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  • 296 pages
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  • 978-1-77067-522-3 Hardcover
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viking, adventure, warrior, Jomsviking, brotherhood, Bloodaxe, mercenary, outlaw, fantasy, Scandinavia

Thorgil Bloodaxe, Enter the White Queen
by Ralph E. Laitres

Thorgil Bloodaxe is an aging mercenary man, who sells his blade to those who can afford his price. He holds no allegiances to any land, but only serves those who will add silver to his purse of coins. Once a proud Jomsviking commander and a member of the Byzantium Empire’s elite mercenary unit of Varangian Guards, Thorgil now makes his meager living by wandering from one northern province to another, providing protection to fat merchants or aiding in blood-feuds. Enter the White Queen of Nidafjoll, who is seeking a warrior called the Bloodaxe who murdered her sister Karelia of Trolleboten thirteen years earlier. Queen Hvit, the White Queen spies on the northern kingdoms with the aid of her mirror from her kingdom isle. To avenge the murder of her sister, the White Queen unleashes a host of events that would change the lives of many. Thorgil is forced by the hand of the White Queen into a perilous adventure that may very well cost him his life.

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Ralph E. Laitres, born 6 February 1961 in Portland, Maine, is the creator of the red-haired Viking warrior called Thorgil Bloodaxe. When writing about Thorgil Bloodaxe, Ralph drew on his military experience as a Marine, as well as his shared love for history and creative fantasy. Ralph, a United States Marine, and a retired correction officer, lives in Plainfield, Connecticut with his wife of eleven years. He is enjoying his retirement by traveling down another career road of being an author.


Ralph E. Laitres
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