Recently Released Books at the FriesenPress Bookstore Hot off the presses! The most recently released books at the FriesenPress Bookstore. 3600 FriesenPress en-us FriesenPress Bookstore 128 200 The Center Circle Approach: 5 Steps to the Fulfilling Life that Work-Life Balance Cannot Provide

Why pursue balance, trying to please everyone, giving a little to everything, and suffer the constant stress of trying to do it all? Think about it, when a newly married man says he needs more work-life balance, what he is truly saying is he needs to spend more time at home...even if it means less time at work. A woman who is seeking a promotion at work tends to find more fulfillment when she spends more time at work, even if it means less time at home for that time period.

As Alain de Botton, a Swiss-British writer and television presenter so eloquently put it – “There is no such thing as work-life balance. Everything worth fighting for unbalances your life.”

This is what The Center Circle Approach is about. It provides a refreshingly simple, yet profound new take on the subject of living a fulfilled life. It equips you to ditch the concept of a “balanced life” for that of a “centered life”, one that may seem unbalanced but is centered on your key priorities.

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Esi A. Dawson 119734000014939505 2015-09-02 16:46:45.773580 Self-Help, Personal Growth, Success/Self-Help, Self-Management/Self-Help, Self-Management, Time Management
A Wilderness of Rocks: The Impact of Relief Models on Data Science

Discover the University of Wisconsin collection of historic relief models, or three-dimensional maps.

The University of Wisconsin relief models were crafted from 1875-1943 at the dawn of the analytics age. Relief models are an extremely effective visualization tool. They help us intuitively understand big data sets and to create spatial awareness--the knowledge of relationships between objects, places and ourselves. Each relief model is shown in beautiful color photography. Learn their fascinating stories of expeditions and earthquakes, mountains and museums, bankruptcy and battlefields, governments and glaciers.

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Melanie Schleeter McCalmont 119734000020019269 2015-08-31 16:21:47.727250 Science, Earth Sciences, Geography/Technology & Engineering, Cartography/Social Science, Human Geography
America's Leap Into Space: My Time at JPL and the First Explorer Satellites

After the shock of watching Russia’s Sputnik become the world’s first artificial satellite, America’s infant space program hurried to launch one of their own. In just 90 days, Dr. Henry Richter and his colleagues at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory developed and launched the nation’s response. Through innovation, teamwork, and tenacity, these pioneering scientists and engineers began America’s exploration of space that continues to determine our place in the cosmos. JPL and the First Explorer Satellites tracks the development of the Russian, Germany, and American rocketry programs through the World Wars and into the arms race of the Cold War. Dr. Richter’s memories and extensive research shed a light into the earliest days of the space age. It is a fascinating story that is equal parts memoir and insider history of one of the world’s most dynamic and revolutionary periods.

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Henry L. Richter 119734000022441168 2015-08-28 18:26:01.780770 Science, History/Biography & Autobiography, Science & Technology/Science, Space Science
Last Known Whereabouts

Four-year-old Nellie St. Clair is abducted in the midst of a crowd of thousands at a Canada Day celebration. The child seemingly disappears without a trace, and there is no clue as to her whereabouts. Or is there?

Dozens of people see little Nellie St. Clair with her kidnappers. Most of them realize something is wrong. None of them comes to her aid.

The waitress Erica recognizes the child from a picture in a newspaper but never gets the chance to tell anyone. A cross-country cyclist holds a piece of evidence that would surely lead to Nellie but tragedy strikes before she has the opportunity to deliver it.

Finn Erickson, the womanizing trucker who flaunts every rule in the book, sees the child more than once on his travels but selfishly can’t be bothered to intervene. Small-time criminal-drifter Jervis Strunk notices the little girl and struggles with his conscience. Should he report the sighting or continue to protect his own low profile?

Eighty-year-old Dr. Booker Johnson is the only person to have meaningful contact with little Nellie, but his pleas for help are ignored.

And finally, Nellie’s mother Janelle St. Clair struggles to reclaim her memory of the events leading up to Nellie’s kidnapping. A year after the abduction, Janelle retraces the steps of her daughter’s disappearance to the child’s last known whereabouts, hunting for the elusive truth that can unite her with her daughter.

The search for Nellie St. Clair spans twenty years and leads to a shocking conclusion.

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Margaret Riddell 119734000025287819 2015-08-28 18:22:31.877990 Fiction, Mystery & Detective/Fiction, Crime/Fiction
Almost Too Many Dogs

This uplifting little book tells the true life stories of a few dogs who were lucky enough to be rescued and fostered until good homes could be found.


