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Sailing, Boating, Dog Walking, Walking Trails

South Islander
(Memoirs of a Cruising Dog) by Amanda Spottiswoode and Molly March

This is a cruising guide with a difference. Many boaters may not be aware of the opportunities for walks accessible from anchorages along the B.C. coast. For those who cruise with dogs aboard, and for those who like to venture ashore to stretch their legs, the book is illustrated with charming maps describing walks up and down the coast. Framed by the author’s many years of cruising on a beautiful wooden sailboat along with her husband and two dogs, it tells tales of mishaps, adventures, explorations and glorious days on the water. The book is set against the stunning backdrop of the waters, mountains and islands between the B.C. mainland and Vancouver Island. If you are an experienced sailor with extensive knowledge of the B.C. Coast, are new to boating, or even a confirmed landlubber and armchair sailor, you will love this book. It is a “must have” in every boat’s cruising library.

Amanda Spottiswoode

At the age of 13 Amanda was taught to sail by the Royal Navy on the river Thames and has been a keen sailor ever since. She is now co-owner of “South Islander”, a 34-foot wooden sloop, and has been cruising up and down the B.C. coast with her husband and dogs since 1998. Recently retired from running a theatre company on Salt Spring Island, she now plans to spend more time sailing and finding new places to walk her two Jack Russell Terriers.

Molly March

Painter, designer, traveller, Molly has been painting her way around the world. From Hawaii to London, from British Columbia to Chile, she has painted and designed theatre sets for operas and ballets, theatre and all types of site specific performances. She has been creating shows with Runaway Moon Theatre, Caravan Farm Theatre and Leaky Heaven Circus for the past 30 years. In addition she is a talented graphic designer and has created posters for hundreds of shows, as well as painting landscapes of many of the places she has visited.


Amanda Spottiswoode and Molly March
Molly March

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