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Relationships, Personal growth, Conflict resolution, TS Eliot, Anger management, Self-esteem, Emotional health

A Very Personal Leadership
A Work That Begins Within the Private World of Each One of Us by Colleen Mac Dougall PhD

Before leadership becomes a role or a position used to influence others, it is a personal story. It is a story about early memories, choices, mentors, experiences, relationships, and journeys that shaped us. It is a story about innocence and pushing through fear, about facing adversity and re-examining what we value and what we believe. Readers are invited to tell their own story: shifts can be made; relationships grow; professional life regains meaning.

Written by a psychologist, this is a professionally informed, illustrated journal with places to pause, write, do art, and apply learning. Those inclined toward deeper reflection will appreciate the depth. The person in or leaving therapy will feel supported as they write their story. Graduate students will see what integral therapy looks like. Seasoned therapists will remember why they first entered the profession. The book is a solid teaching resource for faculty, one drawing from many paradigms and integrating the academic with the applied.

100% of the proceeds go to Leadership for Life Bursary Fund, to support graduate research in psychology/spiritual care that advances understanding of, and applies a new lens onto, what lies at the core of protracted, global conflict. See

“A healing balm, a healthy agitator, a traveling therapist, a companion to take to the comfort of your sofa, your favorite coffee shop, or your counseling room. The paradox of taking up our responsibilities and of letting go is rich and deeply moving, making the book a powerful spiritual guide. I could ponder the wisdoms spilling forth here for a lifetime.”

- Tracy Wideman, Canadian Certified Counselor (Pastoral)

“I needed something to help me take what was happening inside, into a relationship where I had lost sight of who I was. Deciding to stay in the relationship, and after reading this book, I feel hope. I trust both of us want something better than numbness.”

- Nicky, a therapy client

“Fresh air to our profession! An expert integration of all schools of psychological thought; for students in both academic and clinical settings, psychology will come alive and be seen as a living science. An unusual but ingenious reference for faculty."

- Dr. Ben Larkin, Professor of Psychology

Making psychology and theology relevant to how and what we live is my passion and my Life work. As a depth psychologist, I listen for what aims to move in the life of the person before me. I celebrate the out-of-the-box thinker/researcher/young therapist in the classroom. As a global psychologist, I hear the deeper questions that our global disturbances expose; I use a creative and developmental lens to help us respond to these existential questions in practical ways. I challenge my self and my profession to stay relevant to what it requires to lead on these questions.

I write to share what I am learning, trusting that facing our questions together will ignite deep conversation about what matters to us and how we can come together to shape a world we care about.


Colleen Mac Dougall PhD

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