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Within A Breath of Fresh Air, Leaford N. Shakes explores the world with a keen eye and ear, equally comfortable with absurdity and elegy. Delving into faith, family and life in Jamaica, these poems create a sacred space for contemplation and exalt at the altar of life.

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Leaford N. Shakes 119734000013141978 2014-04-17 18:43:10.847830 Poetry/Poetry, Caribbean & Latin American/Poetry, Inspirational & Religious
Remember the Rainbow

Remember the Rainbow is a story of self-discovery inspired by Denise’s nine-year-old grandson. When learning classmates were poking fun and refusing to sit with her grandson at lunch (because of what he was wearing), she knew there was a story to tell.

Patches is a leprechaun teased and bullied at school because of his small stature. In his sadness he embarks on a journey in search of the riches at the end of the colorful rainbow. What he discovers is much more; he finds self-worth and the true meaning of happiness.

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Denise Marks 119734000014068382 2014-04-16 19:14:37.833930 Juvenile Fiction, Concepts, Money/Juvenile Fiction, Fantasy & Magic/Juvenile Fiction, Social Issues, Bullying
Gnorman The Gnorwegian Gnome: Hope for the Gnew year

Poor little Gnorman, the Gnorwegian Gnome has a problem. Living way up Gnorth at the base of Mount Gnewtontoppen in Svalbard, Gnorway, he’s always at the end of Santa’s route. Why, there’s hardly ever anything left for Gnorman! All he ever gets in his stocking are just a few little Gnicks and Gnacks. But Gnorman has a plan and he hopes this year, things will be different. In a hilarious, read-aloud adventure that charmingly showcases some of the geography and Christmas traditions of Norway, Gnorman, the Gnorwegian Gnome provides loads of magical, tongue-twisting fun. Its comic cadences and fanciful dialect are a pleasure that will carry through the Christmas season and long beyond.

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Jim Prock 119734000010983086 2014-04-16 19:11:26.178680 Juvenile Fiction, Holidays & Celebrations, Christmas & Advent/Juvenile Fiction, Humorous Stories/Juvenile Fiction, Legends, Myths, Fables
Life In The Saddle: Hugh Court's Journey as a Southern Alberta Cowboy

I met Hugh in 1999 while searching for some “real” cowboy’s to get some good stories about life on the prairie. I could tell Hugh was the “real thing” even before he opened his mouth and then when he started to tell me his stories I felt like a miner who had just found gold! At the end of many of the stories he would pause, with a faraway look and say in his soft and humble way, “Yeah, I could have been killed that day.” It could have been true on any given day but lucky for us he lived through it all and like so many of his kind have lived to tell of this time that is rich with history and adventure. I don’t believe that I will never see the likes of Hugh Court again. These are his stories, written by him, of his time as a ranch hand on the 30K acre Cochrane Ranch and later as a foreman on the Bar K 2 Ranch with 11,500 acres and the Knight Ranch that had 90,000 acres at the time Hugh rode them.

We named the book Life In The Saddle because that seemed fitting for this old cowboy who tells his stories and then adds in a soft and humble way “and I loved every minute of it” and he did. I would like to believe that there is a Ranch somewhere in heaven with cows just waiting to be roped and a horse all saddled for Hugh just waiting to be rode!

Compiled by Jeanne Aldrich

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Hugh Court 119734000010490153 2014-04-16 19:09:00.552290 History, Canada/Nature, Animals, Horses/Pets, Horses
Transformation Part I &II: A compilation of spiritual exercises for the initiated student of truth

Considering yourself a soul journeyer you’ll seek the answers life’s questions presents to you. You’ll read past this books previewing introductions and realize you’ve embarked on a mental journey to self-discovery. Being submerged in its teaching completely, you’ll discover “self-illumination” and “spiritual enlightenment.”

You’ll be challenged to broaden your horizons and realize you can do anything you desire if you simply believe in yourself. You’ll discover you have innate abilities to succeed at life’s challenges, conquer your fears and rise above life’s indifferences. With these abilities, you‘ll discover you have a “Bottomless Well” of gifts. Through this books teaching, you’ll use these gifts and learn how to keep your life in perspective. You’ll internalize your causes and examine your issues objectively.

It is my desire you know I am with you in spirit and will be glad for you as you complete this books “spiritual exercises.” Towards its finales, you’ll find it written in such a way you’ll want to read it again and again. Each time you do, you’ll discover you’ve learned something new about yourself and the world at large. You’ll discover you aren’t a mere human but, an “Infinite Spiritual Being” taking a human journey through life!

