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Self-help, Motivational, Inspirational, Educators, Leadership, Affirmation, Public Schools

The Making of a Phenomenal Woman
The Ultimate Belief to Move Ahead: Chess or Checkers by Marsha James

The Making of A Phenomenal Woman is a joyfully written self-help book with wonderful anecdotes and exercises. Women hoping to increase their effectiveness in leadership roles and in their personal lives will find much to motivate and inspire them. It covers the many aspects of a woman's life but with a twist to how characters in some of the stories use strategies from the chessboard to evaluate their next moves as if playing a game of chess or checkers.

Uplifting Testimonials Describe Heartfelt Admiration for School Leader

“It was a breath of fresh air. It was freedom and respect and an environment of caring with a professional expectation to exceed. I could write a novel. I was happy and knew that you were always firm, fair, and consistent. You restored our dignity and pulled a fractured staff together. You did not deliver lip service and tell us what we wanted to hear. You mentored us to learn from our weaknesses and celebrate and share our successes and strength. I would work again for you anytime, any place.” (Junior High Teacher)

“Marsha James is a pleasure to work for! I felt supported, encouraged, inspired, and committed to since the day she walked into the school. She is truly a blessing and my BEST year I’ve had as a teacher. I can’t even put into words the appreciation and respect I have for her as a leader.” (Primary Grade Teacher)

“It was great! I love working with Marsha James. She was tough but fair and cared about both employees and students.” (Parent)

“Amazing! Professional, positive, respectful, collaborative, and efficient are words to describe working with Marsha James!” (Special Content Area Staff)

“Thank you for being you. Marsha is such a breath of fresh air to any school environment. She successfully handled situations and problems and people with grace and professionalism. I’ve enjoyed my work with her, and I know there is still much more to learn from her. I am thankful to have the opportunity because she is the “best.” (Administrative Staff)

“Marsha is not only a woman I look up to, but she is someone that I strive to model myself after. She guides and inspires me. Marsha is always there when I need someone to talk to on career goals. I love you.” (To the Greatest Mother-In-Love in the world)

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MARSHA JAMES was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. A graduate from Kentucky State University, AKA Sorority with a degree in Education and mathematics, she moved to Phoenix, Arizona when her husband joined the United States Air Force. Her work as a school leader was in four states of public education and for twenty-five years. She has two children and lives in Phoenix with her husband. This is her first novel.


Marsha James

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