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Entrepreneurial Essentials: cover

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leadership advice, entrepreneurship advice, sales management (strategies), luxury marketing, luxury branding, business wisdom, business ideas, political campaign tactics

Entrepreneurial Essentials:
Unconventional Business Wisdom and Bold Tactics by James D. Roumeliotis

A book about implementing refreshing business strategies in the marketplace including:

- Strategies every successful leader must know.

- Sales Management Tactics for the goal-oriented executive.

- Executive Leadership.

- Effective Marketing and Branding techniques

- Design, Innovation, and the Luxury Domain.

- What you don't know could hurt your business.

- Additional thoughts about post-recession marketing

- Effective political campaign strategies by utilizing marketing techniques along with the personal brand.

James D. Roumeliotis photo

James, multilingual and multicultural is a longstanding sales management strategist, customer service and luxury lifestyle marketing practitioner, and adviser based in Montreal. He is a graduate of McGill and Cornell University respectively.

James has lived and conducted business in 3 countries, as well as founded several companies including a successful yacht brokerage firm in the Mediterranean region despite obstacles in a challenging social environment. He has also been involved in diverse industries including financial services, leisure maritime, hospitality, CE, CPG, and the luxury domain.

Amongst his achievements: brought an international mindset and creative marketing skills to the yachting industry, implemented Best Practices to financial services sales teams and successfully established a new CE brand presence from the ground-up in a local market, and in a timely manner, for a high-end wireless European manufacturer.

James is recognized as a prolific writer, creative problem solver, a mentor, coach, teaching instructor, as well as a speaker.


James D. Roumeliotis
cover concept: Vagelis Tasopoulos/ art direction: Elsa Sturm

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