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Norse, Celtic, Viking, Sea raider, Warrior, Swordsman, Pirates

Thorgil Bloodaxe, Shadow of Death
by Ralph E. Laitres

Thorgil Bloodaxe is an imposing red-haired, man-giant of a warrior who has lived in the shadow of death for more than half of his life. He has been an outlaw, a Jomsviking warrior, a Varangian in the service of the Byzantine Emperor, a reaver, a sell-sword, and now a mercenary leader. After defeating Hvit the White Queen and her mercenary army, Thorgil claimed her city fortress of Vehkajo as his own and allowed her defeated warriors to join his band, forming the Brotherhood of the Bloodaxe. However, when an attempt on his life is made at the behest of Vehkajo’s den masters, Thorgil realizes that not all in his Brotherhood are loyal to him. He finds that those in whom he can place his trust are limited to the Karhu commander Arto and the Gaelic warrior Radhulbh.

His world is further turned upside down when his fortress is attacked by a Baobhan Sith, a blood demon named Derbriu, who had ties to the White Queen. She forces Thorgil to play her game, where he must place his life and the life of his warriors in danger to save the children of the western settlements and the people of Vehkajo. Now, along with his Brotherhood, Thorgil must face the dangers of the Western Mountains while attempting to maintain his leadership of the Brotherhood and defend his fortress from outside forces. Thorgil Bloodaxe: Shadow of Death is a riveting sword and sorcery adventure that picks up where Thorgil Bloodaxe: Enter the White Queen ended. With its fast-paced action, intriguing plot, and memorable characters, this story will capture the attention of readers old and young alike.

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Ralph E. Laitres is the creator and writer behind the Viking warrior Thorgil Bloodaxe. In September 2011, he published his first sword and sorcery adventure Thorgil Bloodaxe: Enter the White Queen through FriesenPress. Ralph is a New Englander, born in Portland, Maine, and raised in the small town of Plainfield, Connecticut. Today, he still lives in Plainfield, Connecticut, enjoying his life with his wife, Laurie, and his family. Ralph proudly served in the United States Marine Corps as a 1371, Marine Combat Engineer, with the 2nd Marine Division from 1980 to 1990. He discharged from the Marine Corps in 1990 to pursue a career with the Department of Correction in Connecticut. Ralph worked as a correction officer from 1990 to 2011. He retired in April 2011 to start a new career as a writer.


Ralph E. Laitres
Tom Houlihan
Savy Lim

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