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  • 32 pages
  • Premium Color
  • 8.5 x 8.5 inches
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  • Paperback
  • 978-1-77097-121-9 Paperback

rainbow, chicken, feed, farmyard, hen, egg, colorful

Rainbow Chicken Feed
by Robert H. Justice and Kristen J. Jansen (Illustrator)

When Hen readies herself for her usual meal, she is surprised to find her normal meal replaced by rainbow-colored “Rainbow Chicken Feed”! Will it taste any better? Will it have any effect on Hen? Will it affect her egg laying? Taste for yourself by reading about Hen, Cow, Pig, and always inquisitive Goose. Take a bite of some Rainbow Chicken Feed!

Have you ever eaten anything rainbow-colored? Hen has, or hasn’t she? See how hen responds when farmer sets before her some Rainbow Chicken Feed!

Robert is a father of five children and husband of a wonderful wife named Marci, to whom this book is dedicated. He has a B.A. in Foreign Language Education; to which he has added certifications in Elementary Education and English as a Second Language. He has taught French and Spanish in elementary schools, Science, World History, American History, Geography, French and Spanish in high schools. When not engaged in family activities, work, or singing in a Christian group, he reads extensively. Writing began as a hobby but turned into a passion! He loves working with elementary students and enjoys telling them stories like “Rainbow Chicken Feed”. The students always want to hear more. As you read this first of many books, hopefully, you will too! He is indebted to Ms. Jansen for her marvelous illustrations and hopes they will have a successful future in children’s book publications.


Robert H. Justice and Kristen J. Jansen (Illustrator)

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