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Ophthalmology, Optometry, Bates Method, Natural Vision Improvement, Palming, Myopia, Astigmatism

Easy on the Eyes
... a fresh look at vision by Joy Thompson

This is a passionate appeal for independent, common-sense thinking on the subject of caring for eyes and eyesight. Step back with Joy and take a more natural and holistic look at your own eyesight while being inspired by the stories of others whose eyes have benefited from the natural route – out of the blur and back into clarity.

Over the past nineteen years, Joy Thompson has emerged as a visionary in the field of Natural Vision Improvement. Joy’s simple but groundbreaking techniques have helped many to experience recovery when their cases have often been considered to be without hope. Accessible and clearly written, Joy offers tips, exercises and stories of success that light our way back to clear vision.

“A truly visionary book. It is profoundly inspiring, well researched and eloquently written. It provides a phenomenally innovative and healthy way of seeing, feeling and thinking about our eyes.”

Dr. Hugo De Burgos, Professor of Medical Anthropology, UBC Okanagan

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Joy Thompson has been working in the field of Natural Vision Education for nineteen years, since first improving her own eyesight in 1996. She is passionate about helping people to see better, feel better, and live healthier lives through improving the health of their eyes and the clarity of their seeing. Joy offers individual consultations, in person or long-distance, and leads workshops, seminars and retreats on Natural Vision Improvement.


Joy Thompson

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