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The City of Presidents
by Marty Nazzaro

Quincy, Massachusetts is like most US cities. The odor of struggle and desperation seeps from every household. So when an easy way out presents itself, the lure of escape is sometimes too overwhelming to resist. The hard lesson that there is no easy way out is not only to be expected, it is inevitable.

Stevie Ciccone and his younger brother Ronnie spent their whole lives growing up on the streets of Quincy. Fatherless from a young age, Stevie had a good job and Ronnie was the local high school football hero. Nothing was extraordinary about their lives until Stevie’s gambling debts started to get out of hand. In an attempt to make things right, he had to make a deal with Joe Kelley, the local bookie who had long ties to their dead father. A deal that would pull Ronnie into a web of deceit that would strain the loyalties and friendships of all those in the neighborhood. A neighborhood where the secrets of the past will collide with the events of the present. A place where destiny calls to everyone, but is answered by the few.

The City of Presidents is a story of loyalty among brothers, both blood and otherwise. It is a tale that takes the reader from the piers of South Boston to the barrooms of New Hampshire and ultimately, back to the streets of Quincy. True love and friendship take many different forms and have many different consequences. Loyalties run deep in Quincy, and sometimes, they run red.

Marty was born in Southie and raised in Quincy, MA. He still lives in God’s Country with his wife Kathleen and his four children, Lindsey, Tim, Shane and Michael. He can usually be found with his family and brothers or enjoying a Manets football game.


Marty Nazzaro

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