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Foreclosure, Unemployment, Business Franchise Medical Bills, Divorce Proceedings, Debtor, Bankruptcy

Why Your Neighbor Had to File by Robert V. Schaller

Your debt has piled high. You’re standing on the precipice of financial collapse. Whether caused by a sudden catastrophic event, failed decision, or from a culmination of a slow, steady slide into debt default, you’re facing down the possibility of bankruptcy. You’re not alone.

Eight to ten million Americans are expected to file bankruptcy during the next five years. Most are unaware that the seeds of their financial destruction have already been sown. It’s only a matter of time before their massive debt loads become unmanageable and an unexpected shock thrusts them over the edge. Learn the Top 10 reasons people file for bankruptcy and protect yourself from the impending fall.

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Attorney Robert Schaller has practiced law for more than 27 years. He has helped bankruptcy clients discharge or restructure debts totaling approximately half a billion dollars, helping individuals and families obtain a fresh start in life. Attorney Schaller is the founder of the Schaller Law Firm, P.C., and concentrates his legal practice in Illinois. He lives in Hinsdale, Illinois, with his family.


Robert V. Schaller

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