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Substance Abuse, Counseling, Health & Wellness, Mental Health, Codependency, Addiction & Recovery, Self-Help

Jagged No More
by Lorelie Rozzano

Lyndsey’s life has finally turned around. She’s clean and sober, has her dream job working in addictions, and is married to a wonderful and supportive man. They have even taken in Billy, the fiery and unpredictable child of her old friend, Dee, who still battles with active addiction. But when Lyndsey begins to learn the secret about her own long lost son, the line between her personal life and the ethics of her work begin to blur. Soon she is forced to choose between her own feelings and those of the people she is entrusted to protect.

Meanwhile, Declan’s hopes for freedom continue to be delayed. Released from prison on strict conditions, he finds himself in a shady rehab centre populated by a strange and questionable cast of characters. No matter, he’ll just call his mom and sweet talk her into busting him out, like she always does. He hatches a plan with the centre’s resident drunk that should have him back on top and high out of his mind in no time.

He soon finds out, though, that Susan has no intention of giving in again. With Lyndsey’s help, she realizes that Declan isn’t the only addict in the family. Her own sickness has caused her to bow to his every whim for too long, and it’s finally time to set things right. Together they face an unknown future and the last chance to save what’s left of her family.

Jagged No More is the third in the Jagged series. From the desperation of Dee’s daily struggle to Lyndsey’s devotion to helping those in need, it shows both the darkest depths of addiction, and the light that finds a way to shine though. It is a story of life, loss, compassion, and love.


Her cocoon was dark and cramped. The caterpillar had outgrown it. Fearfully, she made the decision to leave its small, dark confinement. Her passage out was rough. Many times she fought the urge to return to her miserable abode. Determined to make it through, she prayed for strength. Inch by inch, she drew closer to her goal, as she crawled, guided by a light she could see far off in the distance. Many times she stumbled. Just when she thought she could go no further, she did. Exhausted, she gave a massive push and shed the last of her decaying cocoon. The little caterpillar grinned. Miraculously, she’d made it out alive! A droplet of water shimmered next to her. Thirsty, she lowered her head to sip from the liquid but halted upon seeing her reflection. She gasped in wonder at the beautiful creature staring back at her.

Her mind reeled in confusion. How was this possible?

The wind rustled the leaf she clung to and whispered. ‘Fly, for you are free.’

Her wings unfurled as she leapt from the branch, doing the very thing she’d been born to do - Lorelie Rozzano.

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Lorelie Rozzano has worked in the field of addiction for sixteen years, and is a recovering addict with eighteen years clean and sober. Her writing draws from a lifetime of experience, both professional and personal, and aims to break the stigma of addiction and give hope to addicts and their families.

She is the author of two previous novels in the Jagged series, Jagged Little Edges and Jagged Little Lies, and the children’s book Gracie’s Secret. She lives in Nanaimo, BC, with her husband, their teenager, and snuggly pug, Maddy.


Lorelie Rozzano

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