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  • 132 pages
  • Standard Color
  • 6.0 x 9.0 inches
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  • 978-1-4602-9860-2 Hardcover
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  • 978-1-4602-9862-6 eBook

fantasy, friendship, magic, family, fairies, children’s literature, and animals.

Lainey's Magical Garden
Where Honesty Rules by Lynda Mackay

The excitement and fun continue in Lainey’s magical garden! Christmas has arrived, full of glistening frost, snow, and a beautiful Christmas tree decorated with baubles and everything “Christmassy.” Friends reunite and presents are given. Enjoy the holidays with your favourite garden creatures as they celebrate the season, the New Year, and all the adventures and friends that come with it! The seasons change and Easter arrives, introducing a whole new batch of activities and celebrations. The tales from the garden will delight you as valuable lessons about honesty, courage, and friendship are learned. The garden is a magical place full of love and laughter… but be prepared for the unexpected, because nothing is predictable in Lainey’s Magical Garden!

“Lainey’s Magical Garden—simple, yet stimulating for readers everywhere. This book can lead your mind from the comfort of your own home and transform it into a world of an enchanted garden. Every character was meticulously thought out and brought to life through Lynda’s delightful writing.”

—Rachelle Stafford

Lainey’s Magical Garden: Where Honesty Rules is Lynda’s second book about “the garden,” and is filled with intriguing and informative new tales. Lynda visits the garden every year and takes more photographs to accompany the stories. As the garden grows and changes here and there, Lynda’s imagination is inspired to write even more stories. “There is so much in the garden changing that it’s hard to believe I could ever stop writing new stories and taking new photographs,” she says. Lynda is looking forward to reading this book to Logan, her grandson, when he is a wee bit older.


Lynda Mackay

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