Peace and blessings,

D. C. Gates, II

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Donald C. Gates, II 119734000012155338 2014-04-16 19:06:59.407650 Self-Help, Motivational & Inspirational/Self-Help, Spiritual/Religion, Christian Life, Spiritual Growth
Sidetracks: En Route to the Statue of Liberty

With the rapid increase of globalization, international communities have become increasingly interdependent. At a time when the world is shrinking and we become increasingly interdependent, it is critical to understand the cultural, political and religious similarities and differences that we all share.

In Sidetracks, Dr. Aras Demir combines his historic research with his true experiences as a high school exchange student living in a Midwestern town, to expose the thoughts and questions of a teenager attempting to understand the ties that bind us – the shared human experience.

“This is a book that should be 'required reading' for all students of world history.”

- Svea Fraser MDiv

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Aras Demir 119734000007398557 2014-04-16 19:04:07.896620 Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs
Dust In The Wind: Volume 1: The DeLaine Reynolds' Journey

A horrific, killer tornado rips through Wichita Falls in 1979, launching 12 year-old DeLaine Reynolds into adolescence. Living in a tiny 'rattle-trap trailer' with her abusive step-mother and step-brother and struggling with feelings of abandonment, DeLaine starts 7th-grade at the local high school. There she faces social hierarchy, bullying and the hint of first love. Can DeLaine face the changes and challenges of normal adolescence as well as her dysfunctional family?

This story is inspired by true events.

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SaDonna Rogers 119734000012753019 2014-04-16 19:00:53.903150 Juvenile Fiction, Social Issues, Adolescence/Fiction, Coming Of Age/Juvenile Fiction, Social Issues, Violence
Awakening in the Paradox of Darkness

In Awakening in the Paradox of Darkness, Gary Tzu illuminates a path from within the dark realms to awakening into non-dual being. By allowing dreaded experiences such as fear, trauma, exhaustion, abandonment, nothingness, death and non-existence—to serve as a portal into non-dual transformation, we discover the light within the darkness, revealing the bedazzling paradoxical mystery of existence. In this book, Gary invites readers on a healing journey into the heart of their darkest experiences, for it is there, in the midst of their most profound dread, that non-dual awakening lies.

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Gary Tzu 119734000014247190 2014-04-15 19:31:28.622470 Psychology, Movements, Transpersonal/Religion, Mysticism/Self-Help, Spiritual
The Evangelizing Catholic: How a Crisis Became a Gift

No one can believe alone, just as no one can live alone. You have not given yourself faith, as you have not given yourself life.

In The Evangelizing Catholic, author Declan O’Sullivan shares his conversion experience, awakening to the presence of Jesus Christ and the evolution of the Catholic Men’s Fellowship groups that have changed his life and other’s since its beginnings in 1986. Detailing the fellowship meeting format, principles and guidelines, this “playbook” is designed for men interested in forming their own groups. The influence of the Catholic Men’s Fellowship is truly powerful — inspiring men to go out and spread the word of God, and to aid the Catholic Church’s new initiative, the New Evangelization.

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Declan O'Sullivan 119734000011035962 2014-04-15 16:43:22.803560 Religion, Christianity, Catholic/Religion, Christian Ministry/Religion, Christian Ministry, Evangelism

W. Agbor Baiyee’s first book of poetry, Hummingbird, takes you on an introspective journey of your body and senses. His poems demand attention to your soul and surroundings by asking questions of your eyes, your ears, your tongue, your skin, and your inner-most being.

Through straight-forward prose and methodic rhythm, learn and heal with this thoughtful collection of poems by a man who has found his unique and powerful voice and who is ready to share.

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W. Agbor Baiyee 119734000012362054 2014-04-14 20:08:06.561080 Poetry, Canadian/Poetry, American/Poetry, Inspirational & Religious
Introduction to Live Sound Reinforcement: The Science, the Art, and the Practice

This book is an invaluable resource for burgeoning audio engineers. With clear writing and comprehensive illustrations, fundamental concepts of acoustics are explained in easy to understand language. The operating principles of the essential components of a sound system, as well as their use in the design and implementation of the system, are covered in detail. Operational aspects of executing a live performance are also given full treatment.

