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This is a story of sibling rivalry, poverty and war--of unrequited love and a Canadian dream but much more than that, it is a story that takes today’s reader through the most momentous period of our history--a time when millions, having barely survived the misery and deprivation of the greatest financial crisis in history, were almost immediately plunged into the greatest military conflict in world history.

Being set in London’s east end, that bore the brunt of Hitler’s Blitz serves in many ways to bring the sacrifices of that time into sharp focus giving the reader an insight into how the people were forced to deal with tragedy and loss in a way that today’s generation might find almost callous.

But then it was a time that personified Shakespeare’s immortal words--”The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” and how that outrageous fortune can send us down paths and in directions we never dream of.

Above all, it is a story told by someone who lived it.

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Charles Reid 119734000015697009 2015-03-27 14:34:04.908530 Family & Relationships, Siblings/Family & Relationships, Military Families/Biography & Autobiography, Military
Humbly Does It

Humility is a virtue better demonstrated than described. Read about the little donkey who no one thought would go very far, but helped show the whole world what it was to be truly humble.

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Tom Basham 119734000015247035 2015-03-27 14:31:42.940420 Juvenile Fiction, Animals, Farm Animals/Juvenile Fiction, Religious, Christian, Animals/Religion, Christian Ministry, Children
Trade Your Furs or Die: Derived and Translated from the writings of Pierre Esprit Radisson

"Trade your Furs or Die"

This was not a threat — it was simply Radisson reminding his Native friends that they could die in war or starvation if they did not trade with him, as their neighboring enemies would have the European guns and knives instead.

Radisson was the world’s most successful fur trader because no one understood the Natives better than he did. In 1651 he was captured as a child by the Iroquois and became one of them, even becoming a Native warrior. He left us with a fascinating written insight into what it was like to live in the virgin forests of North America in those adventurous times, giving us a frank description of the Natives as they were before any significant contact with Europeans...

In 1665, he moved to England. He used his descriptions of his life with the Fiat Nations to persuade the English King Charles II to become more active in North America, and thus changed the course of history on this continent.

He used French vocabulary and expressions extensively. Armed with my own knowledge of the French language and of history, I began translating and editing Radisson’s work for my own use. I soon realized that the results should be published, so over the course of several years I translated and rewrote Radisson’s entire story to modern English. Here, for the first time ever is Radisson’s own story, rewritten in modern understandable language.


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James Robinson 119734000015860421 2015-03-25 18:01:50.249880 History, Canada, Pre-Confederation (To 1867)/Biography & Autobiography, Adventurers & Explorers/History, Canada, Pre-Confederation (To 1867)
Through the Eyes of Darwin and Genesis

Ever since Darwin replaced traditional creation stories with a rational approach to human origins, we have lost touch with spiritual meanings of the ancient myths. These unscientific messages are vibrant and alive and deserve a voice in the modern consciousness. By exploring the historical details of the Genesis/Darwin debate, we can appreciate the insights and limitations of both world views.

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Bill Nielsen 119734000014712179 2015-03-25 17:56:30.883700 Religion, Religion & Science/Religion, Christian Theology, Apologetics/Science, Life Sciences, Evolution
There's A Dream In My Pocket

A little story written in rhyme,

About a dream that grows with time.

A little girl who must believe...

That if she dreams, she can achieve.

So if your pocket begins to wiggle,

Peek inside, try not to giggle...

It's just your dream reminding you,

To have a dream - It can come true!

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Georgina Wilkins 119734000008280073 2015-03-25 17:50:02.425240 Juvenile Fiction, Bedtime & Dreams/Juvenile Fiction, Imagination & Play/Juvenile Fiction, Stories In Verse
Charles Thomas Kennedy V.C.: A Forgotten Scottish Hero

This is the story of Charles Kennedy an exceptionally courageous young man whose selfless acts of valour won him the most prestigious military medal, the Victoria Cross. Although highly honoured at the time he was soon forgotten and his grave remained unmarked for 94 years before he was again fittingly remembered.

