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  • 48 pages
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  • 978-1-4602-2132-7 Paperback
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Geese, Animals, Eggs, Humor, Barnyard, Farm Life, Holly Lane Gardens

A Bird's Eye View of the Farm

The animals that reside at Holly Lane Gardens are beautiful, enjoyable, and entertaining. They are so entertaining that the author wanted to capture their antics so others could appreciate—through the written word—what they miss through real life opportunities. This light-hearted (and oftentimes humorous) tale portrays the lives of real farm animals as they interact in their natural setting. If their actions bring a smile to your face, this book has accomplished its goal. Enjoy!

Goosey Dusbabek photo

“Goosey” is the pen name for Patti Dusbabek, who is a “city girl” turned “farmer in retirement,” after a lifetime of professional work. Though the author enjoyed her professional career, nothing is more challenging, rewarding, and entertaining as the farm. As an ex-teacher, all the animals are on verbal commands—but this doesn’t mean they always follow them (though they certainly know them!). All the skills acquired in a lifetime of working have become extremely valuable in operating the farm, bed and breakfast, trainings, and weddings. It’s fun to drive a tractor, to develop all the fields of flowers and food, to raise any type of barn yard animal desired, and to interact with all these marvellous animals that thrive on the farm. The farm provides ample creative material for every type of craft/art adventure imaginable, and is small enough that one has time time to appreciate the development and change that takes place as everything grows and matures. In other words, there’s plenty of time to smell the roses!


Goosey Dusbabek

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