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toad, Joad, parents, concerned, tongue, snap, laughed, bully, play, swim, all day, mosquitoes, catch, game, stick, click, new friend,

Joad the Toad

A beautifully illustrated rhymed verse story of a little toad born with an abnormality. As a result, he was bullied by children and ignored by his peers thus leaving him friendless and very unhappy. His adversity brought him the greatest benefit when thanks to an infestation of mosquitoes he was able to use his ingenuity to win everyone’s heart.

Vira Blahitka, has led a very full life as a mother of two, a business women and business owner in Calgary, Alberta. Her passion and priority had always been her two children for whom she always had time. During their younger years, she was inspired to create new games and moral based stories for them. Vira now writes for the pleasure of writing inspirational books for children.


Vira Blahitka
Eric Olson

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