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Poetry collections, Remembrance of things past, American poet, Descriptive writing, Science and nature, Nostalgia, Travel stories

Poems of Charles Alan Long
My Closet Life of Poetry [1957-2017] by Charles Alan Long

This book is a compilation of poems written by inspiration by Professor Emeritus Charles Alan Long, that reflect a long career of scholarship with many historical and lyrical expressions hidden by layers of research and teaching. A chronology of sorts, it begins in Dr. Long’s youth in college over sixty years ago, and continued until he was 80, as a teacher, professor of research, museum director, soldier, with success in bio-mathematics, natural history, as a philosopher, critic, and member of a progressive family. Some current, practical problems studied from the vantage of evolutionist, ecologist, biblical critic, naturalist, and offended American include the sudden rise of marijuana, political rhetoric, usury beyond decency, and by liberals and conservatives alike the erosion of personal liberty, especially of speech and universities. But the poems, from laments, to loves, to joy, to pathos and death, poverty to wealth, nature, art, music, and poetry itself are presented in almost musical sadness or joy. The history of an intellectual’s scholarly travels, whereas some poems are for children, some for society, some attacking evils, some praising good people, with merit even in deference to religions, many nations, and his beloved homeland. The poems are in large part visits into nostalgia and sentiment. Cultures of many peoples in many nations are described, as are many situations in America. There is, of course, an American core, but surely this poet loves good peoples and the history of Greece, France, Scotland, Africa, Russia, and other places. Loves genuine for many women inspired many lovely poems, a lot of romance. But profound in its argument is love for the poor and unhappy people, love for art, nature, philosophy, even sports, science and math, even religions. It becomes unified by reason, his active caring, and his bursts of singing. Much attention is given to geography, history, science and nature.

Christmas, 2004: “I have noticed that not all poets are famous; were it not for all those people who quoted William Shakespeare, he would not be famous either.”

“Charles – When did you squeeze in time for the mammals?” George Rogers The great Editor of Wisconsin Newspapers.

Answer: I wrote when the spirit moved me. Once I was reprimanded, saying not to spill out poetry in class. That poem was “Poet Sing the Song”.

Charles –“Every poem you sent and I read was a good one.” Tom George, Chancellor at Univ. Missouri.

“Charles, I am glad you are working on your poems; I think you write good poetry. Most poems I read are not as good.” – Professor Robert Freckmann, founder University Herbarium.

Charles Alan Long is Professor Emeritus of Biology at the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point, where he taught Mammalogy and other courses, and curated the extensive mammal collections. He founded the University’s Museum of Natural History in 1968, and served as its director and curator for thirty years. Until recently he also served as President of the World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society (Athens). He published on biomathematics including pioneer work on fractals explaining some evolution and development, on the origin of flight in primitive birds, on the formulation of a new principle in morphology and evolution, even on the mathematical analysis of the shape and evolution of red blood cells, and with Prof. Sia Sohrab, made a stunning mathematical analysis of the famous equation on mass and energy, and on relativity theory, bringing to light an unexplained coefficient based on the ideal gas coefficient resurrecting an important conception of the equation on mass and energy. Dr. Long helped write and edit numerous books on math and engineering. His numerous published works in natural history include The mammals of Wyoming (1965), The badgers of the world (1983) with Carl Killingley, and The wild mammals of Wisconsin (2008). He taught at Kansas and Illinois prior to moving to Wisconsin, with his deceased wife Claudine. They raised a family in Stevens Point and on Washington Island, in Lake Michigan, off the Door County Peninsula. For over sixty years he studied, travelled around the world, and wrote scholarly articles and unpublished poetry. At the age of 80, he has attempted to collect together a work on his poetry in a long and interesting history, with romance galore, and a trove of thought-provoking philosophy.


Charles Alan Long

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