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Emilie Marianne Yda Wilbrink (Jannie), was born to Lady Emilie Martha Teding van Berkhout (Emie) and her commoner husband Willem Gerrit Jan Wilbrink (Wim). Wim was the Manager of a coffee and rubber plantation known as Kepoetren,in the fertile grounds and hills on the Island of Java, Indonesia, not far from Malang. The plantation, surrounded by the thick rich tropical vegetation commonly found in the Indonesian jungles, beckoned Jannie, a tomboy, to come and explore its many facets. This is a world where monkeys frolicked, swinging from the trees, and where other forms of wildlife lurked. Life on Kepoetren was respectful to all who lived and worked there. Jannie’s father taught her many of life’s lessons, as World War II was raging around the world. This is her story.

Look for Book 2, Part II, Eighteen Inches On A Mattress; and Book 3, Part III, The Aftermath, and Part IV, On To A New Country, of this amazing trilogy.

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Jannie Wilbrink 119734000000545196 2016-05-03 17:47:08.551030 Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs
Behind the Smoke

Early in life Garth Winters admired the bravery of firefighters not dreaming one day he would become one. This novel covers the real world of this service industry as it was fifty years ago. It will show you how these men, living in close proximity, interacted while waiting for a call. You will witness the shocking pranks they played on one another to offset the emotional trauma they faced when returning from a fire or accident. It will take you down the road of Garth Winters and show you how he deals with many different personalities and conflicting situations he encounters.

Finally, you will cheer for him when he meets the girl of his dreams and falls in love.

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Marie E. Rickwood 119734000025791153 2016-05-03 14:45:08.551980 Fiction, Humorous/Fiction, Historical/Fiction, Biographical
Be YourSelf: Spiritual Awakening for Everyone

Few in this life escape stress and suffering.

But what if the world were nothing but an illusion?

Speaking joyfully from the intersection of science and spirituality, psychiatrist Akshya Vasudev introduces “bite-sized” wisdom from Vedanta, the ancient spiritual science of India. Expounded by sages more than 7,000 years ago, Vedanta broadcasts the good news that everyone has the potential of being awakened. It teaches that our bodies, minds, and intellects are but tools to discover the infinite and limitless Self…to become enlightened. In warm and intimate prose, Dr. Vasudev shares his personal story of learning to let go of expectations and developing a spiritual practice to fully experience what life has to offer without any fear. By examining scientific theories and stories gleaned from his years as a researcher, clinician and now as someone on the spiritual path, he proves that being armed with the right knowledge and applying it daily can challenge our thinking and cause worries to disappear.

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Dr. Akshya Vasudev 119734000031638007 2016-05-03 14:39:31.333610 Self-Help, Motivational & Inspirational/Self-Help, Motivational & Inspirational/Religion, Hinduism
Diamonds Everywhere

The author is frequently referring to "Diamonds Everywhere" in his story. It had its beginning a few months before World War II when, fifteen years of age, he was infected by Tetanus, fatal, if not treated immediately. He was taken to a military hospital nearby which saved his life due to medication available to treat Tetanus. The experience of waking up to wounded soldiers brought on stretchers into the hospital, screaming in pain, was a great shock. While recuperating with other soldiers, the author was inspired by a young officer, heavily wounded, "Do not let this experience keep you from enjoying life. I am not going back into the trenches! This is an insane war! I feel encouragement in nature, the sparkle of thousands of Diamonds Everywhere from dew, rain and snow on trees and plants. Look at nature's wonders for healing and encouragement." The author and his wife Ursula were inspired by great people to overcome the effects of World War II. Greeted and encouraged by Diamonds Everywhere they enjoyed life filled with songs and music.

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Siegfried Beckedorf 119734000029747216 2016-04-29 14:55:53.181880 Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs/Biography & Autobiography, Adventurers & Explorers/Social Science, Emigration & Immigration
Fritz Goes to Treehouse

Fritz is not your average puppy. He sometimes forgets that he is a dog. Find out what Fritz learns when he visits Treehouse.

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Heather Logan 119734000024721129 2016-04-28 16:24:44.991590 Education, Preschool & Kindergarten/Juvenile Fiction, Animals, Pets/Family & Relationships, Family Relationships
A Secret of the Sphinx: The MacHugh Memoirs (1798-1801)

Spring of 1978: Young Rory MacHugh leaves his Blackfoot World for an Ancient World. There determination, versatility, and several unique friends enable him to survive many new lives - a British sailor, an Egyptian Mameluke, a convict, a Secret Agent, a French Grenadier, a Highland solider, and a forbidden lover in an Egyptian court. But the most devastating is his first encounter with the man destined to plunge the world into war and to become Rory’s own personal demon, the young General Napoleon Bonaparte.