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J. Kenneth Davy 119734000015360620 2015-03-25 17:34:01.825630 Reference, Bibliographies & Indexes/Biography & Autobiography/Biography & Autobiography
Heal With Me and Our Journey Goes On

This is the third edition to the Heal With Me series. It started as Inspiration Needed…A Book of Poems in 1997; to Heal With Me, and Our Journey Goes On in 1999, and 2001. These books have been a source of inspiration in various schools, organizations, and societies across Canada, and as well as in different households; I hope they will generate the same feelings this time around.

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Ali Marsman 119734000015712756 2015-03-24 19:17:16.060370 Family & Relationships, Abuse/Poetry, Canadian/Poetry
Bug & Budgie Learn To Count

After a long long game of Bugball, Bug and Budgie decide they need to know how to keep score - and that means learning how to count. The new Garden Counting School is a big success, but counting can be hard when you are a garden bug - and Budgie, who lives in a cage in the house, feels left out. What can clever Bug do to solve these problems?

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Peter McBride 119734000012785550 2015-03-24 19:05:42.947080 Juvenile Fiction, Concepts, Counting & Numbers/Juvenile Fiction, Readers, Beginner/Juvenile Fiction, Animals, Birds
Hummingbirds: Volume One

Some of the poems will make you laugh, some will bring tears of joy and some sobs of sadness. Some will titillate you, some will cause pause. Some may make you wish they were not true. You may be humbled by some or angered. But you will think, reflect and I hope be moved.

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Mallory Eaglewood 119734000016762174 2015-03-23 21:28:41.264860 Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs/Poetry, Subjects & Themes, Women Authors/Poetry, Native American
Escape to Paradise

Theo Dirks was born in a Mennonite village in the Ukraine. During the Second World War, he and his family were exiled to Siberia, but through disastrous circumstances managed to escape and come back home. When the Germans arrived, Theo was drafted, first as a translator and then into the SS. In the meantime, his family was evacuated by the German Army, ending up in Poland, then East Germany. Theo found them there after being released from a prisoner of war camp. Fleeing persecution, they ended up in a Mennonite refugee camp and finally in Canada. Theo’s spotty education was a handicap he managed to overcome and to enter medical school. His life was full of amazing events that led to a remarkable outcome.

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Edgar Pankratz 119734000020698839 2015-03-23 21:25:56.507750 Fiction, Historical/Fiction, War & Military/History, Military, World War Ii
Confessions of an Ex Hot Mess: 10 Steps to Beat Stress and Feel Your Best

A Hot Mess (n.): Someone whose thoughts and appearance are in a state of disarray but who still maintains an undeniable beauty and allure.

Are you sick of self-help books putting you to sleep? Would you like to transform your life but don’t know where to start? Self-proclaimed ‘ex hot mess’ L.K. Elliott has been there. Having endured abuse, neglect, and low self-esteem, Elliott found herself newly married, with everything she’d ever wanted, but suffering from depression. She has collected the wisdom she gleaned from years of therapy, research, and most of all pure life experience recovering from her depression into this volume.With honesty and humour, Elliott outlines transformational tools for self-love and stress relief in plain language – no self-help jargon here! She sees the potential for personal growth in everyone, and brings that relentless optimism to Confessions of an Ex Hot Mess, challenging readers to “choose now over later” to find love, happiness, and balance.

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L.K. Elliott 119734000017140642 2015-03-23 21:22:40.894780 Self-Help, Stress Management/Self-Help, Personal Growth, Happiness/Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs
Beyond Normality: A Modern Guide for Complete Internal Harmony

Beyond Normality covers a broad range of subjects—everything from human behavior, to feminism and sex, to child rearing, to violence, to drugs and alcohol, to changes in society and the oppressions of modern life. From family orientation, to religion and mankind consciousness. Readers are asked to consider Beyond Normality as a “modern guide for complete internal harmony”. Numerous themes run throughout this work, the most persistent and prevalent is the belief on the growing disconnect between what is natural and what has come to be thought of as normal. There is, in the author’s view, a great deal that is wrong with modern society, and much of it stems from our insistence on shielding ourselves from the rigors of the natural order of things.

