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Adventures, Biographical sketches, Casual Escapades, Deep sea fishing, Growing up, Historical Essays, Ideology, Introspective Poems, Philosophical Inquiry, Political Opinions, Travel Tales

Flirting with Misadventures
Escapades of an Exotic Life. by Constancio Sulapas Asumen

The material represents a due diligence attempt to chronicle, via a series of seemingly random and incidental episodes narrated in the first-person, the evolutionary journey of my consciousness from the edge of the wilds of Mindanao (Philippines) to the rough and tumble of the streets of Manhattan (New York City), with all the tedious yet not the least thrilling detours in-between. Random in the sense that I had to single out and focus on specific and discrete pivotal decision points which ushered in a definitely recognizable qualitative change in my perception of my unique attributes as an individual, on leaving such decision bifurcations. . . . In a broader context the three parts of the book represent three distinct non-sequential evolutionary phases of my consciousness. The Narratives represent the age of ambition, when the drive to transcend . . . reigned supreme. The Poetry I deem to represent the seemingly unquenchable deliberative age of simultaneous inspiration, enlightenment, and illusion. . . . The Essays represent the age of rational resignation, or better yet, resigned rationalization, when you give in to the impulsive reflex to explain away the developments which you know affect your physical and spiritual well-being.

"I'm very excited for you and hope your book hits a big fat thundering home run! You must feel like a million bucks right now...and it's well-deserved!" --Joan Swirsky, former NY Times journalist and author of multiple books.

"Your story and style of writing is truly indulging and thought-provoking."-- Ramesh Sharma, PhD, UCLA/BNL Research Scientist in Chemistry‏

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{From Man behind the Narratives} “He [Mr. Asumen] was extremely pleasant to be around. I found him a humble, genuine, gentle, understanding, kind, and very amusing human being. It was difficult not to notice or not to mention his amazing intellectual capacity. He basically, treated every situation with a subtle sense of humor. . . . “ {From Exegesis on the Essays} “What Stan [Mr. Asumen] and I have in common is that we both believe that our individual thinking process is non-negotiable. Stan’s thinking is driven by his own individuality and his opinions are based on a thorough process. The essays in this book illustrate this point. In general, this book discusses the major events that made Stan the independent thinker that he is today. It describes the stones that created the basis on which Stan is founded as an individual, and not the sand that is as the noise in between these events.


Constancio Sulapas Asumen
Ziba Bastani
Daniel van der Lelie, Ph.D.

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