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Fort Duquesne, French and Indian War, Colonial America, British North America, Eastern Woodland People, Major General Edward Braddock, Rangers

Shades of Death
The Gauntlet Runner Book II by S. Thomas Bailey

With the events of the past year freshly engraved in his mind, Jacob Murray lies in wait, just a stone’s throw from a French outpost in the midst of the western Pennsylvania wilderness. Having teamed up with the two young men who helped his wife escape her Huron captors, he waits for any sign of Maggie or the French merchant who purchased her.

A straightforward plan for ambush soon goes awry and Jacob and Joshua are separated from Maggie and One-Ear; the latter pair heads towards Canada, the former for Fort Duquesne.

While Maggie’s efforts to escape and avoid French captivity lead to unexpected encounters with the native tribes of New York and Canada, including the great Ottawa leader Pontiac, Jacob himself is taken captive by the French.

With Joshua’s help, he is able to escape, but life as a deserter is very dangerous, especially when the British army is amassing nearby under the watchful eye of Major General Edward Braddock.

Jacob and Maggie Murray long for their peaceful life on the homestead in Pennsylvania, but with two great countries and their native allies battling over the Ohio Valley, their wishes must remain ungranted…at least for now.”

“Whether enthusiast or newcomer, Bailey brings the 18th Century to life in vivid detail.” Brady J. Crytzer, Author of ‘Guyasuta and the Fall of Indian America.’

“I could easily see this plot on the silver screen.”

Anne B. for Readers Favorite

S. Thomas Bailey is an award winning author and independent researcher of early North American life. A raw historian at heart, and a writer by choice.

Bailey’s own sense of history is enriched by a Mi’kmaq grandfather and a family tree that can be traced back to the young surveyor, James Cook, who began his career mapping out the St. Lawrence River system during the French and Indian War.

He resides in a quiet hamlet north of Toronto, Ontario, with his wonderfully supportive wife and two amazing children. His family spends their spring and summers visiting French and Indian War sites, attending re-enactments and living history events and spreading the word about this wonderful period in North American history.

Bailey looks forward to continuing Jacob and Maggie’s story. Watch for additional novels in The Gauntlet Runner Series, coming soon.

Follow, contact or connect with S. Thomas Bailey for updates and events :

or on www.facebook/TheGauntletRunner

Author of The Gauntlet Runner, A Tale From the French and Indian War (2011)The Gauntlet Runner, named a finalist and won Honorable Mention for the category Fiction/Action in the Reader’s Favorite International Book Awards.The Gauntlet Runner also won in the category of ‘Best Historical Fiction 2012’ in the Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards by NABA.


S. Thomas Bailey

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