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hope, observations, inspiration, life, love, doubt, self-discovery

Reflections of a Wandering Mind

As a young adult growing up in a quickly changing world, this is a book about self discovery through the outlet of poetry. Everyone has doubts, fears, and realizations on life while trying to find themselves. Friendships gained or lost, ideals molded by society, and a journey from young adult to twenty-something. This is a recount of that journey from the highs to lows along with the massive gray area in-between.

Born and raised in Aurora, Colorado, Meghan Robbins has always used poetry as an outlet for expressing her thoughts on life. She used the art of poetry as a tool to help express the changes that life brings to young adults going through the journey of figuring out who you are after High School. Unlike most of her friends she left for Marine Corps boot camp straight after graduating instead of going to College. Normally keeping her poems for herself and close friends, moving to Chicago was the catalyst in her decision to share her thoughts and story with a bigger audience. She hopes to connect with people who have gone or are going through the same transition. This is her first book.


Meghan Robbins

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