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This is a colouring book all about travel. It gives you information about Canada and describes the pictures, which represent areas, events, history and animals found in each particular area. Everyone can colour, journal and scrap book in one unique parcel. Create memories as you travel. Express your experiences. Cherish individuality, take it to the next level. Calming, creative and educational. Something for everyone.

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Sights of Canada: British Columbia, Yukon, N.W.T. & Nunavut

This is a colouring book all about travel. It gives you information about Canada and describes the pictures, which represent areas, events, history and animals found in each particular area. Everyone can colour, journal and scrap book in one unique parcel. Create memories as you travel. Express your experiences. Cherish individuality, take it to the next level. Calming, creative and educational. Something for everyone.

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Come on an adventure into the world of dreams, where wonder and fantasy make bedtime fun! Dream-O-Doodle is a cheerful account of imaginative possibilities that make going to sleep exciting!

Within these pages, "the impossible can happen for sure." Children are invited to become explorers, heroes, princesses, astronauts, and more, while encountering magical creatures, dinosaurs, robots, and a variety of other characters, before finally returning to the familiar faces of their loved ones. Your child is sure to be drawn to Dream-O-Doodle’s wide variety of appealing subjects and enthralling images.

Ursula’s joyful rhyming verses provide the perfect singsong rhythm for a bedtime book that will beckon young children toward rest. Exciting yet comforting, Dream-O-Doodle creates a nighttime atmosphere that holds children’s interest while setting the perfect mood to ease the transition to sleep.

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Ursula Taylor 119734000026650741 2016-07-26 18:52:51.985040 Juvenile Fiction, Bedtime & Dreams/Juvenile Fiction, Stories In Verse/Juvenile Fiction, Imagination & Play
Jesus Delayed: What The Bible Is Really Teaching About The Rapture

With so many different and, at times, conflicting views within multiple Christian denominations, it can be a challenge to discern the truth from erroneous teaching. The popular, mainstream view is that Jesus will soon return to take his children—via the Rapture—thus sparing them from the suffering that will engulf the world during the tribulation, when Satan is fully let loose upon the earth.

However, by laying out a relentlessly researched argument author J.E. Gulbrandsen invites you to consider a compelling, reliable, and rigorous exploration of why the commonly held view—based on dispensationalism—is not, in fact, biblically accurate. His teaching clearly fall in the ballpark of Partial Preterism.

In fact, the Kingdom of Christ has been already established. We see evidence of this today, and once we fully apprehend what this means for us as believers, our walk with Christ, and our work for the Kingdom, will be profoundly impacted. Instead of fearing the enemy, we can walk in confidence and power knowing that Satan is bound. This is not a future event—it is done! Jesus won over Satan on the cross; he is now “under our feet,” tied up for “a thousand years” in the Abyss. With so much discouragement and bad news barraging us from every side, of this we can be certain: things are not getting worse. As you will discover in Jesus Delayed, they are, in fact, getting better and better, and will continue to do so until Christ finally returns, as promised, for his victorious bride—the Church!

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J.E. Gulbrandsen 119734000033529480 2016-07-26 18:47:14.765430 Religion/Religion, Biblical Studies/Religion, Christian Theology, Eschatology
Naturality: Living according to our nature, walking our own path

We are born from nature, sustained by nature and eventually return to nature. Yet somehow, we are separated from that very nature, both within and without. This leads to fear, conflict and sorrow within and the destruction of nature outside. Why does this happen and how does it happen?

Naturality is the process of understanding the cause of this fear, conflict and discontent. Naturality is also the process of understanding how to free ourselves from this prison. We have to become our own teachers, open the book of life, investigate and find the answers on our own, like scientists. No one can provide us with the answers to our existential problems. Naturality is “to live according to our nature and walk our own path.” Then we can truly call ourselves Naturals.

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Acceptance is not Surrender: A little girl, an old man and one man's story of hope

This is a story about accepting loss rather than getting beaten by it.

It’s about redefining oneself after a crippling disease by living the ups and downs of self-discovery. Far from giving up, acceptance is living a life of disciplined thought and action, searching for newfound strengths to replace those that have been lost. It’s about the strength of the human spirit.

It’s about perseverance, not only for the survivor but also for those closest to him. It’s about relationships and what loss does to test their strength and elasticity. It’s finding a way to move forward individually and collectively despite the obstacles. Whether it’s changing roles within the family, completing the paperwork for the body’s most basic function, confronting suicide, or walking “with no hands”, each of these activities, and more, all came with their specific challenges and rewards.

The hard to find answers to the questions that started this journey are unique to the writer. They are presented not as a manifesto to follow, but as a starting point for you that you may find something here that can help you find your answers, unique to you.