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James L. McWilliams 119734000029492251 2016-04-28 16:04:57.271240 Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs/Biography & Autobiography, Historical/Biography & Autobiography, Adventurers & Explorers
An Unexpected Finish Line Leaves a Unique Legacy: One Persons Short Journey Impacts the Journey of Many

“Engineering, at it’s core, seeks to leverage a deeper understanding of God’s physical creation for some useful purpose”. Penned by Dr. Kenneth Johnson, those words reflect the unwavering commitment of a Renaissance man whose life was committed to serving Christ and bringing hope to those in need. Dr. Kenneth Johnson left significantly more than a tragedy behind him when he left this world in November 2013 at the age of 43. In the words of Dr. John C. Bowling, President of Olivet Nazarene University (O.N.U.),” Ken was deeply faithdriven and a tremendous professor who inspired greatness from his students and everyone around him. He was respected and loved by all who knew him.” Dr. Johnson cooperated with God’s direction in his adventures, and as a result God was able to use him He was selfless, willing to serve, loving, wise, passionate, extremely fun and a radiant of Christ. His infectious personality inspired others to believe in themselves. The ultimate mark that Dr Johnson was and will always be unforgettable for is by the measure he is missed. On his journey, his song was one of joy and purpose. This fascinating book details the journey of Ken the Missioneer, a Man Worth Knowing (family man, missions trip leader, CEO, Marine, etc.). The question we pose is “What Will Your Legacy Be”.

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Dr. David C. Johnson 119734000022404154 2016-04-28 16:01:09.860770 Biography & Autobiography, Religious/Biography & Autobiography/Biography & Autobiography, Educators
Orchids are Deadly

McAlister Johnson is a lawyer with a checkered past. The dissolution of his marriage drives him to his first killing, and he hasn’t stopped since—targeting transgendered men. McAlister tries to elude the detective in a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

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Vincent Ray Butler 119734000011893992 2016-04-27 21:57:03.078890 Fiction, Erotica/Fiction, Mystery & Detective/Fiction, Mystery & Detective, Hard-Boiled
The Cottage: Recondite

RECONDITE [rek-uh n-dahyt]

Dealing with very profound, difficult, or abstruse subject matter; beyond ordinary knowledge or understanding; esoteric. Weaving together a complex web of intersecting storylines, The Cottage: Recondite is a profound look into the quietly desperate entanglements of faith and falsehood, deliverance and misfortune, and the burning search for identity and meaning during the endless climb through life. Unraveling scattered insights into the uncommon and esoteric world within, where the struggle between curiosity and enlightenment rages amidst the endless battle of opposites, author David Cocklin’s broad cast of characters and overlapping stories impact each other in unexpected ways, portraying a timeless microcosm of our own world, where spiritual growth is often stunted by institutions of faith, and enlightenment is forged instead through time, experience, serendipity, and painful twists of fate. Written with a lyrical beauty that is as insightful as it is poetic, The Cottage: Recondite challenges readers with prose that sparkles with a passion for language and life. In a world where people have become increasingly disillusioned with faith-based institutions, David’s work eschews easy answers in favor of characters who embrace the ambiguity and the agony of the journey, spirituality rather than religion, with all roads leading eventually to the mysterious cottage that rests at the book’s core.

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David Cocklin 119734000029334181 2016-04-27 18:55:29.293060 Fiction, Literary/Fiction, Religious/Fiction, Visionary & Metaphysical
We Are Kids Too: The Adventures of Danny and Emily

DANNY AND EMILY ARE KIDS. But not human kids. They are horses! Come join Danny and Emily, the Clydesdale kids, on their real life adventures! Meet their friends. See them play Clydesdale catch and hide and seek! Explore their world with them. It's a lot like yours, because they are kids too!

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Karen Blessington 119734000031682588 2016-04-27 14:32:59.057970 Juvenile Nonfiction, Animals, Horses/Juvenile Nonfiction, Animals, Farm Animals/Juvenile Nonfiction, Lifestyles, Farm & Ranch Life
The Boundaries of Evil

Brothers Lucas and Joey have been rivals for their mother’s affection since they were infants. Even as a child, Lucas’ mindset and behaviour is disturbing, and Joey finds his brother unnerving and fears him. When an evil turn of events transpires, their father sends Lucas away to live with his uncle, in the hope that in time he can rid himself of the sinister mentality that has invaded his mind.

