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moral to the story, pigs, learning from elders, action and adventure, jungle animals, crocodiles, jungle snakes, tigers

Don't Be a Pig in a Panic
by Leila Lynne Leidtke

This is a children’s story teaching two important lessons: Look before you leap and haste makes waste. The characters: Freddy, Harry and Larry are three little pigs in the jungle and Old Uncle Boar is their instructor. Freddy is fearful, Harry is in a hurry and Larry is a listener. They are confronted with various jungle enemies and react according to their natures. At the end, Larry calls for help and is surrounded with pigs that help him chase away a threatening tiger. The images are wonderful, showing the pigs’ expressions of fear, panic, sadness and victory according to each part of the story. All readers may be reminded to listen and not be a “pig in a panic.”

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Leila is a Christian author, resume specialist and grandmother. Her first children’s book is titled If I Were President. This book is available anywhere online. A preview is available at Leila has been writing poetry all her life and enjoys a sense of humor and telling stories to kids. Her poetry book, Seasons of the Heart, is soon to be released. The inspiration for Don’t Be a Pig in a Panic comes from story telling, knowledge of animals and Leila’s own experience as a missionary to the jungles of Honduras. Benjamin (Piggleton) Franklin teaches kids two important lessons in the book. Leila makes her home in Delaware, Ohio with her husband and their yellow Labrador. She hopes that you enjoy this book.


Leila Lynne Leidtke
Dayne Sislen
Wendy Hutchison

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