Some kids and pets have a rough journey before they get a safe, loving home. Some have to be placed a couple of times before getting a good fit. We wish all of them could be born lucky and always be happy!

There needs to be enough good, “forever” homes for every pet that is born. (‘FOREVER” MEANS “FOREVER,” NOT “WHILE IT IS CONVENIENT.” IT MEANS “EVEN WHEN THE PET GETS OLD OR SICK.” IT MEANS, WHEN YOU MOVE, YOU TAKE THE PET WITH YOU.)

Until then, good and kind people need to provide rescue, shelter, foster, and adoption services for those who get an unlucky break.

For pets, MUCH of the answer is taking the responsibility to protect them, not let them run loose, vaccinate them, and to spay or neuter them. (A neutered or spayed pet lives a longer, healthier life and does NOT create MORE pets that need homes.)

Rescue, fostering and adoption are hard work. Sometimes sad.

LOVE is what keeps those animal welfare people trying. Most are volunteers. They LIVE for the happy endings!

A loving heart is a loving heart, no matter in what chest it beats.

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Charlotte Higgins-Lee 119734000017044578 2015-08-28 18:20:48.912610 Juvenile Nonfiction, Animals, Animal Welfare/Juvenile Nonfiction, Animals, Dogs/Pets, Dogs
The Heart of the Watermelon: My Mennonite Grandmother and Me

Susan is a Mennonite woman who wants her granddaughter to record the story of her life; her childhood in a rural Mennonite community, the effect of war on her pacifist culture, her immigration to the jungles of Paraguay to protect the Mennonite religion and traditions, her life back in Canada and what it all means to her now.

When asked to write her grandmother’s memoir, Leanne wondered if she should do it. After experiencing a painful period of unemployment and failing health, she was at a crossroads: be practical and get paid or follow her heart and get happy?

Is it possible that life gives us what we need?

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Leanne Petrin 119734000015826141 2015-08-28 18:19:00.873740 Religion, Christianity, Mennonite/Family & Relationships, Parenting, Grandparenting/Biography & Autobiography, Cultural Heritage
Small Cap Millionaire: How ordinary people make extrodinary profits trading small cap stocks

Small Cap Millionaire, is a roadmap for those looking for financial freedom and investment success. The book describes a proven methodology for investing and trading successfully in small cap stocks. It is designed for the self directed investor or professional stock broker looking to add value into the small cap component of their portfolio.

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Bill Ross 119734000013358061 2015-08-28 18:17:20.955640 Business & Economics, Personal Finance, Investing/Business & Economics, Personal Finance, Retirement Planning/Business & Economics, Personal Finance
Green War

The North California Republic: founded in the aftermath of a horrible plague and a cataclysmic earthquake, closed her borders to anyone entering or leaving in 2018. The Council of Legislators authorized funding and stood up the Long Range Border Patrol or LRBP, a Ranger Infantry Company to ensure that their citizenry is protected and outsiders remained out. This is the story of Second Platoon and their mission to keep the fledgling Republic safe from the hazards of a savage new world order.

Not an easy task.

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H-Beam Hammer 119734000011292165 2015-08-28 17:50:45.740320 Fiction, War & Military/Fiction, Action & Adventure/Fiction, Political
Are You In There?

Life is full of excitement.

Life is choosing to overcome any obstacle that may arise.

Life is having an imaginary mind.

Life is putting yourself to a challenge.


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Conny (Whittaker) Saunders 119734000022975445 2015-08-28 17:48:14.458750 Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs/Poetry/Poetry, Canadian
Forget Me Not

Jessica is very close to her only grandmother. Her grandmother drives her to school everyday. They share lots of stories and laughs together. Jessica can't wait to see what special gift her grandmother will give her this year for her birthday, especially since she'll be turning thirteen and will officially be a teenager. What gift will she give? Jessica attends summer camp and finds out there has been a few troubling incidents and that something is wrong with Grandma. The search for a diagnosis begins, and it ends with bad news: Alzheimer's. Jessica thinks she understands the situation but doesn't fully understand the true gravity of the disease until the day of her birthday. The grandmother she knows is not the same. Jessica wants everything to go back to the way it was, but her disease cannot be denied. It turns out to be an unforgettable day!

