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  • 176 pages
  • Black & White
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  • 978-1-77097-603-0 Paperback
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Spirit, Intuition, Healing, Enlightenment, Destiny, Transformation, Crystal, 2012 Prophecies, Plateau, Tina Frisco.

Beyond the Trees, Beyond 2012 by Tina Frisco

W’Hyani was born strong, willful, and the predestined Keeper of the Crystal Heart, the key to unlocking the mystery of the Great Mosaic of Life. Unaware of the shard’s significance, W’Hyani’s fortitude begins being tested by the cosmic forces that sculpted her destiny. She ultimately comes face-to-face with herself in a battle that would shrink the will of even the most intrepid warrior, unaware that the realization of her destiny will irrevocably impact all beings on earth and beyond. The Great Mosaic of Life holds a message of hope that would allow us to see and live beyond the year 2012.

I highly recommend Plateau, a book of quality, mystery, and adventure. It eloquently suggests an alternative to the 2012 doomsday prophecies, through the coming-of-age story of a fifteen-year-old tribal female. It lifts us to a higher consciousness, challenging us to overcome fear through love and gratitude.

-Lynn V. Andrews

Plateau is a book based on principle and integrity. The tribal ethos and humor of the E’Ghali ardently lead the reader through the teachings, mishaps, and adventures of the characters to reveal the mystery held secret for centuries. It is well written and a pleasure to read.

-Joan Baez

Tina draws on her myriad experiences as an R.N., singer-songwriter, political activist, and spiritual apprentice in crafting this inspiring and provocative novel, which injects an alternative perspective into the teeming squall of unbridled 2012 doomsday prophecies. She hopes that gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, and love will imbue the current tenor of our social fabric — and prevail.


Tina Frisco

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