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juvenile, childhood, European history, Serbian stories, family, loss of innocence, post-war

by Anica Letic

Wars have written history. Kings, lords and commanders destroyed and plundered lands, slaughtered people in order to glorify and celebrate themselves, gain lands or accomplish some exclusive ideas. Children were born and grew up in turmoil and devastation that was caused by their forefathers. The price of war was paid in destruction, deaths, broken spirits and memories of times that could never be forgotten. Aggression as part of human nature can be overcome by reason, fostering understanding, love and empathy, making us stand above all other species. This makes us dignified and noble and gives us the honour to call ourselves human.

These stories are cry for a happy, loving and safe childhood. A cry for the right of children to grow up in a nurturing environment in order to enhance their aptitudes and become confident and competent creators of their future. The memories of the first years are everlasting. They remind us of parents' love, frolicking games and innocent escapades, memories that ease into sweet dreams.

Anica Letic grew up in post WWII Yugoslavia when there was a total disregard for family life and unilateral indoctrination of children at schools. The new political agenda was in the forefront, rebuilding the country at any cost, instituting new laws and ruining traditional customs. Personal lives did not matter and everybody was scrutinized. Educated in classical languages, literature and history she developed a sense and need to understand human nature. This led her to further study human behaviour and she graduated with BA degree in psychology. After immigrating to Canada she worked as a teacher in public and private schools, as well as supporting the Serbian Heritage Program teaching language and literature. Once Upon a Time..., retold Serbian folk stories, was her first published book.


Anica Letic

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