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Bank Fraud, Mystery and Detective, U.S. Treasury, Historical Fiction, White Collar Crime, World War II, Nazi

Four Equations
by Robert Landori

When a one-hundred-year-old Swiss bank’s existence is threated by the global financial crisis, bank executives embark on a plan to claim the immense fortune of a client believed to have died in the Holocaust, and whose heirs are unaware of the massive inheritance they are in imminent danger of losing.

US Treasury Consultant Jack Brennan becomes aware of the bank’s plan while investigating global money laundering operations. To thwart the bank’s efforts, he must decipher the hidden meaning of four equations found in a painting left behind by the ill-fated client. As time runs out, bank executives push harder to paper their scheme, obscuring their plot from prying eyes.

Can Brennan see justice served on a powerful, influential bank? Or will the collusion of prominent members of the Swiss banking community succeed in thwarting his efforts?


"Landori (Mayhem on the Danube, 2012, etc.) does a marvelous job of weaving an intricately detailed and suspenseful mystery. He’s at his best when evoking the horrors of Nazi aggression against Jews, and the themes of remembrance and moral responsibility recur vividly.... [The story] unfurls briskly and intelligently, with an astute sense of historical awareness. An exciting ... tale of white-collar theft and historical tyranny."

- Kirkus Reviews

"Robert Landori writes marvelously intricate international intrigue thrillers..."

—Louise Penny, New York Times bestselling author

"…The plot is very believable, as are the characters. Brennan is a likeable protagonist, and Elize is engaging. The "villains" are well portrayed and suitably reptilian (and if I may say so, typically Swiss!). And of, course, the story ends nicely, with cosmic (or more accurately, legal) justice tidying things up. FOUR EQUATIONS IS A GOOD READ."

—Jim Napier, Mystery and Crime Fiction Reviewer and Creator of the award-winning website,, Regular Contributor to The Ottawa Review of Book

"…. A gripping tale, told with élan and touching on a little-remembered facet of the Holocaust, namely the incredible challenges Jews, who had fled and survived persecution, had to face when trying to recover their money from those to whom they had entrusted it for safekeeping. I couldn’t put it down – read it cover to cover in one sitting!"

—Harley Mintz, Former Vice Chair Deloitte, Canada

"'Four Equations' is an exciting thriller with an uncommon blend of financial intrigue, little known Holocaust truths, and family revelations spanning two generations. The author weaves a tale brought to life presumably from his own extraordinary experiences… a compelling realistic thriller that is a pleasure to read. Not to be missed."

—Mark Medicoff, Adjunct Professor of Communication, Champlain College of Vermont, Burlington Lecturer at John Molson School of Business, Concordia University, Montreal

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Robert Landori was born in Hungary, relocating to Switzerland after World War II and then on to Canada, where he graduated from McGill University. He was, for most of his professional life, a senior public accountant, mergers and acquisition specialist and a trustee in bankruptcy in the Cayman Islands. But behind the façade of the quiet man of numbers lay a life of intrigue and mystery. He traveled widely throughout Europe, South America, and the Caribbean and developed a highly charged and double-edged relationship with Castro’s Cuba where he was, at one time, held in solitary confinement for over two months on false accusations of espionage. He is the author of numerous books, including Havana Harvest, Galindo’s Turn, Tacho’s Money, Byzantine Minds, Fatal Greed, and Mayhem on the Danube. He lives in Montreal. Find out more about Robert and upcoming projects at


Robert Landori

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