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corporate greed, environmental impact, mining disaster, earthquake, native American legend, lake monster, cryptid

Fracking Dinosaurs
The Cayuga Lake Disaster by Dalton Mire

In FRACKING DINOSAURS ancient aquatic carnivores that have lived quietly for eons at the bottom of Cayuga Lake in upstate New York are driven to the surface when fracking fluid pollutes their pristine environment. As university paleontologists discover ancient fossils in the strata around the lake, camp counselors discover the fossils are alive and hungry. Gas and salt executives put profit before safety as they compete for the the resources under Cayuga Lake. This competition causes fracking generated earthquakes that rip open the salt mine under the lake flooding it and generating waves that devastate the people living around the lake.

“I shall vanish and be no more but

the land over which I roam shall

remain and change not.”

— Song of the Hethushka Warrior Society

As a boy, Dalton Mire learned of a way of life long gone as he walked through plowed fields picking up arrowheads and broken pottery with his father. He enjoyed the cool waters of Cayuga Lake after collecting fossils along its shores. Once after reading a book about Nessie of Loch Ness, he was sure he saw an ancient dinosaur disappear in a bank of fog hovering over the shimmering waves. Dalton Mire spent his adult life working around the world and was shocked when he returned to Cayuga shores to find this beautiful lake threatened by fracking. FRACKING DINOSAURS dramatizes the need to preserve this delicate ecosystem from the industries that threaten it.


Dalton Mire

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