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William S. Sutherland 119734000013107013 2016-07-26 18:36:30.152460 Biography & Autobiography, Medical/Self-Help, Motivational & Inspirational/Self-Help
Why is "limerick" spelled incorrectly in this book?

This book has over 650 limericks, best described this way...Perchance, might you find time to peruse / my book of lim-ricks while on your cruise? / Most are clean…none obscene. / Most are gentle…none mean… / and all are intended to amuse.

The word “limerick” is purposely spelled incorrectly and you will discover why in Chapter 1...”The Anatomy of a Lim-rick”. Other chapters bear names like... (2) Lawyers; (3) Death & Dying; (3) Animals; (4) “Sandusky-gate”; (5) Geriatrics; (6) Irish Culture; (7) Politics & Historical Events; (8) 50’s and 60’s music; (9) Food Prep & Menus; (10) Adventures of Jack & Jill; (11) A Farewell Roast & Toast; (12) Honoring the Twelve Months-of the-Year; (13) Lim-ricks that Ask Questions; (14) The Three R’s; (15) Flotsam & Jetsam; and (16) Miscellaneous.

The (almost) 150 lim-ricks, in the last two mentioned chapters, defy easy categorization. Here are some examples...Past performance is no guarantee / of future reliability. / Since his escapade / in his Escalade / Tiger’s had no “MAJOR” victory.

I suffer from chronic repition / trying to maser basic diction. If I had a hammer /I’d destroy my stammer / and be free to speak without friction.

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Donald B. Owen 119734000026529377 2016-07-26 17:57:59.678780 Poetry/Poetry, American/Humor, Form, Limericks & Verse
Solid Stone: Odyssey

After a catastrophic break-up that left her lost and heartbroken, Violet Cole offered herself, and her alter ego, the submissive Gia, to the powerful and charismatic Adam Stone, to save their relationship. Together they enter into a sexy explosive new world of dominance that Violet has only ever dreamed about in her most private moments.

At first, their new life together is nothing short of ecstatic and the two are enveloped in bliss, basking in erotic fantasy together. But tensions soon creep in, and despite their intense attraction to each other and boundary-pushing sex life, their future together is thrown into jeopardy. What will Violet do this time?

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E.G. Patrick 119734000029222699 2016-07-26 17:43:18.948680 Fiction, Erotica/Fiction, Romance, Contemporary/Fiction, Romance, Fantasy
Poetic Soul: Moving Gracefully to a Fresh Beat

Love can be delightful, befuddling, disenchanting, its mists and fog clouding your sight. It can turn you inside out, leave you asking yourself “what if?” Through the lens of love and the joy of creating, Maria Hamilton explores the world around her in a unique anthology merging culture and language with poems in English, French, and Jamaican dialect. In her new book, Poetic Soul: Moving Gracefully to a Fresh Beat she examines the burning desires of the heart, the challenges of life, and the splendour of nature through reflection, poetry, and prayer. Marvel at nature’s wrath. Celebrate life’s successes. Feel the poignancy of a love poem in a bottle. Join the poet on her voyage through the intellect and imagination. Everything starts in the mind. Everything begins with a thought. Soon the human spirit is awakened, and life becomes inspired.

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Maria Hamilton 119734000027189111 2016-07-25 22:49:27.849350 Poetry, Caribbean & Latin American/Religion, Ethnic & Tribal
The Yellow Star: Shines Like A Candle In The Dark

What is life worth, when nothing is left?

Young Aharon, no more than twelve, tells us his struggles during the Holocaust. Despite the atmosphere and religious differences, he was able to relive the Passover Seder with a gentile friend. How can a young boy subsist when he lost almost everyone he loved? Did he find solace through his friend’s words? Even though, the days were long and harsh Aharon gave strength when he had none left. Even though, the nights were dark and scary.

Aharon gave hope when he had none left. Even though the days and nights turned into years of tears,

Aharon gave courage when all else fails.

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Aaron Seth 119734000031590065 2016-07-25 22:40:56.489430 Juvenile Fiction, Historical, Holocaust/Juvenile Fiction, Holidays & Celebrations, Passover/Juvenile Fiction, Religious, Jewish
A Good Place to Live: Book One

Sharon is moving and making a fresh start. She’s got a new job as a shrink, is buying a beautiful home, and hopes to settle right in and make some good friends. Will Hamtown be a good place to live? There’s just one tiny problem: Just about everyone seems a bit ... well ... dysfunctional! This place is chock-full of quirky characters. There’s kind and wise Grandpa George, ever-forgetful Winton, spunky and obsessive Foxy, crazy grandma Ericka, oh-so-dreamy Good Buddy John, and so many others. Sharon’s not quite sure how she’ll fit in, but one thing is for certain—she’ll have plenty of clients to help! A Good Place to Live, the first book in the Dysfunctional Piggies series, is a charming introduction to the one-of-a-kind world of Hamtown, where the residents are a little off kilter, but always manage to work together and are never short of surprises.