As time passes and the brothers become teenagers, they remain at odds with each other, Joey still mindful of his brother’s heinous capabilities. But when a local girl is found savagely murdered on their property, the brothers discover that they have become embroiled in a web of deception that forces them to form a pact.

What dark family secrets do the brothers harbour that has drawn them together? Will Lucas and Joey be able to free themselves from the nefarious paths their lives have taken? Will they ever be able to find peace and the semblance of a normal family life?

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Rita Van Damme 119734000028267810 2016-04-27 14:28:36.912270 Fiction, Crime/Fiction, Family Life/Fiction, Thrillers, Suspense
Faust: Twenty-Nine Years: What Price, Your Soul?


No gods or demons. Just our thoughts and free will. In this existence all life is interconnected and interactive within a greater consciousness.

In contrast to Marlowe and Goethe, Deschauer presents a cosmology and existence that is both individual and whole, flesh and soul. Free will clashes with destiny, mortal with immortal. It aims to justify the ways of God to humankind in an existence devoid of God. Yet the inescapable construct of God, anti-God and myth are embraced by humanity in its search to find meaning within our reality.



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Baron Alexander Deschauer 119734000030020499 2016-04-27 14:25:19.662220 Fiction/Fiction, Fantasy/Fiction, Occult & Supernatural
words: Why Ours Remains a Dysfunctional Society

Americans speaking with each other and the things they say. Are we able to say we mean and mean what we say?

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Eugene Thomas 119734000031982391 2016-04-26 22:03:58.485030 Body, Mind & Spirit, Inspiration & Personal Growth/Poetry, Subjects & Themes, Inspirational & Religious/Self-Help, Affirmations
Palaces of Memory: American Composer Diane Thome on her Life and Music

Palaces of Memory is the story of a pioneer in the music world – the first woman to graduate from Princeton University with a PhD in Music and the first woman to compose computer-synthesized music. Much has been written about Dr. Thome, now professor emerita and former chair of the composition program at the University of Washington School of Music. But this is Diane Thome’s highly personal story about her lifelong journey in music. 

In this inspiring memoir, Dr. Thome describes her studies with many famous teachers including Dorothy Taubman, Robert Strassburg, Milton Babbitt, Roy Harris and Darius Milhaud. She writes of a consuming need to compose and explore new directions in her music. She also writes with deep affection and candor about her many friends and great loves. 

Diane Thome’s music has been described as “high modernist … searching, intense, and full of integrity.” Much the same can be said of her life as it unfolds in Palaces of Memory.

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Diane Thome 119734000026767399 2016-04-25 22:52:13.857380 Music, Individual Composer & Musician/Biography & Autobiography, Composers & Musicians/Performing Arts, Individual Director
Lights of Hope: the Canadian voice of reason

Raised in a small Norwegian coastal village, Jens Moe gained strong values and a dedicated work ethic from his hardworking parents. Arriving in Montréal in the summer of 1952, twenty-three-year-old Jens went straight to the Norwegian Seamen’s Church. Within one day, he learned the truth of Canada’s mistreatment of its indigenous people from the church’s pastor and a tall Métis man named ‘Slim.’ His observations on this and many other social, political, health and environmental issues in Canada and internationally give strong insights into one man’s informed worldview.

Lights of Hope is Jens Moe’s engaging journey through a life filled with purpose, faith and passion: his friendship with cross-country pioneer Jackrabbit Johansen; his observations on the social and political uncertainties in Québec regarding the Quiet Revolution; his early appreciation of the need for sustainability and environmental protection; and his concern for the growing inequality in Canadian and American society stemming from the need for better models for education. Jens’ love of Canada, “a truly progressive, vital and socially just society [that is] a model for how people of different origins and cultures can live and work together,” runs deep.

His dream? “I dream of a Canada that will fully meet its obligation to the children of its people, whom Slim and Arthur spoke about on my first day in Canada.”

