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Rwandan Genocide, Out-of-Body Experience, Healing, Christian Faith, Spiritual Visions, Day of Judgment, Born Again

In the Hopeland
Even a Genocide Can Bring Life Back by Mukayiranga Eugenie

Among the living, very few have died and come back to life. The wise among them use their second chance to prepare themselves and others for the moment when death comes back to take them for good. Author Eugenie Mukayiranga has experienced a reawakening from death and hopes to share what she has learned with others. Her out-of-body experiences were not only precious to her, but they also set her on a mission to get out and make sure that her story goes as far as possible. In her debut novel, In the Hopeland, Eugenie shares her transformative experience and hopes to use her second chance at life to share how she prepared herself for death by getting ready for eternal life with God. She uses her powerful voice to deliver the message that although death is unpredictable, we should not take any days for granted, we should strive to be our best, and we should take any opportunity given to us as potentially the last. Eugenie’s vision of life after death helps her to remain peaceful in stormy times, in the knowledge that God is watching and is sovereign in everything that happens. The promptness of the angels sent from heaven to care for Eugenie increased her faith in God abundantly! By sharing her story, Eugenie hopes to impart to all that God is the most powerful yet intimately acquainted Being to each one of us and that nothing can ever change that truth.

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Eugenie Mukayiranga has been a dedicated Christian and evangelist for forty years. She has been a credentialed Minister in the Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada since October 2011. Originally from Africa, she spent eight years in Europe before moving to Canada in 1997. Eugenie was born and raised in Rwanda, a land infamously know for its 1994 genocide. This tragic event so deeply affected her that it caused her to question the meaning of life for a great period of time. Despite growing up in a peaceful and loving home, Eugenie always knew that an ethnic divide existed between the Hutu and Tutsi people. She did not however expect this unresolved discord between two tribes to lead to one of the greatest horrors of the 20th century. Being a sociologist by training, she understood in concept that man could reach unthinkable states of depravity. Nonetheless, this knowledge did not help her forgive those responsible for the terrible crimes committed in her homeland. Witnessing the willful extermination of so many innocent people left a deep and lasting sorrow in her soul. Then in 2001, she had an encounter with angels that helped her to read the entire Bible in an instant. Since that fateful encounter, she has come to understand that there is a kind of pain in life that only God, the Creator of the human race, can heal. Today, Eugenie volunteers as a community group leader at the Centre Street Church in North East Calgary, Alberta. She encourages people everywhere to pay close attention to and live by the principles of the Bible in order to rise above the biggest trial of all: Judgment Day. Eugenie now lives in Calgary, Alberta, with her husband and four children. In the Hopeland is her first book.


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