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Sylvain Vidoni 119734000015768315 2015-03-23 21:19:10.918960 Philosophy/Philosophy, Essays/Education, Philosophy & Social Aspects
The Nisselinka Claims

In the early years of the 20th century Edward Wickford, a settler in northern British Columbia, lays claim to a rich vein of copper and gold. But events outside his control wreak havoc with his plans and dreams of wealth. Two world wars and two generations later, his grandson’s ownership of the same mineral rights is threatened by a hard-driving promoter of a public company listed on the junior mining market. The resulting conflict in a high-stakes treasure hunt run by professionals, but spiced by rogues, propels the story to its climax. The Nisselinka Claims is an intricate family saga that spans three generations, and gives a compelling glimpse into the colourful history of British Columbia.

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Robert Longe 119734000011498139 2015-03-23 21:11:08.572100 Fiction, Historical/History, Canada, Post-Confederation (1867 To Present)/Technology & Engineering, Mining
M.C. I Am My Brother's Keeper

Former army sharpshooter Jake Coleman has nothing more in mind than a little relief from a hot, Texas-summer night when he jumps on his bike and heads to a biker bar in search of a cold beer. But when he encounters a three-against-one fight right outside the bar door, he steps in to improve the odds for an outnumbered stranger. What Jake doesn’t know is that the man he’s just helped is none other than Diego Santiago, vice-president of the Houston based, Los Patrons Motorcycle Club. An impressed and grateful Santiago befriends Jake and mentors him as he works to meet the requirements of a prospective member of Los Patrons. Jake finally accepted as a “full patch member,” finds something he’s been searching for all his life; brotherhood. As he embarks on the life of a Los Patrons brother, Jake falls in love with an intoxicating woman, and rapidly rises up the club’s ranks, discovering something chilling about himself…that no act is too grim or violent for him to perform, if it’s in service of those he has come to call his brothers.

God Forgives - Patrons Repay

Written with a knife-edge authenticity, M.C. – I Am My Brother’s Keeper catapults readers into the dark and dangerous netherworld of a big city motorcycle club.

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C.J. McShane 119734000012086515 2015-03-23 21:07:30.859020 Fiction, Crime/Fiction/Fiction, Thrillers
Mortgage Smarts

Mortgage Smarts is a thorough and thoughtful guide to mortgages and house buying across Canada. Each province or territory has different rules and the authors explain the requirements for each, laid out in tables for ease of use.

The authors candidly say: “We provide usable information on issues which most of you don‘t research when you are thinking about applying for a mortgage.”

Mortgage Smarts is organized to provide information in the order that a house buyer would need it, from a history of mortgages through the process of buying a house (application and closing process), the sale and end of the mortgage, and then covering cases that are not the norm. The book contains useful checklists and warning notes, references and definitions. The authors suggest that this useful book can be dipped into at any part of the mortgage process; it doesn’t need to be read from page one to the end. The extensive table of contents and index will guide you to what you need. For the reader’s convenience, all government and official internet links and all the checklists appear in the appropriate chapters and then they are grouped together in separate appendixes.

Numerous case studies describe the omissions and pitfalls that face a homebuyer who is blinded by enthusiasm or given “good advice” by friends and relatives. Once you have digested and applied the information in Mortgage Smarts your search for a home should not have any unpleasant financial surprises, but a happy ending.

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Peter Dale 119734000013739002 2015-03-23 21:05:25.986020 Business & Economics, Real Estate/Business & Economics, Insurance, Property/Law, Real Estate
Social Patterns As Sources of Separation

Institutions play a dominant role in our society and influence the manner in which we live.

Institutions form the basic structure of society and impact our access to information, employment, financial and educational resources, and quality of life.

This book showcases how American institutions perpetuate inequality and are in need of major reform in order for all individuals to have equal access to societal opportunities. A major goal of this book is to raise awareness of the level of inequality that continues to exist in our society in spite of gains made in recent decades. Aimed at both social science students and general readers, this book illustrates how social patterns have fostered the separation of groups and how we must do things differently in order to support inclusion rather than exclusion based on gender, race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status. Major sociological theoretical perspectives illustrate varying viewpoints of social events along with the ideology of prominent scholars such as Durkheim, Weber, Park, Tonnies, Marx, and Engels. At the end of each chapter, additional resources are listed for further review of the main topics presented.