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Jens Moe 119734000029205085 2016-04-25 17:52:21.239620 Biography & Autobiography, Historical/History, Canada, Post-Confederation (1867 To Present)/Education, Philosophy & Social Aspects
Until My Heart Sings

Beth Borderieux’s book is based on experiences in daily life that could be connected to truths about God. While doing an everyday task, God often showed her a spiritual truth related to what she was seeing or hearing. She jotted down the ideas and transformed them into poems or devotional short stories. She found this process particularly helpful when she felt low and believes God was encouraging her not to give up.

These poems and short passages, combined with biblical quotes, provide a reflection on a variety of topics ranging from pondering on designer clothes, to the stubborn vacuum cleaner, to poison ivy, Christmas, and school.

Until My Heart Sings is personal and direct. Reflecting on its wisdoms it is like having a conversation with a friend who is trying to help you cope with life’s problems. Beth Borderieux invites you to examine your attitudes towards life, and to learn to see God in everything.

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Beth Borderieux 119734000023079396 2016-04-22 22:00:51.301800 Religion, Biblical Meditations/Religion, Christian Life, Devotional/Religion, Meditations
ABC's of Love

ABC’s of Love is an inspirational book that empowers the reader to pause to examine all the facets of love; what it entails and what it brings to each of us. A beautiful, image-rich book for readers of all ages. ABC’s of Love provides a multitude of opportunities to contemplate love and what it means. Love is energy that allows the world to exist. Love is the most misunderstood and the most understood feeling. Love knows all and knows nothing. Love is acceptance and boundaries. Love is here and there. Love is east and west. Love can grow everywhere. It is elusive and attainable. Learn to love yourself and the world around you will become a world of love and joy.

Enjoy a bit of love. Take time to feel the love. You deserve it. You are worth it. You are enough. You are loved. You are perfect.

This book is from the author’s journeys of teaching and empowering others, to learn the power of love.

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Tamaine Geldenhuys 119734000025397345 2016-04-22 21:24:09.340150 Body, Mind & Spirit, Inspiration & Personal Growth/Self-Help, Motivational & Inspirational/Self-Help, Emotions
Ghost in the Ranks: Forgotten Voices & Military Mental Health

Operational Stress Injuries and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are among the possible consequences facing members of the Canadian military. Unlike the potential physical consequences of dangerous deployments, psychological injuries are not always apparent. Military members are taught a mental skillset to help them manage their internal emotional worlds allowing them to do extraordinary things. Unfortunately, while ingrained military training prepares our men and women for action as capable soldiers, this same training may also require them to trade aspects of their humanness—sowing the seeds for lingering mental distress. As a result, those most affected are left in a limbo, disconnected from their military roles and yet unable to relate to their former civilian lives. They become ghosts of their former selves, haunting the ranks until, more often than not, they find themselves on the outside looking in, with unacknowledged scars, anger, and regret. We ask a great deal of our men and women in uniform; if a shift in culture can help members of our military with mental distress, we owe it to them to make that shift possible.

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John J. Whelan 119734000027651440 2016-04-22 21:19:24.690910 Psychology, Psychopathology, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (Ptsd)/Family & Relationships, Military Families/Psychology, Psychotherapy, Group
Newfield House, Homesteaders on the Canadian Prairie: Book 1, Land Ay Mah Ain, 1881-1883

In the spring of 1881, William Bell and his son-in-law Walter leave their families in Pickering, Ontario, and head west in hopes of securing land in what was then the North-West Territories. At fifty-six William is determined to keep a promise made to his dead wife, Annie, that they find land and settle where they can make a life for themselves on their own terms, a place where their family can forge a future beholden to none. And so it is that the two make their way first to Winnipeg, then on to Portage la Prairie—where the railroad ends—passing north of Brandon on foot and out into the vast unbroken heartland of the continent.

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Robert Kennedy Bell 119734000028735075 2016-04-22 21:15:06.609690 Fiction, Historical/Fiction/Fiction, Sagas
Sacred Mountain Rising

A troubled native American escapes the repressive life of his reserve, only to become an unwilling war hero and suffer from survivor's guilt. All the while his life is mirrored by the life of a legendary war chief whom the youth envisions in dreams.

A brutal and unflinching look at the life and struggles of Pima marine Ira Hayes, this screenplay invites readers to explore the back story of a participant in one of the most famous American historical events, the flag raising at Iwo Jima in 1945. The story is raw and full of heart, and will certainly hold readers and viewers’ interest from the first scene.

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John Gillevet 119734000027639552 2016-04-21 22:40:21.185940 Fiction, Alternative History/Fiction, Native American & Aboriginal/Fiction, Historical