Reference/Social Science, Sociology