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  • 474 pages
  • Black & White
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Vietnam War, U. S. Air Force and CIA, fighter pilot, truckers, father/son relationship, gangs, family relations

Endless Black Ribbon
by Mark Hopkins

When Jeff, a retired airline pilot, joins his son, Todd, in a long-haul trucking business, venture, the freedom of the open road sets them on an unexpected journey of discovery that will profoundly affect the rest of their lives. This gripping and intelligent novel explores the new relationship between a parent and an adult child when the old titles become inadequate to redefine it. This is done by contrasting four sets of father/sons from dysfunctional to devoted, although they are unaware of the others they exert a profound influence upon each other, and collide in a tale full of depth and wisdom. A mystery from Jeff ’s military past must be solved and come to terms with while he and Todd learn to build love, fight their fears and deal with life on life’s terms. Join these intriguing, flawed and courageous men on that endless black ribbon, like the rest of us unknowing the final destination.

“… This book is roller coaster for the heart… when I thought I knew who-done-it, it comes off the tracks… I was unable to stop reading.”

“Now I am aware of the distance of my son from my friendship, and know what to do about it. Thanks to the author.”

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Mark Hopkins grew up in 1950s Denver when kids walked to school and didn’t have to be home until the streetlights came on. He was close and loving with his dad, Glenn, but the depth of true friendship always eluded them as they couldn’t get past the father/son roles. That pattern was repeated with Mark’s sons until he and Frazier went trucking together and the titles of “dad” and “son” became pointless. Mark lives in Elk, Washington, with his wife, Darlene, whose desire to hear more of the two zany guy’s travels resulted in this book, which he started writing in 1996. Mark flew jets for thirty-five years, two of which were in Vietnam, and he never hurt a passenger nor dinged an airplane. This novel is fictional and is based upon his recollections.


Mark Hopkins

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