By providing practical information surrounding the concepts, implementations, and practices central to live sound reinforcement, this book sets the foundation upon which to build and move forward with confidence.

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Teddy Boyce 119734000013016045 2014-04-14 20:05:28.193700 Reference, Handbooks & Manuals/Science, Acoustics & Sound/Technology & Engineering, Electronics
Unified Field Theory: Mathematical Treatise: Part I: Canonical Electrodynamics

In this book, all known electromagnetic laws are proven to be derivable from the solution of a single quadratic equation. This governing equation, it is shown, generates precisely three complex fields in 4-space, but can itself be generated as a law of all even-dimensioned spaces in universes having “meaning,” without need of a prior knowledge of physics.

Provided for the first time are electromagnetic formulas applicable in a general Riemannian space: the fundamental field tensor with three complex components, the energy-momentum tensor and the force-power tensor. The Lorentz force, as currently known, is shown to be an approximate form of the derived Riemannian force-power tensor, which imbeds gravitational interactions inclusive of frame-dragging terms. Newly identified electro-gravitational interaction force and power-transfer mechanisms are provided as natural consequences of the reformulations.

As a byproduct of the complex-field theory developed in this book, the mystery of missing magnetic monopoles in nature is fully resolved. Also clarified are classical duality, field superposition, and the origins of charge sign and chirality. The approach taken to include all spatial dimensionalities leads to the justifiable conclusion that infinitely many higher-dimensioned spaces likely exist, with their laws of operation able to be broadly generated from the material presented.

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R. A. Villecco 119734000014404398 2014-04-11 20:44:43.218770 Science, Mathematical Physics/Science, Gravity/Science, Electromagnetism
The Story of my Year

Life is full of ups and downs and Kodi knows that better than anyone. Who knew one person could change your whole life. Growing up in sunny California and having a hot boyfriend made Kodi’s life picture perfect until Heath showed up. Now Kodi has to decide if she’s really happy with the way things were or if her heart has moved to Texas.

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Shelby Albritton 119734000003953819 2014-04-11 20:41:11.570410 Fiction, Coming Of Age/Juvenile Fiction, Social Issues, Emotions & Feelings/Fiction, Family Life
The Beloved: A Song of Eternal Love

The Beloved: A Song of Eternal Love is written in the tradition of the greatest poetic mystics, from Hafiz to Walt Whitman. This collection of poems to the Beloved can apply to a beloved human, or a divine Beloved accessed through meditation and contemplative practices. Crying out to this unnamed Beloved, Swami Adi Narayan accesses the universal voice of humanity and its desperate cries for love. Swami Adi Narayan enjoins us on his journey into his interior of most deep and sacred yearnings to become love realized through the longing, the trials and suffering, joys, bliss and ecstasy that only true love can offer, taking one into the heart of the Divine itself. This book will move you with its openhearted pronouncements of undying love that cuts across all boundaries of differing cultures and religions, uniting mankind in his one pure aspiration and longing for union with the Beloved.

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Swami Adi Narayan 119734000013598005 2014-04-11 20:38:27.481230 Poetry/Poetry, Inspirational & Religious/Poetry, Canadian
Harley The Happy Little Husky: Being Different

Harley is a happy little Siberian Husky, who lives in Canada. Harley thought he was the same as his siblings but found out he was very different. He soon comes to realize that being different is a good thing and that things always work out.

Harley The Happy Little Husky, Kerry Tait's newest story for children, will delight and inspire young children and adults alike. Harley is a popular dog in the community and has many fans.

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Kerry Tait 119734000005875479 2014-04-11 20:32:41.492690 Juvenile Fiction, Animals, Dogs/Juvenile Fiction, Social Issues, Self-Esteem & Self-Reliance/Juvenile Fiction, Family, Adoption
Love is who you really are

This book is my down-to-earth answer to the perennial question; Who am I? I have been very frank about my life experiences while pursuing success following the dictates of the ego and the resulting disaster I made of my life. When I finally realized I was close to death and unable to solve life as my own Higher power, I surrendered completely and that enabled me to ask from my heart for help.

Since 1975 I have increasingly relied on that Higher Power to lead the way. The result has been the experience of peace, love, joy and freedom, all experiences we can never enjoy while following the dictates of the ego, which always promises but never delivers.