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Jo-Anne Wilsack 119734000006508851 2015-08-28 17:32:02.472380 Juvenile Fiction/Juvenile Fiction, Health & Daily Living, Diseases, Illnesses & Injuries/Juvenile Fiction, Health & Daily Living
Celebrating a Century of 4-H in Ontario

This book celebrates a century of 4-H in Ontario through stories of members and families from across rural Ontario who have been involved in the 4-H program. Part 1 of the book was originally published in 1995 on the 80th anniversary of 4-H in Ontario and covers its early beginnings and the growth of the 4-H program at the provincial level and in each county and district of the province. Part 2 covers the last 20 years and the story of 4-H Ontario's growth to become an independent organization and the impact of the 4-H program on families who have been involved in 4-H through several generations. The book showcases how 4-H has kept up with the times to provide diverse programs and a continuum of excellence to inspire youth and give them hands-on experience to develop transferable skills for their future. Some 40 photos are included to help depict the 4-H story over the last century.

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I am here - 私はここにいます

“Let us offer simple words from the heart ...”

I am here is a poetic journey through time and memory. It tells an emotional story of a childhood filled with pain, physical restriction and a “tangle of feelings” through the voices of a child, a youth and an adult. Shining throughout is a belief in the beauty of nature and the hope of dreams fulfilled. It will be especially meaningful to anyone facing hardship, for anyone who has looked out behind the glass window of life and wanted to soar up into the blue sky.

“Please give me wings ..."




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Yoshie Okamoto - 岡本 佳恵 119734000017319905 2015-08-27 16:55:17.265380 Poetry, Subjects & Themes, Inspirational & Religious/Family & Relationships, Children With Special Needs/Poetry, Asian, Japanese
Above the Pigsty

In 1943 Peter, a 21-year-old Dutch citizen, faces a choice: forced labour in Germany or go into hiding with the help of the resistance movement. After the war he faces another choice: remain in the Netherlands or emigrate from the war-torn country. Throughout his life Peter’s decisions are influenced by his strong family ties and his deep personal faith. Above the Pigsty provides a glimpse into the daily life of one onderduiker (person in hiding) during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands from 1940 to 1945 and for the first year after liberation by the Allied troops.

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Peter Van Essen 119734000021638175 2015-08-26 18:02:38.620460 Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs/History, Military, World War Ii/Biography & Autobiography, Historical
The Answer: Thoughts are Things: Ask, Believe, & Receive

Thoughts are Things! Is Life part of an Eternal Plan? Yes! Is your Life already planned out? No! Your own Mind and Mindfulness attracts Life to you.

Give yourself time to reflect on events in your life up to today. Have things gone pretty much as you expected them to be, with both successes and low points?

Now what if you came to realize that what you were or were not thinking influenced what you experienced? Would that be a shock to you?

You are meant to Plan your life and your own reality. The Plan for thousands of years for human kind has been to do exactly that. Plan your own future through focused Thought and the Power of your Brain!

People today are on the cusp of learning that there is an Internal Power, a Divinity within each of us to discover. The Kingdom is Within You and All Around You.

To create a positive reality for yourself you must learn the capability of your own brain to focus your Conscious mind to connect with your Subconscious Power and the Universal Mind. Harnessing this knowledge will attract to you the reality that you want to experience in this lifetime.

The Answer has been part of The Eternal Plan since the beginning of the universe. We haven’t been Seeking Knowledge in the right places. Humanity’s true potential is to create the lives we desire and the Pathway has been in front of us all along. Thoughts are Powerful Things!

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Marion Collin 119734000013543232 2015-08-26 17:59:38.310170 Self-Help, Personal Growth/Self-Help, Spiritual/Self-Help
Rebel With A Cause: The Doc Nikaido Story

Rebel With A Cause: The Doc Nikaido Story is a compelling account of how Canada’s shameful treatment of Japanese-Canadians during World War II impacted one man: the rebellious Dr. Harry Nikaido. Turning his back on material things, Doc practised medicine in small-town Alberta, living a bohemian lifestyle and charging no more for his services than what he absolutely needed to survive. He paid little or no income tax over his 24-year career to get back at the Canadian Government, whom he never forgave for the forcible resettlement of his family and 22,000 other Japanese-Canadians from British Columbia during World War II. This unique man found a welcoming community and extended family in Bow Island, Alberta after Canada had turned its back on him and branded him an enemy. Decades may have passed since his death, but for the residents of Bow Island and surrounding area his unique personality, generosity, and dedication will never be forgotten.

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Bretton Loney 119734000021722063 2015-08-26 17:56:14.861310 Biography & Autobiography/Biography & Autobiography, Medical/Biography & Autobiography, Historical
Confessions of a Sled Dog Addict : Tales from the Back of the Sled

After twenty years of ‘living the dream,’ author Laurie Niedermayer shares her story. From the silly antics in the beginning to the last official tour taken by the teams, this book is a nostalgic look at some of the reality, adventures and misadventures of life on the trail.

