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Ukraine, orphanage, Victor Malarek, corruption, Canadian student, investigation, immigration scandal

Orphanage 41
by Victor Malarek

Mykola Yashan receives news that shatters his world and propels him on a dangerous journey of roots unknown. His quest is triggered by a stunning discovery in his father’s study, and soon after, the 20-year-old Canadian university student is on his way to Lviv, Ukraine. His first stop: Orphanage 41 where he encounters the director, Natalka Matlinsky, who will stop at nothing, including murder, to keep him from learning the truth - a secret so scandalous that if revealed will destroy lives and possibly topple a corrupt government.

Victor Malarek is known to most Canadians as a tough investigative journalist who is willing to delve into stories revealing the worst side of human nature. At present, he brings his hard-hitting investigative skills to CTV’s current affairs show W5. Malarek has written six non-fiction books. His most recent, The Johns – Sex for Sale and the Men who Buy It – was published in the U.S. and Canada in 2009. It is a follow up to his internationally acclaimed: The Natashas – Inside The New Global Sex Trade (2003), which has been published in 12 countries and 10 languages. His first book: Hey ... Malarek! hit bookstores in 1984. It documents his troubled and tumultuous childhood and teenage years. In 1989, it was made into a feature movie.


Victor Malarek

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