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Dawn Skinner 119734000010945935 2016-07-25 22:29:09.503830 Juvenile Fiction, Readers, Intermediate/Juvenile Fiction, Social Issues, New Experience/Juvenile Fiction, Short Stories
Sorrel and Myriana

Pain begets insanity.

Insanity begets love.

Love begets pain.

It is 1932, and the City of Dalltop is teeming with corruption. In the dead of night, a woman cries for help, but none turn an ear to her pleas. She scuttles through the lost buildings under their leaky roofs for shelter, but they always come. They dress as dark as the night and hide in the shadows. She pierces her feet in mileage and tears her clothes in desperation, but they always find her.

Myriana was a rich young lady with no ambitions, no voice of her own that is until she became the wife of the handsome tycoon, Sorrel Borchardt. She soon learns that nothing is as it superficially appears. The streets that shine during the day actually stand upon the rotten foundations of a mafia organization known as Idon. What hand does Sorrel Borchardt have in Idon? Will Myriana learn to adapt to her new violent lifestyle or will she be consumed by it? Embark on a journey rout in spine-chilling bloodshed as you thread upon the fine line that divides infatuation from insanity.

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Evelyn Sun 119734000032063315 2016-07-22 20:40:10.753310 Fiction, Romance, Gothic/Fiction, Horror/Fiction, Literary
The Girlfriend's Fabulous Guide to Real Estate: The Woman's Manual to Buying, Owning and Selling a Home

REALTOR® Christine Denty took a look around one day and noticed that although nearly twenty-percent of homebuyers are single women, the whole industry seems geared towards men. So she thought it was high time for a comprehensive, female-centric handbook for real estate…a girlfriend’s guide! From the inside scoop on buying and selling homes, to a comprehensive breakdown on how to perform maintenance and upkeep, to tax tips, to how to split up property in the event of separation or divorce, The Girlfriend’s Fabulous Guide to Real Estate demystifies the buying, selling, and owning of real estate with simplicity, know-how, and a dollop of empathy topped with a double-scoop of hilarity. Readers will get a first look at some of the terrifying legal documents that rookie buyers and sellers face and find them explained in simple, comprehensible terms. Jam-packed with important information and supported with great visuals like photos, charts, and graphs, The Girlfriend’s Fabulous Guide to Real Estate is the one essential primer for women navigating the choppy waters of home ownership.

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Christine Denty 119734000012408430 2016-07-22 20:26:37.617670 Business & Economics, Real Estate/Business & Economics, Purchasing & Buying/Business & Economics, Personal Finance
Key Words or Phrases that Unlock Subjects Of The Bible

Key Words or Phrases That Unlock Subjects of the Bible is a thought-provoking guide to the Bible and the secrets that have remained hidden within it, until now. An ideal tool for anyone who has a deep longing to uncover deeper truths within the Bible, biblical scholars, preachers, and laypersons seeking to expand their knowledge and comprehension of the Bible will all find much to discover in this fascinating God inspired guide. What are the real story of Christmas and the birth of Jesus? Where did all the different races of humans come from? Who is Satan? What foods are acceptable to eat? If you have ever wondered about these or other mysteries of the Bible, this book is for you! Using the original manuscripts of the Holy Bible, also known as the Masoretic Text, the author has analyzed scriptures to uncover their mysteries using key phrases and words, just as one would put together a jigsaw puzzle. His insightful analysis and commentary a wealth of insight for readers.

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Carl Verner Cederberg 119734000033661847 2016-07-21 20:36:41.279010 Religion/Religion, Biblical Commentary/Religion, Biblical Studies
What's That?

What’s That? about a loving Grandmother and her curious grandson as they walk around their quiet neighborhood. As they walk, Philipp questions the different sounds that he hears and is curious about things he sees along their walk. His Grandmother joyfully points out the sounds and objects at the same time satisfying his curiosity. What an adventure for Philipp and a teachable moment for his loving Grandmother!