Beginning with her first Siberian Husky, Laurie’s journey has taken her from novice dog sled racer to film trainer, successful tour operator through to retirement. Her love of the dogs and passion for the sport clearly comes through in her tributes to the dogs that first started her on this path.

Based on the condensed journal entries from thousands of miles of running trails, she says, “Yes, folks, this really happened, believe me, Hollywood couldn’t write this stuff...”

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Laurie Niedermayer 119734000023553477 2015-08-26 17:52:59.448020 Sports & Recreation, Dog Racing/Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs/Biography & Autobiography
Drowning in Iowa

Spending a year in Iowa was meant to revitalize their marriage, but when tragedy strikes their family, Jane Roberts and Aaron Scott come face to face with their own vulnerabilities and questions of midlife. As physicians, they are trained to help others in times of crisis, but nothing could prepare them for losing a child. Now they must learn to rediscover themselves and one another as they embark on a parallel journey of healing.

Drowning in Iowa is a poignant look at how trauma can shake a family to its very roots. From the rugged shores of Newfoundland to the picturesque lands of the American Midwest, it is a story of heartbreak, fidelity, introspection, and hope.

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Gordon Self 119734000023601337 2015-08-26 17:40:03.755480 Fiction, Family Life/Fiction, Medical/Fiction
My Way of Kobudo: (Okinawan/Japanese) Book One

"My Way Of Kobudo" Book One is an introduction of various Okinawan and Japanese ancient Martial Arts weapons including the Bo; Tonfa; Kama; Sai and the Nunchaku Kata (patterns/forms) along with some appropriate analysis of the weapons suitable for the beginner to advance level practitioners.

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Sam Moledzki 119734000025462675 2015-08-26 17:35:21.049960 Sports & Recreation, Martial Arts & Self-Defense/Reference, Handbooks & Manuals/Reference, Personal & Practical Guides
Two Novels: The Marvelously Twisted Tale of Lucas Fico and Gato Pech and The Morning Lark

Two Novels includes

The Marvelously Twisted Tale of Lucas Fico and Gato Pech and The Morning Lark.

The first novel is a dark thriller set in Northern Germany about a promiscuous café waiter turned psycho killer. Lucas Fico heads down the path of murder after encountering an impish geezer with mysteriously magical and psychic qualities named Gato Pech. Pech promises Lucas all the luck in the world in return for a few criminal favors: the seduction of a local married woman with the intent of making her commit suicide, a massacre of stray cats, and the poisoning of some of the township’s homeless. Lucas agrees, hoping to gain the woman of his dreams as his mistress and become filthy rich through the unique enchantments of Gato Pech. He does, but his gains are short-lived. After several months, feeling he will be apprehended and brought to trial, the nerve-wracked waiter kills both his mistress and himself in a fiery murder-suicide.

The Morning Lark is an urban drama set in New York about the decline of CEO William O’Henry’s marriage. His betrayal begins when he shows more affection for his sultry Swedish coworker, Arvid Jonasonn, than for his wife, Catherine, or their kids. After coming home late from a night on the town, Catherine perceives the cheap perfume smell on William’s lapels and opts to divorce him. However, Catherine’s cousin, Eric Jonson, who is also O’Henry’s underling, is already in love with Catherine. The two cousins manage to find love together in spite of O’Henry’s jealousy.

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Alice Miaolian Baskous 119734000017376593 2015-08-26 17:33:23.168260 Fiction/Fiction, Psychological/Fiction, Thrillers
Dancing with Rejection: A Beginner's Guide to Immortality: A Beginner's Guide to Immortality

In 1979, at age 19, Michael Gaudet was diagnosed with end-stage renal failure. Thanks to a kidney transplant from his brother, Michael survived and later rose to prominence as a monumental Canadian mural painter.

Dancing With Rejection: A Beginner’s Guide to Immortality chronicles the untimely death of Michael’s loving father, our hero’s own near-death experience and his bohemian lifestyle in Canada of the 1970s and ‘80s. A cast of eccentric characters weaves us in and out of lusty tales of romance, gritty medical dramas, and encounters with the paranormal. Written like his murals, in large, bright swaths of sweeping narrative, this is a cosmic joy ride of a read.

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Michael R. Gaudet 119734000020260415 2015-08-26 17:11:40.442370 Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs/Biography & Autobiography, Artists, Architects, Photographers/Biography & Autobiography, Medical