Perhaps you have enjoyed what the world terms success but your life still seems to be missing something and you even feel empty inside. This tale is about my journey from insanity to spiritual clarity and perhaps it will encourage you, the reader, to follow the spirit instead of the ego. If you choose to do so, I can promise you that you will experience a whole new life. Don't worry, your new partner does 95% of the work.



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Bartholomew 119734000010294014 2014-04-10 18:07:31.767510 Self-Help, Spiritual/Self-Help, Meditations/Religion, Inspirational
Beauty in Your Hands: Memories of the Ecstasy I Never Knew

Can a story be both beautifully sad and sadly beautiful? Yes! ‘Beauty in Your Hands’ is that book. This is a must read for anyone who has experienced a traumatic loss in their life. This is about Jeff, a young boy who deeply loved his mother, who was doomed to an early death by cancer. He struggled through the years without her loving guidance. Jeff weebled and wobbled yet he was strong and he never fell down. This story is thirty years in the making. Time does not heal all wounds. Time only makes you grow old. For Jeff, his mothers’ death is only minutes ago; he’s still that traumatized. He found sanctuary in Jehovah God and also in writing his darkest feelings into poetry. Jeff had the strength of ten men and he needed it as time continued on with all it’s brutality. Death touches all. This is one mans’ journey through the hell of heartbreak; the descent into darkness, misery, scars received. Prayers answered, the slow ascent back into the burning sun, with all it’s expectations.

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Jeff Culling 119734000010108618 2014-04-09 14:42:32.255060 Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs/Health & Fitness, Diseases, Cancer/Family & Relationships, Death, Grief, Bereavement
Where The Tides Meet: A romance of the Gaspe

Leslie Carleton, traumatized at reaching the age of thirty, is determined to bring meaning to her life. Any thoughts of marriage and family in her world of fashion are mere fantasies. Bert has suggested they live together. Should one cling to the way one was brought up, or allow the future to take care of itself? Unable to come to any satisfactory decision, getting away from everything and everyone seemed the only way out of a dilemma. Is one’s future a private matter each person must decide for themselves?

A lawyer friend highly recommends the Gaspé Peninsula for soul searching. Taking this advice, with the understanding that the destination be kept secret from well-meaning friends and lover, she leaves. That way, no one will be able to influence whatever decision may be arrived at.

Can a person successfully run away from a problem? Is it really the coward’s way? Will a foolhardy plan solve a problem or will life step in and make a mockery of the attempt?

All journeys are journeys of discovery.

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George J. Pappas 119734000013481019 2014-04-09 14:40:06.415340 Fiction, Romance, Historical/Fiction, Romance/Fiction
Walking Stick-Stories From an Old Man

It wasn’t until I started remembering the stories my mother told when I was a child that I began to realize that there were messages hidden in those stories, encouraging messages that helped me find the strength to overcome my struggles. They made me realize that the errors I made in my life were not errors at all. I had endured those life experiences not for punishment but to teach others how to find their own strengths in life. I began to use those stories in my work, to develop different methods of working with people, methods that can be easily understood and that do not involve passing judgment on people, stories that can empower people.

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Eric Napoleon Kennedy 119734000013422508 2014-04-09 14:37:19.732930 Fiction, Short Stories (Single Author)/Self-Help, Personal Growth/Self-Help, Motivational & Inspirational
The Hot Cloth: An Odyssey Into Internet Dating, Sex and Relationships

The world of dating opened up like a candy store, delicious, sweet and enticing with its variety of delectable flavours. Divorced and restless to discover what life is all about, a journey of seduction began. Women became sensually intoxicating and internet dating addictive as the quest for a mate took an unexpected

road into a cyberspace of beautiful women with fractured lives stepping into unknown territory. Women trying to find warmth to fill the bed now cold on one side, unprepared for men so different from the one they married, again experiencing the first kiss, the touch, an orgasm for the first time. An Odyssey as spiritually rampant as it is sexually explicit spawns a free spirited quest for a mate along the alley ways of life. Children of the Universe battered by marriage and divorce so afraid to come out to play.

The Hot Cloth, both a relationship guide and sex manual, shatters the stigma of a relationship with real stories of real people, uninhibited sex and an unbridled passion to find happiness. Encountering pieces of yourself in the chapters, be prepared to turn the last page forever seduced by that “after the loving moment”: The Hot Cloth moment.

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R.J. Pepper 119734000012779689 2014-04-08 17:49:47.629280 Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs/Family & Relationships, Divorce & Separation/Family & Relationships, Life Stages