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Memoir, autobiography, family memoir, Russian history, historical memoir, family history, life stories.

The Family Album
Reminiscing About the Past by Veronica B. Gamburg

A searing, emotional and inspiring memoir, The Family Album: Reminiscing About the Past tells the story of a resilient family living in Russia during some of the country’s darkest and most difficult history. With photographs dating from the end of the 19th to the end of the 20th century, the book tells the powerful and sometimes heartbreaking stories of four families trying to survive during the Russian Revolution, the Great Purge and The Great Patriotic War. With skilful and engaging storytelling, this memoir details the rich history of the time through photos while telling personal stories, such as how the author’s own father perished while fighting for his country and how she and her mother survived the Leningrad Blockade. Despite the hardships faced by the family, this book still brims with hope, enthusiasm and patriotism and offers its readers an uplifting lesson in history and the strength of the human spirit.

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Veronica B. Gamburg was born in Leningrad in the former Soviet Union (now St. Petersburg, Russia). She has a master’s degree in engineering and economics and taught economics at a college in Leningrad. She immigrated with her husband and her daughter to the USA in 1976, where she worked in corporate America as a programmer and then a data modeller. In the last seven years before retirement, she worked as a freelance consultant, assuming the responsibility of a data architect. She lives in Connecticut with her daughter.


Veronica B. Gamburg

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