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Janet Michello 119734000013484003 2015-03-23 21:01:02.737130 Social Science/Social Science, Discrimination & Race Relations/Social Science, Minority Studies
How Not To Screw Up Your Life

Self-proclaimed “screw-up”, Jorgia Dianis (aka Jorgie) is a recent college graduate who is ‘boyfriend-challenged’ – she hasn’t had one for over a year, she has a crazy family – to say the very least, and she has a lengthy resume full of mess-ups, mishaps and #@%#-ups.

After being unemployed for months, she decides to take a job as a manager of a flower shop. To her surprise, her life starts to go in a new direction. She becomes good friends with Jeff and Dave, two guys who work at the flower shop who make her do something that she hasn’t done in a very long time … laugh. And by forces that she can’t resist, she finds herself falling helplessly in love with a young resident doctor, Joshua, who is as sweet as the scent of a Hungarian lilac.

Just when her life seems to be taking a turn for the better, it all comes crashing down after Jorgie comes face to face with her ex-boyfriend, and at her weakest moment contemplates doing the one mistake that could never be made right. Will Jorgie make the right decision or will this be the biggest screw-up of her life?

Readers will enjoy following Jorgie on her hilarious and unpredictable journey as a twenty-something year old woman, with no sense of direction but trying to find her way home … and getting lost every step of the way!

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Sofia Pialis 119734000012080453 2015-03-23 18:32:48.922290 Fiction, Coming Of Age/Fiction, Contemporary Women/Fiction, Family Life
Henry Goes Camping: Henry's Bear Tales

Henry Brown is looking forward to nothing but a fun night camping with his friends when he is suddenly faced with the task of finding his little brother Sammy, who has gotten himself lost. Sammy, missing and alone for hours, needs his big brother to find him. He is cold and hungry, and only Henry can bring him home. So how does a simple camping trip go this wrong? Join Henry on his next adventure as he searches for ways to keep his little brother out of trouble.

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d'Andrea Labbe 119734000016194381 2015-03-20 17:20:41.081440 Juvenile Fiction, Animals, Bears/Juvenile Fiction, Family, Siblings/Juvenile Fiction, Sports & Recreation, Camping & Outdoor Activities
Love in the Air: Second World War Letters

Love in the Air tells the story of a love that blossoms when an ambitious farm girl from Saskatchewan and a charming musician from Ontario lock eyes one night during a wartime social. But duty soon calls, and with a ring sealing the promise of a future together, the two embark upon different paths an ocean apart.

Separated for two and a half years during the Second World War, Helen Reeder, age 24 and Harry Culley, age 29 write over 600 letters, detailing their experiences and emotions, while deepening their mutual devotion. Helen writes about her work at the Department of Munitions and Supply and later the Toronto Transportation Commission, while Harry tells about bringing music to Allied troops and civilians as part of the Royal Canadian Air Force dance and concert bands. After their deaths, their letters are discovered, safely stowed away in an Eaton’s box. By blending excerpts from the letters with a narrative inspired by the correspondences and historical background, daughter Joanne Culley brings to life this unique story of enduring love amidst global turmoil.

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Joanne Culley 119734000017622810 2015-03-20 17:18:30.672810 Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs/History, Military, Canada/History, Canada
Where the Fairies Paint the Sky: A Volume of Poems

“In a small patch of woodland

Deep in the green trees ...

Is the place

Where the fairies paint the sky”

With these opening lines, first-time author Darcy L. B. Harnadek paints the picture of a young girl enraptured by the story that inspired this original collection of poetry.

In song, spoken word, free verse poetry and classic forms like terza rima and haiku, Where the Fairies Paint the Sky recreates images from the author’s insights and experiences: a tree strung with wind chimes, a mother from the past weaving her own poetry, a family gathered on the beach in the wind and rain to scatter a grandfather’s ashes. The reader will encounter topics ranging from wartime and broken hearts to hope and renewal, from the wonder in everyday life to worlds of angels, demons and beauty. The poems are deep and dark, lovely and gentle, thought-provoking and beautifully simple, each ready to offer a message or rekindle a memory.

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Darcy L.B. Harnadek 119734000017242503 2015-03-20 17:13:38.345650 Poetry/Poetry, Canadian