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  • 32 pages
  • Premium Color
  • 8.5 x 8.5 inches
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  • 978-1-4602-4027-4 Paperback
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Children’s Poem, Fiction, Fantasy, Magical Animals, Animal Rights, Tropical Island, Canadian Poetry

The Hummingbird Cat's Tale
by Margaret Anne Barrance

A Hummingbird Cat’s Tale follows April as she discovers a fantastic new animal, the hummingbird cat, and finds a way to protect it from extinction in Canada. April learns about this beautiful creature, a combination between a fast-flitting hummingbird and a cute purry kitten, when she is on vacation with her family on a tropical island. To her surprise, the magical hummingbird cats migrate to Canada in the summer and take refuge in April’s garden. With the help of her mother, a Conservationist, Brave Tigger, their leader, and Tuffy the Calico Cat, April is able to protect the special hummingbird cats as they summer in her country.

Growing up in Chippewa, Ontario, a small village near Niagara Falls, Margaret Barrance spent many hours playing with other children in the woods, on friends’ farms and in “The Crick.” The free-spirited play of the 1960s child she was never left Margaret; she still recalls those days when she sits down to write. Today, Margaret lives in the town of her birth, Brockville, Ontario, on the beautiful St. Lawrence River where she now works at a retirement residence and group home for people with special needs. She is the proud mother of four and grandmother of fourteen, and finds in them great inspiration for her writing.


Margaret Anne Barrance
Natalia Starikova
Anik Adey-Babinski

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