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Christian, Faith, betrayed, story, love, journey, life's path

The RSA Adventure
The Untold Story Now Revealed by Lorne W.P Vanderwoude

Everybody has a story. Not everybody has the desire or ability to write their story down. In one hand I had a pen, with a pad in the other. This is a story which I have never shared with anyone. My mind went back to where my adventure first began.

I first met her as an adult while I was crossing that football field which I had walked across for many months. What happened that night was the start of an adventure which I will never forget as long as I have a memory. This adventure was like a thrill ride which kept on going up and down, then ending in a way that I never thought would ever happen to me.

This is my story. This story begins with an event which changed the path which my life was travelling on. I dare you to come along for the ride on the most thrilling experience of my life.

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Lorne W.P Vanderwoude was born in the old Red Deer hospital on April 26, 1968. He always had a talent of imagining different story lines in his head. As a child, he would be seen pacing up and down his bedroom, imagining the latest story line which he had thought up.

He met his wife, Gwen, at McDonalds in May 1992. After spending a lot of time with her after work, Gwen had gone home for Christmas. He then realized that he really missed her. After he got a ride to her parent’s farm, that night he asked her out. On August 27, 1993 he asked her to marry him on the front steps of the Bible school which she had studied at. August 27, 1994, they were married.

Since his teen years, Lorne always had a desire to write. He often kept many diaries over the years. Later on as an adult, he wrote many letters to the local newspaper. Now he is fulfilling his dream of becoming a fiction author.


Lorne W.P Vanderwoude

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