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Dance of the Starfish
by L. Norris

Dance of the Starfish...

Is about human connection,

visioned expression and heart

communication. It ponders...

It is an exploration of spirit,

a beckoning. It questions...

I invite you to open the pages

and to read where you land.

To take me home, to tell more

tales of search, of longing...

My name is Asil, Asil Sirron.

I am the narrator

of Dance of the Starfish,

and I ask your permission

to speak. For there

is much to be said,

and more, more

yet to say...

When I was nine years old I experienced a moment in time where I knew I was going to write. I was standing in my bedroom when all of a sudden I was struck with an overwhelming sensation that I was going to write a book. I scrambled around the room looking for a pen and paper. I draped myself overtop of a tall, five-drawer dresser and began to write. After a couple of sentences, I stopped. What I had written didn’t feel right. I thought to myself “I am going to write a book and it’s not right now”. I put my pen down and ran outside to play.

During my teenage years I wrote poetry here and there, for friends and English class. There have been a few times throughout the years when I have tried to write in journals, though I never quite knew what to say - I would get a few sentences in, it wouldn’t feel right so I would stop.

A few decades after that moment when I was nine years old proved to be my starting point. I once again found myself scrambling around the room looking for a pen and paper...I’ve been writing ever since.

Dance of the Starfish has led me on a quest to explore human emotion and the idea of a higher power, of Universal Energy; call it God, Universe, All That Is, other... there are many names for IT.

In this human form, life experience is my teacher, spirit is my guide. Animals and humans alike, my inspiration, and Peace, my motivation.

I Believe...

Passion leads.

Trust creates.

Faith becomes.

And that...

PEACE is possible.

L. Norris


L. Norris

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