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Autobiography, life story, Netherlands, Dutch, immigrate to Canada, Toronto, Winnipeg

All in One's Lifetime
From the Netherlands to being a Dutch emigrant to Canada to living in Toronto and Winnipeg by Els Van Munster Koolenbrander

All in One’s Lifetime is a true-life account that follows the author from the Old World to the New World. Born in the Netherlands in February 1940 – just three months before her country was invaded by Germany, some of Elsje’s earliest memories are of seeing her father rounded up to be sent to a German labour camp and her mother trying to pass food to Jews packed into trains on the way to Nazi concentration camps. But in these stark beginnings, Elsje learns to be a survivor and face new challenges such as immigrating to Canada with her husband and young baby.

From her early days in Toronto as an immigrant who can’t speak English to moving to Winnipeg and raising her family, Elsje shares the trials and tribulations of her interesting life – including losing her husband to cancer, finding love again, and learning to accept and even celebrate her adult son’s decision to live as a woman.

Els van Munster Koolenbrander immigrated to Canada with her husband in 1963. At the time, she says they didn’t know much about where they were headed other than “it had lots of forests and was very big.” Today, Els lives with her friend and partner in a house on a lake outside of Winnipeg. She likes to travel and has been to several European countries, as well as to the East Coast, the Smoky Mountains, and Alaska. When at home, Els enjoys reading, knitting, cooking and baking, and capturing her recollections on her computer. All in One’s Lifetime is her first book.


Els Van Munster Koolenbrander

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