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Erotica, Sex, Sexual experimentation, Auto-eroticism, Female pleasure, Sexual fantasy, Sexual discovery

Cheryl's Journey
by Wayne Ferris

There’s something missing in Cheryl’s life, but she can’t quite put her finger on it. Her children are happily raised and out of the house and now she can focus on herself for the first time in years. Her husband Jerry’s doing well in business, and they live on a beautiful Arizona ranch where a hunky young handyman helps out with the day-to-day operations. But when Cheryl’s free-spirited friend Anne starts sharing some of her erotic adventures, something wakes up in Cheryl…something that’s been dormant through all the years of her happy, but sexually unfulfilling marriage. And when she embarks on an exhilarating adventure of sensual experimentation, she discovers the wild, new world of erotic pleasure that she’s been missing all along. With its highly appealing and relatable heroine, Cheryl’s Journey is a well-balanced blend of character, story, and white-hot erotica that women will love.

Wayne was born in 1942 in a small town in Ontario called Midland, and is situated on Georgian Bay. He was known as a bit of a hell raiser, but if you ask him, he’ll deny it, and just tell you that it was all in fun. He participated in everything that young boys like to do including fishing, hockey and anything else that was available in Midland. Like every small town everyone knew everyone and believe me he was well known. His parents raised a hard working family. Wayne was the middle child in a group of five. In the summer months when he wasn’t attending school he was gone after breakfast and returned home just in time for supper. He wasn’t doing very well in High-School and he quit half-way through grade 11 and went to a work in an eye-glass factory. If there was some form of excitement going on he was somewhere in the middle of it. He did anything that was considered fun and enjoyed dating and everything that went along with dating. He was always present at all the teen-town dances after he and his buddy’s had drunk more beer than they should have or whatever they could buy at the boot-leggers. This was always consumed out in the woods, and more often than not he would be involved in a tussle or an outright brawl. He learned at a young age that he could not handle rye-whiskey and hasn’t drunk it in more than 55 years. He met his future Elizabeth while out trolling for women with his buddy in 1965. The poor innocent girl was busy writing a letter to her boyfriend on the town dock in Midland and to his dismay she was actually showing more interest in his buddy than in him. He was immediately smitten by her and tried every trick in his repertoire until he finally won her over. They decided to get married and since he had spent every nickel he had ever earned, they decided he would go away and work on the Great-Lakes bulk freighters to earn some big money. He came home in late December of 1966 and were married in January of 1967. She instructed him that she’d had enough of his being away nine months out of the year and so informed him that this was going to be the last year on the lakes and his sailing days were over. He worked in construction for awhile and then landed a good paying job at a maximum-security mental institution, where he had half of the bones in his body broken at one time or another in tussles. He worked there until the late 1980’s and retired and went to work on construction building houses. During slow times in the building trade he drove tractor-trailers and tour busses down into the USA. He began building log homes and built mostly in Canada but built several down in the USA and in Japan. He had total knee replacements in 2004 and had to totally retire then. He was always an avid golfer but eventually country music became his main passion and he plays and sings at the local senior’s Centers and Legions. He and Elizabeth have two wonderful daughters and they in turn have presented them with five amazing grandchildren. The grandchildren are Wayne and Elizabeth’s pride and joy. At Elizabeth’s urging he had now tried his hand at writing, and has created ‘Cheryl’s Journey’. He sincerely hopes you enjoy reading it as much as he’s enjoyed writing it. Wayne is enjoying good health and his doctor describes him as being disgustingly healthy so there is no telling what he has in mind when he looks to see what is around the corner on ‘Wayne’s Journey’.


Wayne Ferris

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