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The New Gluten-Free Recipes, Ingredients, Tools and Techniques
Demystifying Gluten-Free Baking – A Resource Guide by Lisa Diamond and Areli Hermanson, RD

Whether you need to follow a gluten-free diet or just wish to expand your food repertoire, baking with gluten-free flours can be as rewarding as it is delicious. Part science, part art and some little known secrets, The New Gluten-Free™ reveals a systematic yet simple approach to gluten-free baking for every level of baker.

Written by Registered Dietitians Lisa Diamond and Areli Hermanson, The New Gluten-Free™ is one-of-a-kind in the cooking resource industry because taste, nutrition and quality is balanced and matches a modern approach to healthy eating. The summary charts of gluten-free flours, starches, liquids, binders, foams, and leavening agents, sweeteners and fats show the relationships between ingredients. Recipe categories from bread to pastry are summarized in easy-to-read tables to reveal the ingredients, tools and techniques needed to increase successes and decrease disasters. The authors share their many secrets including unique summaries and “The Recipe Equation©” for gluten-free products that turn out every time.

This book will engage you from cover to cover as you discover the secrets of gluten-free baking. Enjoy the sample recipes!

“Lisa and Areli’s approach to gluten-free baking is thoroughly scientific. While it contains 18 recipes it’s the scientific explanation of how to make gluten-free recipes work that is even more exciting. In my opinion, what Shelley Case did (and does) for our understanding of the gluten-free diet, Lisa and Areli will do for our understanding of gluten-free recipes. Bravo!”

—Anne Wraggett,

President, Board of Directors,

Canadian Celiac Association

“Finally! A resource for gluten-free baking that makes sense and works.”

—Jeri Gogo,

Certified baker

Lisa Diamond and Areli Hermanson photo

Areli and Lisa met early on in their careers, around the same time that Lisa developed several food allergies and sensitivities; in particular, anaphylaxis to wheat. The pair immediately felt a connection, not only as dietitians but as people who had an appreciation and understanding that good food is integral to life and living. The pair began talking about writing a book together when Areli was learning about gluten-free baking. Areli became Lisa’s worst student which made her the perfect person to co-create The New Gluten-Free™. Armed with Lisa’s personal experience, Areli’s love of writing, their combined professional knowledge and their shared love of science, cooking and feeding others delicious and nutritious food they have co-authored The New

Gluten-Free™ – A Resource Guide, to reveal the secrets of baking gluten-free products that turn out every time.


Lisa Diamond
Areli Hermanson, RD

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