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Twanna Howell Davis 119734000008502298 2016-07-20 17:25:22.857410 Juvenile Fiction, Imagination & Play/Juvenile Fiction, Readers, Beginner/Juvenile Fiction
The Heir: Darkstone Trilogy

For sixteen idyllic years, nineteen-year-old Kayla has lived with her adopted family: Mona, Brock, and their son Kale, in the bucolic village of Ilandry. But the idyll ends in one horrific day when Ilandry is attacked by grotesque green men who savagely murder everyone in sight. To her own amazement, when Kayla finds herself threatened, a blinding light blasts forth from her and instantly incinerates her attackers to ash. Rushing home with Kale and Jared, a little boy who is the only other survivor, they discover Brock dying and Mona already gone. With his last breath, Brock reveals that Kayla is their queen and that Kale must protect her and help her to find the gateway to her kingdom. Grief-stricken and afraid, Kayla, Kale, and little Jared set off on a quest that takes them deep into a mystical world of surprising magical creatures amongst a gathering evil. When unexpected allies appear, led by a powerful elven commander, Kayla’s life is further complicated by romantic turmoil that leaves her torn between two loves. Despite their peril, she begins to discover and develop her own astonishing powers. Day by day, she draws closer to her destiny as queen of the realm stolen from her as a child.

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M.G. David 119734000028556528 2016-07-20 17:23:57.641710 Fiction, Fantasy/Fiction, Fantasy, Epic/Fiction, Romance, Fantasy
When Johnny Doesn't Come Marching Home: A Compelling Human Interest Story About a 20 Year Old Boy's Search for Adventure in World War One

In 2017, the United States of America will be celebrating the Centennial of World War I. 1st Sergeant JOHN RUSSELL SMALL was a Veteran of that War. This is a true account of his experiences before, during and after the War, as written by his daughter, MARIAN SMALL, who set out at the age of 89 years to tell the story of a 20 year old boy whose love of adventure took him in 1916 to the Texas/Mexican border to join Brigadier-General John J. Pershing in the pursuit of Pancho Villa, the Mexican bandit, and then in 1918 to the trenches in France and No Man’s Land.

At her Dad’s death in 1978, Marian inherited his collection of memorabilia which dates back 100 years to the time of his enlistment in the Ohio National Guard in 1916. Included were historic photographs and the original letters that John had written to his parents and to his sweetheart, Mary, (later his wife) as well as a 1918 Diary that he took with him when he was sent over the sea to France. John kept the Diary with him on the many nights when he led his Platoon as they marched for miles in the dark, in rain and mud, to the various trenches in No Man’s Land. Even in the cootie and rat-filled trenches, with the sounds and dangers of the war going on all around him, he continued to write in the Diary and in his letters describing in detail the war as he was witnessing it.

This is a compelling human interest story that recognizes the valor of the doughboys in WWI. Those who returned to the country they loved faced many hardships, including the Great Depression. The war, however, had given them the will to survive and it was through them and their stubbornness, frugality, pride and a firm belief in disciplining their children that a generation was born that, in later years, after a second World War, became know as the greatest generation.

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Kimbal Creek Secrets

It’s 1865, and word of the booming gold rush in British Columbia, brings 13 year-old Jamie Stewart and his older brother, Oliver, to Barkerville, then up into the mountains to Kimbal Creek. When they pull out a good amount of gold and some large nuggets, near the creek, and because the boys know they have to make it legal, Oliver heads back to Barkerville to register their claim on this creek.

Jamie is alone, with just the rifle and their little dog for protection. It doesn’t take long though, before Jamie discovers they are not alone! First he’s scared half to death when a white wolf suddenly appears out of nowhere, and disappears just as quickly.

Then an enchanted Raven tells him about five boys who have been shrunk to the size of Leprechauns, and these poor little boys are being forced to dig for gold every day!

Jamie decides that he must find a way to break the spell that has been cast upon all of them; but can he do it? And what will he do when they tell him that the white wolf isn’t the only secret on Kimbal Creek?

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Marg Sharp-Eagle 119734000026996244 2016-07-20 16:51:09.743370 Juvenile Fiction, Fantasy & Magic/Juvenile Fiction, Historical/Juvenile Fiction
Ho Ho Two

Ho Ho Two is a sequel to my book Ho Ho Ho. There are more inspirational verses and images to inspire and bring delight to those who enjoy Christmas.

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mr bear 119734000032874205 2016-07-19 17:13:14.820200 Poetry/Poetry, Canadian/Religion, Holidays, Christmas & Advent
Ho Ho Ho

Ho Ho Ho is a collection of inspirational verses and illustrations inspired by Christmas. My intention is to bring joy and delight to readers who enjoy the Festive Season.

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mr bear 119734000005072915 2016-07-19 17:07:46.091360 Poetry/Poetry, Canadian/Religion, Holidays, Christmas & Advent